After Paulo Coelho’s Talk How Can Anyone Deny Rio the Olympics?

Paulo Coelho wrapped on the Brazilian flag Brazilians have promoted several meetings and engaged in lots of talks trying to convince the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to vote for the city of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympics. Among some illustrious Brazilians in charge of this mission were writer Paulo Coelho and soccer hero Pelé.

Very popular in Europe, the author of The Alchemist had lunch with the wives of the IOC members. After the encounter, he revealed that he made a promise in case Rio wins the dispute:

"I made the public promise that, if I am alive at the time and if you have the Games in Rio, I will go to Copacabana Beach to do a headstand, with almost 70 years, to demonstrate the transformation capacity the Games can bring to Rio," Coelho said.

And he assured them: "We are able do dream, but also to deliver," adding:
"The Olympic Games are not only sports. Pierre de Coubertin (the founder of the modern Games) devised them thinking they would be a transforming engine. 'Mens sana in corpore sano', commented the best-seller writer quoting the Latin saying for 'A healthy mind in a healthy body.'

"These Olympic Games in Rio will mean a lot in terms of sport, but also of transformation. This candidacy is the symbol of a whole continent because there were never before Games in South America," he added.

"Each Olympic ring stands for a continent and we have to get our ring. We want to show the world that we work hard, despite the fact that we are dreamers at the same time.  We can overcome the hardships, we are fighters, hard working people, and finally we are here."

King Pelé had the same task as his writer countryman. He spent the whole day in the Copenhagen's hotel where the IOC members are housed. Throughout the day there was a big demand to talk to him, get his autograph and take pictures at his side.

Brazil's Sport minister, Orlando Silva, believes the strategy is working. and the message that the Olympics are going to impel the Brazilian development and transform Rio de Janeiro was understood. "The talks, the contacts with the international Olympic community increased our optimism and our enthusiasm regarding Rio de Janeiro's victory possibility."

Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva plagiarized president Barack Obama's winning slogan to defend Rio's candidacy during his contacts throughout Copenhagen this Thursday, October 1st.

"Yes, we can! That coming from the mouth of an American is very beautiful, but we never said that because in Brazil we were used  to say that we cannot, that we are poor, as if we were inferior citizens. This time, we want to look at the world and say: "Yes, we can and we are going to hold these Olympics," Lula said.

The statement was made a day after the vice president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, José Marí­a Odriozola, said that Rio's candidacy had the worst presentation of all and was just the product of marketing and feelings.

Without naming names, Lula commented that he does not agree with campaigns based on criticism of other cities. "I do not find it ethically correct to talk badly about other cities. I want to talk well about Rio de Janeiro and proudly state that the city is ready," he told reporters.

In defense or Rio's candidacy, the president said that he is going to use Brazil's future as the big argument to make the city a winner, especially the country's economy. 

"Everybody that keeps an eye on the economy knows that Brazil today is in a more favorable situation than many developed countries (…) Everybody knows the meaning of the pre-salt discovery and what this represents for the possibility of investments to improve the Brazilian infrastructure and, therefore, I can assure you that there is no country in the world today that has so much certainty about its future as Brazil," he went on.

Lula compared the number of new jobs created during the world financial crisis by Brazil and by developed countries. "While some rich countries are still experiencing a situation of very heavy unemployment, last month in Brazil we created 242,000 new formal jobs and we are going to reach 1 million this year, compared to millions of unemployed people in the European world."

The name of the city that is going to host the Olympic Games of 2016 will be announced this Friday, October 2. Rio is one of the finalists together with Tokyo (Japan), Madrid (Spain) and Chicago (United States).


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  • CKQ

    Get Informed
    I BOYCOTT Brazil and Aruba. Crooked Government. If you have money in those countries you can get away with Kidnapping AND Murder. How can anyone say Brazil is a good place to host the Olympics? When they can’t even take care of their children in the streets.

    CHILDREN IN THE STREETS OF BRAZIL: Street children is a term used to refer to children who live on the streets of a city. They are basically deprived of family care and protection. Most children on the streets are between the ages of about 5 and 17 years old.

    Street children live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, parks or on the street itself.

    The presence of vast numbers of unsupervised and unprotected children is a phenomenon that is common throughout Latin America, and in few places are the street children more visible, and reviled, than in Brazil. Estimates of their numbers in Brazil have ranged from 7 to 17 million, but more informed assessments suggest that between 7 and 8 million children, ages 5 to 18, live and/or work on the streets of urban Brazil. Moreover, Brazil’s street children are targets of fear. They are frequently the targets of local vigilante groups, drug gangs, and police “death squads.”

