US Boy Abducted to Brazil: CBS Interview Helps American Father

Lins e Silva on US TVMany of us were surprised last Tuesday when Sean Goldman's Brazilian
family appeared on CBS' "Early Show" to tell their side of the story. I
myself was not aware of the interview until someone I know wrote a
comment about it on Facebook, but I quickly logged on to the network's 
website to check it out.

Now, I am not going to talk about supporters' reactions on either side of the debate. My own position about this case is pretty well known by now – I believe the boy belongs with his biological father. But I will give my impression of what I saw.

The Brazilian family is well aware that the American public opinion is largely against them, and it was clear that they tried to change that by appealing to viewers' emotions.

I noticed that when host Harry Smith mentioned the Hague International Treaty, all  stepfather João Paulo Lins e Silva and grandmother Silvana Bianchi had to say was that Sean wanted to stay in Brazil with his half-sister and that he was well adjusted to life there.

Those words were accompanied by current images of the boy participating in a basketball match and playing with his half-sister (the network had conducted an interview with Sean, but it was scrapped for legal reasons).

Now, if they flew for nine hours to get our sympathy, I must say that they failed miserably. Lins e Silva's arrogance was palpable when he said that Sean had spent sixty percent of his life in Brazil and that he felt loved there – you could see that this was an exhausted lawyer who was doing nothing but buying time in order to stall an inevitable verdict.

Harry Smith cleverly extracted from Bianchi that her late daughter acted surreptitiously by announcing her desire to divorce her first husband from almost ten thousand miles away. He was also smart when he let family lawyer Sergio Tostes blab on about what happened in the Brazilian courts when Bruna Bianchi was alive – but then cutting him off with the letter of the law.

CBS was really aiming for ratings when they aired this interview. But contrary to what most have said, I do not think that the interview damaged the case for David Goldman – in fact, it might have helped him, for this is a rare opportunity for American viewers to see what kind of people Goldman has been forced to battle with: these are individuals who – because of their economic power – truly believe they are above the law.

Ernest Barteldes is a freelance writer based on Staten Island, New York. He can be reached at

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  • Bola Preta

    Can anyone explain to me how these people were allowed to enter the United States? Aren’t they kidnappers? Why weren’t they arrested? It really pisses me off that they were granted visas!

  • Ernest Barteldes

    Small Steps, Hillary – dont jump the gun

    You can divorce and move as much as you want. Just dont do it as Ms. Bianchi did. Tell the guy, file for divorce and get custody of the kid. Then you can move wherever you want.

  • asp

    lucas g, ch c is from switzerland, he is not american
    how could america make the dictators have the power to crush the oposition when no usa military troops were on the ground in brazil at the time ? the cia , yeah, but the brazilian military did it themselves and i dont agree with you that most of the brazilian military was not behind the generals. maybe most of the people were against it but not the military.

    you also have to look at the fact that the brazil military dealt with the comunists in the 30’s, and the soviets in the cold war had spies in brazil in the military, the congress, the media and schools ( this coming from a casual interveiw with a high up kgb agent on tv globo i saw)

    this was not the big bad bully usa coming in , invading and telling every one what to do. what they did do was tacitly support the military dictatorships in south america to ovderthrough democraticly elected officials ( which is reprehensible) and recognise and support them.tacit help includes training military from south america in bases in the usa on things like how to torture better because there was torture of the comunists in the 30’s.

    where it was the cold war, it has to be seen from the backdrop of world war 2 where 42 million people were killed and every one was very on edge about what could happen in this world. personaly, i hate comunism, it is a flawed failed ideology that has killed millions and millions of people. unfortuntetly brazil got caught up in this dirty cold war, its too bad some people brought that flawed ideology into brazil with the idea of trying to take control of brazil with that ideology

    and in that sence, the soviets by way of cuba were as big imperialists as the usa. the full story has to be on the tabel if we are going to condemn the usa for their bad actions. everyone was dirty

    and i dont like the nervous people coming in on the sean case saying just bs about brazil im not defending that

    by the way, jordan chandler the guy who received millions from jackson is saying he lied about being abused….i think the whole world is mourning about michael jackson now not just americans. brazilians are sure being sympathetic and mournful about jacksons’s death. lots of respects are being paid on brazilian tv

  • forrest allen brown

    MJ was a jahova wittness that is what he was rasied as and remained to his death .

