Brazilian Ethics: 68% Buy Piracy, 36% Pay Bribes, 17 Million Sell Their Vote

Piracy in Brazil About 17 million Brazilians, 13% of the electorate, confessed to have traded their vote for money, job or gifts, according to a public opinion poll released Sunday by the Brazilian daily with the most circulation, Folha de S Paulo.

Under the heading "The ethics of Brazilians", and with information from pollster DataFolha, 83% of Brazilian over 16, admitted to have been involved in some form of illegal action or practice.

Although 13% admitted having "traded" their vote in some election, 94% considers it condemnable, and 74% of Brazilian believes that registered voters effectively "trade" their votes with the candidates.

More over 12% admitted to be willing to accept money is exchange for some request from a political candidate to vote for him.

DataFolha concludes that overall Brazilians think correctly about ethics, and understand it, but do not act according to principles.

"Or we are living in Scandinavia and we don't realize what we are doing, or what we effectively do does not correspond to what we say or sustain," said anthropologist Livia Barbosa, who analyzed the results of the interviews.

The poll also revealed that rich Brazilians have committed more ethic abuses than the poor: 97% admit having committed ethical infringements compared to 74% for the poor.

A majority of Brazilians, 68%, admit having bought faked-pirate goods, 36% paid for bribes; 27% illegally downloaded music from Internet and 28% purchased football and music concert tickets from illegal scalpers.



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  • ch.c.

    Lloyd Cata(strophe) “However there are the majority who are struggling just to survive without even the opportunity for corruption!!!!!
    Sorry….sorry…but…but….(Unfortunately) those poors and struggling are the ones most subject to selling their votes for a little cash and a lot of rosy promises made by the ones they elected ! Promises never delivered of course !

    And…and…the politicians KNOW THIS ! Thus they use the poors to get elected ! Cheaper to give a few BRL and eventually a job promise to a needy for his vote rather than giving far more to a higher income earner !
    After all every vote counts for ONE ! Thus why pay a lot to a few instead of paying a little to many ?

    And it WORKS unfortunately.
    Thus believing that Robbing Hook, Chavez the Clown, Cristina the Bimbo, Morales the Cocaine Junkie and many others on planet earth will really develop their country education is just AN UTOPIA !
    THEY ARE WAY TOO AFRAID that the mass will wake up !
    And the minority elite will make sure that wont happen either. Otherwise they think they will get poorer.
    TOTALLY WRONG ! Because the more money “others” have…..the more you can make for yourself if more clever you remain !
    Because you cant sell something to someone who has Noooo Purchasing Power…by definition ! Or just a little !

    Now let me be clear : what is the large country, fairly developed and wealthy, considering itself as the World Best Democracy having almost only 2 political parties ?
    And are the 2 parties that much different ? My answer for sure is Noooooooo !
    Thus it is, in my view, a HALF DEMOCRACY – a HALF DICTATORSHIP –
    Barely more democratic than the ONE PARTY COUNTRIES !
    Ohhhh and what is the “developed” nation which still has and execute the death penalty ?
    Once more…only…..THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !
    And they also pretend to have the best Justice on earth…of course !
    Somewhat a very strange country because I red a while ago that 1/8th of those in jail have A LIFE SENTENCE !
    I dont know how accurate or correct is such an incredible number, but the source was from a U.S. media, not foreign !
    I bet in Brazil that even with a much higher crime rate the stats are that high because…FEW MURDERS ARE ARRESTED, and those arrested may get IMPUNITY or at worst will be freed after 1/6th of their jail sentence due to good behavior !

    Ohhhh and who knows the only country on earth that tax its people based on their country passports AND residence work even if abroad ?
    Does a Brazilian, Swiss, French, German, Brit, Japanese, Chinese etc etc has to pay an income tax to their passport country if not working AND NOT residing in their passport country ? NOOOOOOOOO ! AMERICANS….YESSSSSSSSS !

    Finally as I stated, Obama is somewhat like Lula : BOTH WERE SIMPLY LUCKY TO HAVE BEEN ELECTED…..AT THE DEPTH OF A SERIOUS ECONOMIC DOWNTURN ! While Bush was elected at the TOP of an economic BUBBLE !
    Had you put a goat, it would have done as good as Robbing Hook or Ohhhhlala.
    Had you put Einstein or Warren Buffett instead of Bush, and both would have failed at that precise time as much as Bush did !

