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Subject: Business Ideas?

Posted by Kay
On Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 20:45:18

Hey Guys,

I am going to start a business here in the US, and I want to establish ties with businesses in Latin America, particularly Brasil. I have a couple of business ideas. Would you guys mind giving some critical and objective feedback?

1. Creating a quilting business in which I import Brasilain Textiles.

Not a high-tech industry, but definitely a multi-million dollar industry in the US. The selling of textiles for professional and hobbyist quilters is big business here in the US and throughout Europe. Is this the same in Brasil? Is there a tradition of quilting in Latin America. Are there textiles specifically made for quilters such as cottons, calicos, and ginghams? I have come across many websites about quilting but none about this craft in Latin America. Although I am aware that there is a textile industry in Brasil, I would like to know if there are any textiles that are 'Brasilian'. I did find one textile artist online who is established in Bahia. She gets here inspiration from the Afro-Brasilian culture of the Northeast. Are there any other Brasilain textile artist that draw their design inspiration from Brasilian culture?

2. Creating a small web design company.
The twist? This web design company has a community purpose to create a for-profit company that teaches young teens web design. They will not only have fun and learn web design, but would also help to create and design real websites. They will also make their own money which would be paid to them or their parents households depending upon labor laws. I have heard of a Brasilian man in Sao Paulo who has a non-profit company that teaches children about computers. This business idea that I have is based on teaching kids skills that will give them a head start in the information industry. They will have basic web design and web programming skills before they graduate from high school as well as professional experience. I am sure that there are similar programs in Brasil, but I do not think that there are very many for children from poor or working class families which would be my focus.

Any ideas or criticism?


RE: Business Ideas?
Posted by Suzanne
On Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 20:19:22

I would do a web search for the mother/daughter who started wildly succesful company based in Peru/Mid-West US--textiles--mainly sweaters I think--for contact/advice. Am really sorry can't think of their name, but if you google combinations of peruvian sweaters/textiles/american mother/daughter etc should be able to find. Also they were featured in People Magazine. Good Luck...sounds great.

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