“Wonderful Meeting of Minds,” Says Obama About Meeting with Brazil’s Lula

Lula and Obama US President, Barack Obama, after his first meeting with Brazil's President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, called the encounter with the Brazilian leader, who came to Washington on Saturday, March 14, "a wonderful meeting of the minds."

President Lula said while Brazil was the last to be touched by the global financial crisis, he is worried about the frozen credit markets. "The truth of the matter is that money has vanished. And if we do not make credit supply flow again, then, yes, the crisis could deepen in our country. So that is why I believe it is urgent to re-establish credit supply in the world," he said.

The two presidents discussed their plans for next month's G-20 summit of wealthy and developing nations in London.

Mr. Obama strongly discounted reports of a disagreement with Europe, mainly France and Germany, over his calls for other countries to adopt bigger economic stimulus plans. "I cannot be clearer in saying that there are no sides. This is a phony debate that, I think, has evolved over the last few days in the news cycle," he said.

The president said his campaign for tighter regulation of the financial industry will be "front and center" at the summit.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Lula also talked about their plans to attend next month's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. Some reports say Mr. Lula will help to ease strained relations between the U.S. and several Latin American countries.

Saturday's meeting at the White House was Mr. Obama's first with a Latin American leader since his inauguration in January, and just his third encounter with a foreign chief of state.
LatAm Outreach

The Obama administration has begun moving on several fronts to repair strained U.S. relations with Latin America. President Obama met Saturday at the White House with President Lula and he is sending Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Latin American missions to prepare for the mid-April Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.

U.S. ties with Latin America came under stress during the Bush administration, which was largely preoccupied with the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and had contentious relations with several left-leaning governments in the region, notably Venezuela and Bolivia.

But the Obama administration said it is intent on trying to repair frayed regional ties based on what it says should be reciprocal dialogue and respect.

As an overture to President Obama's White House meeting Saturday with Brazil's President Lula, the administration announced a mission to Chile and Costa Rica by Vice President Biden, and a Mexico trip by Secretary Clinton, both later this month.

At a State Department briefing, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Thomas Shannon cast the upcoming hemispheric summit in Trinidad and Tobago, which Mr. Obama will attend, as an opportunity for a fresh start in relations, based on what he termed "a spirit of engagement and constructive dialogue."

He said that efforts at outreach will apply to, among others, the Bolivian government of President Evo Morales, which has expelled two U.S. diplomats in recent months amid accusations they interfered in Bolivian politics.

"We need a full diplomatic dialogue and a high-quality dialogue. And regrettably up to this point, as we have sought to engage the Bolivians around the issues that have provoked their own actions, we have yet to receive what we consider to be a coherent or consistent response. However we will continue to approach the Bolivians in the hope that we can address the underlying issues that have affected the relationship," he said.

Shannon cast Saturday's White House visit by President Lula as a recognition of Brazil's "global ascendancy" and an opportunity to build on a U.S. partnership with Brazil on such issues as social justice, climate change, and development of alternate fuels.

Under questioning, Shannon expressed hope for an early resolution of an emotionally charged custody dispute over an eight-year-old boy, Sean Goldman, whose Brazilian mother moved him from New Jersey to Brazil four years ago without his American father's consent.

Both governments have said they consider the decision of the Brazilian woman to move the child to Brazil to have been a violation of the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention, and Shannon said he hopes this view is quickly upheld by the Brazilian court system.

"Obviously we've made it very clear that from our point of view, this is a case that falls within the purview of the Hague Convention, and that Sean Goldman should be returned to his father," he said.

"The government of Brazil believes the same thing, and has said so publicly. Currently this case rests with the federal courts of Brazil. We're hopeful that the appropriate decision will be rendered, and this is an issue of great importance to us," Shannon said.

The child's mother died in Brazil last year but family members caring for him now Rio De Janeiro said he has completely adapted to society there, and should be legally considered a naturalized Brazilian citizen.

The State Department said Friday that Secretary Clinton will visit Mexico City and Monterrey in two weeks (March 25-26) for talks focusing on key issues in the U.S.-Mexican agenda including the Merida Initiative, under which the United States is helping Mexico combat violent drug traffickers.

