Obama Calls Lula in Italy and Accepts President’s Invitation to Visit Brazil

Smiling president Obama Returning a call placed several days ago by Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president elect of the United States, Barack Obama, this Tuesday, November 11, phoned the Brazilian leader, who is on a visit to Italy and on his way to a Washington summit this weekend.

Sources close to Lula reveal that Obama pondered that the present world financial crisis cannot be solved by the rich countries belonging to the G-8 group alone.

The telephone call lasted about 15 minutes. Lula used the occasion to revendicate a role for Brazil and other emerging countries to help reinvigorate the global economy. Lula told Obama that he hopes that Brazil will be a fundamental actor in the work to find a solution for the world plight.  
According to aides to the Brazilian leader, the American president elect showed he has been doing his homework on Brazil and recognizes the importance of the country to Latin America and the world. Obama also sees the value of Brazil's participation in any future reform of the United Nations Security Council.

He said that he is well aware of the Brazilian efforts in three distinct areas: economic growth, social programs and renewable energy. He also expressed his desire to deal at length with these topics with the Brazilian president in the near future.

Lula told Obama that he wishes to continue with the president elect the good relations he has with the current occupant of the White House, president George W. Bush. During the call, Lula invited Obama to visit Brazil and the invitation was accepted even thought no date for such a trip was defined.

Lula showed interest in meeting Obama next Saturday when the Brazilian president comes to Washington for the G-20 summit. Obama, however, informed that he won't be in the US capital that day.

President elect Barack Obama also recalled that someone in Lula's cabinet, the Minister of Strategic Affairs, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, was his professor at Harvard. In a recent interview, Unger said that he regards Obama as a friend and respects what the calls his moral and intellectual qualities.


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  • dnbaiacu

    Easy Visas!!!!
    Great attitude! 😀 😀 😀
    I want to try to get out of the funk myself. There is oppurtunity in EVERY situation. Take advantage of it. And HELP other people.
    If trade barriers are broken, there is oppurtunity in that.
    The dollar is up against the Real. There is oppurtunity there also.
    Possible easier visas for Brazilians.. That’s great! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • dnbaiacu

    What is in question is…..
    [quote]Why is everyone so pessimistic about the elections. Obama is a much better candidate when it comes to global affairs than McCain. He was also a professor of constitutional law at Harvard before becoming a politician. He is an extremely intelligent individual. I think he is inexperienced, so it all depends on who he relys on as advisors as well. Very important task. [/quote]

    What is the AGENDA with Obama as a FRONT? The objection to the election is the pure deception and power plays and imagery involved. There were no real “thinking” Americans interviewed . No matter what color or persuasion. All Americans aren’t the superficial thinking ones you see Left or Right on television. Hopefully people can see this. It is what it is. A Public Relations Stunt! With socialism as the backdrop. No one talks about this . If people would dialogue about this objectively there could be more productive discussions from a political as well as economic standpoint.
    The election was a SHOW. The landslide electoral win proved that. The billions behind Obamas campaign proved that.
    Clearly Obama was a better candidate. But as just as clear is how the McCain/Palin ticket looked idiotic. Now do you think these people are complete idiots or just great ACTORS?

    I’d say there is a mixture of both in the Senate. It is safe to say some know what is going on. And others don’t have a clue. You have to mix some sincerity or “truth” with the LIE to make it believable. This is how deception has always succeeded most.
    As we speak the Big Bank Lenders are buying up and bailing out EVERYTHING! Don’t people get it?! There is no real concerns for the victims of this fiasco. Only a desire to have controlling in the failed entities.
    [quote]On a side note I do believe that he is full of a lot of hot air. He doesn’t really say much for talking so much. [/quote]

    Good observation. This is his job description. The ambiguity rules all on fronts! 😥
    So the question remains WHY????!!!!
    Frankly , I already know. I am just trying to stimulate another way of looking at things. 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    Forrest Brown LOL…
    Does 1188 mean anything 🙂 :-)?
    I am really curious?
    [quote]added togeather 1188

    fidn it read it KJV [/quote]

  • Falupa

    Why is everyone so pessimistic about the elections. Obama is a much better candidate when it comes to global affairs than McCain. He was also a professor of constitutional law at Harvard before becoming a politician. He is an extremely intelligent individual. I think he is inexperienced, so it all depends on who he relys on as advisors as well. Very important task.

    On a side note I do believe that he is full of a lot of hot air. He doesn’t really say much for talking so much.

