Obama, Lula & DC Rally Tackle Today Sean Case, the US Boy Abducted to Brazil

Goldman, father and son A rally to raise awareness of the Sean Goldman case and Brazil's lack of compliance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction will be held this Saturday, March 14, in Lafayette Park, directly across from the White House, from 2 to 5 pm.

American David Goldman has been fighting for the return of his American-born son, Sean, ever since June 2004, when the four-year-old boy was abducted by his mother to her native Brazil from their New Jersey home.

Sean's mother tragically passed away this past August, leaving David as the only rightful and biological parent. The Brazilian courts, however, awarded custody of Sean to his mother's new husband, without even notifying David of the mother's death.

David has waged a tireless effort to bring Sean home to the US. Most people – with the exception of some Brazilians – seem to agree that t he retention of Sean in Brazil, which has deprived father and son of their life together, needs to end.

An even louder Brazilian-American chorus is clamoring that the Brazilian government needs to honor its obligations under the Hague Convention and accept its responsibility as a Hague-signatory country and do the right thing by sending Sean home to his father.

Sean, who is now almost 9 years of age, is just one of over 60 American children who are currently being retained in Brazil in the same circumstances.

People are being invited to join the many friends of Bring Sean Home to show support for David and all the other left-behind parents who are victims of international parental child abduction.

"According to the US Department of State's Office of Children's Issues and the US Embassy in Brazil, the United States is working closely with the Brazilian Central Authority to pursue Sean's return under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction," said President Barack Obama.

Echoing the same message, Congressman Chris Smith, from the state of New Jersey, declared: "Not returning custody to Goldman is a violation of an international treaty."

The United States House of Representatives voted on March 11 to approve House Resolution 125 calling on Brazil to fulfill its treaty obligations under the Hague Convention and immediately return Sean Goldman to his father in the United States. The vote was unanimous.

Obama, will be meeting with Brazil's President Lula at the White House, and the Sean Goldman case is slated to be high on the agenda.


Website: http://www.BringSeanHome.org


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  • Ernest Barteldes

    Here is what everyone is missing here — the fact that Sean is a dual national makes things more complicated. While Sean is in the Brazil, US authorities cannot touch
    him because the US cannot rightfully claim him as its citizen. We should also consider that the mom’s family is influential and has a lot of money. Were this some
    destitute family, the story would have ended long, long ago.

  • Shelly1

    [quote]David’s name of [/quote]




    You are one amazing man. Sorry, but I am glad that you are giving your wife (ex?) and your daughter a chance to live in peace, while you aren’t. As you said, love is selfless.

    It is a joke when people say ” but he has been here for so long…”

    Let’s see AES or anyone else: If someone killed one of your family members and later in life (50 years) later the police found the perpetrator, would you allow the person to walk away free? Or demand justice?

    Time is irrelevant in this case. Repeat the mantra, a crime is a crime, a crime is a crime.

    I wonder if the family was black and poor you would still say that Sean should stay in Brazil.

    You are all a bunch of hypocrites !

  • Shelly1

    Do you have kids? Are you married to a foreigner and do you travel to visits Brazil?

    If you have kids, you will need to do several things prior to the child visiting Brazil. I will detail the plan, because I do have kids that were born in two different countries and an English husband. You do not have the whole picture. It doesn’t matter if Bruna filed for divorce in Brazil, a divorce has to be recognized in BOTH countries to be valid.

    1) If I want to travel to Brazil, I have to fill a form called “Autorizacao para viagem de menor”

    2) The trip HAS TO HAVE A RETURN DATE, it cannot be open ended. The document it is ONLY valid for the duration of the trip.

    3) On the document, the father’s signature has to be notorized by a local country clerk and sign the document in front of the consular service. [b][u]Both parents have to be present[/u][/b]

    [u][b]Bruna had a chance to talk to the consular service about her situation, what did she do? She kept quiet, lied to the Brazilian consulate, lied to David, and committed a crime.[/b][/u]

    4) Now you need a procuracao giving permission for a person (it doesn’t matter who it is) to be legally responsible for a child while in Brazil, when Sean was abducted, this was not in place.

    5) Bruna overstayed the agreed time. She also was already having an affair with Lins.

    6) Bruna kidnapped her own son, it happens to be that Lins is a well know lawyer who has fought to end international child abduction —Hypocrisy?

    7) David NEVER gave Lins any authorization to adopt his son. Lins has tried to take David’s name of the birth certificate, which is totally illegal. In Brazil, you CANNOT adopt a child in such manner. The father and mother have to abdicate his/her paternal/maternal rights. David has not given such permission or agreed to let Lins keep is son.

    8) Why should David compromise when he and Sean are the victims?

    9) Sean is living with criminals. The grandparents are criminals, Lins is also a criminal.

    10) Was Bruna unhappy in the U.S.? Probably. Was Bruna suffering from postpartum depression? Probably. Did Bruna premeditate and committed a crime. Certainly.

