Brazil’s Exchange Flow in the Red by Over US$ 2 Billion This Month

Burning US dollar The total of dollar inflow and outflow in Brazil was negative at US$ 2.163 billion from December 1st to 12, and accumulates a surplus of US$ 3.227 billion so far this year. During the same periods in 2007, surpluses of US$ 4.868 billion and US$ 86.926 billion were respectively recorded. The figures were disclosed this Wednesday, December 17, by the Central Bank of Brazil.

The financial account (inflow and outflow of funds in Stock Exchanges, investment in bonds, remittances of profit and dividends to foreign countries, foreign direct investment, among other countries) for the flow of exchange, which is the most affected at moments of financial crises, posted a deficit of US$ 2.411 billion in the month.

There was also a deficit of US$ 45.041 billion in the accumulated result for the year so far. During the same periods in 2007, surpluses of US$ 2.463 billion and US$ 11.051 billion were respectively recorded.

The commercial account (which includes figures pertaining to the balance of trade, advance on exchange contracts – ACC – and advance payments for exports – PA) posted a surplus of US$ 249 million this month, but the figure was much lower than recorded in the same period of December 2007 (US$ 2.405 billion).

The trade surplus (exports minus imports) was lower partly due to the growth of imports during the month, which totaled US$ 5.062 billion, as against US$ 4.465 billion in the same period of 2007. Exports reached US$ 5.311 billion, as against US$ 6.870 billion in the first ten business days in December 2007.

So far this month, ACCs total US$ 1.828 billion and PAs, US$ 956 million, as against US$ 2.186 billion and US$ 1.722 billion recorded in the same period of 2007, respectively.

So far this year, exports total US$ 181.891 billion; imports, US$ 133.623 billion; ACCs, US$ 44.861 billion; and PAs, US$ 44.030 billion. From January until the first ten business days in December 2007 the figures were: US$ 177.608 billion, US$ 101.734 billion, US$ 44.568 billion and US$ 43.708 billion.



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  • ch.c.

    So far this year, exports total US$ 181.891 billion; imports, US$ 133.623 billion ???? WRONG…. PURE LIES !!!!
    Your trade surplus is NOT at US$ 48 billion…year to date !
    in 2007 it was at US$ 40 billion for the 12 months, and this year it is LOWER, MUCH LOWER !

    Simple as that !

    But flunked stats are normal…IN BRAZIL !!!! A daily lifestyle.

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