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Brazil Cannibalism: Man Gets 16 Years for Killing and Eating Foe’s Heart

Gilmar Alberto Wasckman Brazilian carpenter Gilmar Alberto Wasckman, 46, was convicted this Friday, July 31st, by a popular jury to 16 years in prison for murder and cannibalism. He is said to have killed a man and then having eaten pieces of his organs and drunk his blood.

The crime occurred November 23, 2007, in Mundo Novo, a town in the Brazilian midwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Mundo Novo is 460 kilometers (286 miles) from Campo Grande, the state's capital.

The criminal was sentenced to 15 years of jail for the murder and to an extra one year and three months for having eaten the organs. Wasckman will be allowed to serve his time in a half open regime, having to report to prison only at night, to sleep, after 6 years and 4 months of jail time.

The murderer will be transferred from Mundo Novo to Dourados next week to start serving his sentence. 

Wasckman's crime was the result of a fight between him and 53-year-old Aparecido Antônio da Silva. The killer, who used a knife to commit his crime, was helped by a 16-year old youngster. The victim, who used to have frequent sex with the boy,  was furious when he found out that the carpenter was also sharing the affections of the young man.

Both men ended up fighting and stabbing each other. Wasckman was able to kill his aggressor with the help of the teenager.

After the murder the two assassins cut the man's testicles out and opened him up to extract his liver and heart. They followed this action by eating pieces of the man's heart and liver. According to the teen, his partner in crime also drank some of the victim's blood.

It was the young man who went to the police to tell them what had happened. The police found the body as described by the teen.

As for Wasckman he claimed that he had done what he did because he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


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  • Paul R Wilson

    Let me get this straight. A homosexual kills an unfaithful partner, and eats parts of his body. He gets only 16 years. Yet I am NOT surprized: Brazil permits murders to defend a husband’s “honor” even. This is the work of Roman Catholicism. These things do NOT happen in a PROTESTANT nation.

  • Lee451

    Nothing says “romance” like homosexual cannibalistic love
    I have heard it said that Brazil has one of the “least repressed” and “most progressive” societies in the world. If this is the face of “progress”, give me Victorian England morals ANY day.

  • Michael Kerjman

    Shakespearean story nowadays
    Othello of Brazil, the third millennium. 😉

  • ch.c.

    As you rightly stated Ch.C, this guy will be out in a few years !
    the cafe will be opened earlier than his release.
    The 16 years teenager accomplice is free and even did not get A ONE DAY JAIL TERM !!!!!

    And why opening the cafe in Mato Grosso ?
    in SP, Brasilia or Rio they will make far more money.
    The cafe will offer living children flesh fresh meats that so many wealthy Brazilians cant live without !

  • Bo

    It’s funny…
    when I hear brazilians speak about the “wacko’s” in the U.S. There’s no doubt, that the U.S. has their fair share, but for the love of god, they must not pay too much attention to what happens right here in Brazil. Just last week someone was burned alive in a park in Rio. There are frequent beheadings as well. Now eating people…Jeffrey Dahmer style. The difference is, in the U.S., these types go to prison, and normally never leave, except to go to the morgue. Just look at Mr. Dahmer!

    As you rightly stated Ch.C, this guy will be out in a few years. I’m sure he’s preparing his menu to open up his new cafe in Matto Grosso in 2012!

  • ch.c.

    Great !
    And the 16 years teenager is obviously free of ALL CHARGES !

    Viva Brazil !

    Ohhhh and in Brazil a prisoner can get out of jail after 1/6th of his jail sentence….for good behavior !

    Thus in less than 3 years….Waskman has a high probability to be released and he will be then also free
    to have a second….SPECIAL LUNCH !

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