US Representative Urges Brazil to Return Abducted American Child

David and Seanb Goldman On February 4th, 2009, U.S. Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey state spoke before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs during its hearing on "US Policy Toward Latin America in 2009 and Beyond." The congressman made a statement condemning Brazil's weak record of enforcing the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Smith brough to light the case of American David Goldman whose son, Sean Goldman, was abducted by his own mother to Brazil. The woman remarried in Brazil and soon after died. Even after her death the Brazilian Justice refuses to return the boy to his father who lives in the United States. Her comments are now a part of the official Congressional Record.

On the same day, Congressmen Smith introduced House Resolution 125, "Calling on the central authority of Brazil to immediately discharge all its duties under the Hague Convention by facilitating and supporting Federal judicial proceedings as a matter of extreme urgency to obtain the return of Sean Goldman to his father, David Goldman, for immediate return to the United States."

Additionally, this resolution describes all of the various failings of the Brazilian judiciary and law enforcement in the handling of this case, and calls upon the United States Government to declare that Brazil is a "Country Not Compliant with the Convention."

On February 5th, Senators Lautenberg and Menendez of NJ released an open letter to Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The letter summarizes the case and urges President Lula to take action and return the child to the United States.

Additionally, it warns of the precedence that could be set if a strategy of delay and legal miring so that the child adapts to his abductors is permitted to become a basis for denying the return of any abducted child.

Congress's sudden involvement in this case was spurred by the national reaction to the NBC Dateline television special featuring David Goldman and his tragic story of the abduction of his son. On January 30th, nearly 5 million viewers tuned in to learn of this heartbreaking saga.

Their response was overwhelming, flooding websites and email bins, searching for more details and demanding action from both governments. Nearly 30,000 people signed the petition or joined the Facebook group to show their support for David's efforts to be reunited with his son.

Congressman Chris Smith and his wife were among those watching. The Smith's were moved by David's plea for help and his obvious love for his son. At his wife's urging, Congressman Smith immediately contacted his staff to inform them that he was going to get involved.

That very night, his staff contacted David Goldman and scheduled a meeting for the following Monday. At the meeting, the congressman presented David with an offer: he would do everything in his power to help David bring his son back home including accompanying David to Brazil for any future court proceedings.

The opportunity to honor that promise came quickly. David and Congressman Smith flew to Brazil together on February 5th, 2009 to meet with high level government officials and to attend a court ordered mediation hearing.

Together with U.S. Ambassador Clifford Sobel and David's Brazilian legal representatives, the pair met with Sean's Brazilian guardian and Judge . At this hearing, David was finally granted the right to visit his son for the first time in four and a half years. Other issues related to custody of the child were not determined.

The illegal behavior of one person and his success in manipulating the Brazilian justice system has brought international attention to the human rights record of an entire country. In addition to the Goldman case, there are nearly fifty other open cases of children abducted to Brazil from the United States alone.

Certainly this is not what President Lula wishes to deal with as he prepares to enter into negotiations with the new administration in the United States over critical issues such as free trade and biofuels.

Yet there is little doubt that unless he and Justice Minister Tarso Genro act to ensure that this case and others like it are handled at the federal or supreme court level and that judges are directed to follow the Hague Treaty, he will face public demonstrations as well as resistance from Washington during his upcoming visit to United States.

Lautenberg/Menendez letter:
AP Story on Chris Smith visiting Brazil:


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  • Jonathan Porto da Sila

    The anger of the Brazilian president who reinvented the wheel
    Before you start reading to know that I used the translator for this there must be many errors
    As Brazilian I am ashamed that my government retaliate his diplomatic failure in Honduras in a child, should common sense prevail in the case of Cuban boy! The child has to stay with his biological father! I hope that the American Embassy in Brazil use diplomacy strong pro-active for the corrupt Brazilian Judiciary not put obstacles!
    Just for you Americans have an idea how we Brazilian suffered the members of the current Brazilian government were members of terrorist cells communist south america, 1960 by this sympathetic FARC in Colombia and the Bolivarian Revolution Mad Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and recently Ahmadinejad of Iran, the political Brazilians like traveling very much and do little pra combat the misery and poverty of the people of Brazil and now want to appear as a counterpoint of the G-7?
    But do not worry! these nut cases that now govern Brazil already are starting because in 2010 there will be elections for president and Lula “the president walker” can not be re-elected, I hope Barack Obama will protect us as he did in Honduras where Lula change your mind.
    have a happy Christmas and prosperous new year, enough to buy tropical fruits and will enjoy the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2010!

