Brazil & Friends Want the End of the US Cuban Embargo

Cuban leader Raul Castro South American Defense ministers meeting in Santiago de Chile urged the United States on Tuesday to end the nearly half a century economic and travel embargo on Cuba.

The issue was not on the agenda for the inaugural meeting of the South American Defense Council which was officially launched in Santiago and with the participation of the twelve countries that make up the Union of South American Nations, Unasur.

"A key element for the United States to have a better relationship with South America is a change in policy towards Cuba," said Brazilian Defense minister Nelson Jobim. Brazil has been the main sponsor behind the South American Defense Council.

Cuba may have threatened US security during the Cold War but "it now poses no risk whatsoever," said Uruguay Defense Minister Jose Bayardi.

The US administration of President Barack Obama offers the best hope in decades for Cuba's return to the Organization of American States after it was expelled nearly 50 years ago, said Argentine Defense minister Nilda Garré.

"Today we see favorable conditions for the new president in the United States to put an end to this discriminatory and unjust situation," she added. "This is a pending issue in our region."

The US House of Representatives passed legislation last month to ease restrictions on trade with Cuba and family travel to the island.

US President Obama has made clear he favors relaxing limits on family travel and cash remittances by Cuban Americans to Cuba, although he has said the U.S. trade embargo should stay in place to press for democratic reforms.

The South American Defense Council is basically a multilateral forum for defense issues which should help to build confidence plus continue with the regional integration process.

Chilean Minister Jose Goni who hosted the meeting said that the new Defense Council does not aim to create a military force like NATO, but "to encourage a regional alliance to foster mutual confidence through integration, dialogue and cooperation in defense issues."

The Council seeks to strengthen South America as a "peacekeeping zone, a base for democratic stability and the peoples' integral development," Goni noted.

The organization held on Monday its first technical event, attended by deputy ministers and delegates, while ministers held private bilateral meetings, according to Santiago reports. Other issues in the agenda include defense policies, military cooperation, humanitarian actions and peacekeeping operations, industry and defense technology, training and agreeing on a mechanism to enable to compare military spending in the different budgets.

Ministers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, and Venezuela participated in the two-day event.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]I love you ! Je t’aime ! Ich liebe dich ! [/quote]

    Sounds like Sarko. 😥

  • ……


    Im here ! Im not going anywhere without you, you know that !

    I love you ! Je t’aime ! Ich liebe dich !


  • …..

    Ohhh, I forgot
    God Mess Amerika,


  • …..

    Have anybody seen my Costeleta???


  • Double-Dot

    Augustus my friend
    [quote]IF ONLY WE COULD BE 150 YEARS EARLIER… Against my better judgement I might go against my better judgement and follow the footsteps of one of my macabre anscestors, thereby ORDERING you to be chained and beaten in pit filled with salt…. That’s what low breed white trash desearves!!![/quote]

    Do you mean your ancestors were black slaves or white people who slaved black people ? Because if your ancestors were black slaves they weren’t macabre, however, if they were white you make a poor general racist judgement by saying That’s what low breed white trash desearves.. not all white people 150 years ago behaved like you do TODAY…

    Your ancestors were Gorillas from a zoo!

    God bless America

  • …..

    I disagree with most hereÀ¢€¦
    Cuba is a small poor island nation and offers no danger to anyone anymore.

    The american embargo for decades now is nothing more then À¢€œsymbolismÀ¢€Â of the old american Monroe Doctrine, one of hegemony and imperialism. Luckly enough, american influence and domination are in fast decline, as other regional block of nations (i.e. BRIC, the EU and others) will surpass them in a couple of decades from now. Thank God!

    I stand with President Lula on this one.


  • forrest allen brown

    you seam to be the only one that complains about my penmanship
    take note
    if you can not put your idea on the back of a
    business card than it is not well thought out

    cuba like brasil are nice lands its just the governments
    that have killed them as nice places .

    yes brasil will send back cuban boxer to cuba
    but will not send back a US boy back to the US

    the us politicans dont have stock in compaines in cuba
    and china pays a ton of money to them .
    and the cubans in florida wont vote them back in if they drop
    the embargo

  • Augustus

    This DD living excrement must be dealt with and be tought how to address his BETTERS and SUPERIORS

  • Augustus

    I would rather feast on bananas than upon Excrement, which is what your kind desserves…. Just stay away practicing with your guns to murder minorities with your KKK BROTHERS…

    IF ONLY WE COULD BE 150 YEARS EARLIER… Against my better judgement I might go against my better judgement and follow the footsteps of one of my macabre anscestors, thereby ORDERING you to be chained and beaten in pit filled with salt…. That’s what low breed white trash desearves!!!

  • Double-Dot

    If you are a well-behaved four-footed beast i will give you 2 bananas! Go and fetch the banana !

  • ………

    forrest allen brown
    Why don’t you improve your English before writing something here?

