Agriculture and Services Create 300,000 New Jobs in Brazil

Brazilian rural worker Three hundred thousand new formal jobs were created in Brazil in the first half this year. From that total, nearly 200,000 openings came up in June. As a consequence, the country now has 32.2 million formal workers.

The figures were culled from the General Records Office for Employment and Unemployment (Caged) and were announced by the Brazilian minister of Labor and Employment, Carlos Lupi. "Out of the G20 member countries, Brazil is the only one that has a surplus of jobs," said the minister.

The number of admissions, in June, was 1.34 million, whereas dismissals totaled 1.2 million. June was the fifth consecutive month of growth in employment in the country, and the second best this year.

The rate of growth in June was 0.37% over May, whereas growth in the first half was 0.94% over December 2008. In the last 12 months, formal employment grew by 1.22%, as a result of the creation of 390,300 new jobs.

According to figures disclosed by the federal government, the sectors that contributed the most to the increase in job positions in June were agriculture, with 57,100 new jobs, followed by services, civil construction and trade.

The states that generated the most jobs were Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Goiás and Bahia. The largest number of dismissals took place in Espí­rito Santo, the Federal District and Rio Grande do Sul.



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  • ch.c.

    the country now has 32.2 million formal workers.
    Welll…that is 16 % of the total population.
    And knowing that all countries on earth have about a 50 % LABOR FORCE of their total population…my question is this :

    WHAT ABOUT the other 34 % of the total population…. considered IN the labor force ???????
    Yessss…. I mean the other 68 millions BRAZILIANS ADULTS AND ABLE TO WORK….if only they had a job since they belong to this labor force and who are either in the informal economy…. OR UNEMPLOYED…… BUT NOT IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT STATS SINCE THEY ARE NO LONGER ENTITLED TO THE ….UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS !!!!!

    Welllll…my minimum estimate is that at least 30 % of the adults and in good shape Brazilians….ARE WITHOUT JOB…NOT EVEN INCLUDING IN THE INFORMAL ECONOMY !!!!!!

    A simple proof :
    At about the middle of last year when your economy was still doing fine, Recife (or Fortaleza I dont recall) had an opening for 60 new workers…and as you know in an already overcrowded bureaucracy in the whole country.

    Fact is that….5000 people were queuing in the street…the SAME DAY…to pass the entry tests !
    Plus many more thousands and thousands…the others days of the tests…OF COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YEAHHHHH…..Viva Robbing Hook
    He can lie as much as he wants with his manipulated stats.
    And the more they are manipulated, the more he lies to you, the more you LOVE him and the more you are sure like HE said huimself : Only God could have had done a better job than HIM…as Robbing Hook stated more than once during his re-election campaign !

    Guess now who is the most idiot !
    Robbing Hook…or the ones who applaude HIM ?

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    yes slave laubor gets shit done
    we must ask

    how much money is changing hands from owner to worker ???

    a buss ticket , a box of food , $40 reals does not make a job

    all the states above are cane states
    or cotton

    big money there only if you own the fields

    how does it feel driving pass the cane cutters in your car full of there enthol knowing they dont even have money to eat meat once a week

    11 tons is hard to do on a empty stomac

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