For his part, Vice President Biden will travel to Chile for a regional conference on progressive governance hosted by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet that will also include the presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Later in Costa Rica, Mr. Biden will be hosted by President Oscar Arias, who has invited leaders of other Central American states for a joint meeting with the Vice President in San Jose.

Lula's Point of View

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva says rising protectionism by rich nations threatens the world's emerging economies.

In an interview published Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal, Lula cited as an example, the "Buy American" clause in the U.S. stimulus package recently approved by Congress. The clause states that only U.S.-made products should be used on stimulus-funded public works projects in cases where they would not violate U.S. trade agreements.

The Brazilian leader said that while protectionism may seem beneficial at first, in the long term, it wounds countries, especially poor ones that need to sell their goods to richer nations.


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  • ….

    Just Imagine…
    An offspring generated from the mating of Bo & CHC ?

    God damn…


  • João da Silva

    [quote]I would love to meet you one day!!![/quote]

    I can easily fix up an appointment with Ch.c, provided you pay a fat fee to both of us.The amount to be deposited into our secret account in an off-shore bank. 😀 😉

    BTW, did you know that your good friend Mr.Clodovil Hernandez passed away? You haven’t written a single word in his homage.What a SHAME…What a SHAME, What a SHAME…….. Even Ch.c wouldn’t approve of your attitude. 😥

  • bo

    Just got finished reading this blog….

    I would love to meet you one day!!! 😉

  • bo

    [quote]I keep serenity and cant stop…… with idiots like you ![/quote]

    Serenity Now! Serenity Now! 😉

  • asp

    put your daughter back in your will, ch c
    your cold statistics dont have anything to do with what is real in life…they are just paper, you can twist and manipulate them any way you like…but your daughter is for real and only once in your life , money and riches fall way short of the love for your family. they dont even come close and are shallow in comparison…you have a heart of cold stone , if you cant let your daughter back into your heart

    the most you can do with your stocks is to say buy low and sell high…you were caught flat footed by the crises like every one else

    you are so obcessed with your cold statistics, you cant even have a real relationship with your daughter…wake up to real life

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]Were the Iraq and Afghanistan “walks” not supposed to be for a short time only ?
    Welll after the 8th year…you are still in your “walk” in Afghanistan, and in your 6th year short walk in Iraq !!!!!![/quote]
    The war in Afghanistan was a direct response to the terrorist event of Sept. 11th. My brother worked in the World Trade Center and almost lost his life that day. I don’t recall anyone saying that it would be a walk….in fact, I distinctly remember the President saying this war will last for many years.
    I can understand the vehemence regarding Iraq. If U.N. Resolution 1441 or the Congressional Resolution to Use Force didn’t exist…I would be incredibly angry instead of very disappointed for the length of conflict and sad for all the lives lost. Coincidentally, my youngest brother fought in the first Gulf War.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Joao…… I cant stop laughing on your “Army knife” [/quote]

    Ok. I will let you win this round. 😀

    BUT….BUT…., what do do you think about your good ole buddy Bear-Hug trying to change the interest rates for the savings a/c? Good or bad?

    I get the fear at the bottom of my stomach that our forecast on that “20 year old cycle” may turn out to be true. 🙁

  • ch.c.

    Continued…..for Joao…… I cant stop laughing on your “Army knife”
    Why this critics suddenly on Swiss profits ONLY ? Wake up Joao !
    Your own contradictions makes you drown in your critics !

    What else can they really do ? TELL ME…JOAO !

    Are Petrobras or NestlÀƒ© or IBM not taking risks and hopefully make profits ? Of course they do ! Daily ! Why do you criticize Swiss profits…or losses for UBS ( ;-)) and not Petrobras profits or Sadia/Aracruz/etc…losses ? laughs 😉

    Since I cant stop smiling on your……all for profits….let me tell you this :
    Until 2 years ago, in my country there was NOT that many Brazilian chickens/turkeys, already pre-packaged and frozen, but in “cordon bleu” or panned style. Now our Wal Mart equivalent is full of them ! Real true !
    Do you think your producers/suppliers are selling them at a loss ? Low profits….normal for cheap Brazilians goods.
    The retail price here ?
    Sfr 10,40 per kilo for prepared (filled with ham, cheese, panned) and frozen ! Sure after the great gross profits margin are made by our supermarkets ! Why ? Because they pay their workers, cashiers clerks, a minimum of 7500 Brl per month….at hiring time.

