Brazilian Congress Urges Speedy Creation of Palestinian State

Brazilian senate holds International Day of Solidarity Brazil's National Congress held a solemn session on Thursday, December 4, to observe the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, created by the United Nations. The official date is November 29, which was last Saturday. The homage was an initiative of senator Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF).

November 29 was the date in which the Partition Plan for the Palestine was passed, in 1947. Members of the Parliament and diplomats present in the plenary called for the establishment of a Palestinian State.

"This issue is a challenge to mankind, and it will not be solved without an independent Palestinian State. The solution for the Diaspora of one people [the Jews] cannot lead to the Diaspora of another [the Palestinians]," said senator Buarque during his address in Brazilian capital Brasí­lia.

According to the Palestinian ambassador to Brasí­lia, Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil Alzeben, for 61 years now, the Palestinian people are living a Diaspora and waiting for the creation of a country.

The solemnity was attended by all of the Arab ambassadors to Brasí­lia, the president of the Brazil-Arab Countries Parliamentary Group, representative Nilson Mourão, the secretary general at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce , Michel Alaby, senators Romeu Tuma, José Nery and senator Serys Slhessarenko among other.

The director at the United Nations Information Center in Brazil, Giancarlo Summa, the ambassador at the Department of Middle East and Central Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Sarkis Karmirian, were also present.


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  • dnbaiacu

    You have been “observing” critically. You THINK. And you refuse to settle for lies. This opens the door to REALITY.
    Lets just keep digging for more Truth as we watch the “show”.

    I am so glad you don’t think like most that , “Ohhhh, this is just a cycle. It will correct itself.”
    😥 🙁 😥
    When I hear stuff like that I want to puke.
    Yes,, possibly financial cycles come and go. But add what is going on with this economic crisis. Plus the ecology being destroyed. Plus fanatics strapping themselves up to explosives.
    Wake up everyone.!!!! This is the big one and you have to THINK and look within if you plan to SURVIVE.
    It’s coming down to what it has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT.

    Any Augustus Truth divides and unites. I am enjoying the fact that we have found COMMON GROUND.
    Of course there is the part of me that wishes you could appreciate events that will happen BEYOND THE APOCALYPTIC.
    The LONGER TERM FUTURE IS NOT BLEAK 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    (keep in mind I comment knowing we have an audience, whatever you don’t agree with don’t take it personally ;-))

  • dnbaiacu

    So what is your prophetic prediction of the future for that region? Is there going to be a permanent peace there?[/quote]

    There will never be a permanent peace there . Ever! Not by man’s making.
    What Augustus points out is true. There are too many people stuck on evil. The moral infrastructure does not exist for that to take place. The people are “spiritually drunk” with the wine of the whore FALSE RELIGION.
    [b]And one of the seven angels that had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying: À¢€œCome, I will show you the judgment upon the great harlot who sits on many waters, 2À‚ with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, whereas those who inhabit the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.À¢€Â[/b][b]Revelation 17:1,2[/b]
    When you mix spiritism,, non-biblical beliefs and politics together. You end up with a deadly potion.
    This is what most people are high on.
    Up until now the governments and the commercial system loved this “menage et trois” because it has made them rich with influence. But now it has become VERY DANGEROUS.
    We will see Madame Albrights vision of the future coming into fruition. IN OUR LIFETIME! Unbeknowest to most ‘wanna be ” christians” who keep thinking “it’s not going to come in my lifetime”… Wishful thinking.
    This is the absurdity and travesity. One prays for that “Day” to come and yet doesn’t want it to come. Drunk , drunk , drunk. This is what happens when you go to a SPIRITUAL LIQUOR STORE. You get BAMBOOZLED. This is what happens when you refuse to examine your own perscription carefully. Or when you don’t get second opinions when you have been going to the same doctor for years and you are still SICK.
    CHOICE 🙂

  • dnbaiacu

    I enjoyed it Augustus!!!
    [quote]If we were to eliminate ALL religions TOMORROW, by NEXT WEEK the citizens of this planet would be very close to World PeaceÀ¢€¦[/quote]

    Great essay.. Great quote. And the Bible agrees with you.
    [b]Be glad over her, O heaven, also YOU holy ones and YOU apostles and YOU prophets, because God has judicially exacted punishment for YOU from her!À¢€Â

    21À‚ And a strong angel lifted up a stone like a great millstone and hurled it into the sea, saying: À¢€œThus with a swift pitch will Babylon the great city be hurled down, and she will never be found again.[/b] [b]Revelation 18:20,21[/b]

    You really help the cause of Truth in your own way because you recognize the problem as it is. You concur with the biblical belief that “false religion” is WHACK and produces horrific results. Rotten tree,, rotten fruit.
    But what must be recognized is the obvious. It is not enough just to “eliminate all religions”. Everyone “remaining” after such a destruction has to be on ONE ACCORD.
    So this alone necessitates a COMMON SYSTEM OF VALUES for all of mankind. Something “moral relativists” will vehemently disagree with.
    So even with the elimation of QUAKERY we would still be back at square one. A bunch of voluntary INDEPENDENT THINKERS NOT KNOWING THEIR LEFT FROM THEIR RIGHT.