  • Tiffany

    I use to be fascinated with The Brazilian Culture. I have seen Bebel Gilberto times. I will never go to Brazil. i would be way to scared. I might not come back.

  • Double-Dot

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  • forrest allen brown

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  • Celio

    forrest allen brown
    Im certainly 100% european, both parents and grandparents are european and so on!

    If Im French or not, that is something i will let your imagination decide as Im not describing my life on this website

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  • forrest allen brown

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  • Celio

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  • forrest allen brown

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  • Linderman

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  • Double-Dot

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  • Double-Dot

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  • The truth

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  • Clark

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  • Celio

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  • Ch.c

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  • Celio

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  • The truth

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  • forrest allen brown

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  • The truth

    The truth is
    Brazil should be like Venezuela, Russia, Bolivia, North Korea, Iran, China etc, etc, etc and don’t put up with American shit… the world is in a bad condition (economically, military and environmentally) all because of the Americans.. so If the whole world unites, we can all invade America, give South USA territory (California, New Mexico, Texas etc) back to the Mexicans (as it was Mexican territory b4 but stolen by the Americans like they are trying to do with the Amazon and the oil in Iraq) and put them in their place!

  • forrest allen brown

    every person from the US should contact
    there state , and ferdral reps and force them to
    question if the US should even think of doing business with brasil
    as it is a worse state than cuba.

    if you live in or around washington protest lula when he comes to the US let OBAMA know
    how brasil see the US and how lula him self will stab him in the back onec he goes back
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    we should hope OBAMA is smarter than to put up with lula and his lies about the US and brasils laws

  • yasir

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  • bo

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  • bo

    [quote]The illegal behavior of one person and his success in manipulating the Brazilian justice system has brought international attention to the[b] human rights record of an entire country[/b]. In addition to the Goldman case, there are nearly fifty other open cases of children abducted to Brazil from the United States alone.[/quote]

    Wonder how many cases worldwide? 500? 1000? More? Human rights in Brazil? Yeah, go ask the sugarcane cutters in Alagoas about human rights. And the U.S. is going to buy ethanol from Brazil while large percentages of people responsible for it’s production are working as slave laborers?

    Congratulations to JPLS and PLS!!! Your blatent disrespect for everything that is “right” and the ability to buy “justice” here in Brazil will have hopefully awoken the U.S.about not only this blatent, disrespect for international treaties, the law, family, and american children, as well as children from all over the world, but hopefully to slave labor and the unfair trading practices and protectionism that exists in this country so that the U.S., Europe, and others will give you an ultimatum. It’s time to play fair and abide by the rules, the law and enforce it, or a policy of reciprocity will be enacted. The choice is yours.

  • bo



  • Double-Dot

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  • bo

    Apart from everything else…
    Brazil is now the safe-haven to the kidnappers of children!! Congrats Brazil! Great thing to be known as. Brazil is one of if not the most xenophobic place on planet earth. How in the world can a judicial system be so biased, corrupt, and discriminatory? Just have to shake your head.

    I see that Cockstinha is keeping up the brazilian image….good job buddy, keep breathing so at least we always have a legitimate reason for our disgust! 😉

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]As an American here, two words for you: f**k YOU ![/quote]

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  • Texan

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  • Double-Dot

    Americans here
    For all the Americans here on this forum: Fuck you all !!! You are all a disgrace to America ! Probably Im the only decent person in this whole country…

    The problem here is about the child in Brazil and not about your American shit here…

    God bless America but not the people like you

  • Double-Dot

    Linda,Clara, Theresa,etc;

    Why don’t you shut the fuck up ? Disgrace to the country where you were born and that raised you. Instead of coming out with a viable plan to rescue a child, all that you are doing is to fake my ID and write nonsense. “Focus” is the keyword and you don’t seem to know its meaning.

    God bless America and Semper Fi to it.