    Also, why not exchanging 300 kilos of these Brazilians goods, against ONE Rolex ?
    Or 19 tons of corn…FOB Brazil, against ONE Rolex CIF Brazil ?
    You see I am fair, we will pay both transportation costs just to make you happier !
    Good barter trade…isnt it ?

    Finally on your “the rest of your European brethren are no saints either.”
    Let me applaude you. 1000 % right ! Did I ever once said the opposite ? Just re-read my many critics on the EU.
    THEY too are jealous and full of envy against Swiss success.
    Just look at the filthy Sarko and Brown.
    Their only way to survive is like Brazilians in many respects, and also America : DEVALUE THEIR CURRENCIES…OVER THE DECADES….SLOWLY BUT SURELY ! Emerging markets devalue at a faster speed against the US$, then the US$ dollar devalues regularly against the Euro, and the Euro & the BP devalues regularly against the CHF and Japanese Yen !
    Sad truth Joao, but still the truth…if you analyze the secular trend of ALL currencies ! Smiles
    Joao…there are ONLY 2 strong currencies on earth and on secular basis. Outside of the the 2-3-5 years swings !
    These 2 currencies are the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc. ALL the other currencies on earth have declined against these 2 currencies over the last several decades ! simple as that ! And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

    There also was the German Mark. No longer MOST will say ! WRONG ! DEAD WRONG !
    This is simply called now the Euro, where ALL the others countries also having the EURO…have GLUED their currency to the Deutsche Mark !
    Fact is that all these currencies glued to the DM finally got some type of currency stability. Because earlier they regularly devalued their currencies…against the DM ! Thus also against the CHF !
    The trading band DM – CHF was always around ONLY 10 % …… FOR DECADES !

    Enjoy…your own contradictions critics….on profits !
    Have you not admitted recently that your middle name was INCOHERENCE ?
    Short memory…you too ?

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    Joao…… I cant stop laughing on your “Army knife”
    The Swiss Army Knife represents LONG LASTING SWISS QUALITY ! Nothing else.
    Eventually you may as well accuse the Made in Switzerland watches as dangerous. They may be used for bombs with a timer.
    Right ???????

    Joao….Joao….who are producing MILITARY PLANES SUCH AS THE…..TUCANOS ? Switzerland ?

    Aside this, yessss we have an armament industry…smaller than Brazil…for sure ! But better quality…also for sure !
    And much smaller armaments than most European countries, also for sure !

    Are you/they selling your/their armaments at a loss ? great news Joao !

    Are brazilians businesses, in military or not industries, not supposed to generate profits, as all businesses are expected to do ?
    Then why dont you tell Robbing Hook to cut in half your ethanol prices ? that should be good for ALL braziians consumers.
    And cut also in half the banks lending rates for your car purchases, consumer goods and overdraft. That would make goods more affordable to you…no doubt !
    And still high enough for a normal average bank to make gigantic profits…if properly managed !

    Sorry Joao, but I dont get you on your critics about profits ! I work to make as much money as possible ! Dont you ?
    Great !
    Or are you too getting most of your “income” through Brazilians well known corruptions practices ? That is not risk…in Brazil…for sure ! Corrupted people are even pardoned by their peers as much corrupted as the ones they pardon.
    Of course….in a secret vote ! Guess why !
    If you are not corrupted, I could also find you a job as a sugarcane cutter. Your production goes up year after year.
    But brazilians farmers have not that much money to buy mechanical harvesters….these days ! smiles.
    Not even with your subsidized TJLP rates on loans !

    Myself is taking risks by investing not only MY money, but my clients money too ! This is legal risks/rewards to buy/sell at the exchanges…..until proven otherwise ! the smartest will earn more!. Simple. The least clever will be taken for a ride…as usual.
    Ohhhh Joao, believe or not——even Brazilians banks, fund managers, indepedent money managers…DO THE SAME !
    Are they niot supposed to make money ? A TON OF MONEY BY LENDING TO BRAZILIANS AT 30 % for cars purchases, 50 % on consumer goods and 200 % on overdrafts….in a lower than 5 % inflation environment !!!!!

