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Brazil’s Asylum to Italian Terrorist Leads Rome to Recall Ambassador

Cesare Battisti The Italian government recalled its ambassador to Brazil, this Tuesday, January 27, for consultations in response to BrasÀ­lia's definitive decision to grant political refugee status to a convicted Italian terrorist.

The move came after Brazil's attorney general, Antonio Fernando de Sousa, officially shelved Italy's extradition request despite protests from Rome over the Brazilian Justice Minister Tarso Genro's decision to grant asylum to leftist terrorist Cesare Battisti, on the grounds that he risked political persecution were he to be extradited to Italy.

"We consider Battisti to be a terrorist and a murderer who absolutely does not deserve refugee status. The decision not to extradite him is frankly unacceptable," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said.

According to Frattini, the decision not to reconsider the decision "appears to us to be both a desire to avoid the issue and to cover up what was purely and simply a political decision by the Brazilian justice minister."

"This was frankly unacceptable and for this reason we have recalled Ambassador Michele Valensise for consultations. We want to review with him what paths remain open to us," the foreign minister added.

Frattini went on to observe that Brazil "is a great country which has always been a friend to Italy. It is for this reason that we did not expect it to adopt a similar position and why our response is so grave."

Battisti, 54, was convicted in absentia for four murders committed in the late 1970s and sentenced to life. Minister Genro's decision was in contrast with the position of Brazil's National Committee for Refugees, which two months ago voted against granting Battisti asylum.

Battisti was arrested in Brazil last March, some four years after he had fled to that country to avoid extradition to Italy from France, where he had lived for 15 years and become a successful writer of crime novels.

The Brazilian justice ministry explained that the decision to grant asylum was based on a 1951 Brazilian statute and a subsequent 1997 law which defined the guidelines for granting asylum that included "the real threat of persecution due to race…or political opinion."

According to the Brazilian ministry, Battisti had been condemned in Italy only after he had fled to France in 1981 and on evidence not based on fact but on testimony given by a former terrorist turned state's witness, Pietro Mutti.

Genro has staunchly defended his decision and said "I am absolutely convinced we have adopted the right position" after determining that Battisti risked persecution in Italy.



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  • xyz

    It doesn’t surprise me because brazil is a country of whores thieves murderes parasites lazy low class monkeys. They need to be denied access to our countris especially Portugal where the corrupt portuguese government is letting them in against the will of the portuguese people. They have brought nothing but nastiness to our country. The uggly brazilian president is begging everyone to let them in so he gets rid of the problem. That’s why the brazilian police roughs hem up, its the only way to convey the message to those loosers. They are disgusting.

  • asp

    by the way, the article about the womens breasts is false according to snopes…
    …so what, im an ass man ….

  • asp

    good article joao
    this incident is not the norm for this administration. they have been good at not wearing their ideology on their sleeve.i am so thankful that lula didnt go the route of chavez and morales….

    the 21st of febuary, joao, at angeloni beira mar , 7:30, is gong to be a monster show for free. ill be there, tell your freinds if they want to see a great show for free to go there. passistas , break dancers etc….om exited because you dont get to see a show like this here that often…for free

    by the way i read an article that said men looking at female breasts for 10 minutes a day is better than a thirty minute workout and it leaves the men healthiar and happiar with lower blood preasure….just more scientific proof that my new religion is scientificly valid and good for the health happiness peace and good will to all mankind……..

  • João da Silva

    In case you haven’t already read it:


    The Italian Minister confirmed what we have been saying all along about Tarso, didn’t he? 😀

  • bo

    [quote]Italy should place brasil off limits for tourtist travel [/quote]

    Then where would all their whore-chasing pedophiles go? 😉

  • Shelly… The Jewish American Princess
    That explains the obnoxious, the arrogance, and the treason, just like Judas. You stereotype jews all over the world.

    Burn in hell, b.i.t.c.h.


  • Forrest Allen Brown

    so how much money is brasil makeing on this deal
    send boxers back as they had no money .
    keep children away from there us parents till the money is paid
    steal property from people from other countries just because you can


    Italy should place brasil off limits for tourtist travel
    revoke lulas citisen ship take his money , put his children in prision , size his property


  • Shelly1

    Another criminal?
    We have so many criminals in our country, one more or one less it won’t change much. Isn’t it that funny that Brazil always finds a way to give the worst kind of human being a break? I wonder how much he is paying the Brazilian government.

    Brazil, o paraiso da criminalidade! Eita povinho idiota!

  • asp

    ha, better late than never
    well, i am just perplexed that tarso is letting his ideology get in the way . and , it is a controvercy down here in brazil. two national tv stations ive seen have had strong editorials criticising tarso’s desician. as well as the estado article you brought in and the comments with them, overwelmongly against the desician.

    they sent two cuban boxers back to fidels dictatorship,why is this murderer getting a break? i consider it a differant situation than that italian that italy wouldnt give up to brazil. he was italian.and, he wasnt a murderer…

    i dont have any solution or would reccomend anything, i am a spectator. i have just been impressed that generaly , this administration hasnt lead with ideology. i commend them for that. but, this act by taso is questionable, but, this was the guy that said brazil doesnt have a problem with farc………yeah right…just ask beira mar ( by the way, beira mar was impressed with his prison veiw in police federal in florianopolis, even the top prisoners can kick back in floripa…..ahhhhhhh)

  • brazilian pride

    I dont agree with it
    I am Brazilian and I am proud of it. but, I do think the Italian should be sent back to Italy. if he killed he deserves to pay…. I hope the Brazilian justice dont make this decision based on finatial status of Battisti…

  • João da Silva

    Howdy Vizinho,

    You got your wish 😀

    Your turn to lead the discussions. ;-). Shall remain in the sideline. Augustus will burst his you know what. 😉

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