  • dnbaiacu

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  • triple dot

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  • Clark

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  • Double-dot

    Americans here
    Some Americans here seem to be licking Brazilian ass.. You are the idiots ..

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  • Texan

    People like you

    You are an idiot ! If you want to play, at least get your geography right

  • Linderman

    I’m not saying Americans are crap at geography… You are, IDIOT!

  • What ThafuckÀ¢€¦
    This fish market is getting out of controlÀ¢€¦ All of you single, double, triple, multiple demented dots can all kiss my arse.

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    5)Your american injustice system has no jurisdiction here in Brasil, you can send all congress asswipes, ambassador or any other american idiot, all you doing is pissing us off even more.

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  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Show to the world that we americans are crap at geography [/quote]

    I am very disappointed in you, Linderman, for saying that we Americans are crap in Geography. We are very good at it like in other disciplines. You seem to be apologetic for being an American and I wonder why. My point is that the 8 year old American kid has to be released from the Brazilian prison and Chavez better get his ass in gear and do something about it, instead of dragging his feet.

    I know that you have some issue with that guy from Swaziland. It hardly matters to me. The most important thing right now is to get the poor 8 old American kid released from the Brazilian prison. LetÀ‚´s focus on this , Linderman.

  • dnbaiacu

    The Truth About Double-Dot
    [quote]Has anyone written to the Brazilian President Mr.Chavez who seems to be a decent guy? [/quote]

    Yes, making fun of the brazilian government…

    [quote]As for the rest of the garbage posts about Swaziland, it is just the propaganda machine set up by the Limeys to discredit that small nation. [/quote]

    Yes, making fun of Ch.c

    Which side is he on ? On his own stupid side just messing around with all of us, but he’s not smart enough for that !

  • Celio

    If that’s the case Double-dot, then it’s ok

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  • Double-Dot

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  • Linderman

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  • Celio

    [quote]I don’t understand why an 8 year old American kid is being imprisoned in Brazil[/quote]

    Of course you don’t understand… There are few things in the world you can understand as your brain is very limited… go to school and ask your teacher the difference between Swaziland and Switzerland

  • Clark

    No, Ch.c is from Switzerland… The only thing from Africa here is Double-dot’s poor education..

    Or if that his way to insult Ch.c, I apologize to him because this Ch.c. deserves all the insults here

  • Joao2

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  • triple dot

    First: No one needs your shit opinion again

    Second: if you are going to mess around about the Brazilian President ok… At least Don’t disrespect Ch.c AGAIN by saying he comes from Swaziland IDIOT::

    The Kingdom of Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered to the north, south, and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique. The nation, as well as its people, are named after the 19th century king Mswati II.

    You are disrespecting Ch.c. again because he called you a Cockvagina.. YES YOU ARE! YOU KNOW YOU ARE!!!!

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  • Double-Dot

    Wait a second. I saw an entry faking my ID. I did NOT post it. Obviously the Limeys and Islamo-fascists have taken over this site spreading hateful messages.

    I don’t understand why an 8 year old American kid is being imprisoned in Brazil.Has anyone written to the Brazilian President Mr.Chavez who seems to be a decent guy?

    As for the rest of the garbage posts about Swaziland, it is just the propaganda machine set up by the Limeys to discredit that small nation.

    God bless America.Even HE cant save the Queen of the Limeys from her own subjects.

  • Clark

    We are not the same person.. and If you paid attention here before jumping into conclusions there are quite a few people who believe the boy should stay !!!!!

    [quote]I’ve been involved with this for 4 months. In that time, I’ve heard from well over 1,000 Brazilians living in Brazil and maybe twice that many Brazilian expats.[/quote]

    1,000 Brazilians? There are 200 millions in the country IDIOT… Just a moron to say every single person in the whole country has one only sole opinion… IDIOT

  • JSW

    Clark aka Brazilian Pride aka ….
    Of course you agree with him. You’re the same person. I’ve been involved with this for 4 months. In that time, I’ve heard from well over 1,000 Brazilians living in Brazil and maybe twice that many Brazilian expats. Each and every one of them showed their support for David Goldman. Less then 10 Brazilians contacted me to disagree, and those hadn’t done the research and just jumped to conclusions. And those numbers would be MUCH higher if Globo ran the story they filmed.