  • asp

    you are a total stiff fool , ch c
    man, go ahead and say any fucking thing about the usa you want, i could give a fuck, i never have felt the need to jump on america bashers in general and i can admit america has lots of faults…you fucking fool, you think im one of those “america love it or leave it ” mother fuckiers…you stupid fuck

    death penalty, i dont love or hate it, what i know is , if anyone killed someone i love i would like him to be executed

    you still dont get it, stupid stiff fuck, i said praise the lord because the abortion haters are the religious idiots who would always say that, im was mocking them, but, my problem is you just wanted to fuck with me ass hole, so fuck you,get the fuck out of my face, your statistics are boring, you are boring, put your daughter back in your will you cold ass fuck, call her up and tell her you love her..your whole “liars always lie, cheater always cheat..” is based on your disfunctional relationship with her

    man i just got through doing something switzerland can never give me…….caught some great body surfing waves…and low and behold was a swiss guy there i met. and, he is moving to brazil.what the fuck does that tell you after listening to all your put downs of brazil…man, fuck your put downs of brazil

    and, i never really said anything before , i just humored your tired ass , but, your statements that all brazilians are liars and cheater is some of the most ridicuals shit ive ever heard. your soul cant hold the jock strap of the average brazilian who knows how to apreciete and celibrate life better than all the money you have ever made..you are just a paper earns paper mother fucker,in a cold statistical life…

    fuck off

  • João da Silva

    I didn’t want to butt into your personal feud with the Americans in this blog criticizing their GovernmentÀ‚´s foreign policy.You have questioned it with your customary bluntness furnishing some interesting historical facts and figures which no right minded fellow blogger will contest.

    BUT…..BUT…..BUT…..may I remind you that you Swiss and the rest of your European brethren are [i]no[/i] saints either. While you all shed crocodile tears do not want to participate in any war you guys love to supply armaments to the warring parties in different continents and make huge profit out of the deals. Every mature adult over 14 knows that the “Army Knife” is not the [b][i]only [/i][/b]weapon the Swiss produce, but also other sophisticated weapons.

    How do you explain this [b][i]cruel,heartless and blood thirsty [/i][/b] attitude of the Swiss? All for profit?

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]Well, he pledged $300,000.00 for humanitarian aid.[/quote]
    I meant $300,000,000.00

  • ch.c.

    Furthermore on your ” “praise the lord”, jesus f**k, ch c it was a joke on words….”

    I CANT STOP LAUGHING. Were the Iraq and Afghanistan “walks” not supposed to be for a short time only ?
    Welll after the 8th year…you are still in your “walk” in Afghanistan, and in your 6th year short walk in Iraq !!!!!!

    Whoaaaaaaaaa !

    And after having spent many hundreds of billions U.S. dollars in many years, you still HAVE NOT FOUND THE IRAQ WMD AND
    THE ORIGINAL….OBAMA !!!!!!!!!

    Great American success….isnt it ? Dont worry all his paid with your taxed dollars anyway !

    Simple more facts :
    – Have you won the war in Vietnam ? In Somalia ?
    How many hundreds of thousands Viets have you killed with your machines guns and/or burned like chickens in BBQ with you napalm bombs ?

    Short memory….once more ?


    THUS AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, BUT A DICTATOR DISGUISED IN A DEMOCRACY ! Quite a difference, wether you like it or not !

    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    that your stiff statistics peadling ass cant get…get a life once in a while and loosen up..you dont have any f**king soul
    Why dont you answer simple questions instead of going mad like only losers can do ?
    I am not talking about statistics in my questions. I am talking abour facts. Simple facts and countries laws…if you dont mind !


    As to your question…..YESSSSSS….we were Neutral ! Sorry….junkie !
    Contrary to you…..I answered !

    Ohhh on that same subject of Nazis : which were the countries who provided SECURITY to these criminals….after the WAR….TO AVOID JUSTICE….. FOR WAR CRIMES ?