    Can’t you see it’s way painful for other readers to guess what you’re saying ?

  • Anderson

    I do not understand why the US is harsh on Cuba, while they love trading with CHINA.

  • Augustus

    Why am I not surprised ???? LOL
    Based on what I know of your cultural, musical tastes, because I know how much you love Brazilian culture, particularly the Northeastern version (Recife / Salvador), It’s only natural to expect you to equally like the Cuban culture, since, aside from the Spanish language and Marxist totalitarianism, Cuba is the only other Latin American country whose overall culture resembles Brazil (particularly the Northeast) – obviously due to equivalent African input…

    I agree with most of what you mentioned. Brazil is just following Venezuela – which is very scary and shameful

    Like I said above, I wish we could just Bomb Caracas and Macaribo and get it over with… 😉 8)

  • asp

    well……….its perplexing….all around…..
    first , on one side, i just wish i could visit cuba without clandestiningly go through mexico. i love cuban culture also , very much, gua gua co, rumba, mambo, cha cha cha all wonderful rhythms and just love to go there…

    yes, the cuban people suffer all the way around with totalitarian dictatorship and arcaic american embargo , which may take the first generation of cuban refugees from castro to die off to releive the preasure on every presidentual canditate to keep the embargo in place

    but, it is perplexing, the many countries in south america ,including brazil, making it a priority for america to drop the embargo. isnt there much more pressing issues to deal with than what is happening between america and cuba ? cuba is a totalitarian dictatorship, any links with any leaders or countries in south america is strictly ideologicle

    i watched with great interest today a brazilian senate hearing on the batistti case.there were some sharp senators bringing up the fact that the cuban boxers who deflected in the pan am games , were sent back on a plane by a cuban agent in brazil on a venezuelan plane with more cuban agents on it.and that it was interesting that tarso genro , would turn them over to cuba but give asylum to batistti

    tarso said that they were lost in brazil and that after they were in police federal custody they offered to go back…yet i distinctly remember that there was a process where castro wanted them back and was threatening to hurt their families. and, very interesting tarso implying they willingly went back as if that is what they would rather do when one of the cuban boxers is now in miami, getting treated in a whole differant manner.its obvious he knew castro would hurt his family so he went back willingly out of fear and the recognition that he wouldnt get help in brazil

    tarso said there were 2 other cubans who left the pan am games also who were going through the refugee process, he mentioned there are 156 in brazil( there are 1,000,000 all over the world especialy in miami). but, i remember this boxer was international news and fidel wanted them back.he put preasure to get them back and fast in that venezuelan plane.

    tarso is also the guy who said farc isnt a problem in brazil, what with beira mar caught with them and 2 leutenansts of his recently as well as proven contacts with the pcc of sao paulo for drugs and weapons , border kidnaps and other drug arms contacts proven in reports ive seen. so,i am not surprised. and, i dont think batistti will go back.i think italy acted too condenscending to the brazian government and gave a huge opening for the ideoligists to win a nationalist argument about it….very interesting to watch this go down on tv in the senate hearing

    its obvious that this south american trend to take issue with the american embargo with cuba and make it a priority , is with an ideoligical pale hanging in the background…and, i would just like to travel to cuba…so….i hope it works……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Augustus

    The Horrific Castro-Chavez Criminal Neo-Marxist Gang
    In all matters regarding international Politics (always from the Western viewpoint), particularly in connection with my opposition to Islam and Neo-Marxism, my political profile shifts significantlyÀ¢€¦ This is where my extreme Liberalism (in terms of social issues) ends and turns ULTRA Conservative (bomb first and À¢€œtalkÀ¢€Â later amid the rubble). For those in Brazzil.mag/com who are familiar with my intolerance towards Neo-Marxists in this region – particularly the Chavez-Castro criminal gang, along with their underlings (Bolivia-Ecuador-Nicaragua) would not be surprised by my continue dismay of seeing Brasilia actually support this nefarious group. Where is the Brazilian military when you need them? À¯ÂÅ 
    If I had written the above editorial (as ifÀ¢€¦ LOL) the title would have been À¢€œBrazil & Friends Want the Start of massive bombing of Caracas & HavanaÀ¢€Â
    (Sorry Costa 🙂 – On this issue we disagree)

  • forrest allen brown

    PC you cuban ?????
    the US should just do a tit for tat ruel with all of the UNASuR countries
    as to spend money in countries that practice the class system of living and working .
    thoes with democratic dicators
    the people have no civil rights , civil law no civil justice
    they are just cannon fauder for the government and rich
    whom take money from the US and spend it on themselves not the people


    then the US should drop all trade and travel ruels and send 2.8 million tourits and land grabers down to cuba

    I know the embargo hurts the people of cuba and not the castros themselves but it is that way all through the south

  • Povinho chinelo

    Brazil & Friends Want the End of the US Cuban Embargo
    Developed world & friends want Brazil to end Brazilian stupidity.

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