2016 Olympics: Athletes of the World, Pack Your Bags, We’re Flying to Rio

Copacabana celebrates Rio's victory At the end, the charm of president Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and that of TV Queen Oprah Winfrey weren't enough to convince the Olympic delegates in Copenhagen, Denmark, that Chicago should host the Olympic Games. The rhetoric and smiles of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, best-selling author Paulo Coelho and soccer legend King Pelé won the day and the 2016 Olympic Games for Rio.

Chicago, a favorite for many, ended up being the first to be eliminated among the four candidates left: Rio, Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. Then Tokyo was told they should wait four more years. The final vote was given but the world would have to wait one more hour to know that Rio had been the chosen one. The announcement was made by the IOC president Jacques Rogge.

When fans in Rio were told in a big screen in Copacabana beach that Chicago had been eliminated the crowd of thousands started screaming and applauding anticipating Brazil's victory. The enthusiasm was even bigger when Tokyo's elimination was announced. Singer Lulu Santos, who had been singing to the crowd commented: "When Madrid finally loses, we are going to laugh at their immigration officers who bar the Brazilians."

"Our time has come", said Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Copenhagen, in his defense of Rio as the host of the Olympics before the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In his speech, Lula also stressed the good economic times Brazil is going through, talked about what the Games will means to the Brazilians self esteem and reminded that Rio's candidacy was also that of the whole South America.

"Our time has come. I has. Among the ten world largest economies, Brazil is the only country that has not hosted the Olympic and Paraolympic Games. For the others, it will be only one more Olympiad. For us, it will be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It will increase Brazilians' self esteem, it will consolidate recent achievements, it will stimulate new advances," he said.

In defense of Rio, Lula said that the Olympics in Brazil would correct an unbalance, since South America never hosted the Olympic Games. "This candidacy is not ours alone. It's also of a continent with almost 400 million men and women and about 180 million young people. A continent that never hosted the Olympic Games. It is about time to correct this imbalance."

Lula also stated that Brazil is living an excellent period with a consolidated economy, which tackled without trepidation the world financial crisis and gave all the possible guarantees in order to hold the Olympics. He recalled that in 2007 the Pan American Games were held in the Rio de Janeiro and they taught Brazilians how to organize the Olympic Games.

"Rio is ready. Those who give us this chance will not regret," concluded the president.

Rio had already been a candidate to host the Games in 2004 and 2014, but didn't get to the finals. In recent days, specialized sites as  "Game Bids" and "Around the Rings" put Rio as the favorite with slight advantage over Chicago. Last year, however, when the IOC had a pre-selection run, the Brazilian city had the worst performance among the finalists.


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  • asp

    rio already did the pan am games……
    it was one of the best opening and closing cerimonies ever, with elza soares and spok frevo among others…

    brazil is going to handle the world cup in 2014…one of the biggest sporting events anywhere….

    im confident rio will rise to the occasion, if things make it safer for the average citizen, even better….

    i plan to get my business to rio as much as posibel in the next 7 years…i love rio..

    obama didnt loose anything, chicago did….i hate chicago, look at the people in the picture in the crowd waiting to find out…even the brazilians looked like polar bears…the people there didnt really want it and the people in rio are still partying in celibration….

  • Carl Pruitt

    Not so fast
    I th ink rio deserves it but, you haven’t seen nothin yet. Brasilero’s can scew up a wet dream. Corruption? they take it to another level. This might be the end of olympics as we know it. 20 years experience with carioca’s, even they don’t think they deserve it’ Remember what Pele said the last time Brasil tried for the olympics. Mas acima de tudo I think it is Brasil’s turn.

  • dnbaiacu

    LIsten to more Idiocy
    [quote]The Ego has landed.

    E Bom, Camarada.

    Do you really think Obama and the administration not KNOW they were going to LOSE?? What a VERY SUPERFICIAL take on politics.
    FYI. The U.S is being conquered pyschologically for a reason. There are ALL kinds of divisions being created. Government and media sponsored division. It’s as plain as day.
    The intelligence is in understanding WHY?????

    Finally news has arrived to talk about!!!
    How are you Joao :-)?????

    I love when the likes of ric feed into the stuff the “machine” feeds us. And get all emotional and deduce things to being a matter of ego. Obama is doing the job he was put there to do. He’s not going anywhere until “THEY” are done with him. Which will be quite awhile because his innate charisma outshines anything that has been before him. And his appearance can fool most people. Now why folks can’t see this for what it is baffles me. Ranting and raving at townhall meetings. Tea parties and such. Everyone is playing right into it.
    Sit back and enjoy the script people!
    Read the Bible!