    So tell me, what proof do you have that David was abusive? Did Bruna use that as an argument in court? Tell her friends? If you’re going to make such an argument you have to have proof or it means nothing.

    Didn’t think so.

  • Clark

    Imagine if the situation was you against Microsoft for example, That would be a long painful battle too… This guy was unfortunate to be battling with a very wealthy and influential family…

    That is why, my friend AES, I will tell you: Choose your wife well 😉

  • AES

    run up against two very powerful and influential families, the Ribeiro’s and Lins e Silva’s, that have done all they can to prevent him from being reunited with Sean

    David has been fighting relentlessly in the Brazilian judicial system to win back custody of Sean and bring him home to their house in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

    David is fighting the battle of his life and has run up against two very powerful and influential families, the Ribeiro’s and Lins e Silva’s, that have done all they can to prevent him from being reunited with Sean. He has exhausted virtually every legal option available to him in both the US and Brazil at great cost emotionally and financially. After Bruna’s sudden and tragic passing on August 22nd, we all assumed David would finally be able to see Sean and bring him home. Unfortunately, he is now in the midst of another custody battle, this time with Bruna’s new husband, JoÀƒ£o Paulo Lins e Silva.

  • AES

    A shocking call
    Goldman thought his marriage was solid and his wife happy. But when she got to Brazil, his wife called him and said she was not returning to the United States. And, she said, she was keeping Sean with her. Whatˢ۪s more, Goldman says, Bruna told him that if he ever wanted to see Sean again, he would have to assign sole custody of the boy to her.

    Goldman went to court in New Jersey, where Sean was born, and obtained a court order calling for a custody hearing in that state and granting custody of Sean to Goldman pending the hearing. According to the laws of Brazil and the United States, as well as international law as spelled out in the Hague Treaties, to which Brazil is a signatory, Sean should have been returned home for the hearing. But Brazilian courts waited a year to respond to the New Jersey court, and then ruled that since so much time had passed, the child should stay with his mother.

    Bruna obtained a divorce from Goldman in Brazil and married a Brazilian lawyer, who Goldman says comes from a prominent and politically well-connected family in that country. Pregnant by her new husband, Bruna died in childbirth last month.

    In America, Goldmanˢ۪s marriage was still valid, he says. He learned from friends in Brazil about Brunaˢ۪s death about a week after the fact. After four years of trying to get his son back, he thought this was finally the opportunity he needed.

    À¢€œAs tragic as it is, I needed to be with my son,À¢€Â Goldman told Vieira, referring to his wifeÀ¢€™s death. He thought, À¢€œHereÀ¢€™s my chance to go down and bring him home and be with my son.À¢€Â

    Paper tiger?
    Goldman had been traveling to Brazil for every court hearing that ruled against him over the years. He went again, only to discover that his late wifeˢ۪s Brazilian husband had filed a petition with local family courts to remove Goldmanˢ۪s name from Seanˢ۪s birth records and replace it with his own.

    À¢€œ[That] would exclude me from ever even being my sonÀ¢€™s father,À¢€Â Goldman told Vieira. À¢€œSo far, the Brazilian judicial system is letting him do this.À¢€Â

    The U.S. Embassy in Brazil has written letters asking Brazilian authorities to recognize Goldmanˢ۪s paternal rights and the international and national laws that seem to favor his case.
    David Goldman in the TODAY studio.

    À¢€œWhat IÀ¢€™ve been told is, weÀ¢€™re considered a paper tiger,À¢€Â Goldman said. À¢€œWeÀ¢€™ll write letters. WeÀ¢€™ll have meetings. But thereÀ¢€™s no accountability on Brazil for kidnapping my child. In essence, this man who is no blood relation to my son could be any man taking any child to Brazil and filing custody, and with the delayed process of those courts, theyÀ¢€™ll say, À¢€˜Yes, this child belongs with that person.À¢€™ À¢€Â

    In Goldmanˢ۪s New Jersey home, Seanˢ۪s room remains as it was when he left four years ago, his favorite Scooby-Doo stuffed animal still on his bed, his clothes still in his closet. The boy is 8 now, and, although Goldman has been able to speak with him a few times on the phone, he has not been able to see him. Goldman has a Web site,, dedicated to regaining custody of his son.

