Brazil Getting from France Nuclear Submarine and Its Techonology

French submarine Emeraude 2021 is the year Brazil expects to have its first nuclear powered submarine. The warship is to be built in the country with French cooperation and equipped with conventional weapons, confirmed Defense minister Nelson Jobim, who underlined the dissuasion potential of such a weapon recalling the Falkland Islands conflict of 1982.

The cooperation program with France includes the construction of four other conventional submarines (similar to those already purchased by Chile) and will demand an investment in the range of US$ 9 billion, said Jobim during a hearing this month before the Brazilian congress.

Jobim underlined that the agreement with France is conditioned to the transfer of all the technology referred to nuclear powered submersibles, which would represent a "huge technological leap" for Brazil's naval industry.

"Many Brazilian industries such as those involved in the manufacturing of hulls, pumps, hydraulic and compressed air systems, among others will experience a formidable technological development," added Jobim.

France is also in a privileged position for the renewal and refurbishing of Brazil's Air Force equipment, which could mean Dassault Mirage fighter bombers could be assembled in Brazil with a percentage of local components.

The minister said that from a strictly defense point of view the dissuasion capacity of the Brazilian Navy is essential since the service is responsible for the patrolling of 8.000 kilometers of ocean coast.

Jobim also argued that having a nuclear powered submarine is probably the most dissuasive of all weapons and recalled the experience of the Argentine navy during the South Atlantic conflict of 1982.

The mere deployment of an only British nuclear submarine "intimidated" the Argentine navy surface fleet to remain in port without having been involved in combat.



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  • Crocodile Dundee

    It’s a shame that midget Swizterland is all locked up between much more powerful countries and doesn’t have escape to the sea, so no submarine for them.. πŸ˜₯ Well, they could still put a submarine in the big lake they have, but that lake is frozen for 11 months in the year πŸ˜₯

  • ch.c.


    Just refer to Sarko statements dating back to his visit in Brazil saying that France will provide the design of the nuclear submarine but it will be up to Brazil to develop its own technology !

    Conclusion :
    The Brazilian nuclear submarine reality will be delayed by several DECADES !!!!!

    The above article is just the Brazilian way to caress their navel…AS USUAL !
    And proven as time goes by because not so long ago, You nuclear submarine was expected in 2016…and now in 2021 !

    Hi Hi


    why waste the money
    by all i see on this mag the US is going to invade brasil before it takes to the sea.

    does any one here coulmbia demanding to know why brasil is letting french help build a nuke sub
    in brasil .


    what do you excpt from brasil and its B class leaders
    complain one way but do the same thing as long as they are on top

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