Brazil's Forest Monitoring Know-How May Be Used in Africa

African forest Brazil's Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) may take satellite ground monitoring systems to African countries. Representatives of the Embrapa office in Ghana, Africa, are going to hand in a document containing the proposal to the heads at the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), comprised of 60 wood producer and consumer countries, among them Egypt.

The document is going to be submitted by Embrapa this week, during a meeting of the ITTO, to take place in Ghana. According to the coordinator at Embrapa-Africa, Cláudio Bragantini, the proposal may also be presented verbally during the meeting. The idea is to take the system to Western African countries. According to Bragantini, it may also be used in other nations in the region, depending on the system's range.

Countries that would use the monitoring, with the support of Embrapa, include Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria. The coordinator explains that the proposal is for those countries, gathered under the ITTO, to purchase the equipment, after which Embrapa would manage the system and supply training. Linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Embrapa has 30 years' experience in satellite monitoring.

According to Bragantini, the system would be mostly used for monitoring plant cover. In other words, its task would be to check whether farming lands are drawing near the woods and if the woods are being burnt, among others. It could also be used for spotting water springs and estimating the size of agricultural crops. "They have a lot of trouble trying to estimate their crops," says the coordinator.

The Western African countries grow products such as cocoa, coffee, cashew nut and other foods, such as corn, for subsistence. According to Bragantini, the presentation at the ITTO meeting will only give an overview of the project's idea and concept. Should the countries' interest be confirmed, Embrapa-Africa is going to bring in specialists from Brazil to provide further detail on the subject.

The Embrapa office in Ghana was opened approximately a year and a half ago. By means of it, the company works to bring new technologies to the region and help improve African agricultural performance. The ITTO is an intergovernmental organization turned to international cooperation in commerce and use of tropical timber, based on sustainability principles.



0 #4 Brazil exporting forest know-howShelly1F 2008-07-21 20:19
What? Poor WA contries, they can expect more deforestation there. The Brazilian know-how being exported is 'how to turn your face the other way to deforestation AND blame Americans?" That will sell billions!
0 #3 Dear Bill,ch.c. 2008-07-17 10:37

This said not providing counter arguments to mines, doesnt make you clever...but only more dumb !
Lack of education ? Lack of reasons ? Lack of analysis ?
Or all at the same time ?

To just shake your empty brains, I remind you that more than one article have been written here stating that most of the Amazon
And that They (the foreigners) are responsible for the Amazom deforestation !

Quite curious accusations ...especially knowing that nearly 100 % of the deforestation is done by illegal Brazil loggers, so that they dont pay the trees THEY are stealing !!!! then THEY put a that they can put cattles. And when fertility is gone...they just
the land as degraded. And finally....THEY start by liming the land, then by planting rice the first year, and soyabeans the following years.
You see dear Bill the ignorant, I certainly know more of how things are done there !

Same for the Brazilian charcoal industry using workers under slave alike conditions.
It happens that no foreign companies produce charcoal in Brazil. ALL are Brazilians comopnies providing certificates that Noooooo.....workers were under slave alike conditions. But of course, lying, cheating and hiding is where Brazilians excel !
How do they do ? Simple : they outsource knowing how the charcoal is produced, and then say they were NOT aware....of course !

If you want a lesson or two of how things are done there....JUST ASK !

Pfuitttt !
0 #2 Bill 2008-07-16 21:42
Dear ch.c,

I think you need a doctor, man. You have some mental problem.
0 #1 Hmmmmm !!!!ch.c. 2008-07-16 06:21
But why not using them first in Brazil to chase and arrest the illegal deforesters ???? per the Brazilian laws application....of course : ONLY THE FOREIGNERS !
Locals get total impunity as per the VERBAL agreements !

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