    Yes you can diviorce your husban but you cant remove the child until you have total custudy of it .
    ways to do it have him give up all rights ( you loose money )
    have him killed (you loose money and child )

    as far as your word saying you will let the child come back for visits NO GOING TO HAPPEN .
    i brasil you would just hand off the child to another member of your family and go about your way

    what you cant make it in the US life style ? find a job keep a job .
    parting is not a job , being a proper parent is ,it is the hardest job there is so leave your husban for what ever reason you have but
    as a father he has as much rights as you do , even more as he works to put food on the table , roof over your head ,
    the life of instante self gradufaction is only for thoes who dont care or have the monwy not to care .
    should have though the amercian dream out first , it is hard to be us no one likes us but most of us dont care
    some by just not knowing others by stupidity , others by what they see on the news .and then the ones that know you as we have been there done that

  • Mirtes

    One more thing
    Have you all noticed that fathers don’t have any rights?? Only obligations? And everyone wants equality? What equality??

  • Mirtes

    Brazilian Opinion
    I am Brazilian and I can attest that in Brazil the law works only (or at least most of the time) for those with deep pockets… these people look and sound pathetic. They are the biggest bullshitters! The child was KIDNAPPED and that is the bottom line, people!! The Brazilian CLEARLY made it impossible for the father to have a normal relationship with his kid and for the love of God, a 13,000 mile relationship is darn hard to nurture isn’t it??

    EVERYBODY knows that every criminal in the history of human kind flees to Brazil because that darn country will not allow extradition. Did I say “Safe Heaven for Criminals?” Yepp, that is the Brazilian way… what I shame. I am ashamed…

  • mcv

    Let’s put together american/brazilian way!!!!it is like this…….f…k up law on “brazilian side” w a mix of f…k up governors on american side…S.Caroline Governor take a trip to Argentina ( los mariaches) and go wild w a 22 year old castelhana!Payed w american taxes (on the side he lied that he was camping of course american’s tax!!!Illinois governor using like favor$$$$$ on his mandate…..US Imigration controll “shippped thousand of Thousands of Illigal Imigrants…”But Kidnepped”…Im sorry lets put it on american ways…”Hold their children back”(“away from legal parents”) and Shipped then to addoption governament house !!!!
    American and Brazilian retards figthing each other over some full that want some publicit which he got it,who wait for so long to get close to his kid, who didn’t pay attention enougth when he should.! What A Wonderful world this F…ked American/Brazilian turn to be!!!
    Hey Everyone have a pleasant dream!!

  • Hillary

    A barteldes fan LOL
    No one of my American friends addressed any of the points I raised: only 2 main points. Anyway, you can remain austitic as much as you want, that’s the American way in the end isnt it?…

    I am sorry for former albine Michael Jackosn: I believe many Black people in the Usa are fucked up because of all the white supremacy oppression but also the man allowed to be used as a thing by the phonography industry and was thrown away in the garbage when he was not profitable anymore (child molestation scandals), ALso MJ was raised in a Jewish community and his friends were jewish I mean, no wonder he couldn’t figure out what/who he was and end up totally fucked up as usual in America. Rest in peace, fool.

  • Ernest Barteldes

    on some comments
    To the commenter who defended the Lins & Silva and Bianchi families: Have you heard about the other abduction case – the Austrian man whose kids were taken to Brazil? Well, turns out that his daughter is now dead. Abused by their Brazilian guardians. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    On the fact that the family could come to the US: The abductor herself is dead – there is a custody battle in Brazil, no one has filed charges against them in the US. Why that hasnt happened I dont know.

  • Lucas G

    Oh and forgot to mention,,
    ” So do I for brazilians who have erased 12 zeroes (4 times 3 zeroes) out of their monkey currency over the past 7 or 8 decades !!!!!!”
    it wasn`t in 7 or 8 decades,it was in much less, from 1967 to 1994 i belive we had like 8 different currencys…