    Please spell their names…if you are only half educated !


    Are you blue faced ? Red faced ? Blue faced ? Pale faced ?
    I presume ypuir face is now a cocktail of all colors !
    Welllll…you better be !

    And have you a short memory on Bush religion and praising the Lord ?
    Had he not some U.S. religious leaders as PRIME ADVISORS ?
    WELLL…THEN YOU ARE A TRUE IDIOT ! Just re-read the thousands and thousands articles published in America by Americans on the subject of Bush and religion.

    You know what ?
    I keep serenity and cant stop…… 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 with idiots like you !

  • asp

    “praise the lord”, jesus fuck, ch c it was a joke on words….
    …that your stiff statistics peadling ass cant get…get a life once in a while and loosen up..you dont have any fucking soul

    but while am at it, why , when nazi germany was gouging the guts out of every country in europe, perpetuating the worst atrocities ever in civilised europe,did switzerland stay neutral ?

    is it because you all dont have a fucking back bone ? get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit

  • f

    The author of this article is not familiar with the Brazilian law. The boy is already Brazilian because his mother was Brazilian. He will not become a naturalized Brazilian, he is a native-born Brazilian, although he was born in the US. This is called ius sanguinis, it means national by blood, because of one of his parents.

  • ……….

    CHC À¢€“ Chronicle Herpes Carrier
    I seeÀ¢€¦ You got major diarrhea of the mouth presenting an excellent opportunity for another enema. After a triple flush you will be as clean as a whistle.

    Crap your piece in peace,


  • ch.c.

    Ohhlala has reversed torture laws and started an examination process of guantanamo
    But NOT the death sentence from what I know ! He has not even spoken about it….so far !
    Could you please spell the names of developed nations still having AND executing DEATHS SENTENCES ?

    Then stupid question 2 : is the USA really a developed nation ?
    Or a country with full of archaÀƒ¯cs minds citizens, lawmakers and justice ?

    Stupid questions 3 & 4 : was Bush not also praising the Lord ? Short memory…already ?

    Stupid question 5 : does the Lord allows/accepts/tolerates….DEATH SENTENCE…IN THE BIBLE ????????
    Whoaaaaaaaa….how Bush, Ohhlala and americans citizens are good christians…praising the Lord….. several times a day.

    Simple as that !

    Just think about it.

    Waiting anxiously your answer as to the developed countries that pretend to be developed….and still have the death sentence in execution.

    Lets face it, U.S. citizens, lawmakers and government are a bunch of COWS BOYS !
    And they are 100 % sure that the cows are whoever they decide to be the cows. Be it in or outside the USA !


  • ch.c.

    President Robbing Hook said while Brazil was the last to be touched by the global financial crisis !!!!!
    Ohhhhhhhh I did not know that China had LESS foreign currencies reserves and a a LOWER GDP growth estimates than…BRAZIL ! 😉
    Prime news…for sure ! Worth its gallon of ethanol.

    Hip hip Hook, Hip hip Lula Hook, Hip hip Robbing Hook !

    Welll….on Monday…..some satyres, anti Brazilians racists ( I was accused myself so many times here) had a different view than His Highness Robbing Hook :
    ” It is hard to handicap the magnitude or the duration of the current downturn in Latin America, Gray Newman and four other economists for Latin America at Morgan Stanley wrote in todayÀ¢€™s report. We are concerned that it will suffer — along with many other emerging economies — from much more limited space to engage in counter-cyclical policy. BrazilÀ¢€™s gross domestic product may drop 4.5 percent.
    Morgan Stanleyˢ۪s forecast for a contraction in Brazil, Latin Americaˢ۪s largest economy, would mark the biggest drop in the countryˢ۪s GDP in at least 61 years, according to figures by the national statistic agency, whose annual GDP series starts in 1948.
    as tax revenue declines and spending keeps rising, Brazilˢ۪s budget surplus before interest payments, known as the primary surplus, may slide to zero this year, from 4.1 percent of GDP last year.
    The overall budget deficit grew to 9.25 billion reais ($4 billion) in January compared with a surplus the same month last year. Lula, who vowed last month to increase spending on infrastructure projects by 28 percent through 2010 to spark growth and protect jobs, said today in New York that he wonÀ¢€™t cut social and infrastructure spending.”


