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Subject: liefestyles brazil

Posted by Gene
On Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 07:32:52

to Boris,
Thanks for quick reply to my query in another thread. I'd like to know more about the LB site. I've read the FAQ but somehow I need more time to check the fine prints and such stuff. I'll try to do that over the weekend. But just a few quick questions. What is your current membership figure? How long have you been in actual operation? Where can I see some testimonials/comments from members? I don't know you, but from your responses you seem to be one smart cookie for a foreigner. Of course, being knowledgeable about Brazilian lifestyles is one thing; having a genuine interest in helping out fellow expatriates is another. I don't question motives (we all have that) but I'm amazed at your helpfulness and very straightforward replies... from what I've read so far.
RE: lifestyles brazil
Posted by Boris
On Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 10:52:32

Hi Gene,

Thank you for your interest in LB. We are a new kid on the block. The Web Site has been up since May and our current membership is currently at around 30. Up until now, we were in design, development, and preparation stages, and there was practically no advertisement.

On September 1st we are launching a new site with extended content and services. We are shooting for 2 to 3 thousand unique visitors per day within three months with as many active members.

The business motto is fairly simple - we are membership oriented no-nonsense, no-frills, no conflict of interest operation. We owe allegiance to no-one, but our members. Besides ever-growing reference library consisting of legal materials, FAQs, articles, reports..., we are putting together a community of people who can network and help each other relying on the foundaiton and recources provided by the Site.

Our one and only income source is the membership subscription fee, hence we are not obligated to keep advertising accounts of businesses that do not provide adequate services and sell under par products. The only businesses that we will recommend are the ones that are:

1. Suggested by members
2. Keep up high level of sevice
3. Do not sell at 'gringo' prices
4. Quickly and efficiently handle and correct any and all problems.

That's about it. There is really no small print.
I'll have to touch base with some of the members and see if they'd be willing to provide testimonials.

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