    Bruna made a very bad decision. She is not a good mother, I would never take my kids away, even if it meant that my husband would have custody of the kids. She began the circus, not David. She is responsible for Sean’s misery. David is doing what any loving father would do.

    There are two things American know how to do really well, philanthropy and mobilization to a cause. Brazilians are terrible at both. If you want to help the Brazilian father, do the same. Mobilize.

    Don’t complain that Americans are behind David, take this as a teaching tool and campaign for the return of his daughters. I want to see you all campaigning to help a Brazilian–THAT WON’T HAPPEN!!!

    This is not a matter of USA vs. Brazil. This is a matter of doing what is right.

  • bo

    Let alone….
    A country that is reported to have [b]70[/b] american children only in the same situation. One would have to guess hundreds and hundreds if not thousands worldwide. But then again, Brazil never has been a stickler for human rights.

  • bo

    It was you, and JoÀƒ£o, and others, that were saying one, two months ago, “Well, this is a family matter, there’s always two sides to the story”. That may be right, most of the time, in this case there really isn’t. It’s a cut and dry case. And, this is not a “family matter” when you have a country or countries that are sanctioning and protecting and creating safehavens for the kidnappers of children……American children. I think it’s hilarious when I read statements from the OAB and my neighbor Cezar Britto and he states how “terrible wrong and offensive the involvement of the U.S. gov’t. and american media”. What would Cezar and others with this point of view have one do? David Goldman has been fighting for FIVE YEARS! The U.S. gov’t. has just gotten involved in the last 3 months! What should he do?? Keep quiet? Keep his mouth shut? The U.S. gov’t. and state department shouldn’t come to the aid of an american who’s had his child illegally taken to another country?

  • bo

    Bash Fest?
    Never asked you to join in a brazil bash fest!! Much to the contrary!! Only have asked for you, and others, to ADMIT what brazil has done and is doing is WRONG!!

    But unfortunately for people like you, and many others, they then call it a “bash fest” and attempt to justify this behavior by saying, “but it happens in other countries too”….well, ok, yes it does, but not in epidemic proportions!

    There are numerous things I like about this country ASP, but one thing that astounds me is when a case like this, that is so black and white in the eyes of justice, and people try and justify it. “Oh, well that poor little boy, now he’s been in Brazil for 5 years, he’s already accustomed to life here and now he has a family here”.

    Well, ok, so that’s the justification we’re going to use to sanction the kidnapping of children? So if I kidnap a child here in Brazil and return to the U.S. with him/her or any other country and avoid getting caught by the authorities for one, two, three years, here in Brazil that isn’t a worry as when they locate you they say that they didn’t, then the justice and people are going to scream for the child to stay in the country because he’s already “adapted”?? What kind of actions/crimes are we condoning?

    Do you see what kind of torted logic that is or are you really someone that just can’t be reached?

    My issue isn’t the U.S. vs. Brazil here ASP, it’s justice.

    You want to talk about the Iraq war, the sub-prime mortgage crises? Bernie Madoff or the military industrial complex? I’ll be right there with you bashing the U.S. but I’m also going to be bashing the brazilian gov’t. or judiciary when they allow atrocities like this (Sean Goldman case) to occur with REGULARITY and the abducting parents are subject to a policy of IMPUNITY.

    And that’s the difference as well as the problem. You want to criticize the U.S. and you have justifiable reasons? I’ll listen and agree and chip in my two cents and it won’t be some lame attempt to justify their actions or if/when I discover your from another country I won’t start to holler, “american hater”. But then, when someone, specifically a GRINGO, criticizes Brazil, it doesn’t matter if he’s 100% justified, simply because he’s a gringo people take offense!!! And if what I just said wasn’t a certifiable fact they wouldn’t make beer commercials on brazilian television about it!!! That’s how well known it is concerning Brazil’s blind “patriotism” and ignorance. THEY can complain about Brazil…..but let a foreigner? Can you see and admit what type of ignorance and arrogance that is? Now don’t look for scapegoats, don’t start searching for something that people in the U.S. do too that you’re going to try to compare that behavior to to justify it……ok?

    As you have just stated, you believe that my whole emotional involvement in this case is because of my dislike or grievances with Brazil……you couldn’t be more incorrect! If the situation would be in reverse and the U.S. gov’t. would be allowing the parental kidnapping, and what has turned into outright kidnapping, then I would be in front of the capitol building in washington protesting!

    I have a daughter ASP, a little girl. And I have stayed here in Brazil for the last 7.5 years ONLY because of her. I would’ve much rather moved back to the U.S. I was in the midst of moving back when my daughters mother got pregnant. Although I am 100% convinced that my daughter would be better off growing up in the U.S. and the city where I’m from I did not kidnap her. I did not take her from her mother and her mothers family as she loves them. I could never do that to my daughter. I simply love her too much. Love is not selfish, it is quite the opposite, it’s selfless. Unfortunately in this case of Sean Goldman we have seen the epitomy of selfishness. A woman that took her son from the only place he ever knew as home, away from his father that after being investigatied from asshole to appetite has found to be noting more than a loving father and devoted husband. But you see, Sean’s mother was from the “carioca elite”, in New Jersey she didn’t have a maid to order around, she didn’t have a driver, a gardener, a bodyguard. She took her son and kidnapped him to Brazil, a place where she well knew is a “safe-haven” for parental kidnappers. Brazil’s participation in the Hague is simply “para os ingleses ver”.