  • ch.c.

    Brazil’s Real is one of the few countries whose currency still has value, it is backed by interest, not gold
    What a clever idiot !


    Using your own math I should then buy Zimbabwe currency and go short the Brazilian currency. Good carry trade…..isnt it ! 😉

    Did you not know yet that over the decades, those paying higher rates than others have seen their currencies…COLLAPSING ?

    Ohhhhhh….did you not know that currencies could be printed…..AS MUCH AS A COUNTRY WISHES ? This is how and why countries can pay HIGHER RATES compared to those who print less money. MORE SIMPLE THERE IS NOT !

    Now lets see it the otherway around than Brazil PAYS a high interest rate.
    REALITY IS BRAZIL…… BORROW….. AT HIGH RATES…..until proven otherwise !
    Does a borrower paying a higher rate than others has an advantage over the ones borrowing at lower rates ????????
    Hmmmmm….no longer sure about your therory ?

    Then please write to Robbing Hook that brazilians should pay FAR FAR FAR FAR MORE INTERESTS RATES….than their actual
    30 % or cars, 50 % on consumers goods, and 200 % on overdrafts. A higher rate is good…you said !

    Lets face it the lenders….(THE BANKS) ARE RIGHT…..to charge so much to the consuming borrowers ! Correct….using your own theory ?
    And mortgages rates at well above 10 % are good too for citizens ? Right ?

    And banks lending rates at 40 % AVERAGE is also good for your small and medium size companies ! Correct ?

    Sorry AES….I just used YOUR OWN THEORY ! NOT MINE !

    My stupid view is exactly the inverse than yours :

    I bet whatever you want AES that my borrowing rate in both my currency country or even in US$ is much lower than your own.

    I can have…even before negotiation…..a 5 years mortgage rate of 2,5 % in Swiss Francs.
    Today I could borrow US$ at Prime Rate minus 0,75 % for a US$ million plus. Sure…one needs to be in good financial status for that US$ rate. For information, The Actual U.S. Prime Rate is 3,25 %. Thus I could get 2,5 % also in US$.
    Better yet the US$ rate is from a RELIABLE WELL KNOWN U.S. FIRM !
    Show me the sources where you could borrow at your rates…whatever best rates are offered !
    And my statement is no joke, no junk.
    I will provide you my source, that you will be easily able to check by going in their website as proof of what I am saying !
    The US$ rate is good to everyone, Yourself Included…provided you have the collateral….of course !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • asp

    jack danials, obama is defintily differant than bush…
    he has reversed stem cell research bush tried to stop…he has made abortion rights more firm, praise the lord….he has reversed torture laws and started an examination process of guantanamo…

    and, you wont see a katrina mess or iraq invasion with obama, that is enough right there to celibrate….

    ah, but you are a stalinist,hard to get through to you

  • ch.c.

    All the world needs food and fuel, there is never enough
    So true.
    Then why have oil and food prices…COLLAPSED ?

    Brazil has huge amounts of gold, good enough to have a very strong currency !
    So true too.
    Why then Russia, South Africa and….Brazil…have seen their currencies collapsing over the decades….with so much gold…as you pretend ?

    Mixing up everything will still not make you right….until proven otherwise.

    What you have at ground or underground doesnt create wealth. Look at Venezuela…with one of the world largest proven oil reserves. Look at Iran with so much oil ! Look at Argentina and….Brazil with their grains.
    Where is the wealth ? Do it on a per capita basis !
    Ohhhhhh and until proven otherwise South Africa produces far far more gold than Brazil, and their underground reserves are also far bigger. Does that make their country more wealthy and currency stronger than Japan ?

    Somewhat strange then that some developed nations with nearly nothing underground are then far more wealthier than those with plenty of oil and gold underground !

    Facts until proven otherwise is that wealth come from what people do…WITH….commodities !

    Semiconductors are made with silicon….which is…SAND ! Should that make some countries with lot of deserts…WEALTHY…using your own theory ?