  • dnbaiacu

    Sad but kind of true….
    [quote]Weˢ۪ve long known the mental short comings of the Republican Party and how idiotic their trailer park followers are, but never before has a campaign so highlighted that fact.[/quote]

    In favor of NEITHER party. But the above was blatantly exposed. In general a DEMOCRATIC perspective was the most “progressive. The popular vote results truly showed just how STUCK some still are. Unwilling to get past their own sense of superiority and it’s accompaning insecurities to see what could “possibly” make sense under these current circumstances. Plain silly!
    If the world weren’t afflicted by partially Republican inspired terrorism ( at least that is the appearance we are given on the surface) there wouldn’t be this terror mess the GOP is so intent on finishing up by continuing the war.
    It is a very dangerous and sick place to be in where nearly 48% of voters had a GOP mentality. This was shocking in itself.
    Just goes to show you how nothing much has changed here.. And nothing will change till everyone elevates their consciouness. AT LEAST the Dems inspired that. And if I didn’t know any better, with the choices we were given, YES , Obama would have been the SANE choice.
    Unfortunately there is terroism. And under a socialist enviroment we are bound for BIG changes in our privacy and freedom of movement. Patriotism will be expected on the part of all otherwise you will arouse suspicion. You will be a perceived “threat” to the system designed to benefit ALL.
    Be strong.! We will have to get used to things we are not used to . Soon.

  • dnbaiacu

    [quote]Mr. Obama “does the walk” as magnificently well as he articulates so noble ideals (as I suspect he might), provided all Americans and their fellow earthlings made a collective effort and endeavor to contribute, by joining this ethereal wave of hope hovering around us, Martin Luther KingÀ¢€™s and John LennonÀ¢€™s dreams might even materializeÀ¢€¦ [/quote]

    I can’t believe that you believe so wholeheartedly in people that POOP and get HORNY from time to time like the rest of us 😀 😀 😀 You really do “sing along” with all of this.
    I would love to see your face when the PROPHECY gets more evident about the nations talking ‘PEACE AND SECURITY” 😀 😀
    In fact I am going to HORRIFY you by pasting it now.
    [b] Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, YOU need nothing to be written to YOU. 2À‚ For YOU yourselves know quite well that the Lord’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3À‚ Whenever it is that they are saying: À¢€œPeace and security!À¢€Â then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape. [/b]
    Obama said it LOUD AND CLEAR in his post election speech.. And MUCH MUCH more is to come.
    Charmin , Cottonelle, Angel Soft will RULE! 😀 😉 😀 ( those are toilet paper brands . For those that don’t know).
    Sorry to rain on your Obama party . But many are waking up to the total deception that is POLITICS. Hopefully , God willing. the Truth will reach the “seekers” and they can be FREE.
    Mentally that is. 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    Calvalcanti, Randy Bell and AES are on point…
    It is good to see SOME get it. !

    And McCain was no better. He wasn’t even MEANT to be elected. The DEBACLE that was his campaign was deliberate. Although surprisingly a full 48% of the voters wanted him. HA HA! Which gives Bell’s point double weight. “Nation of fools” Only an electoral landside could have accomplished this.. AS IT DID!

    This is why I DON’T VOTE (besides being neutral as a Christian), because the “ILLUSION” should be obvious.
    AES poem was great!
    No doubts here about Obamas intellect.. He’s a highly intelligent man.
    But his morals can be only as good as the government he represents. 😉 So what does that tell us? If he is willing to represent a lie….??? Well.
    Obama hasn’t hidden anything about his past… The CIA more than likely has. Or some other hidden entity beyond that. Everything is questionable seeing that his father is from Africa. And he is DEAD.. And the mother is DEAD also. And the grandma just DIED.
    If you don’t think conceptions can be “arranged” you are fooling yourself!
    The terrorists on the 911 planes were “groomed” with hate and later “educated” within U.S borders to supposedly carry out what they did. You can do the research and put 2 AND 2 together.
    The powers that be have all the time in the world (to some extent) to meet their ultimate goal.
    Several “Obamas could have been “manufactured” and it happens that this one passed through the planned system as was hoped for. The “destiny” was sealed with the “electoral college” bidding.
    Wake up people! Obama belongs to NO ONE. And the agenda he is meant to promote is just and moldable as was his creation.
    So the “fools” ? (Too hard of a judgement call.)… The BLINDED .. were on both ends of the spectrum. Republicans and Dems alike. The Republican “war mongering” is outdated-moded. Too many people are”GLOBALLY” against that. American voters that couldn’t think out of the box were just as …….. ?????? (you fill in the blank)
    [quote]It is a very low point in our history. [/quote]
    Look within. Ask the questions. Pray for the answers.
    They are out there. You just have to BELIEVE them.

