Brazilian General Accuses Lula of Lack of Independence for Opposing US Bases

Retired Brazilian general Rocha Paiva Brazil magnified the importance of the deployment of US troops in Colombian military bases, according to Brazilian retired Army general Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva, who is also a lecturer in strategic affairs.

"To express concern over (Brazilian) Amazon sovereignty because of the US forces in Colombian bases is to touch on a collateral issue to the detriment of what is essential," said the retired general in an article published in the daily newspaper O Estado do S. Paulo.

"Brazil is missing focus and ideological independence in the issue of the bases," he added.

Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva expressed concern to his Colombian peer Alvaro Uribe over the deployment of US forces and equipment in seven Colombian bases and even called US President Barack Obama to talk about the controversy.

The military officer said that even if Brazil is capable of impeding the deployment of those US forces in Colombia, "it would not contribute much to the security of the Brazilian Amazon."

The US military bases, according to Rocha Paiva are but "the tip of the iceberg" and not the real menace pending over Brazilian sovereignty in the more than four million square kilometers of Amazon territory.

The Non Governmental Organizations, NGOs, from "European metropolis, not from Iberia" are the real threat for Brazilian interests in the Amazon, as well as the Indian reservations with no boundaries, writes Rocha Paiva in the São Paulo newspaper.

In the article the general also criticizes the Brazilian government "for not having expressed and opinion when Venezuela president Hugo Chavez proposed to Russia the establishment of military bases in Venezuelan territory."



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  • asp

    thanks joao
    hondorus is a tough call. all of us who see througj the bolivian revolution want to see the guy out. but, its nice to see the usa not jumping in and going against the oas grain…

    i think its refresing to not go all out either way. there may be a certain amount of preasure on the current people in charge in hondorus, but, lets see what happens…

    its a strategy to not through a lot of red meat to chavez and company. i like it, lets see what happens

    i wonder why they just didn t let the guy back and arrest him for the things they are saying he did ileagily ? that is what perplexes me….just thowing him out at gunpoint smacks of something not in line…i like the usa is holding back on this one…or trying ot apease the oas for a second..lets see what happens

  • João da Silva

    Is posting the link for you below. If double clicking on it doesn’t work, try to copy the address and paste it on a new tab (or the existing one).

    [url] [/url]

  • asp

    i cant get it up , can someone try to linc this articlle up ?
    i cant get it by typing it out….

  • João da Dilva

    [quote]Here’s a good article for all the Che-wannabe’s in Brazil, the left-huggers, who hated Bush (and all republicans). /quote]

    Thanks for the link. It is an interesting article. In the sister link , Mr. Augustus Severus ( A Brasilian) wrote an article and ASP, Mr.Brown and I made several comments regarding “Che-Wannabes” in Brasil. I would rather give 6 more months for Obama before starting to judge him. But I think he did the right thing by not getting too involved with Honduras and passing the buck to the “pseudo-leftist” “Ch-Wannabes” of South America!!!! BUT…BUT…. the article in WSJ coincides with my opinion that what happened in Honduras was not a “Coup”, though some of my distinguished friends in this site think otherwise.

  • Zico

    What difference does it make if he is retired….
    The difference is, obviously, that an active duty general in Brazil isn’t free to speak his mind, without getting, at the very least, his career ruined. (Unless of course he speaks his mind in favor of the military/government.)

    Here’s a good article for all the Che-wannabe’s in Brazil, the left-huggers, who hated Bush (and all republicans). See how your BOY Hussein Obama is running his South American policy:

  • asp

    nythamar, i like what you are saying…
    by the way people, you should read what general lessa said about this. he was even more blatent that the farc is the more destabalising force in the area than whether usa is in colombian bases

    i also consider myself a life long leftist but not a socialist frog

    the usa may not be brazils best freind , but its not brazils worst enemy

  • ..

    [quote]One rare Brazilian general speaks his mind.[/quote]

    No. There are more than just one General.

    [quote]Good thing’s he’s retired. [/quote]

    What difference does it make if he is retired or still in active service? Are “they” going to shoot him? He is a Brasilian and thats the End of Story, unless the Spanish and the Italian judges want to try him in Madrid or Rome for his outspoken views!!

  • …………..

    The 64dollar Q is: will we just sit like ducks and let them rule?
    Yes…and reap the benefits like Canada. Why do you think they can maintain a combined military that is smaller than the New York City Police Dept ?????

  • Nythamar de Oliveira

    Brazil should cut a deal with the US
    Should Brazil buy US planes? This question has been raised again, following Lula’s meeting with Chavez, Uribe & Co. re the Colombia plan. In my understanding of Brazilian interests and geopolitics, I think YES, we should get the planes package from the US, and not from France, Russia or others. Of course, this is very complex decision but it’s important to think of all variables involved, not only for defense and technology pursposes, but also for the consolidation of more transparent, efficient democratic institutions. Despite all the counterintuitive reservation and all schmack suspicions, yes, I think Brazil should dare to become a closer US partner. So the general was damn right! BTW I didn’t serve in the army as I was raised during the military dictatorship and have been a lifetime liberal leftist –but not a stupid socialist frog!

  • Zico

    As usual, the banana-republicistas will make a complete comedy of affairs in the region, and when the shit hits the fan somebody down here will make a collect call to Washington for help. Fortunately, the US figured this retarded behavior out ydecades ago and tends to stay a step ahead. Like it or not, that’s the reality. Which is why the people of South America live war-free, the politicians can steal to their hearts content, the population can flee to the US, and everyone can complain about the Americans.

    One rare Brazilian general speaks his mind. Wish him luck. Good thing’s he’s retired.

  • Jonny Corleone

    It all lies in just the fact that when we are pantsy to solve our own problems, someone else will have to do it for us. The drug trade is taking over many sectors of the economy, politcs, etc. The 64dollar Q is: will we just sit like ducks and let them rule?


    Army general Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva
    Has the right idea on this .

    with all the people of chaves land just home steding the amazon one day it will be like the mst saying we have been here for years why do we have to move now we go to court and see who owns this land.
    same with the indians from ecudor and vensula all will claim the land from the waters edge to the countrys bordors

    and even the brasilians themselves with no police , military to keep brasilians from just taking the land and selling it and not haveing ownership over it and then the brasilian justice department goes after the buyers not the sellers well good one brasil and lula
    it is time for brasil to define its friend ships to go the way of justice and help its fellow countries in stoping the FARC and the drugs , gun running, slave trade , killing of indains, illeagle gold and loging along with cattle and soy .

    or just suck up to chaves and hope he never looses power to the justice party that is comming around the world

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The Non Governmental Organizations, NGOs, from “European metropolis, not from Iberia” are the real threat for Brazilian interests in the Amazon,[/quote]

    “The European Metropolis” he is referring to must be Geneve 😉 😀 😉

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