    Very…very…very amusing !!!!!!!!!!

    Ohhhhhhh stupid question : with the millions of so smart brains in Brazil, why is it that such a mega country has not ONE single
    carmaker by its own…BY NOW ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Within the BRIC…..Only Brazil DOESNT has ONE own carmalkers !
    Even South Korea, an emerging market has more than one carmakers !

    Not over….not over !
    How does Brazil produces its grains ?
    Simple : with seeds made by foreign companies, tractors and harvesters nearly all made by foreign companies, trucks nearly all made by foreign companies, pesticides & fongicides made mostly by…foreign companies.

    You DONT even produce Your dozers to extract Your iron ore….until proven otherwise !

    Whoaaaaaa….what a great developed and strong country Brazil is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • VinnyCarioca

    Just as a reminder, what has Presidente Barak Obama done for the Gazan population.
    Well, he pledged $300,000.00 for humanitarian aid. Unfortunately Hamas will not let the Palestinian Authority enter to help and the U.S. will not funnel aid money through an organization whose doctrine calls for the destruction of Israel.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Just as a reminder, what has Presidente Barak Obama done for the Gazan population. That’s what he is going to do for you.[/quote]

    Jack, you have a point there. A thought provoking question. Probably, our fellow blogger DnB has an answer. 😀


    Our president, Barak Obama, has the heart and soul of George Bush even if he does not have that sociopathic or psychopathic look on his face. He says he is for change but I haven’t seen it? His administration has the same policies that George Bush had and the same frame of mind. I suspect that the gremlins are now operating in South America to capture what was lost while George was fiddling in the MidEast. Just as a reminder, what has Presidente Barak Obama done for the Gazan population. That’s what he is going to do for you.

  • Anderson

    Backed by gold
    a) lets see, Brazil has huge amounts of gold, good enough to have a very strong currency, i dont understand how it doesnt become revealed. It is good enough to end much interest rates and Dollar dependency,

    b) the child should never be in Brazil. As much as I love our way of living, the father is the father and a son has no place if not with his father. Perhaps once he is and adult he will decide to move back to Brazil.

  • aes

    “a wonderful meeting of the minds”, yeh right. A wonderful meeting of the mind, as when Kennedy said, ‘it was the greatest meeting of minds in the White House, since Thomas Jefferson dined there alone.

    Lula needs to keep his hand on his wallet.
    Export economies are anachronistic. All the world needs food and fuel, there is never enough.
    If you do not have a domestic economy that is tied to the fundamental that you pay for what you buy, thus owning it, as opposed
    to charging what you buy thus owing it.
    The money for Brazil’s infrastructure reconstruction has gone missing, it needs to be found. This is not merely theft of money
    but theft of Brazil itself.
    Lowering the interest rates to 9% is a calculus for ruin. President Lula said while Brazil was the last to be touched by the global financial crisis, he is worried about the frozen credit markets. Brazil’s Real is one of the few countries whose currency still has value, it is backed by interest, not gold. Every time you lower the interest you diminish the value.

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Spring-Summer Season for Women’s Fashion Comes to Life in Brazil

Importers from the United States, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, Chile and United Arab Emirates ...

Brazilian Supermarkets Have Anemic Sales Growth

Supermarket sales in Brazil rose 0.66% in 2005, reports the Brazilian Supermarket Association (Associação ...

Brazil Auctions Dozens of Exploration Blocks in New Oil Frontiers

The National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuel Agency (ANP) has scheduled for December 18th, ...

Brazilians Go to the Streets to Shout Against Corrupts: “No, You Can’t”

In Brazil, Independence Day commemorations this September 7, in Brazilian capital Brasília with the ...

Brazil Confirms It Sold Training War Plane to US’s Blackwater

Brazil's aircraft maker Embraer confirmed on Friday, June 6, that it had sold a ...

Brazil Trade with Arabs Grows 43% to US$ 4 Billion

According to Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade figures compiled by the ...

Federal Prosecutor Indicts 40 Brazilian Notables Involved in Bribe-for-Vote Scandal

Brazil’s Federal Prosecution Office (Ministério Público) announced Tuesday, April 11, the indictments of 40 ...