  • forrest allen brown

    dnbaiacu PSALM118:8
    go to your bible look at psalm 118.8
    it is the very center verse in the king james bible
    sandwitch on booth sides of the shortes and the longest verses of the bible

    visas will be looked at with a different eye
    as to how many people get them and then never return after there visa is over
    so if brasil has sent 5.000 people up and 1.500 do not leave than they have set a mark to watch out for .

    my wifes sister wants to come up for a visit , we have been told no by the embassy
    because she could stay on her visa as we would hide her till she could melt into the background

    what they dont know is if i wanted i could just put her and 12 more like her on my boat and just come to the US and
    dump them off . the cubans do it every day in florida , porto rico , mexico and just walk across the bordor and claim feet dry

    enter the new slaves obama should see that as a person of color ,
    fo corse right now it is turnning green ..

  • Simpleton

    Nothing’s easy unless you’re cheap
    Brazil is increasing it’s strict interpretation of the rules. Retribution will continue to increase not decrease. There are rules embedded in the US law which the US has not been very politically correct in applying or at least has not been applying equally. Doubtfull that that is going to improve as socialism will be on the rise, creation of more jobs / more buracracy within the government as a means to make up for the drop offs in the private sector of which less than the tip of the iceberg has yet to show itself. As to the relationship with trade barriers, you think the US is going to do better than they have thus far? Think again. Ready for the ride everyone?

  • adrianerik

    Easy Visas
    Awww come on, you guys. We took the gloating twice after the 2000 and 2000 Bush victories. Let us try to smile a little bit.

    And look at it this way…when it comes to visas, the decision to play “by the strict interpretation of the rules” or to lessen them a bit is very political. It has much to do with whether a country is considered a ‘friendly’ or not. Don’t be surprised if, all of a sudden, visas to America suddenly become much easier for Brazilians. That’s how they play.

    We’ll see.

  • AES

    Ch.c and the magic coffee beans.
    Bovespa traded between 25,000 and 35,000 2005-2006 then went to 70,000 seems you missed a great opportunity and your advice was an impediment to anyone thinking of investing in that time period. This year was a good year to sell property in Alto Leblon and buy real estate in Itaipava. Life is quite beautiful in the quiet cool air of the mountains, high above the Atlantic rainforest. It was self evident that I did not write that article. I saw WB in an interview with Rose and I believe he did sell his Real investment at a substantial profit, the investment was merely tens of millions, a small investment according to WB. But Standard and Poors is diametrically in contrast to your constantly negative opinion of Brazil. Why would anyone listen to your prating when so much erudition is to the contrary. Coffee does not seem to be at its economic apex any longer, Starbucks closing thousands of failing storefronts and all. What makes you think I read the chart at all, since $20 oil was in 2002. And it looks like coffee is heading towards $60 seems the graph of coffee is similar to Bovespa. Good luck with your magic beans, perhaps China will switch from tea to coffee. That is what you are counting on isnt it? But designer beans is dependent upon discretionary spending, of which there is in the near future less. Perhaps you can plant them and grow a magic bean stalk and capture the golden goose and the magic harp.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]On a side note I do believe that he is full of a lot of hot air. He doesn’t really say much for talking so much.[/quote]

    I guess the lawyers all over the world are the same.

  • ch.c.

    So true ?
    – Sorry idiot, Brazil DID NOT DEFAULTED in the 1980s! Laugh ! ANOTHER PROVE that you simply dont know what you are talking about !
    – I bought the Brazilian currency in 2005 and with 3 to 1 leverage, way earlier than WB, and I sold it at 1,5780. Just scroll…and you will see when I did. I informed Joao when and why I did so. Laugh. I cant change what I wrote…contrary to your idioties !!!!
    – How do you know that WB has still his Brl ? Laugh ! the Brl in May was nearly at the top !! Hmmmmm ! Laugh !
    You are making assumptions….as usual….that YOU cant prove.
    – I have been negative on Brazil long before the article was written. TRUE ! LOOK BY NOW…how right I was…ON THE BOVESPA. — On ethanol I was negative since 2005-2006…TRUE ! Look at the price of COSAN ! Laugh…. ! But read the chart PROPERLY for once…if you can ! Laugh…laugh !!!!! Dont read the charts upside down as you continually do !