    Enjoy…anyway !

  • asp

    cata , all you are doing is mischaractorising and distoring…
    to answer you and joao, it would take more time and typing than i am willing to give you, since it wouldnt make any differance, you have your mind made up…so i will speak generaly and then address a few items you mentioned. i wont address haiti becasue i am not informed enough to speak on that…

    in general , as i have stated before,there are four sides to all these conflicts you blame the usa on, all sides are dirty , and the people who have the conflicts in their area are the first people that have to look in the mirror at why there was blood and dead bodies, then the big powers that each perspective oponent apealed to to come in, have to accept their responsibility. to blame the usa on all this is pathetic thinking that avoids the real truth, which is what i am truly looking for …

    the rich and powerful exist in all places human beings exist and in all ideologies…making like the usa is the only power monger is ridicuals…if you dont see the power and money moves that exist totaly outside of the usa and their reach, you are truly blind and biased…

    if you think i beleive the usa is as innocent as pure driven snow, you dont know how to read . for the umteenth time i didnt say you were communist, i said you were stupid enough to not think for yourself and are reading off of a stiff flawed arcaic soviet union propaganda page, and dont even know it. your termanology lines up perfectly with the hammer and cycle communist party 15 minute spot on tv i saw here in brazil recently. you can jive all you want, but i see them on tv and i read you and it is very closely aligned and flawed and that tells me the truth about where you are coming from , not your denial…as a matter of fact, you are in denial

    i am leftest leaning, and , people who think like you, the moan chumski brigade, are a parriah to getting to the truth of how to make the real shit happen, you all are in the way, stuck in your dogmad dribble that doesnt ever look at the whole truth . you all have no ability to define the real picture, its always a one sided picture , distorted and never ever really showing the dirt on all sides which is the only way to get at the truth

    just a quick take on some of your distorted dogma, bin laden’s hate wasnt created by the usa in afghanistan, he wasnt created by the cia, he would have had al quaeda no matter what and they would have hated the usa no matter what…it all goes back to the arab isreali wars…but more reasons for you dogmad type to blame usa support for isreal back then…

    if the shah stayed in power, they never would have had the iraq iran war…you cant say the usa created the islamic fundamentalist movement, it was started by the guy who wrote the shadow of the koran in egypt…your biased bafoonish depiction of these middle east dynamics is tiresome

    see, i can sit here and point out plenty of things i think the usa did wrong, but , you cant seem to point out the dirt on the other side…as a matter of fact you are heaping praise on dictators like castro and only ranking on the elite rich capatalists, and easy target and all capatalism and rich arnt bad by the way …yeah batista was bad, but castro didnt get it much better….education and health only are one side of the picture….freedom of determination of will is a fundamental desire in all human beings and the lack of it in cuba takes an enormas toll on the people….in brazil, it has one of the highest percentages of people who open thier own businesses and most fail of course like anywhere, but, it speaks to one of the most fundamental human desires, to take control of your life and try to find your own way against the grain…the hammer and cycle has one of its most basic laws,,,you dont start your own business….right out of the comunist manifesto and fidels play book…they finilay had to begudgingly let farmere start their own business….

    hey cata, it s you who depicted me as in the cabana drinking and fornecating and then judging it…the closes thing i stated before that to anyone on here is that i knew prostitutes in the area of copacabana personaly and not in a profesional manner and found them to be incredibly interesting people, well traveled , multi lingual and street smart. i also said i did have experiances with profesional women in my life and have lived a full life i am proud of and i say its none of your business what i do , and if you tie it into your ideologistic bullshit, even more reason to call your ass on it….

    joao, you take alook at my answer above to answer you, its somewhere in there….there is a good chance we might have some points we disagree with on history…you dig?

