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Subject: Xuxa ... oh...

Posted by joeheitz
On Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 20:58:31

Brazil Press gave news about Xuxa's recent
silicon breast implant and a liposuction.
While she needed neither - 36 will never become
16 ... she'd better take natural remedies
re: her thyroid problem. New and expensive
drugs have side effects. A "rainha" - as she enjoys to be addressed ... should have
more brains and better health advisors.
BTW: if anyone cares about us Anglo Xuxa Fans,
give sme more news from the Portu newsmedia.

RE: Xuxa ... oh...
Posted by Nathan
On Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 08:02:43

Why you'd expect Xuxa to have more 'brains' is lost on me. Whatever her virtues, 'brains' sure isn't one of them.
RE: Xuxa ... oh...
Posted by Xavier
On Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 13:09:55

Welcome back, Nathan! I used to read your
posts/replies. But I am not a regular here.
Brains? Xuxa is a smart cookie, only she sometimes gets lost between her managers
wishes and her own sudden decisions.
This is natural for women (before 14 and 42 yrs.&up). So she could have another 6 yrs to
start menopause. On the other hand, Brazil girls
mature earlier - maybe start getting old also
RE: Xuxa ... oh...
Posted by joeheitzonduty
On Monday, April 24, 2000 at 19:32:55

Undersigned (joeheitzonduty) do apologise (to Xunicky)
sorry... mas vale tarde o nuncam ...
I probably forgot to post the following,
as per your wish in your email:

>>from: International Press - Feb. 21/2000.

The brazilian entertainer Xuxa Meneghel cried in front of millions of
people who were in Viņa Del Mar, Chile for the 2000 version of this
famous festival.
When Xuxa appeared to the audience, lots of people started to sing her
old famous song "Ilarie" but instead of the words of this song the
audience was singing bad words such as 'dick', 'cock'', etc...
Xuxa felt very bad and started to cry...She was with Sasha and her
daughter didnt seem comfortable with that situation.
Nicky this is a text that I have collected from a brazilian internet
provider. Xuxa is in the cover of some brazilian magazines (crying!).
Brazilian press say that it was a big shame what people in Viņa Del
Mar have done with Xuxa.Also say that the people of chile has no
education and respect with brazilian artists.
Xuxa lost the control and for the first time cried and said that she
did not expect that from her fans of Chile (it has been 7 years since
the last time she was in chile).
Some magazines here in Brazil and some gossip channels are criticizing
Chile and its people because of that.

I'll try to record something and gonna buy the magazines - After I'll
send them to you....
Please ask for someone to post it in the forum :)- Thank you Ronax, will FWD to JoeHeitz; RYS: Xunicky
....BTW ... in the meantime, I have 2 videoclips about
the above event.

RE: Xuxa ... oh...
Posted by joeheitzonduty
On Monday, April 24, 2000 at 19:52:22

I see there are Xuxa Fans reading this
But - while not wanting to act as
anonymous, so I diligently clicked in
my email address - I really do not want to
get into private email correspondence, unless
explanations necessary.
Regarding Xuxa questions etc.
There are (some) LINKS working
fine for Xuxa "Xtuph" with
Guestbooks, email addresses etc.
and the PhotoGallery.
Another good start is also:
Que lo disfrutten:

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