    Ohhhhhh…and by the way……with my partners we still have a large coffee farm in Western Bahia ! Not that we did not want to sell it at the top last spring, but we couldnt, simply because it is in full expansion, this year being our first harvest !!!!


    Laugh….laugh….laugh…laugh…laugh !

    Keep talking, I keep acting !

  • AES

    Yes Ch.c we know the above was written in May.
    You have been negative on Brazil long before the above article was writen.

  • AES

    You sir are an hysteric. You neither know when to buy nor when to sell. Even Warren Buffet bought the Real
    Sean Hyman
    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Brazil has come a long way, baby! Back in the 1980s, it defaulting on its debt and the currency, the real, was a laughingstock.
    Even in the 1990s, Brazil was still so strapped with debt that no one really considered a bond, stock or currency investment there anything but pure speculation.

    Roll forward to today and Brazil looks very different.

    For starters, Warren Buffett owns this currency. When the conservative, long term holder from Omaha owns a currency, you know he sees a great future for a very long time. After all, as he says, he’s not a trader and he doesn’t hold things for months. (His favorite holding period is “forever,” he says.)

    In fact, “short term” to him is probably 10 years at least.

    Story Continues Below

    So that alone ought to get a person seriously considering this currency. But it gets much better. In fact, at the end of April, Standard and Poor’s upgraded the country to investment-grade status.

    What’s the big deal about that? Well, many funds aren’t allowed to invest in just anything they’d like to. They are restricted from speculative plays, for instance. So they strap on these rules about investments actually needing to be investment grade.

    That means another huge round of cash can flow into Brazil. Institutional money managers and pension funds are salivating to have a go at this “BRIC” (for Brazil, Russia, India, China) investment. The BRIC countries are considered by some to be future economic superpowers, emerging markets that are so large that their coming development will reshape the global economy.

    The present commodities boom, too, has really put the wind to Brazil’s back.

    Once, Brazil had to import all of its oil. These days the state-run oil company, Petrobras (which also has an investment grade rating), has made some very large offshore finds. Brazil used to talk about being self-sufficient on energy; now it wants to join OPEC!

    However, it’s not just oil that’s helped. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of iron ore, coffee, and sugar. They’re a major exporter of soybeans, pork, beefÀ¢€¦you know, all that stuff commodities guru Jim Rogers says to buy.

    These exports are well diversified. It sells a lot of iron and food to China and the rest of Asia, and to Europe. That means Brazil isn’t dependent upon the U.S. to stay afloat (like, for instance, Mexico). So the country has been in some pretty good shape throughout the current U.S. slowdown.

    As for the upgrade, investors didn’t waste much time upon hearing the news. In fact, on the day of the announcement, the Brazilian benchmark stock index, the Bovespa, surged 6.3 percent and hit an all time high of 67,868.

    That puts their market up 13.8 percent so far this year in dollar terms when many stock indexes are down or have just single-digit gains.

    Now let’s talk currency. Heck, it has gained 22.4 percent over the past 12 months. That’s the biggest gain of all of the top 16 major currencies in the world. How’s that for strength?

    If you’re wondering if their stock market and currency have topped out, consider this. There’s a second wave of money that doesn’t normally invest in anything without a second ratings agency giving it investment-grade marks.

    Large institutions that collectively have $2.3 trillion dollars in play use the Lehman Aggregate Bond Index as their benchmark. That requires two rating services to give an investment-grade rating before they’ll even touch it.

    So, once Moody’s or Fitch follows suit (Fitch has Brazil under “active review” now), you’ll see another wave of money pour into both the stock market and the currency, the Brazilian real.

    The nice thing about investing in the Brazilian currency is that’s the first place money has to go in order to get to their bonds or stocks.

    Just like when foreigners invest in U.S. bonds or U.S. stocks, investors first have to sell their home (foreign) currency and exchange it for dollars. That means they’re buying dollars no matter whether they buy real estate, a company, stocks or bonds.

    Same with Brazil. You don’t have to figure out where the money will ultimately end up as an investment. You just know that it will be first in the real, their currency.

    By the way, it wasn’t just the country that got the upgrade on April 30 but also nine of their banks too. So you can tell that Standard and Poor’s really gave this country a huge vote of confidence. After all, they don’t upgrade and downgrade whole countries every day.