    Ignoring laws
    Vieira asked how itˢ۪s possible that the Brazilian courts have apparently ignored their own laws.
    In happier times: David Goldman with his son, Sean, and his late wife.

    À¢€œI know this man comes from an influential family. I donÀ¢€™t know,À¢€Â Goldman replied. À¢€œItÀ¢€™s just wrong on every level of the law in both countries, in international law À¢€¦ He should have been home within six weeks, and yet there was this sympathy À¢€” the mother and the child.À¢€Â

    Goldman said he never intended to deny Bruna the right to see their child. À¢€œIt was never about separating the mother from the child. He was born here, we were married here and our habitual residence was here, so a court here should decide jurisdiction. You should not be able to flee and make up a story.À¢€Â

    Now, the question is how a person who is not related by blood to Sean can erase Goldmanˢ۪s name from his sonˢ۪s birth records.

    À¢€œHow can it be possible, a non-blood person could take my child?À¢€Â Goldman asked rhetorically, fighting his emotions. À¢€œI donÀ¢€™t know. I donÀ¢€™t know.À¢€Â

    For more information on David Goldmanˢ۪s custody battle, visit

  • ch.c.

    IDIOTS !!! Making jokes with my sexuality! Who are the racists now ????

    1st: YES I had a brazilian boyfriend and thank god he went back to Brazil (where he belongs with his kind)

    2nd: Liars and Idiots, you are all the same..

    3rd: Switzerland is far better than your Banana Republic.. We are in a different league IDIOTS.. I will date swiss men only !!!!!

    Proven once again we swiss are better, IDIOTS

  • swiss little boy

    Ch.c my love, where are you ? No need to buy an asian boy, Im swiss and I want to be your boyfriend

    I have a big gun between my legs here for you

  • As said by the many articles here and elsewhere ……..
    Ouch… The ricola transvestite is so nervousÀ¢€¦.

    CHC, you are a turd-tossing tard!

    From your dearest,


  • Clark

    I agree with his opinion and I think you are dickhead to make such a general statement that no one else in Brazil agrees with him.. Just morons like you make general statements like that to give strength to an argument …

  • jsw

    Brazilian Side??
    “I stand on the brazilian side”
    Then you must be either a troll or part of that family because NO ONE ELSE IN BRAZIL agrees with you. The Brazilian Central Authority, the Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S. and evey other Brazilian who has heard this story stand together in the knowledge that these people have NO legal claim to Sean. But keep spouting lies and making false accusations. ANYONE who does just a few minutes of research will realize just how pathetic your claims are.Can you back up your statements with copies of legal documents and reputable publications? Is there ONE PERSON in authority who has stood up to back you?

  • brazilian pride

    my opinion
    the child belongs in Brazil with the mothers family. I can asure you the father is not capable of giving that child a good education growing up. First, because he has abused his ex wife before. (the mother) Second, he in a single man trying to take care of a kid that doesnt even remeber him as a father figure. I stand on the brazilian side on this one

  • AES

    Think of the fact that the boy is a U.S. citizen and is an asset. He is a ticket to L’etras Unis. It is not the childs interest the Brazilian courts have in mind. The childs mother felt that the child would be taken from her and her parental rights abridged. But that was her Brazilian experience guiding her action. She is/was a criminal. That is not the environment to raise a child and the people he is living/imprisoned, being brainwashed with now are equally criminal aiding in abbeting in this most heinous crime against his father. It is self evident that if he were not a decent human being the Congressman and the 100,000 of e mailers would not have come to his jeudicial defense. The child will be returned to the father, their is now too much money invoved, enough to buy justice, justice that should be the right of every Brazilian. Percentage wise his life will be culturally richer, healthier, less violent and more civilized living in a civilization based on the rule of law.

  • Celio

    Damn right and a Connection with Ch.c
    [quote]Plus what is the guarantee that the biological american father is not a psycho ? Because his ex-wife desperately left him with the child to Brazil for reasons that undermine his character as a normal sound person! There was domestic abuse in the house from his part, but that got disguised in the American media

    If that’s the case you’re very right !!!!!

    I see a connection here with Ch.c……….

