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Subject: Suggested Response for those offended by Ms. Rocha

Posted by Randy Paul
On Saturday, November 17, 2001 at 07:01:55

I would urge those who are offended by Dione Rocha's comments to post a link to her article on whatever web forum and message boards such as The New York Times and encouraging people to respond to Ms. Rocha, but to do so courteously, to show her that we are not cut from the same classless cloth that she is certainly cut from.

Para Giovanna,

Se eu escrever um artigo que chama "Come Sua Propria Bosta: É Bom Para Saúde", você pensa que essa revista precisa publicar? Acho que não! Pela mesma razão, essa revista não precisa publicar a babaquice, a bobagem, a porcária pura de Dione Rocha.

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