    Once a rating is given, it’s usually kept for quite some years to come. Get ready to own the Brazilian real before that second wave of investment money

  • Augustus

    no illusions // dissipating optimism vis-ÀƒÂ -vis overall disappointing reaction…
    Despite my RARE optimistic words, my views contained specific caveats such as “Provided Mr. Obama “does the walk” // “if only we could take advantage” / “many enemies and most opponents to America (after a fashion, for a limited period of time)”

    [i]It is always possible Mr. Obama will not be in a position to (or most like be PREVENTED FROM) “walking the walk”…
    It is unfortunately quite likely that “the people would NOT take advantage of the moment”… AND
    It is certain that the USA Opponents will not be optimistic and gracious for much longer…[/i]

    I only hoped – AGAINST ALL ODDS – to drop an iota of incentives to the few readers of my modest words, to make an effort…
    Since I highly doubt there will be another similar change to get things done any time in the near future…
    Quite easily all of you are dissipating my ephemeras optimism…

    [b]How sad to face the ugliness of reality![/b]

  • ch.c.

    ‘hey buddy can you spare a dime’.
    …..and lend me …..Brazil…uS$ 30 BILLION…at a clip…just for a gesture ?
    Something doesnt add up…..in that analysis.

    Or is your common sense the same when during all the BOVESPA decline YOU were BULLISH ?
    Or is your common sense the same when like so many junkies…you were 100 % sure….oil and grains could only go up UP and more UP ?
    Or is your common sense the same when during all the Brazilian Reals decline…YOU WERE BULLISH ?
    Or is your common sense the same when not so long ago on Brazilian real estate…YOU WERE BULLISH ? jUST BY LOOKING AT A CHART….It said the opposite of what you pretended.
    Or is your common sense the same when not so long ago you on GRAINS, METALS AND GOLD…..YOU WERE BULLISH when Gold
    was at 900.- !!!!

    Keep talking, keep analyzing. I enjoy it. I know what NOT TO DO !!!!!!

    But…but…but…but…please please also let me know when your will turn bearish on the Brazilian currency, the BOVESPA, the grains, sugar, ethanol and the precious and non precious metals.
    And if you include meats, orange juice and cotton that would be great too !!!!!!
    Promised ?

    Dont worry, you are gonna also lose your pants, cap, flip flops and Brazilian tongas !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]My conclusion would then be Good Bye Robin the Crook, Chavez the Clown and Fernandez the Bimbo !
    Of course…unless they decide to stay in power through dictatures. Something quite common in South America ! [/quote]

    Do you know that we are operating on the same frequency? As I said in another post, the outcome of the Municipal elections in the city of SP and Curitiba are something to ponder about!

    Oh, BTW, you forgot to add Evo to the list. 😉

  • AES

    Come up to the White House for a luau. Flowered leis, lomi lomi salmon, poi, kailua pig, sticky rice and some Primo beer; maybe a good single malt Scotch.

  • Doggy Daddy

    Oh Really!!!!
    You betcha that the white’s in Brazil can be worried about Obama. Brazil has no good track record to provide equal opportunties for their Blacks and the UN says that Brazil still has to clean up their human rights act and don’t you think that Obama will only want to do business with countries that treat their black populations with dignty and respect. Think about it!!
    Lula and his gang are most likley desperate to speak with Obama thinking that they can persude the President to overlook the situation. Bring out the BBQ’s and hope for the best. Lets all have some beans and rice and, here, have some black eye peas and pork chitlins. Hush Puppies !!!

  • ch.c.

    May be he wanted to give the President elect some fatherly advice, but he has plenty of time to do in the coming years.
    May be not so !
    If commodities keep going down or even stabilize in a large horizontal trading band, Brazil is not going to do fine overall !!!
    And….and….and….in 2010 there is the Brazilian presidential election.
    And if in the case, my analysis (so far correct) pointing to a much lower Brazilian currency will remain in place, the Love story
    between Brazilians and the junkie who is sure is second to God may very well evaporate…..as quickly as the recent decline in oil prices or other commodities !

    Populism always work in bull markets not in bear markets !

    My conclusion would then be Good Bye Robin the Crook, Chavez the Clown and Fernandez the Bimbo !
    Of course…unless they decide to stay in power through dictatures. Something quite common in South America !
    Or it could come from a military coup !