    [quote]Because his ex-wife desperately left him [/quote]

    Ch.c.’s brazilian boy boy left him too … that is sad 😉

    [quote]character as a normal sound person[/quote]

    Ch.c. became a psycho too after being dumped … that is also soo sad 😉

    Hope a goat can put a smile back on his grumpy face 😉

  • The truth

    The boy is at home in Brazil! Let’s campaign for him to stay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has bonded with the mother’s family and stepfather and he calls him father…

    Plus what is the guarantee that the biological american father is not a psycho ? Because his ex-wife desperately left him with the child to Brazil for reasons that undermine his character as a normal sound person! There was domestic abuse in the house from his part, but that got disguised in the American media

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Stupid question to Cocksvagina : where do you put your Tampax tampons ? In your rear ? [/quote]

    I think what he was trying to say to you Ch.c (as you misunderstood his words) is that this tampax goes in your rear 😉 but Im sure it would fit in both 😉 😉 😉

  • Linderman

    Talking shit about America again!
    [quote]And many more American sex tourists (pedophiles) going to Brazil to abduct children and rape them [/quote]

    HAHAHA as If in Switzerland there was no pedophiles.. Switzerland is a breeding spot for pedophiles in Europe, there are more pedophiles per square meter in Switzerland than any other European country, and that is apart from the racism allegations cited above

  • Bruno

    Dear Switzerland
    Our friend calls America and Brazil losers, yeah right… I’d rather be a loser than from a racist country!

    Racist Swiss town bows to citizenship pressure — Note here RACIST SWISS TOWN

    ‘Racist’ party secures record Swiss vote

    An official report into the process of naturalisation in Switzerland says the current system is discriminatory and in many respects racist.

    Black sheepˢ۪ cartoon ignites bitter row on racism before Swiss election.

    Swiss voters go to the polls on Sunday after a general election campaign marred by riots and accusations of racism.

    Thanks Joao2 for the articles, they are quite interesting 😉

  • ch.c.

    Cocksvagina “The boy is home in Brasil, with his mother where he belongs”
    As said by the many articles here and elsewhere ………the mother DIED !
    Proof that you brains are not more developed than goats.

    Stupid question to Cocksvagina : where do you put your Tampax tampons ? In your rear ?
    I bet you need the XXXL size.

    Your surname could be Tampons in Rear.

    Would somebody help our friend in need, Herpie?

    Heil Herpie…


  • FloristÀ¢€¦. Is that You?
    How are you? How did your sex-change surgery go? Did your new vagina fit well?

    I wish youÀ¢€™d convince that cow, I mean your wife, to invest on hers since her hairy twat is stretched like the golden gate bridge. Florist, from now onÀ¢€¦ I am calling you the À¢€œPink Marine!À¢€Â



    PS. Chronicle Herpes CarrierÀ¢€¦ Enema.

  • ch.c

    [quote]In addition to the Goldman case, there are nearly fifty other open cases of children abducted to Brazil from the United States alone.[/quote]

    And many more American sex tourists (pedophiles) going to Brazil to abduct children and rape them

    American or Brazilian, you are all LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROVEN ONCE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jsw

    ahhhh …… NO
    “The boy is home in Brasil, with his mother where he belongs! ” Actually, no, his mother died. And the only way to suggest he belongs in Brazil is to either lie or ignore the law. Of course, the lies are easily refuted by anyone who wants to be a little bit fair and open minded.

  • forrest allen brown

    just thinking like a brasilian costa !!!!!!!!!
    as you said family not father .
    and only with stepfather not real blod realitions .

    OBAMA will be talking to lula on this in march along with all the other rules
    brasil wants to be part of but only when the wind is in there favor .

    the nut less department of state and embassy personal are just getting
    paid to party and sell visa to rich brasilans

  • ……



  • ……

    with his mother’s family…

  • What’s All the Fuss?
    The boy is home in Brasil, with his mother where he belongs!


  • AES

    The power of the internet, seems the only free press.

  • James from Philadelphia

    Brasilian In Justice
    The actions of the Brasilian justice system just confirms Brails 3rd world status. If Brasil wants to be a world player, it must comply with the Hague Convention.
    Brasil needs to DO THE RIGHT THING and return the child to his father in the United States. It’s an embarrasment to the Brasilian government and shows how the rich
    are above the law in Brasil.


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