  • dnbaiacu

    The Real Deal
    It was all rigged for Brazil to win in the first place. Obama knew it and STILL HE and his administration went through GREAT and EXPENSIVE lengths to be “politically placant to constituents” KNOWING CHICAGO DIDN”T STAND A CHANCE.
    People do not understand global politics. They were so ignorant standing there in Chicago DUMBFOUNED 😀 🙁 This is what is embarrassing. The “idiocy at large that prevails” in the U.S
    Brazil, or the southern hemisphere , needs to be sucked into the “global frenzy” as best and fast as possible. HOPE has to be generated to get more IDOLIZERS of a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT under the auspices of the UNITED NATIONS. Of course jobs will be created . Along with the “cleansing” of Rio (God only knows how that is going to come about. This has yet to be seen. And the background social ramifications)
    In the meantime , the exploitation of the populace at large will continue.
    Where was the CHEAPEST to hold the olympics of the 4 candidates? 😮 ???? DUH? Brazil. And ONLY Brazil!
    Plus the “asians” just had it in China.. (don’t think the “board doesn’t consider that) So Japan and its “yen” was out of the question.
    The U.S?….. NEVER.! The morale there is INTENDED to be broken. Thus it being eliminated in the FIRST round after a full Obama sponsored pitch!
    Spain just had something in Barcelona. And with demographics and “security” issues , not a likely choice. It’s “EUROPE” they aren’t “playing “games” these days. That’s home of the New World Order think tanks. They might as well have had and African country in their place. Because anywhere in europe wasn’t going to stand a chance because the KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON>

    No one else stood a chance for economic of demographic reasons.
    It is simply the “southern hemispheres turn. And the cheapest place to have it. A pure extention of the Carvival mindset.
    My guess is Brazil will never see the games. There’s way too much else going on in the world. This is just HYPE. The “powers the be” know this. DO YOU?
    2016????? Give us a break!!!! 😉
    So tired of the ignorance and the shows!!! 🙁

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Michelle didn’t help any.[/quote]

    Probably Michelle (nor her husband) didn’t want the games in her city. It is a poor city without any infrastructure whatsoever. No good airports, no highways, unfriendly people, etc; Real “CÀƒº do Mundo”. The first couple recognized the limitations of their city and gave up in the first round itself 😉

  • asp

    glad rio won…
    its a great city…

  • Ric

    Michelle didn’t help any.
    She only has one speech. Like a one-note samba. Everbody’s already heard it…..

  • Ric

    What’s it all about,….Ralphie?

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]The Ego has landed. [/quote]

    You must be a fan of Jack HigginsÀ‚´s novels or Michael Caine or both. So who is going to play the role of “Col.Steiner” in this new movie “The Ego has landed” ?

  • Ric

    Good News
    The Ego has landed.

    E Bom, Camarada.

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Chicago, AMERICA CAN’T AFFORD THE OLYMPICS [/quote]

    Thank God, Chicago, that “CÀƒº do Mundo”, didn’t get it.

    [quote]I keep thinking of all the Dead people that vote in every election for Daily cronies. [/quote]

    It is not “Daily”, but..but…but.. “Daley”

    [quote]I keep thinking of the one Person that was a great supporter of the Olympics, Rob Bogdonuavitch,
    Former Governor, He had great plans, to sell all sorts of things to the highest bidder. [/quote]

    It is not “Rob Bodonuavitch”, but..but..but [b][i]Rod Blagojevich[/i][/b]. He is from Serbia, isn’t he?.Must be a KGB plant.


    Right. While Rio rocks, Chicago sucks. Good luck Rio. See ya all in 2016.


    I keep thinking of all the Dead people that vote in every election for Daily cronies.
    I keep thinking of the Democratic Convention POLICE RIOT.
    I keep thinking of all the world terreists that would stream In to our country.
    I keep thinking the Atlanta bombing and the FBI ruining an innocent manˢ۪s life.
    I keep thinking of all the Olympic earmarked money that can now be spent on the poor of Chicago.
    (Yea sure)
    I keep thinking of the one Person that was a great supporter of the Olympics, Rob Bogdonuavitch,
    Former Governor, He had great plans, to sell all sorts of things to the highest bidder.
    Too bad Rob you will have to write a book. ( or at least a ghoste writer)
    I keep thinking of how all those Chicago politicians will have to steal from the tax payers now.
    The Olympics have turned into a WHITE Elephant, too big to ignore and too big to afford.

  • Severino

    Lula: Yes we can

    Obama: No you can’t

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