    If that would the case, Nooooo doubt those losing their government seats will accuse again… the USA….as usual !
    Very classic South American fingers pointing.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Lula showed interest in meeting Obama next Saturday when the Brazilian president comes to Washington for the G-20 summit. Obama, however, informed that he won’t be in the US capital that day.[/quote]

    Mr.Obama needs to rest and recuperate after his 2 yearÀ‚´s busy campaigning . Besides he will take charge only on January 20th. Hope Mr.Lula did not get offended because Mr.Obama would not be able to meet him. May be he wanted to give the President elect some fatherly advice, but he has plenty of time to do in the coming years.

  • forrest allen brown

    dnbaiacu PSALM118:8

    117 being the shorest and 119 the longest
    118 sets in the center 594 to the front and 594 to the back
    added togeather 1188

    fidn it read it KJV

  • ch.c.

    With smiles !
    – OBAMA is first the President of the USA and will defend the interests of the Americans citizens…IN PRIORITY !
    – Expecting him to INCREASE the U.S. TRADE DEFICIT…is of course NON SENSE ! Then what remains ? smiles ! At least a reduftion of the deficit. It could be made in 2 ways ; 1) an oil price decline that has by far the highestt weighting in the deficit. (already in place – smile) 2) Either the developing countries REDUCE their trade barriers to U.S. goods….or the U.S, will raise their trade barriers !
    – Obama said publicly something like : “buying a cheap T-shirt is fine, but not when jobs are lost in the U.S.” – Hopefully everyone got the message loud and clear. Now time will tell if it was only a campaign slogan !
    – this same message, not yet articulated, will surface also from the EU, but probably in a more diplomatic way (saying everything in general but nothing in particular – smiles)

    What is then the possible solution ? Simple….it already started :
    The emerging nations will have their currencies go down against the currencies of the developef nations.
    So that
    – emerging nations will still generate new jobs and increased output, resulting in GDP growth ! IN LOCAL CURRENCIES !
    – developed nations will continue their imports growth, mostly commodities, that will be cheaper than earlier in their LOCAL CURRENCIES. But they will also expect emerging countries to IMPORT MORE !

    I repeat….this scenario is already REALITY, not yet in volume growth, but ine the price of goods and revaluation/devaluation of the various currencies !

    Outside of that, no doubt that OBAMA is not clear at all. Like the Europeans, he says everything in general but nothing in particular ! Therefore one has to “read” his mind and think about his mandate of why HE was elected…by AMERICANS !

    In my humble view, Robin the Crook will have to swallow acidly that he OPENLY said he was in favor of OBAMA victory !!!!!
    Has he not said until 2006….. MY FRIEND BUSH ?????

    Last but not least : no doubt in my mind that it is a pure LULA invention that Obama called HIS Highness !!!!!
    Has he not said MORE THAN ONCE in the past that HIS FRIEND BUSH called HIM to get HIS ADVICE ????
    More doubtful there is not ! But coming from a liar…no one should be surprised !
    Dont forget that the Brazilian Disinformation & Propaganda Dept in the Planalto Palacio is occupying the full floor….next to LULA office !

  • Joe the plumber

    Suck it up Republicans! And watch how the world fairs better with an intelligent leader
    [quote]provided all Americans and their fellow earthlings made a collective effort and endeavor to contribute[/quote]

    And there’s the wrench in the gears. If you think for a second the likes of Randy Bell and Celia will support Obama no matter how noble his efforts, how intelligent his plans or how just his intentions, you are sadly mistaken. Conservatives, Republicans, the religious right or those intellectually found wanting, in short, will continue to extremes throughout this President’s term to sabotage whatever they can, to soil his name and to foil his endeavours even if they have to take the Nation down with them. TheyÀ¢€™re looking for the: À¢€œI told you soÀ¢€Â so as to get their partisan cronies back in power. So donÀ¢€™t count on help from them!

    Thankfully, OB is a bright lad and heˢ۪ll continue on as coolly and intelligently as he ran his campaign, and the mudslingers will end up even further sullied as their assaults and smears continue to backfire. Weˢ۪ve long known the mental short comings of the Republican Party and how idiotic their trailer park followers are, but never before has a campaign so highlighted that fact. I imagine by the time the first term of office is over for Obama, Republicans and their followers will be such a joke, will have embarrassed themselves even further with outrageously retarded clutching at straws scandals, that a new party and new name will be the only thing to resuscitate them politically.