    Almost half of all Brazilian families live below the poverty line (88% of the minimum wage), and almost a third are below the indigency line (53% of the minimum wage).(1) More than 18% of Brazil’s population is illiterate, and 35% of children between ages 7 and 15 are not enrolled in school.

    According to official government statistics, 1,000 children die from hunger and malnutrition each day in Brazil. Moreover, Brazil’s infant mortality rate was 52 per 1,000 live births, one of the highest in Latin America and exceeded only by Peru and Bolivia. In the poorest regions of the country and in impoverished areas near industrial centers, 10% of the children are expected to die before they reach 5 years of age.

    Crime continues to be a major issue in Brazil. The Brazilian police and the Brazilian press report that crime continues to increase, while murder, [b]kidnapping, carjacking, armed assault[/b] and burglary remain the norm. The consolidation of power among a few large criminal gangs has led to a decrease in gang-on-gang violence, but has allowed these gangs to continue to focus more on external (i.e. civilian) targets.

    Public transportation, hotel sectors and tourist areas are still the locations with the highest crime rates.

    Street crime remains a problem for visitors and local residents alike, especially in the evenings and late at night. Caution is advised with regard to nighttime travel through more rural areas and satellite cities due to reported incidents of roadside robberies that randomly target passing vehicles.

    Quicknappings continue to be the primary type of kidnapping. Criminals abduct victims for a short time, in order to receive a quick payoff from the family, business, or the victimˢ۪s ATM card. All foreigners, including Americans, are vulnerable to this crime.

    So, Good Luck to all of you who wish to visit such a hideous country. And, yes, I agree with “Secretary”……….PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME (in any country other than Brazil)

  • TooBad4Argentina

    I think for someone who is registered as a blogger and easily identified, you should really check your sources before you publish something that could be viewed as Libel.
    Anyone can make a mistake and believe the current “gossip”. I hope when you mount the tedious task, as I have done, and read ALL the literature including court documents, you will truly see that yes, this is more compllicated than a father who didn’t bother to visit his son. If reading all the documents and trying to keep score is a little too daunting a task, or too bothersome, then I would appreciate a comment from you that you really don’t know what you are talking about and will leave the comments to people who have the facts. You will come to the same conclusion that I have. That this was a well thought out well orchestrated plan by a bored, rich carioca who thought she was marrying a rich international model, and would live the life of luxury and travel the world. When she discovered this was not to be, and that she would actually be expected to “contribute” to the family as most U.S. women do, she “fell out of love” and returned to her prior lover Jaoa Lins e Silva…who luckily enough was just the one she needed to get out of this marriage and back to Brazil without having to sacrifice a single thing, except the bond between her son and his father, As you read, Joao Paulo wrote to the U.S. Ambassador and related that she was concerned that their bond was too strong……but never mind, I’m taking all the fun out of the story and you need to read it all so you don’t have to admit your ignorance to the internet community.
    [url][/url] This contains some but not all the documents. There are recordings of Bruna telling David what a great father he was to Sean, but that their love story was over. I’ll see if I can find the link and add it later. Or, maybe you’ll search for it like I did before I ventured to have an “opinion” publicly posted.

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Poor old Montreal taxpayers were on the hook for 30 years to pay off the 1976 Olympic cost over-runs

    The Cariocas are much richer than the Montrealers. Besides , all the Brazilian tax payers are willing to foot the bill and that would alleviate the tax burden on our Carioca brethern. You are unnecessarily worried . btw, do you pay taxes in Brazil? I don’t think so.So quit trying to spoil the parties that are going on in Rio.