  • asp

    your problem ,bo, is you are using this case to vent your frustrations with brazil
    where i have said that fundimentily i agree the boy should be with his father, you have to turn it into a brazil bash fest. you have real issues with brazil. if you need to come in here to vent , ok, but,dont expect me to join you in your bash fest.

    you even tried to imply i was some kiss ass because i wouldnt join you in a brazil bash fest , after i said good luck to you and your daughter

    you know,i love america, but hate a lot of americans. they come down here and just complain and complain and complain as though they are superior.they make no effort to learn about the culture or how things work. they expect things to work like where they came from. and 9 times out of 10 these same ass holes are the ones who say obama is a socialist…man i dont want to know them or have anything to do with them

    cant you say something good about brazil ? can you tell me something you like about brazil like the music, the food , the dance ?

    prostitution ? please, you dont know the world…it should be legal anyway

    robbery ? yeah its bad but my brother just got brutaly mugged in santa fe new mexico.the hell with moveing back to the states scared and then get mugged there

    slave labor ? the congo….how many clothes makers in the states use slave labor outside ?

    corruption ? cmon buddy, look what happened in the last 8 years in the states. its someof the most disgusting stomach turning crap that could happen to a people …why arnt you and all these people here bitching about brazil go scream about that?

    your are the one that just doesnt want to get that things are dirty everywhere, in there own way

    you are putting a lot of emotion in this case and i am not investing much emotion in it

    let me tell you, i absolutly love it when i have a moment in a day where something happens or some cultural event or some food im eating or some day at the beach where i can say i would neveer have had a day like this in the states

    no im not joining you in a brazil bash fest.

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    Retarded step-father, kidnapped son and holy f.u.cking retarded nations – back on topic!

    God bless America



  • bo

    Federal Judge Interview Con’t.
    [b]Em manifesto, uma pessoa compara o À¢€˜caso GoldmanÀ¢€™ ao de uma mÀƒ£e em Porto Alegre com um pai em Tocantins. SerÀƒ¡ que casos internacionais sÀƒ£o semelhantes ao exemplo dado? [/b]
    Esse Àƒ© um argumento inteiramente desprezÀƒ­vel do ponto de vista tÀƒ©cnico. Mais uma vez, para defender o indefensÀƒ¡vel, o articulista usa categorias acessÀƒ³rias para justificar uma raiz temÀƒ¡tica que tem natureza distinta. Existem ordens que nÀƒ£o se misturam. NÀƒ³s estamos no plano internacional, e nÀƒ£o no plano das questÀƒµes pessoais. Àƒ‰ preciso que isso fique muito claro.

    O padastro tentou tirar o nome do pai, e dos avÀƒ³s paternos da certidÀƒ£o de nascimento do garoto. Isso Àƒ© cabÀƒ­vel sob a lei brasileira?
    Ainda nÀƒ£o. Mas essa tentativa Àƒ© apenas uma entre uma enormidade de procedimentos arquitetados para garantir a permanÀƒªncia, mesmo indevida, do menor Sean no Brasil. Nesta quarta-feira, a ComissÀƒ£o de ConstituiÀƒ§Àƒ£o e JustiÀƒ§a do Senado aprovou projeto do deputado falecido Clodovil Hernandes que prevÀƒª exatamente a possibilidade de os enteados recepcionarem o nome de seus padrastos. Mas isso Àƒ© uma lei ainda em curso. A lei brasileira nÀƒ£o coagita desta possibilidade ainda.

    [b]SerÀƒ¡ que a opiniÀƒ£o do menino deve ser ouvida?[/b]
    A opiniÀƒ£o do garoto serÀƒ¡ levada em consideraÀƒ§Àƒ£o em foro adequado, em Nova Jersey. O juiz americano pode atÀƒ© decidir que o melhor para o menino Àƒ© voltar para o Brasil.[b] O brasileiro ainda nÀƒ£o se acostumou a entender que esta histÀƒ³ria de À¢€˜jeitinhoÀ¢€™ sÀƒ³ vale aqui dentro, lÀƒ¡ fora nÀƒ£o vale. [/b]

    [b]Quais as consequÀƒªncias que o Brasil pode sofrer caso se negue a respeitar a ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o? [/b]
    O paÀƒ­s pode sofrer represÀƒ¡lias dos demais paÀƒ­ses contratantes no sentido de nÀƒ£o permitir a reciprocidade, ou seja, filhos nascidos no Brasil podem ser retidos no estrangeiro. Segundo, o Brasil pode sofrer uma denÀƒºncia em foro competente e ser excluÀƒ­do da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o por desrespeito. E pode ainda ver diminuÀƒ­da as suas chances de ganhar um assento na ONU.