    As for Brazil and Obama, all Nation’s will fair better under an Obama Administration.

  • forrest allen brown

    you ASUME to much i think
    It will all change with in 120 day of the take over

    the money , machine will kick in .

    the house and senat will basterdize his views and he will

    have to give a lot to get very little back this day and age .

    and the low dems will demand of him more than we can pay .

    while the people of color will think he will give up on them as they want all now and not have to work for it
    be he will have to exserize them into a real life way of thinking .

    now all BRAZIL has to do is grow up and do the same
    it wont happen i our life time

  • Augustus


    [quote]The ideal approach for the inhabitants of our small blue planet at this point in our History, might be the adoption of minor steps towards À¢€œhopeÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦ if only we could take advantage of the potential for monumental changes suddenly lying ahead, since last night, mankind might even surprise itself as well as the rest of the Universe…

    Provided Mr. Obama “does the walk” as magnificently well as he articulates so noble ideals (as I suspect he might), provided all Americans and their fellow earthlings made a collective effort and endeavor to contribute, by joining this ethereal wave of hope hovering around us, Martin Luther KingÀ¢€™s and John LennonÀ¢€™s dreams might even materializeÀ¢€¦

    If we could only give Mr. Obama a chance, or at least (positively) the benefit of a doubt, mankind might miraculously move another small step forward and planet EarthÀ¢€™s become a slightly better place… [/quote]

    [quote]In addition to the President Elect’s balanced, self-controlled nature, inherent inclination to Logic, Reason & Compassion along with well stimulating ideals, he also possesses a certain ethereal quality which automatically mollifies (by his very existence) many enemies and most opponents to America (after a fashion, for a limited period of time)…

    By the very election of Mr. Obama to the nationÀ¢€™s highest office America has taken a major step by demonstrating to Earth with solid deeds – not just words À¢€“ some of its values and capacity to evolveÀ¢€¦

    Indeed because these United States have undergone significant transformation, it has acquired a brand new À¢€œfaceÀ¢€Â (of a changing progressive society & polity) while reviving an old one (the source of À¢€œinspiration & ideals”), the Land of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and J. F. Kennedy is once again innovative and worthy of respect & admiration!

  • forrest allen brown

    blame yourselves not the proess
    like most politicians they talk in circles .

    hope he has more balls than what people give him credit for , ( not much hope from me )

    have written him and his VP on roamdeep deal as i am sure others have about
    the goings on in brazil get the same quaot
    you are not one of my consticuans so i can not help you .

    know he is the pres and has to listen to all

    so let us all e mail bomb him and the VP about what we feel he needs to do right by us and the US

  • AES

    Having recently returned from the Hawaiian islands, I was reminded that we have never seen Obama in an Aloha shirt or speaking in the idiomatic speech of the Islands. Though raised in the Islands he now speaks with the accent of a black man from Atlanta, he is a man for all seasons, a camelean, ever changing its colors to blend into its background. Perhaps Obama will have a luau in the Whire House, bury the Kailua pig on a bed of hot rocks, hire some hula dancers and ukeleli players, show up in an Aloha shirt and bring a true authenticity to his chimeric self. If a man is not who he is then he is who he thinks he is and once you start getting into that you get into psychotymic personalities that are essentially creations of feelings of inadequacy. God bless the President, whomever he is. Let him do no harm. And let us heed the old admonition that if you are not true to yourself then you cannot be true to anyman. The trouble with illusion is that you cannot drive a train (or for that matter a tank) across it. It will not support the weight of it. Obama has good counsel, but who will rein the dogs of war unleashed. Obama’s choice of a dog is a hypo allergenic one. It will keep you from sneezing, but will not stave off the Goths at the gates. It is not so much that Obama is ephemeral, but more seriously that he lacks gravitas. He is no John F. Kennedy and he most assuredly is no Martin Luther King, nor is he Kamehameha The Great. He is more about style rather than substance. He is a man for all seasons, a symbol of hope a magic lantern creating moving shadows on a wall, while the dogs of war howl at the gate and the sunami of economic reckoning continues to ravage us all. But dance on, let Nero play the tune for all is well, Obama is in the White House and the time of change is at hand, spare change, ‘hey buddy can you spare a dime’.

  • Randy Bell

    I couldn’t agree more
    I could not agree with you more. Obama talks a lot but says nothing. His election proves the USA has become a nation of fools. It is a very low point in our history.


    Miss Brazilian

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