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Diane Schutz

Subject: NY Times wants someone in Rio and Salvador
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Bom dia!

My name is Diane Schutz, and I work for New York Times Television, for
a TV show called "A Cook's Tour" -- the premise of this documentary
series is to follow New York chef Anthony Bourdain on a culinary adventure
around the world, where he is introduced to the cuisine and cultures of
various countries. He is also author of the bestselling books "Kitchen
Confidential" and "A Cook's Tour".

We will be shooting in Brazil from October 17-30, and need to hire two
"fixers": one for Rio and one for Salvador. The "fixer" will be used
as a tour guide / translator / driver, and will help us find local
restaurants / cafes / churrascarias / lanchonetes / bars to shoot for use in
the TV show. The emphasis of the show will be where "locals" eat --
NO tourist spots, please! <-- this is very, very important!!!
(this is the reason we don’t want to hire a professional tour guide) We
will need to obtain permission from the above establishments to shoot
there, and they must be willing to sign a legal release.

The following are some of the requirements for the "fixer":
* has a valid driver's license and is able to drive a mini-van (we will
rent one)
* able to speak both Portugese and English
* knows the area, and is very familiar with the local food and
different food establishments
* must be mature, flexible and responsible -- some of the shoots will
involve early days and late nights
* must be outgoing!
* for Rio: must be available October 17-24
* for Salvador: must be available October 25-30

We will discuss salary to those interested in the positions -- meals
will be included. It's a big responsibility, but will also be lots of

For more information on the show, check out the website below:,6525,TB,00.html

If interested, please e-mail Diane Schutz as soon as possible at Please include a phone number where you can be
reached. Obrigada!

ALSO: one other angle we’re looking for: local people who might be
interested in cooking a typical home-cooked local meal for Tony (on-camera)
– we’ll compensate for all food expenses. (They don’t necessarily
have to speak English.)


RE: I may be able to help
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Hello Diane.....

I may be able to help with some parts of your trip...... but only in Rio... in either Copacabana or Ipanema....

I run a business here in Copacabana....
and I know a few drivers that might be able to help you......
I may also be able to help you find a family to cook Tony a traditional meal in their home....

my phone number is (from the US), 011-55-21-9863-9962


John Miller

RE: NY Times wants someone in Rio and Salvador
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My name is John Miller, I live in Rio. I work as a director of a company in Rio.
We did a similar exercise for a food and travel program in Australia on SBS Television called "A fork in the Road" about 6 years ago. We toured several restaurants NOT on the tourist trail, and cooked a traditional feijoada in our apartment (with all the trimmings).

I am married to a Brasilian, Marta, we run a B&B on the beach at Copacabana.

My mother-in-law cooks a sensational feijoada and probably would be able to do again if required.

Our apartment is decorated in art-deco style; I think you will find the view and surrounding setting a wonderful setting for such an occasion.

My wife and I have been involved in promoting wine and cuisine in Rio, including Association of Brasilian Sommeliers, and have an extensive knowledge of the restuarant and cuisine scene in Rio and surrounding suburbs.

Re: Salvador, The restauarant "Sorriso de Dada" is MUST; Hillary Clinton dined at Dada's restuarant in Pelourinho in Salvador, she is "uma santa de cuisine Bahaina". Her seafood is out of this world.

Happy to be of assistance in whatever way we can, as we are passionate lovers of this intoxicatingly beautiful city and its wonderful people; the cariocas.
Rio de Lightful de Lectable de Lovely de Janeiro.
John & Marta Miller

Dimitri Viana

RE: NY Times wants someone in Rio and Salvador
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Dear Mrs Diane Schuts

Just in case you havent been to Brazil yet. Im specilist in giving suport for people
and Companies that need to film in Brazil and im based in Salvador\Bahia Please visit our site
So if you stil need a fixer in Salvador please send a e-mail

All my Best

Dimitri Viana

Down to earth

RE: NY Times wants someone in Rio and Salvador
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Do people really buy that stuff? That sounds way dodgy man!!!

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