    [b]Mas por que a JustiÀƒ§a no Brasil ainda Àƒ© tÀƒ£o morosa? A quem interessa essa morosidade? [/b]
    NÀƒ³s ainda estamos cheios de subsistemas polÀƒ­ticos, judiciais, de saÀƒºde, tudo, o Brasil ainda estÀƒ¡ muito ruim por causa disso. NÀƒ³s ainda nÀƒ£o nos elevamos ao patamar de uma democracia real justamente porque nÀƒ£o temos educaÀƒ§Àƒ£o continuada pra viver a cidadania plenamente. As cÀƒºpulas, os tribunais, os poderes polÀƒ­ticos sÀƒ£o preenchidos por este tipo de gente, que acaba formatando a estadizaÀƒ§Àƒ£o social brasileira. Isso estÀƒ¡ documentado por SÀƒ©rgio Buarque de Holanda, Caio Prado JÀƒºnior, Roberto da Matta, Darcy Ribeiro, e tantos outros.

  • bo

    OGlobo interview with a Federal Judge
    [b]Juiz: À¢€˜O Brasil perde muito mantendo Sean no paÀƒ­sÀ¢€™[/b]

    Em entrevista exclusiva, o juiz Roberto Wanderley Nogueira ressalta as consequÀƒªncias que o desrespeito ÀƒÂ  ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia podem trazer ao Brasil.

    Dr. Nogueira, que Àƒ© juiz federal da 1À‚ª Vara de Pernambuco hÀƒ¡ 21 anos, tambÀƒ©m trabalhou com casos de famÀƒ­lia quando atuou como juiz estadual. Ele sÀƒ³ aceitou comentar o À¢€˜caso GoldmanÀ¢€™ porque o caso jÀƒ¡ estÀƒ¡ amplamente divulgado na mÀƒ­dia.

    À¢€œO que faz o governo brasileiro lavar as mÀƒ£os como Pilatos diante desta responsabilidade e deixar de agilizar o ato de expatriaÀƒ§Àƒ£o, administrativamente falando, do menor?,À¢€Â questiona ele.

    Dr. Nogueira defende que se Sean Goldman for duplo-nacional, que ele seja repatriado aos EUA, usando-se a Autoridade Central do Brasil, que Àƒ© o Àƒ³rgÀƒ£o dos Direitos Humanos do ministro Paulo Vannuchi. E se ele for sÀƒ³ estrangeiro, como estaria em situaÀƒ§Àƒ£o irregular no paÀƒ­s, ele deve ser deportado.

    A crianÀƒ§a viajou para o Brasil com a mÀƒ£e, o uso da palavra sequestro Àƒ© adequado?
    O nome da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia Àƒ© À¢€˜convenÀƒ§Àƒ£o para os aspectos civis do sequestro internacional de crianÀƒ§aÀ¢€™. Embora esta carga criminosa da palavra sequestro nÀƒ£o se aplique aos fins da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia, a ordem jurÀƒ­dica do Brasil nÀƒ£o tem o direito de se escusar de avaliar se Àƒ© o nÀƒ£o caso de delinquÀƒªncia.

    [b]EntÀƒ£o, o comentÀƒ¡rio do presidente Lula À¢€“ dizendo que o judiciÀƒ¡rio Àƒ© independente À¢€“ foi inadequado? [/b]
    O presidente Lula falou sem estar suficientemente assessorado. E muito menos com o conhecimento adequado da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia, que pede que o Estado parte atue tanto judicialmente quanto administrativamente. EntÀƒ£o, nÀƒ£o Àƒ© verdade que a soluÀƒ§Àƒ£o para esta causa se deva apenas ÀƒÂ  JustiÀƒ§a brasileira. O executivo brasileiro estÀƒ¡ em falta.

    [b]Quando a mÀƒ£e registrou a crianÀƒ§a numa escola do RJ configurou intenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de mantÀƒª-la no paÀƒ­s? [/b]
    Isso Àƒ© evidente. Toda a inflexÀƒ£o argumentativa (da famÀƒ­lia brasileira) Àƒ© inÀƒºtil, nÀƒ£o guarda compatibilidade com a teoria ou prÀƒ¡tica. Quer dizer, o menino tem que voltar. Se a famÀƒ­lia quiser discutir a guarda do menino deve fazÀƒª-lo em Nova Jersey, que Àƒ© o local de habitaÀƒ§Àƒ£o do menino na Àƒ©poca da retenÀƒ§Àƒ£o indevida.

    A JustiÀƒ§a do RJ foi muito rÀƒ¡pida em conceder a guarda provisÀƒ³ria ao padastro?
    Normalmente essas aÀƒ§Àƒµes de guarda sÀƒ£o rÀƒ¡pidas para resolver a situaÀƒ§Àƒ£o do menor. No entanto, o juiz do Estado nÀƒ£o estÀƒ¡ preparado para decidir sobre questÀƒµes do direito internacional. E aÀƒ­ tratam como uma questÀƒ£o menorista, entre partes.

