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Brazil’s Lula Chastises the US and EU for not Doing Enough for Poorer Countries

Brazil's Lula Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, ahead of this week's G8 meeting in Italy, says that rich countries are not living up to their pledges to help developing nations weather the effects of the global economic crisis.

"I am seeing little being done by the rich countries in the help they are supposed to give," Lula said on his weekly radio broadcast.

Brazil, one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) has argued that the G8 group of industrial nations and the main developing economies is "outdated" and does not represent today's world. A more suitable forum to address the global financial crisis could be the G20, Lula has repeated.

"The big forum for economic questions should be the G20," said Lula. "The truth is that the situation is so complicated that today it is very difficult for the rich countries to take a position that does not take into account BRIC countries".

The G20 group of nations, which includes leading emerging markets, including BRIC members, agreed in London in April to triple the resources of the IMF to 750 billion US dollars to help cushion the impact on countries from the economic crisis.

The summit also set a target to more than double lending to the world's poorest countries and said additional resources for them would be raised through already agreed IMF gold sales.

"We need to demand the things we agreed that the International Monetary Fund would do and that the World Bank would do, and I think this meeting is extremely important," said Lula, who is currently visiting France.

The president of Brazil has also accused rich countries of causing the global crisis and forcing poor nations into hardship. Ahead of April's summit, he blamed "white people with blue-eyes" for irrational behavior that set off the financial crisis last year.

Italy has invited 40 nations and organizations, representing 90% of the world economy, to next week's G8 summit in a bid to make the Group of Eight more relevant as world economic power shifts to include large developing nations like Brazil, China and India.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Hopefully Joao…Da Silva…..will read your comment and come back with his own arguments to defend his cherished country and his favored politician actually at the helm of the country. [/quote]

    I shall not shatter your hopes by [i][b]not[/b][/i] commenting:

    The rich Brazilians are already helping the poor to progress in their lives by several means. For example, the President of our Senate hired his daughterÀ‚´s Butler for a monthly salary of 12,000 Reais to work in that legislative branch. That is about U$6000. There are several unsung heroes in all branches of power that are working tirelessly to better the lives of the poor and never before in our history, so much progress has been made within so short a span of time .

    As for my “favorite politician”, give him another 3 or 4 mandates and you will see the country taking a giant leap towards progress and prosperity. 😉 😀 8)

  • ch.c.

    So true, so true !
    And Brazil is the country with one of the HIGHEST SOCIAL 6 WEALTH INEQUALITY…ON EARTH !
    Everything for a few, and the residues for the vast majority has beenthe motto that guided Brazilians filthy and corrupted to the roots politicians for well over TWO CENTURIES !
    So much in fact that despite that the Brazilian Constitution, written on cheap toilet paper rolls, that prohibits the use of slaves labor, it remains a fact even in 2009 that slaves labor is still the norm ….with Robbing Hook blessings !

    And this despite his promises to the contrary. No one has to ever trust a Brazilian on whatever he promises.

    Hopefully Joao…Da Silva…..will read your comment and come back with his own arguments to defend his cherished country and his favored politician actually at the helm of the country.


  • Kendra

    Why should rich countries help Brazil. There are more millionaires in Brazil than in any rich country. Why don’t rich Brazilians help Brazil??? 8)

  • ch.c.

    “I am seeing little being done by the rich countries in the help they are supposed to give,”
    But everyone count on Brazil….as per Robbing Hook statements and promises…in so many of his public statements.
    Even in articles published on this site where is name is BETTER THAN GOD !

    And somewhat funny critics coming from a country having one of the World Largest Social & Wealth Inequality.
    Why doesnt Robbing Hook clean his own dirts first ?
    Has He done a lot against slaves labor and MST settllements ? With his Filthy Mouth yessss of course…but in Reality ?
    Is he not defending the corrupted to the roots Sarney so that legislations can be passed and win the 2010 elections for the choice of His successor ?

    It is only in Banana Republics that the acting President chose HIS successor !
    Proof that Brazil remains a Banana Republic…… disguised in an apparent Democracy !

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