Brazil Is in Doha, Qatar, for UN Conference on Financing for Development

President Lula and Celso Amorim from Brazil Brazil will be participating in the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus, which starts this Saturday, November 29, in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Called by the General Assembly of the United Nations, the conference follows through up to December 2nd and includes the participation of heads of state and government, as well as Foreign Ministers of over 150 countries.

The Brazilian delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and includes diplomats and representatives of the Finance Ministry. Amorim is expected participate in the informal debate about the financial crisis called by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, and by the emir of Qatar, sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

The Monterrey Consensus is a declaration in which countries agree to strengthen the financing of development, to comply with the Millennium Development Goals. The document was signed in 2002 during the Conference in Monterrey, Mexico.

Considered a beacon in multilateral economic diplomacy as it covers the phenomenon of development in its several dimensions, the document is divided in six chapters: Mobilization of Domestic Funds; Mobilization of Foreign Funds; Foreign Trade; Help, Financial Cooperation and Innovative Financial Mechanisms; Foreign Debt; Systemic Questions; Coherence in the Monetary, Exchange and Trade System.

According to information supplied by a spokesperson for the Itamaraty, apart from the meetings of the conference, minister Amorim should participate in bilateral interviews with emir Al-Thani; with the prime minister of Qatar, Hamad Bin Jassim; with the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmud Abbas; and with the President of the Commission of the African Union, Jean Ping.



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  • Falupa

    Finding financing
    I don’t know how they will find financing in a financial crisis like this one. I’m absolutely baffled with how they plan to receive the necessary funds in order to finance a major operation such as this one. It would be nice to get some foreign investment, however I don’t think that they would be up for something like this.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The Islamic enemy will conquer ?
    With what ? [/quote]

    A good question our esteemed Swiss colleague asked. Can you respond? I am glad that Ch.c is a secular Christian.

  • ch.c.

    Augustus : BARBARIC BRAZIL WORD !!!!
    Short memory on the SP and Rio Chaos ???????

    The Islamic enemy will conquer ?
    With what ?
    In my view they are oil producing addicted…in exchange for US$-Euros !
    Just imagine how it could be easy to conquer Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. Smiles !
    And we could seize ALL their foreign currencies.

    We could have oil at US$ 15.- per barrel ! And Petrobras…BANKRUPT !

    And to whom my country is going to sell their most expensive jewelries, watches and….. chocolates ?????

    Just come down in Geneva during July and August, the city has the look of a Casbah ! They are everywhere…throwing their money ! Kings, princes, sheikhs are regular tourists ! They book full hotels floors, and order many limos per family !
    the funny things is that the most wealthy book full hotels floors for their ministers, lieutenants, advisors while they reside in their own expensive houses !!!!!

    In 2003, King Fahd, stayed here around 2 months. Only his “family” spent US$ 600 millions. Not bad.
    They ordered several hundreds limos to be ready 24/7.
    Not enough were available here due to bookings from others !
    Also several hotels floors were booked for the suite. While He STAYED at his second palace…in Geneva.
    The funny thing is that it was the first time he entered this palace…built yearsss ago !
    He usually stayed to another one, closer to the hotel where he books several floors !
    The first palace has a surgery room underground !

    But he did not come every year. Well now he died. The new royal family comes here anyway with or without the king.
    Usually when the king comes, a few others influential kings, sheikhs, princes from others countries, delay or cancel some of their own visits here…due to allegiance to the Saudi King !
    Simply because we could not receive them all at the same time !

    And believe it or not, a few times large stores open in the evening….just for the Saudi King and his family !
    Rarely for other kings and their families !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Augustus

    ch-c – ISLAM IS THE ENEMY!!!!
    Clearly I was referring to enterire Western World, of which South America (including Brazil) – although more primitive and barbaric, is a FUNDAMENTAL PART!!!
    WHEN DICUSSING THE ISLAMIC MONTRERS, THE MUSLIN INSECTS – which threaten us all, there is no time to this time of discussion
    After eliminating the COMMON ENEMY of the WEST, then we can pay attention to the MUCH smaller evil characteristics, which I have always agreed afflictl the unfortunate Brazilian nation.
    This is NOT the time for division CH-C – otherwise the ISLAMIC ENEMY will conquer!!!!

  • ch.c.

    Civilized World…..South America ???????
    Come on ! Dont exagerate !
    Where is civilization in Brazil…that has around TWICE the homicide rate of South Africa and around 6-7 times the crime rate
    of the USA and many more times the crime rate of Europe ?????

    Brazil has more homicides with deaths ANNUALLY than the WHOLE IRAQ WAR…SINCE 2003 !

    Is this what Augustus calls a civilized country, or did he mean South America….ex BRAZIL OF COURSE ?????

    😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    Financing for Development……somewhat LAUGHABLE !!!!!!!
    Why have such a high foreign currencies reserves…and then wait for FINANCING ?????

    WHEN someone has it left pocket full of bank notes, why should he borrow with foreigners to finance his right pocket ?????
    Something doesnt add, even more especially when the left pocket invest its surplus at a low rate and then then its right pocket borrow at a high rate….in the same currency !

    Or another view from another angle, why not ask financing to countries FULL OF FOREIGN CURRENCIES RESERVES….SUCH AS OPEC, RUSSIA, SOUTH KOREA, VIETNAM OR….BRAZIL ?????????????????

    Cheaters always cheat….dont dont they ?

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Augustus

    it makes no sense for representatives of the financial world (most of which from civized countries of this planet) to gather in one of the many islamic capitals, where there are many weath Muslins who UNDOUBTEDLY are likely to empathize and (worse) finance Islamic Terrorist Groups – THIS VERY IMPORTANT MEETING SHOULD BE MOVED TO GENEVA!

    I could not sufficiently underline the extension of the horror, the anxiety and the concern which the new appalling Islamic attack (in India) which represents more one example of the danger which the Islamic World represents to the Civilized World (Europe, the Americas, Australia/NZ and Japan). Furthermore I am frustrated with the role played by the pacifist liberals who refuse to recognize the extension of cruelty the Islamic extremists are capable to cause against civilization

    Eu nÀƒ£o poderia enfatizar suficientemente a extensÀƒ£o do horror, da ansiedade e preocupaÀƒ§Àƒ£o sobre este novo ataque repugnante o qual representa mais um exemplo do perigo que o Mundo Islamico proporciona ao Mundo Civilizado (Europa, Americas do Norte E Sul, Australia/NZ e JapÀƒ£o). Tambem estou extramente frustrado com o papel proporcionado pelos liberais pacifistas que se recusam a reconhecer a extensÀƒ£o do barbaridade que os extremistas Islamicos podem de cometer contra todos os povos civilizados!

    Je ne pourrais souligner suffisamment l’extension de l’horreur, de l’anxiÀƒ©tÀƒ© et de la prÀƒ©occupation sur cette nouvelle attaque islamiste dÀƒ©goÀƒ»tante (a lÀ¢€™Inde) qui reprÀƒ©sente plus un exemple du danger que le Monde Islamique fournisse au Monde CivilisÀƒ© (Europe, AmÀƒ©riques du Nord Et du Sud, Australie/NZ et Japon). Aussi supplÀƒ©mentairement je suis frustrÀƒ© avec le rÀƒ´le proportionnÀƒ© par les libÀƒ©raux pacifistes qui refusent de reconnaÀƒ®tre l’extension de la monstruositÀƒ© que les extrÀƒ©mistes Islamiques peuvent commettre contre tous les peuples civilisÀƒ©s!

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