    [b]O que tem sido irrelevante nos argumentos da famÀƒ­lia brasileira? [/b]
    Tudo. Àƒ‰ sÀƒ³ conversa mole para retardar o processo. A Àƒºnica coisa relevante estÀƒ¡ na carta do advogado (Ricardo Zamariola Jr.) que diz assim: À¢€œpara soluÀƒ§Àƒ£o desta questÀƒ£o deve-se investigar apenas se a remoÀƒ§Àƒ£o da crianÀƒ§a (dos EUA) foi lÀƒ­cita ou ilÀƒ­cita.À¢€Â Partindo-se do artigo 1À‚º da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia, acabou-se o problema.

    E sobre a exceÀƒ§Àƒ£o prevista na ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o para manter a crianÀƒ§a no Brasil?
    Se o pai legÀƒ­ltimo, que sofreu os efeitos da retenÀƒ§Àƒ£o indevida do menor, nÀƒ£o tivesse agido em atÀƒ© 1 ano da data de retenÀƒ§Àƒ£o, aÀƒ­ sim a guarda poderia ser provisoriamente mantida no paÀƒ­s para garantir as urgÀƒªncias da vida do menino. Mas nÀƒ£o Àƒ© o caso. O Estado brasileiro deveria ter devolvido a crianÀƒ§a, a qualquer custo, em atÀƒ© seis semanas, e isso nÀƒ£o aconteceu.

    [b]A JustiÀƒ§a deve considerar o quÀƒ£o difÀƒ­cil serÀƒ¡ a readaptaÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Sean aos EUA? [/b]
    Isso deve ser debatido na JustiÀƒ§a norte-americana. Eu nÀƒ£o faÀƒ§o proselitismo do norte-americano, atÀƒ© nem gosto muito dos EUA. Mas o que a JustiÀƒ§a brasileira estÀƒ¡ fazendo Àƒ© se sobrepondo ÀƒÂ  autoridade do juiz natural, que neste caso Àƒ© a JustiÀƒ§a americana.

    ApÀƒ³s oa morte da mÀƒ£e, serÀƒ¡ que David ganhou mais direitos de ter o filho?
    Do ponto de vista da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia, a morte da mÀƒ£e Àƒ© um dado irrelevante. Todavia, serve para agravar o aspecto À¢€œkafkianoÀ¢€Â da retomada. O esforÀƒ§o se torna ainda mais cruel, dado que o pai biolÀƒ³gico nÀƒ£o tem acesso ao prÀƒ³prio filho pela obra de um padrasto. Mas esse nÀƒ£o Àƒ© o ponto essencial. O que importa Àƒ© saber se o menino residia nos EUA quando foi retido indevidamente no Brasil. Sim, porque o conceito de sequestro para aspectos civis convenientes diz respeito ao sequestro, ou a retenÀƒ§Àƒ£o indevida no paÀƒ­s para onde ele foi admitido. No caso, o menor seguiu em fÀƒ©rias com a mÀƒ£e, e nÀƒ£o mais regressou, por iniciativa da prÀƒ³pria mÀƒ£e, o que caracteriza retenÀƒ§Àƒ£o indevida e aplicaÀƒ§Àƒ£o automÀƒ¡tica da ConvenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Haia.

  • bo

    ASP….”some men ya just can’t reach”
    [quote]bo, your answers to my statements just arnt satisfactory [quote]

    And that appears to be you. It appears that you have boughten into the “point my finger” culture and are one of the million here in Brazil that scream, “Well it happens in the U.S. too!” and there’s your justification.

    If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, just because robbery, murder, slave labor, prosituttion, and now government sanctioning of child abduction happens everywhere in the world, that doesn’t mean it happens epidemic like numbers around the world…..as here in Brazil!

    Would you argue that the law is very weakly enforced here in Brazil? Would you argue that “jeitinho” is a terrible crutch to the country and these types of things, although happen in the U.S. and elsewhere, are EXCEPTIONS, and not the RULE, and that my friend is the difference!

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  • ….

    Freaking Jesus Chris2À¢€¦
    I love you 2À¢€¦ I see, you like long thick bumpy bananas HuH ?

    In name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, gAyMan.



  • Chris2

    Costina or whatever you are, you’re an ignorant fool. Your writings echo precisely the xenophobic, head-in-sand, make it up as you go along, tomfoolery and embedded Brazilian idiocy that Mr. Goldman has been battling in that Banana Republic for over 4 years. Only in Brazil would “feelings” and retarded “conspiracy theories” trump what’s written in the “law” and what international treaties Brazil has signed. The letter of the law means nothing in Brazil (it’s for the English to see), the constitution is meaningless, there are no reasons to try and interpret them or use them effectively in court (most lawyers don’t even bother), because decisions are based on nationalistic whims, petty personal gripes and of course who has the fattest brown envelope to pass under the table; all factors which favor Sean’s captors.