  • Lucas G

    So many stupid comments
    “Brazil is run by retards” well that 1 i agree a little
    “Lets divert the attention from the crowd….as usual…is the brazilian way of life !
    And let Brazilians continue SILENTLY the physical and sexual violences against brazilian women and children !”
    one that strikes me the most…yes, and in America there is NO child abuse right? no woman abuse? Yes that things are a problem in Brasil, but that doesn`t by any chance mean that we are all child abusers or “addicted to have sex with minors “
    you say the family was arrogant, i realy don`t see that on the video, the only arrogance i see here is from americans, that says that Brazil ruling is worth shit, and America will must prevail, because its America
    I`m brasilian and i`m not saying i think he should stay in Brasil, fomr what i heard maybe he should be sent to his father, i actualy don`t know enough about this case to give my opinion, but if he is to be sent to America, i just think it should be for better reasons than America > Brasil

    an unreleated matter:
    “So do I for brazilians who have erased 12 zeroes (4 times 3 zeroes) out of their monkey currency over the past 7 or 8 decades !!!!!!
    But…but…..contrary to the idiot who is crying, I cant stop…LAUGHING…LAUGHING AND LAUGHING….AGAINST BRAZILIANS !!!!!! “
    yep, and if you don`t know we have mainly the U.S to thanks for this dark times, concequences of the military dicatorship that only took control because of America supports, since it didn`t had support of most of the army, and following america guidence, we developed huge external debts in order to buy “the american way of life”
    no i don`t want to blame you americans for brasilians problems, but before you go laghing on our disgrace, remember your country manage to accomplish so much in part on cost of other countrys

  • João da Silva

    [quote]bet you dont know this = Paulo Lins e Silva and Sergio Tostes blab are still on the US embassy list of approved laywers [/quote]

    Hey Forrest, I did [i]not[/i] know about it. If so, why are they still in the “approved list”?

    BTW, are we watching the primeire of a [i]dark[/i] novela (to quote our Geneve based agent) titled “Not without my son”? If so, I am all set in front of my [quote]color[/quote] TV, wearing my baseball cap. Hope they show it in Switzerland also. 😉 😀 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    the ransom would be return of sean and an apolagy on brasilian TV durning the top novela
    saying how stupid he and his family was .for doint that to him .

    as you would just leave it with your mother or someone elese and go partying on the child suport you would demand from him !!!!!!!
    it has been done so many times in the past you came to late.

    bet you dont know this = Paulo Lins e Silva and Sergio Tostes blab are still on the US embassy list of approved laywers

  • George

    Brazil is run by retards
    Teh court system in Brazil is full of corruption and an embarrassment to the honest people of Brazil. This is a case of illegal kidnaping that that the courts ignore due to money and their personal relationships to a very sick “stepfather”.

  • ch.c.

    And broken!!!! I cant stop crying for your loss, friends!!
    So do I for brazilians who have erased 12 zeroes (4 times 3 zeroes) out of their monkey currency over the past 7 or 8 decades !!!!!!
    But…but…..contrary to the idiot who is crying, I cant stop…LAUGHING…LAUGHING AND LAUGHING….AGAINST BRAZILIANS !!!!!!
    And instead of crying for America or King Touch Touch why doesnt this junkie cries for the millions of sexually abused Brazilians Children. Abused mostly from their own family members…of course ! Or why no tears for the hundreds of thousands children or minors…in Brazilians Brothels ?????
    Are you a regular client…in these brazilians brothels ?
    Then you are not any better than King Touch Touch, but much worse than HE was !

  • Hillary dos Santos

    Dear Bartel

    The small problem that you seem incapable of seeing is the nationalistic American premise that the boy was ABDUCTED doesn’t seem to be right………

    You see, you may not understand this anymore after several years you live in NY, but Bruna, Seans mother, moved to the US to stay with the father of her kid. She married him in American lands but shes still entitle to her rights. Somebody said she has to follow the American rules but, does American law forces a person to live perpetually in ignorant America??? Because I was married there, I can’t divorce my US husband AND move to Brazil with my child??? Is that written in which International treaty that I don’t have this right? I have no rights as a foreing mother in nazistic American lands? TÀƒ¡, falou americaninho. Say, if gisele milionnaire bundchen wants to divorce the retarded soccer player and wants to live in Brasil and bring her child, shes pregnant as I heard the media that wants to idiotize in a global level, than shell won’t be able to do that? right. Manda a America ÀƒÂ  merda, familia do Sean.

    This argument that Brazil justice and Seans Brazilian family is running over an international treaty is wrong as I pointed out before additionally is completely cynical as the US does not comply with International laws in cases that are a fucking shame in human history, as US government and people lie, cheat and as a result torture, kill lots of innocent people and they simply get away with all that as nothing has ever happened…. What about their support to the racist and terrorist Israeli state? How many international laws hasn’t this state stepped on and throw away decades of victories in humanitarian and human rights agreements? Now this stupid American society says that Seans mother abducted her own son… I mean, can they be more besta feras than this?

