Obama Considering Brazil Invitation for Summit on US Forces in Colombia

Presidents Lula of Brazil and American Obama The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva suggested to his peer American Barack Obama that he should meet with South American leaders to address the announced presence of US forces in seven Colombian bases.

Given the coming Union of South American Nations, Unasur, summit in Argentina next August 28th to discuss the issue, Lula told President Obama in a telephone exchange on Friday how sensitive, for the whole region, was the announcement of US troops displayed in Colombia.

He further suggested some sort of legal security that the US military activity would be circumscribed to Colombian territory, Brazilian Foreign Affairs minister Celso Amorim told the press corps in Brazilian capital Brasí­lia.

"President Lula reiterated our position, pointed out sensibilities in the region, which are not small since it's not a matter of one country or another, it's our concern also given the proximity with Amazônia," added Amorim.

The Colombian plan to subscribe an agreement which would allow US troops to the displayed in Colombian bases has triggered serious criticism from several Latinamerican leaders, mainly from Venezuela's Hugo Chavez who warned about "winds of war blowing in the region".

Amorim added that Lula da Silva suggested a meeting of Obama with Unasur leaders to dissipate doubts. According to the minister Obama thanked Lula da Silva and said he would talk about the possibility of such a meeting with his advisors.

The two leaders also discussed the Honduras situation where constitutional president Manuel Zelaya was ousted by a coup and flown to Costa Rica by the military. Lula da Silva insisted with Brazil's position that Zelaya must be reinstated to ensure the rule of democracy in the region.

Obama apparently said that an OAS delegation would be traveling to Honduras in the coming days and following that "Brazil and the US would decide on the next steps".

But Unasur is not homogeneous about the Colombian decision: several countries consider Bogotá's attitude a "legitimate sovereign decision" (Peru, Chile, Paraguay) while others are particularly critical such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and even Argentina, which as Brazil is demanding guarantees about the deployment of US forces.

"President Lula da Silva believes that if the coming discussions in Argentina at the end of the month are well geared, the region's position vis-í -vis the US will be far stronger. That's the idea he will try to transmit to Bolivian president Evo Morales", said Marcelo Baumbach, presidential spokesperson.

In Washington the White House released a communiqué on the phone call between both presidents but does not mention a word about the bases. It simply says President Obama will be receiving Lula da Silva in Pittsburgh for the coming G20 summit at the end of September.

However Colombian Foreign Affairs minister Jaime Bermúdez was quoted in Bogotá stating that the agreement with Washington for US forces to operate from Colombian bases was "advancing" and discarded any "consultation" process with other South American governments in the coming Unasur summit in Argentina.

"We're not going to Argentina to consult about the cooperation agreement with the US. This is a fact. Negotiations have been closed, we're simply working on the legal adjustments of the understanding in each country, but we are going ahead", underlined Bermúdez.

"What we are interested in discussing is terrorism, arms build-up, illegal weapons trade, military cooperation agreements with countries outside of the region. We're committed to combat drug trafficking and terrorism and as we have signed an agreement with the US, we would like more cooperation accords with all countries of the region", concluded Bermúdez.



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    dont you know coulmbia is just a nothern state of brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and any one who comes to SA needs to pay money and respct to the all mitey brasil and its courts of injustice
    for the right to be there

  • Joe

    What a crock…
    The title of this article is a complete lie. Obama never considered attending the conference in Argentina and reading this article you can even see that he never planned on attending and also rejected Lula’s invitation during their phone call.

    [quote]In Washington the White House released a communiquÀƒ© on the phone call between both presidents but does not mention a word about the bases. It simply says President Obama will be receiving Lula da Silva in Pittsburgh for the coming G20 summit at the end of September. [/quote]

    The summit in Argentina is one month before the summit in Pittsburgh.

    Here is a quote from another article.

    [quote]21/08/2009 17:41

    The U.S. president Barack Obama [b]has denied on Friday [/b]to discuss with the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the agreement with Colombia for the installation of seven military bases in Colombia. The invitation was done in the morning, by Brazilian President Luiz InÀƒ¡cio Lula da Silva said by telephone. The two spoke for about half an hour, but[b] Obama preferred to reject the invitation.[/b]

    The statements made by Columbian as well as U.S. officials have clearly spelled out how they feel about other S.A. nations wanting to be consulted…..IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.


    First lula do you know where the borbor of brasil and coulmbia is
    looks like the only people to find the accord imposiable to live with are the ones that coulmbia needs to worrie about

    as chaves falls into most of what the US and columbia are fighting .
    next you will have troops from VBE firing at the US trops trying to prevock them into a fire fight , then a court battle sayinf the US is the grate satain and needs to be put in its place .

    LULA needs to talk to the US about

    child porn and its judges say it is okay ever onec in a while to have sex with minors.
    kidnapt US children in brazil never being able to see there real pearents.in the US or other countries.
    slave laubor and on equal rights .
    fredom of the press,
    governmental coruption .
    education , health care

    that is waht the chife drunk should be talking about not how to try to impose brasil rules on coulmbia on how to protect there countrie

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