    That poor child is probably suffering from Stockholm Syndrome by now. Worse, in Rio the number one killer of teens is violent crime. Keeping him in one of the world’s most violent cities certainly shows a lot of love and compassion from that dead “Maria passaporte’s” parents.

  • ………

    Sorry FolksÀ¢€¦
    But I made my mindÀ¢€¦ I hope Sean Goldman stays in Brasil once and for all, where he is loved, cared for, and nurture as the child he is. In Brasil is the only family that boy has had and besides, Mr. David Goldman seems unstable as hell and not capable of keeping a job to support Sean, much less caring for the child.

    I believe that what David Goldman is seeking is plain À¢€œrevengeÀ¢€Â for what his former Brasilian wife, Bruna, did to him. He could not care for Sean the least as he shown the last 4 years, not visiting his son even when SeanÀ¢€™s maternal grandparents, were willing to pay for DavidÀ¢€™s incidental trip costs to Brasil. Getting the child back is DavidÀ¢€™s way of having the last word.

    Give me a break, Sean belongs in Brasil, with his loved ones!

    On second thought, let me take my À¢€œsorryÀ¢€Â back!

    Luv U All,


  • João da Silva

    I don’t want to comment on this issue, unless Ch.c comes out with his words of wisdom. 😀

  • asp

    bo, your answers to my statements just arnt satisfactory
    not only that , ive heard more than a few cases of brazilian children mixed with another nationality being kidnapped by that nationalities parent..and they get support from their perspective government not making it easy for the brazilian parent to get their child…

    these international cases just go on all sides , i dont buy your singleling brazil.and i bet the usa has cases where the american parent has some kid of dual nationality and the beaurocracy is tying it up for the other parent to see him.

    the usa is just no shining angle, its got its flaws in all areas just like anyone else. i mean immigration and natrualisation is a bitch , ive heard horror stories over and over again about them , and fear them myself in reguards to my family…i sure know they will never cut us a break

  • …..

    A Bible Thumper, is he?
    Bo(bÀƒ£o), the convicted child mol.ester, now taking refuge in religion for all his sins. You are done and out, b.i.t.c.h.!

    Bo(bÀƒ£o), you are proof that evolution does go in reverse.

    Yours truly,


  • bo

    [quote]Elian Gonzales was “saved” by SWAT… can you only imagine the type of trauma that this child was subject to? Elian Gonzales’ custody wasn’t being challenged by a living parent.[/quote]

    LOL…you don’t know shit from shinola Tathie! Who do you think was challenging Elian’s mothers family in Miami?? His father maybe? The man he lives with today. And by the way, if you’ve heard about how he was doing a year or two after he arrived back in Cuba he was completely happy and normal. Keeping a child from his parent is a terrible thing. Don’t try and justify a grandmother or grandfather or stepfather trying to take someone’s child.

    You think that Sean’s mother death was a coincidence? If so you should take a look at [i]MATTHEW 7:1-5:[/i]

  • bo

    [quote]by the way, according to the miami herald, brazil is fifth on the list of having american children taken to another country away from an american parent…that just shows it isnt some rougue country out of control with these numbers compared to other countries/quote]

    Don’t forgot, they just mentioned American children. We’ve been hearing stories from people from all corners of the planet with children abducted to Brazil and still be held here illegally. Wonder what the overall numbers are?

  • bo

    [quote]by the way, according to the miami herald, brazil is fifth on the list of having american children taken to another country away from an american parent…that just shows it isnt some rougue country out of control with these numbers compared to other countries [/quote]

    Yep, you’re right, Canada is actually one of the countries that has more abducted children than Brazil….but do you want to know the difference? It’s because the authorities are unable to locate the children in Canada, many of them are said to be in rural parts of the country, it’s not because a lack of effort from the authorities or that they actually do find the abducting parent and child but refuse to apprehend them. Unfortunately this latter statement is exactly what happens here in Brazil and this was even reported by the Hague concerning Brazil. In 2002 there were 40 plus employees in Brasilia working for the Hague council. Every single one of them had to be fired!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like their replacements have done much better. 🙁

  • bo

    [quote]…whose three children were kidnapped by his ex american wife and she fled to the usa ?

    he sympathises with godman, by the way

    how about a big rally for both of them ?

    The difference being that in the U.S. the authorities actually pursue the abducting parent and when caught the child is sent back to his country of habitual residence.

    The same thing can not be said about Brazil.

  • TathianaBH

    Now Costinha! I really hope that as humans we have evolved at least a little since the Roman Empire! Alternatively they can do a Sophie’s Choice type of thing and traumatize the lot of them! 😉

    What I am saying is that everyone is talking about political red tape, judicial and legislative, diplomatic incidents… so on and so forth, so far I haven’t heard anyone talk about the Goldman child.