    [b]À‚ I well know, O lORD that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.[/b][b]jerimiah 10:23[/b]
    The first human couple made a fatal mistake and we are living in the EXPERIMENT of their making. .
    Thank God in the future it will be historically on record that mankind INDEPENDENT OF GOD is a MESS!
    The Truth seekers will be found. That’s why I am quiet on where I get my beliefs from outside of the Bible. It’s all in the Bible and those who are truly looking will “find” and end up where they need to be. The God of the Bible does guide a worldwide “congregation” out of all the thousands that claim to be part of His congregation. It’s out there. One just has to look for it. And in most cases it will come to you. But you don’t recognize it for what it is. 😉 😉 🙂
    This is the issue.

  • dnbaiacu

    Lies and Greed and Exploitation NEVER PAY
    And those Jews KNOW they are participating in a FRAUD.!!!
    Simple custodial/strategic presence in the region for oil interests. HOLY LAND NOT!!!!!
    Nothing Holy about all the bloodshed there. A relgious front for profits. The WHORE at her best!

  • dnbaiacu

    This is the real deal.
    Isreal is basically STOLEN terriotory.. These supposed “Jew” have no real claim to it. 70CE the temple destroyed by the Romans.. DONE DEAL from a Biblical standpoint.

    THE SAME STANDPOINT the U.S and Great Britain used to JUSTIFY IMPORTING persecuted Jews of Europe into the area that is now the State of Isreal.
    A religious front was used and it is going to BACKFIRE IN A BIG WAY.!!!


  • Falupa

    Great comment George! Bigotry is a terrible thing. Accepting someone else’s beliefs shouldn’t be tolerated. The real ignorance comes from people like you.

  • Augustus

    DNB – Oposite Analytical Frameworks (again) leading to Unavoidably Similar Outcomes…
    It is simply fascinating to find our drastically distinct World views (once again) leading towards the same conclusion…
    Borrowing the colorful words you have previously utilized elsewhere… I’m getting the popcorn in order to watching the “show” (and let future historical events unfold) 😀

  • Augustus

    The Nefarious Influence of RELIGION is the Underlying Cause of Middle Eastern Conflict
    Again and again I have stressed the irreconcilable nature of the religious beliefs, ALL of which bear unwavering conviction of its ideological precepts, MOST of which oppose and/or strongly object the À¢€œblasphemousÀ¢€Â views of fundamentally distinct philosophies, or the evil beliefs of entirely different view of holiness; while ALL barely tolerate variations of related liturgiesÀ¢€¦ Whichever the case, they all fight one another over variations of À¢€œpaper tigersÀ¢€Â and have been committing monstrous crimes, generating innumerable wars, and perpetrating hate, mistrust, and suspicionÀ¢€¦ And all this hate, mistrust and conflict for What reason? Just because of something as stupid as.. À¢€œmy ribbonÀ¢€Â is BLUE while Yours is RED? IÀ¢€™m right YOU are wrongÀ¢€¦. LOL. It amazes me the STUPIDITY of mankindÀ¢€¦

    This is precisely what is behind the Middle Eastern conflict.
    While the Orthodox Jews KNOW that Jerusalem belongs to them À¢€“ for their À¢€œTempleÀ¢€Â was there À¢€“they wear black robes and ridiculous hairdos & hats banging their stupid heads against the ruins of a 4,000 Temple
    The Fundamentalist Muslims ALSO KNOW that Jerusalem belongs to them À¢€“ for the À¢€œDom of the Rock is there À¢€“ these wear white robes (bowing deeply on the floor À¢€“ or shaking heads like asylum inmates) over a Rock
    The Evangelical Christians À¢€“ not far behind in absurd yet opposing behavior À¢€“ deep inside also THINKS that Jerusalem belongs to them À¢€“ for the entire Christian Mythology unfolds around the city, and has a number of sacred sites. While the Evangelical group is not directly engaged in the dispute, the more maniacal elements finance and support the Jews À¢€“ not out of sincere solidarity À¢€“ but to instigate them further against the Muslims.
    In the agenda of some fatalist groups who TRULY expect the End of Days AS PER THEIR BELOVED BIBLE. By financing the jews to rebuild their Temple (they are encouraging Israel to demolish that Muslim Dom. Such an act would be the most incendiary act Israel could ever take and would surely trigger another Global War. As such these fatalists, intend to ascertain that the absurd biblical prophecies regarding Jerusalem do happen (the views of this groups of Christian Fatalists is not unlike the views of our very dear friend DNB)

    If we were to eliminate ALL religions TOMORROW, by NEXT WEEK the citizens of this planet would be very close to World PeaceÀ¢€¦

  • Augustus

    Palestinian Oppression – The Ultimate Source of Islamic Terrorism – Colonial Blunders by the British administration
    Throughout this blog I have expressed rather strong views against Islamic Fundamentalism, criticized the intolerance of Islam, and urged Western Nations to unite in a concerted effort to take action against countries supportive of Islamic Terrorism. Consequently, I could never be accused of being an apologist and/or sponsor of the Palestinian cause.