  • Sergio Mash

    Botton Line
    The first writer is out of this world, toobad4 himself, Brazil is a country of rules and it has autonomy to write, interpret and judge its own law and civil cases. Now try wining a hard custody battle case in the US and then take a child out of the US before all lawyer maneuvers are defeated, you’ll go all the way trough municipal, county, state and federal courts, and a lot of times the child will turn 21 before you finish it, plus, you will go broke paying attorney honorariums, because the mother of the child has died it’s not a reason to jump all system and ship the Kid to a father on a foreign country, the extended family, step-father and grand-parents, have rights and if willing as they are, they will fight in court to prevent that, if their case is weaker than the case presented by the father, they will lose, if not, they will win, and, it takes time. It doesn’t mean the country is good or bad, it means it has a impartial judicial system. And they can only allow the child to leave the country when all is finished, because they cannot order the father to bring the child back because a superior court has accept an appeal motion, he’s lucky the federal courts prevented the case to run all the system and accepted to hear his case on federal courts instead of state superior court, the kid is 10 ..11 … it may take a year or he can be 14-16 before it’s finished, and if by now he’s unwilling(as per his words to infant psychologists) to go live with the father, imagine when he’s 14, … plus … at this age range, it’s hard to impose court custody rulings on a Brazilian child, he can refuse to enter on the plane, he can do several measures, ask for his emancipation on a court.. remember his step-father is a member of a upper class lawyers family, with great reach, and David Goldman is reported by them to have accepted/asked 150k US Dollars to divorce and allow Bruna to remarry and kind of blackmail her, having no real interest on the kid but in the money he could make leveraging it with her, and with the knowledge she by then had more money to offer.. this is the picture judges are being presented, that now he lives on money this case is generating, getting money trough donations and not only using it to cover lawyer fees and trips, but every other expense, plus he never file to visit the child until the case gained prestige on the press. So, it all counts to make this a more complicated case than portrayed. He’s probably gonna win, because she isn’t alive. How fast …. that’s the real thing, and life is not so beautiful, and your desperate father may have other faces you didn’t see, or wanna see. Good luck for the kid!

  • Eve Stroik

    From what I hear and read PARENTS HAD BETTER LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN AT HOME!! NOT AT HOME IN RIO BUT AT HOME IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY IF THEY WANT TO BRING THEM BACK HOME IN THE SAME CONDITION. HAPPY LITTLE CHILDREN. NOT RAPED OR SELLING THEMSELVES OR KIDNAPPED! This is a nasty, dirty, third world city. The poor CHILDREN of this city makes me sick…Why not Midrid or Toyoko???? The world surprises me everyday!


  • jon

    Olympic Visions or Delusions
    Go tell the Spartans!!

    Lula, be careful for what one wishes for as the Olympics are not the magic bullet nor is the pre-salt oil…talk to the average Nigerian on that file

    Poor old Montreal taxpayers were on the hook for 30 years to pay off the 1976 Olympic cost over-runs

    I believe grandiose promises were also made for Rio during the Pan-Am games…..where is the money??

  • TooBad4Argentina

    Too Bad for Brazil
    Respect: Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or the manifistation of a personal quality.
    Admiration:A feeling of wonder, pleasure, approval

    If each of the countries that have hosted the games in the past, earned the kind of respect and admiration that Lula is proposing would befall Brazil, than he, and all the people he has coerced into weaving this fairy tale, are truly delusional. But then I don’t expect that Lula knows much about having the cart before the horse. Respect and Admiration…..They have to come FIRST…..First you are respected, and Brazil cannot be respected when it ignores treaties, and keeps children away from their parents…Justifying a crime by saying others do it, or giving it a respectable pseudo name like “custody battle” “family spat” or “domestic disagreement does not change what it is…..It’s child abuse, Its inhumane, and It’s a crime even in Brazil…The word spin does not earn respect….Brazil may have shot at a hog and uncovered some black gold, “texas tea” but Brazil is still no smarter, or civilized, cultured or respected than Jed, Jethro, Ellie and Grandma. You can’t buy admiration, respect, or acceptance, no matter how much money or oil or pre-salt oil you have. Sure, everybody wants to be Brazil’s friend now. Too bad Brazil mistakes greed that for friendship. Too bad they have mistakenly thought that envy was camaraderie. Lula thinks all you have to do is host an international event and you will have the respect of the world. Too bad the good people of Brazil believe Lula’s delusion that all you need to do is host an international event, and it will change your life for the better. Ask the poor of all those other Olympic countries if their life has changed one iota. I dare say you will find one. The rich invest and prosper, the poor stay poor and ignorant. . For all of Lula’s claims of what the Olympics will bring them, it won’t bring respectability to a country that continues to lay blame for the world state at the feet of one “race”, the blue eyed, whites, while Lula’s government from the bottom to the top is corrupt as the day is long. It won’t make millions of potential spectators from feeling comfortable bringing their children, especially the more press coverage this gets around the world.
    I’m truly sad to see the revered author Paulo Coehello buying into the illusion and fantasy that hosting the Olympics will better life for the citizens. Self-worth is necessary, before respect can be given. Self-worth can’t be transfered simply by being in a country that hosts the Olympics. But then, Lula hasn’t shown himself to be introspective enough to truly understand that.Paulo, of all people should understand that

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