    I get surprised (or not) to hear a Brazilian not being able to think with his own head, but follow as sheeps the American mainstrream. I tell you that mostly shit comes out of it but to each their own…… Vai escutar musica brasileira Àƒ´ americanizado. Nao vai virar um Michael Jackson tipo de clone com aquele pele branca….. Vai ser bitolado na Terra do Nunca sim??

  • Hillary dos Santos

    Hey American friends……

    Wasn’t Michel Jackson the face of the Imperialistic USA???? Bizarre, autist, megalomaniac, grotesc, fake, freak, ignorance in person. And broken!!!! I cant stop crying for your loss, friends!! That’s what happens in the US when you listen to your ideologic bullshit??

    I wish that Obama stop giving lectures to these beasts because the conspiratory theories to kill him have already been heard in the brazuca land! Be careful Obama, the terrorist yank & jewish lunatics want to kill you.

  • ch.c.

    “Michael Jackson, Tormented À¢€˜King of Pop,À¢€™ Dies at Age 50”

    He too loved young children…not his ! He too offered good lifes to the ones he cared for with so much love and attentions !

    What about the millions of Brazilians street children, and those raped and sexually abused by their own family members ?
    What about the hundreds of thousands of minors forced to prostitution in well over 1000 Brazilians municipalities as per Brazilians own stats ?

    Of course…not that many words and actions from your Supreme Courts of (IN)JUSTICESSSSSSSSS…and corrupted politicians and judges themselves addicted to have sex with minors or even with young children.

    Lets divert the attention from the crowd….as usual…is the brazilian way of life !
    And let Brazilians continue SILENTLY the physical and sexual violences against brazilian women and children ! That is the Brazilian mentality of these f—king males and society ! With the Supreme, States & Municipals Courts OF INJUSTICESSSSS—BLESSINGS AND IMPUNITY….. AS USUAL !

  • ch.c.

    In Brazil they buy Justice….WITH MONEY !
    If no money, Nooooo Justice !

  • forrest allen brown

    why were they not placed in jail ??
    they are by the way breaking the law in the US and in the eyes of the internitonal coumity for holding a boy with out consent of his living parenT
    AND what idiot in the state department gave 2 felons visa to come to the US in the first place .


    And why you ask has not david come down to live ,
    well like he said to get on a plane fly down only to have the family get some other court order to keep his son away from him
    on some tricked up brasilian cause
    or say it is late raining , he has gone to the country , he has to go to school .

    i am sure if when school is out david will come down only with a grantee from the kidnapers he gets his boy
    by the terms the court said.

    by the way they are kidnapers along with the laywer in aiding the family
    and the judges in brasil letting this go on for so long .

    all should send a letter to the state department demanding that there names be put on the teriost watch list
    and forbiden to come to the US ever again

  • Jerome Shaw

    US Boy Abducted to Brazil
    Thank you for your post. I was interested to read your thoughts on this case. I just became aware of the interview today though I have been following the case for several months.

    For the “step-father” to cry that it would cause damage to Sean to be returned to his father in US now after he has spent ` of his life in Brazil is disingenuous at best as it is he who has caused this damaging gap in Sean’s life. If he ever had Sean’s interest at the forefront he would have escorted Sean back to his Father David as soon after his mother’s funeral as was practical.

    It will be a difficult transition for Sean and it gets more difficult with each passing day. I pray that it will happen even though I know Sean will suffer as I know in my mind and heart that it is the only right solution. This poor boys suffering is not caused by his Father David demanding his return it is caused by the selfishness of his family in Brazil holding him these 5 long years and now bargaining with his future until the last moment. All the while disparaging his Sean’s Father instead of trying to mend fences and create a transition for Sean and the possibility that David Goldman might consider allowing Sean to visit his family in Brazil again in the future.

    Thanks again for you insight,

    Jerome Shaw

    Twitter Photo Workshops Blog MySpace Facebook website

  • Kelley

    Could not agree more
    The “Apple dumpling Gang” as they have been appropriately called, are just grasping at straws at this point.
    They did help David’s case by going on national TV,they are not very well liked here as it is, and they just made things worse for themselves.
    They don’t come across as very bright people.I don’t understand how they’re considered “Elite” in Brasil? They obviously have pretty LOW standards over there.
    But yes, this is what David has been up againsst for the past 5 years and it’s pathetic!

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