    Under these circumstances, it is fair to presume that I am in a position to issue an unbiased comment in support for the creation of a (mostly) independent BUT Secular Palestinian State .
    [quote]According to the Palestinian ambassador to BrasÀƒ­lia, Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil Alzeben, for 61 years now, the Palestinian people are living a Diaspora and waiting for the creation of a country[/quote]
    On the other hand, the monstrous actions against perpetrated by the National Socialist Party of Germany against European Jews during the first half of the past century should never be forgotten, and all nations of this planet should take responsibility for the incalculable suffering and humiliation to which millions of Jewish families were exposedÀ¢€¦

    In this connection, because most authorities in psychiatry and psychology indicate that victims of violent crime and abuse (of whatever category) are likely to have the proclivity or inclination to became abusers themselves, serious years later; it seems to me that the traumatic experiences undergone by millions of Jews from 1933 until 1945, along with the tragic consequences of the unwise 1947 UN Partition Plan (the mandatory split of Palestine into three parts: a Jewish State, an Arab State, and an International Zone comprising Jerusalem & surrounding area), the Jewish element in Palestine must have felt so threatened and cornered, that it may have inadvertently assumed the role of the À¢€œAbuserÀ¢€Â of the local Palestinian population (perhaps acting in under the mantel of self-protection from repeated persecution).

    Despite my enormous admiration for the British Empire, I blame Whitehall for this unsolvable dilemma, because Her MajestyÀ¢€™s government should never have exited the region, leaving behind the explosive seeds of an irreconcilable dispute that was further exacerbated by the inconsistent policies of its colonial administration. The United Kingdom should, therefore, have remained the À¢€œGeneral Overseer of the Palestinian TerritoriesÀ¢€Â (in order to enforce the Israeli-Arab partition to which neither side could ever acquiesce), while ceding Jerusalem (and its surrounding area) to an unprecedented United Nations administration. In fact, in order to consolidate this new À¢€œinternational controlÀ¢€Â the UN Head Quarters should have been established in the very center of this ancient, divided city, which would automatically become open to worshipers of any creedÀ¢€¦

    At any rate, regardless of the several historical blunders committed in the region since the 1880À¢€™s, unless a free Palestinian state is established (under the rule of an irrefutably SECULAR government) within a À¢€œSuper (Dual) EstateÀ¢€Â composed of secular Israeli and secular Palestinian administrations BUT overseen by an international body (UN) seated in Jerusalem, I fear there is never going to be a conclusion (due to unlike compromises and therefore no solution) for the interminable Middle Eastern Conflict. Likewise, unless a solution is found for Israeli-Palestinian stalemate, the escalating Islamic Terrorist Threat will never dissipate (since at its core lies the growing Arab discontent which is the very source of the growing anti-western hatred)

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Nothing Holy about all the bloodshed there. A relgious front for profits. The WHORE at her best![/quote]

    So what is your prophetic prediction of the future for that region? Is there going to be a permanent peace there?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]STAY TUNED [/quote]

    At what frequency ? 😉

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]The obnoxious AMericans support the Jews to the point of doing to the Paelstinians what the US claims occurred to the Jews. It is pure gangsterism. The US is shunned by the rest of the world because of their ignnorance and willingness to bow to the Jewish press.[/quote]

    If the Palestinians disarm, there will be peace. If the Israelis disarm, there will be a bloodbath.
    Exactly who, has said that they want to push whom, into the Mediterranean?

  • ch.c.

    The US is shunned by the rest of the world because of their ignnorance and willingness to bow to the Jewish press.
    You better check also what the EU did, do and will do…FOR JEWS !

    And to George the idiot with his “bow to the Jewish press”

    Did you NOT know that JEWS are powerful in the U.S. and EU ? Who cares about the jewish press ?
    Did you NOT know that JEWS are powerful in…BRAZIL ????? Such as the SAFRA family !
    You look like an idiot if you are brazilian because “Jews in Brazil today, and they play an active role in politics, sports, academia, trade and industry, and are overall well integrated in all spheres of Brazilian life. The majority of Brazilian Jews live in the state of SÀƒ£o Paulo but there are also sizeable communities in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, and ParanÀƒ¡.”

    And if Arabs oil producing countries consider Palestine as their brother, why dont they give A LOT MORE money….with the MANY truckloads of US$ they amassed during the 5 years OIL BOOM ????

  • George

    The obnoxious AMericans support the Jews to the point of doing to the Paelstinians what the US claims occurred to the Jews. It is pure gangsterism. The US is shunned by the rest of the world because of their ignnorance and willingness to bow to the Jewish press.

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