    I don’t even think that this falls into the realm of diplomatic incident! Hence me saying that we should leave it to the courts. Do I think that any court in the world can be bought (with favors, money, etc…) MOST DEFINATELY! Fact of the matter is that everyone has a price, it just so happens that some people’s price is pretty damned low!

    With regards to the legality of it all… well, I ain’t a lawyer, just a person with a modicum of common sense! 😉

  • ……..

    Tatiana….. You kinda cute!
    If this was during the Roman Empire, they would throw little Sean Goldman to the lions, while we all would watch him been eaten.

    Now that’s a real trauma, don’t you think?


  • TathianaBH

    I honestly think that Sean should be sent back home, safeguarding the child from any potential trauma. Do I think that it is right for one parent to alianate another…. NO. It’s outrageous and should be punisheable by jail.

    I honestly hope that the federal courts deal with this quickly as I really think that Sean has been robbed of the opportunity to get to know his father.

  • Simpleton

    JaySues (as in Dr Sues) Krist2
    You must first understand the nature and (lack of) maturity and integration of the family courts in Brazil. They have no knowledge of nor abide by any “international” standards, they have even been known to meddle in / controvert cases previously settled in Brasil’s CRIMINAL courts even though they have no such authority, mandate, etc., etc.. – it is a fracus (although some would call it a circus). Now that things are moving to the federal courts (which everyone knows always takes some “time” to get around to or someone has run out of sufficient “favors” to try to block such from happening), this matter will get resolved and in “appropriate” “legal” manner. The executive branches only have input on the “publicity” front (to avoid tarnishing the overall world “opinion”). This will simply not go to the point of country against country law suits at the Hague.

  • Chris2

    [quote]I believe that there are laws and international treaties to safe guard children like Sean[/quote]

    There are! But they are being blatantly ignored by many of your compatriots, most notably, the courts. Please pay attention.

  • TathianaBH

    Replying to dch
    [quote]Isto nao e um divorcio, a esposa faleceu. A meu ver, nos Brasileiros estamos sempre a procura de alguma pra criar encrenca. Sempre somos os coitadinhos que e maltrado, como a mulhoer las na Suica. Nos EUA ja tiveral casos semelhants=es e resolveram bem rapido, voce se lembra do Elian Gonzalez.

    Se o Brasil retornar esta crianca pro pai dele, nao significa que estamos acatando aos mandatos doe EUA, estamos simplesmente fazendo a coisa correta, mas no Brasil fazer o que certo e uma coisa que nao entendemos mais. [/quote]

    I never said that brazilians are or should be trated as “poor things”. You have probably seen on the media that the mother took the child to Brazil and upon arriving in Brazil she filed for divorce. The American courts awarded custody to the father, however the brazilian courts awarded custody to the mother. As I said before, only a federal court can award international custody to a parent living abroad. Seeing as the child is in Brazil and is probably a Brazilian citizen only a federal court can deal with this sticky mess.

    Again as I said previously I think that the child should probably be returned to the biological father but this should be done respecting the childs needs and with extreme care to avoid any trauma.

    And as for people in Brazil not being able to understand what is right from what is wrong, well… speak for yourself! I believe that there are laws and international treaties to safe guard children like Sean… And one more thing, Elian Gonzales was “saved” by SWAT… can you only imagine the type of trauma that this child was subject to? Elian Gonzales’ custody wasn’t being challenged by a living parent. If you want to use a case as an example I reccomend that you find one that at least resembles the case at hand.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Just what America needs, Another JEW.
    written by JAY GLENN, March 14, 2009
    Let’s wait and see if Obama kisses the Jews ass.[/quote]

    BUT….BUT…..BUT…. Rahm Emanuel is Jewish, isn’t he? Why are we bringing in Jewish faith into this issue? Could you be more specific?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]ch.c. I wonder if you are American… So far, I havenÀ¢€™t seen you say one positive comment about Brazil. One wonders just how well you really know the country?![/quote]

    NO…..NO……. Our buddy Ch.c is a Swiss and occasionally does come out with very positive comments about Brasil, though not about the “Rulers”. He knows the country well. He is a great friend of Costa and belongs to the “Big Happy Family” 😀

  • dhc

    Isto nao e um divorcio, a esposa faleceu. A meu ver, nos Brasileiros estamos sempre a procura de alguma pra criar encrenca. Sempre somos os coitadinhos que e maltrado, como a mulhoer las na Suica. Nos EUA ja tiveral casos semelhants=es e resolveram bem rapido, voce se lembra do Elian Gonzalez.

    Se o Brasil retornar esta crianca pro pai dele, nao significa que estamos acatando aos mandatos doe EUA, estamos simplesmente fazendo a coisa correta, mas no Brasil fazer o que certo e uma coisa que nao entendemos mais.


    Just what America needs, Another JEW.
    Let’s wait and see if Obama kisses the Jews ass.

  • TathianaBH

    Some really heated comments on this stream… Let’s calm down a bit shall we? I think that when the subject is children some people just get their knickers in a twist.

    ch.c. I wonder if you are American… So far, I havenÀ¢€™t seen you say one positive comment about Brazil. One wonders just how well you really know the country?!

    Although it is my personal belief that the child should be returned to the biological parent in the States specially because the mother is now deceased. I agree with À¢€¦. This is a matter to be sorted out by the judicial and not by the legislative.

    Come on people! Although this may have caused a big stir, there are no laws preventing a parent, from any nationality to visit their country of origin with their child. And there are no laws preventing anyone from starting an international divorce suit. Another thing that should be pointed out is that this child was in the care of his biological mother until her untimely death. What I really wonder is why are we paying so much attention to this case?

    There are international treaties to secure the future of children, however that is up to the FEDERAL COURTS. Until now this case had not been seen by the federal courts, had it? Any regular district court will simply look at the well being of the child in question and rule accordingly.

    Do I agree with their decision? Not always, but it was a lawful decision and as far as I can see there is only this much stir in the media and on this blog because the father is American and for God knows what reason the general populus always seem to side with the AmericansÀ¢€¦ I wonder if this child was from a French father and taken to the States by an American mother people would be siding with the French father?

    One thing is true, this type of thing happens all the time. There are cases that are inversed as was mentioned by a fellow blogger and sadly they donˢ۪t cause this much stir on the media or any other discussion vessel.

    One more thing that I think is important to mention. I am sure that this child holds double nationality, and that is something that should be taken into account. People all over the place are rallying for the child to be returned to the States, but has anyone thought about the childˢ۪s well being. For 4 years (just over half of his young life) he has been in Brazil with the step father and the motherˢ۪s family. What impact will it have on the child to be up-rooted again? What sort of traumas will that cause? How is this going to be done?

    Personally I think that Sean is being treated like a piece of propertyÀ¢€¦ and that sickens me. Everyone is looking at the rights of the poor American father and the SOB Brazilian familyÀ¢€¦ Honestly people, this step father and grand parents wouldnÀ¢€™t be going to extremes unless he loved this child very much.

    Truth be told, international divorces are ugly, ugly thingsÀ¢€¦ But as I said before, judges and people in general have to look at what is best for the child!
    That is my piece!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]did anyone see the terra.com.br article about the brazilian father[/quote]

    Yes, I read it. What a fall of Mr.Thales. I don’t think that he has enough political or financial clout to visit his 3 daughters in USA or sustain them if they were to live here.

    [quote]i mean lets put this in some kind of perspective , these are personal interrelatioship problems…when its between two people of differant countries, they can take advantage of beauricratic legal red tape to hide in another country

    I too have been saying this right from the beginning.LetÀ‚´s not treat this as a diplomatic crisis between two countries.

    BTW, have you heard anything about the demonstration planned during LulaÀ‚´s visit to the White House? I think it fizzled out, as David Goldman is in Rio enjoying the warm weather as well as his sonÀ‚´s company.

  • Jeff

    We must remember
    We need to remember one thing here, this is not two biological parents fighting over custody of their child, this is a biological parent fighting for the return of his child from a step-parent (non biological) who under every country’s laws has no legal right to the child.

  • povinho chinelo

    [quote]It’s not up to the executive branch (Pres. Lula), but the judicial branch (Brasilian courts), as to the future of Sean Goldman. [/quote]

    But we all know how easy it is for the executive branch (or anybody with money) to buy favorable decisions from the judicial branch, or get a judge to reverse an order. They’re all a bunch of corrupt whores. It happens all the time. If Lula wants this to go away, which he does, he’ll simply dig into his caixa 2 and buy the decision, or send someone to have a “chat” with certain stakeholders. This is Brazil we’re talking about by the way.

  • …..

    Americans… Once again!
    are barking the wrong tree. It’s not up to the executive branch (Pres. Lula), but the judicial branch (Brasilian courts), as to the future of Sean Goldman.


    PS: CHC – Stick a large banana where the sun never shines.

  • asp

    did anyone see the terra.com.br article about the brazilian father ….
    …whose three children were kidnapped by his ex american wife and she fled to the usa ?

    he sympathises with godman, by the way

    how about a big rally for both of them ?

    i mean lets put this in some kind of perspective , these are personal interrelatioship problems…when its between two people of differant countries, they can take advantage of beauricratic legal red tape to hide in another country

    to build this up as some kind of national problem or international problem between two countries is getting strange

    by the way, according to the miami herald, brazil is fifth on the list of having american children taken to another country away from an american parent…that just shows it isnt some rougue country out of control with these numbers compared to other countries

    and ive seen various reports down here of the same thing happening to a brazilian parent, their children taken by the other parent to another country

  • ch.c.

    Sean, who is now almost 9 years of age, is just one of over 60 American children who are currently being retained in Brazil in the same circumstances.
    And thus many more NON American children.

    Br…azil means Banana Republic Azilum…….Brazilum !

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