  • João da Silva

    Llyod Cata
    [quote]Of course, if I was in the neighborhood I would fix it myself just because that’s how I was raised to do Christian works.[/quote]

    Thank you so much Dr.Cata and I am really pleased and I am sure that ASP is too. We could not only make use of your experience in doing Christian works in your youth,but also that in Vietnam. In fact the latter experience will come more handy while dealing with certain “elements” who are interested in extracting more of our hard earned money than giving a right solution in a real “Christian” or “civilized” manner. The “paramilitaries” hired by the tyrannical feudal lords might be killing the Jesuits, but….but…. our “Men of honor” who [b][i]governed [/i][/b]the country till 1985 didn’t stoop to this level. Speaking of them, they didn’t remain in power for 50 years nor build dynasties. 😀

  • Lloyd Cata

    The Death of Ideology
    — valid truths about communism and south america, shit you didnt even know about —
    It would be refreshing to have some truth from your side instead of insults. I did not start with the personal, but you must understand the truth is that you exposed the adventures of your cabana and got called on it so now you wish to digress, eh? OK, let’s return to the discussion of ethics. How many innocent people will the capitalists kill to steal the water in Ecuador and Honduras? Is it sufficient to kill an entire village to get one communist? Where, besides Mexico, has communism really been a threat to the US? No matter how many times you try to paint me into the communist corner it fails because in time you will see that I am probably a Conservative Socialist if anything that could be said of my views.
    As for being anal; it is simply a maneuver to get your head out of your arse. After all, when we line up the US ‘friends’ against the US ‘enemies’ you simply cannot defend the history of US hegemony in Latin America. History is not on your side and until your government finds a new direction it is going to lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the people. Of course the capitalists don’t care because their going to sell guns either way. What else is there for them to sell that cannot be bought elsewhere?
    Look at the present US policy in Honduras! It is totally schizophrenic with the Republicans advocating repression of civil rights so they can steal resources and labor and the Democrats simply unwilling to support the freedom they profess to believe. It’s like Afghanistan today; history should tell them that they should have let the Soviet Union win 20 years ago instead of creating Al Queda and OBL. Their policies and support for Batista created Fidel Castro. Their policies created Hugo Chavez. Their policies created Saddam and OBL. Their support for the tyrant Shah created the mullahs running Iran today. Even when they try to do the right thing like the Peace Corps, the CIA infiltrated it to such an extent that it further antagonized and angered even their friends. What other history do you want to discuss?

    — Uncle Fidel to send some Cuban experts to fix my leaking roof and send the bill to the U.S. government? —
    Perhaps if you find room under your roof for a Cuban teacher or doctor it could be arranged at no charge. You see, some family near you needs a doctor or a teacher, because when someone is sick they do not care about the politics of the doctor and parents do not care if their child reads the Bible or the communist manifesto as long as their children can read. A healthy child with a good mind will decide for themselves about ideology; that’s freedom without chains. Capitalism, communism, socialism, fundamentalism, terrorism are ideologies that have nothing to do with freedom. Of course, if I was in the neighborhood I would fix it myself just because that’s how I was raised to do Christian works. Perhaps that is why the church sends Jesuits to Latin America, and the tyrants and their paramilitaries constantly kill them; even in Brazil, a predominantly Catholic nation.

  • João da Silva

    Llyod Cata
    — Uncle Fidel and his clan charge a “small” percentage on all the businesses the foreigners want to set up there. Their lifestyle may not be ostensible, but…but….your “first Uncle” probably has his money stashed away in some off-shore bank. —

    You may be correct that Uncle Fidel has a stash somewhere. I don’t know, you don’t know, and if the Empire and all its media cohorts don’t know, then its probably the smallest stash of any leader (after 50 years) in the world.[/quote]

    Sorry, Dr.Cata. I have a news for ya. ch.c is the fund manager for all the off shore accounts held by your first uncle Fidel !! 😀

  • João da Silva

    Cool down, dude. Our buddy Dr.Cata seems to be a hybrid version of ch.c, Forrest,you and me. Extremely bright as well as deadly. Must have learned his trade on the ” killing fields of S.E.Asia”. There is no point in branding him as an Anti-American.

    Dr.Cata, IMHO, is very impressed with our uncle Fidel and displays his loyalty unabashedly. Just like our other good buddy Ricardo, who is a very loyal friend of Mr.Sarney. A very good trait among men of honor and I would appreciate if you don’t question this good quality. Dr.Cata has reasons about Mr.Aristides of Haiti, Idi Amin Dada, and several other good friends your country had and ditched when the going was tough. Oh, I forgot to mention your recent friends Hamid in Kabul and Maliki & Chalabi in Baghdad. I am sure Dr.Cata knows them personally.

    One question I have for Dr.Cata: Would he mind using his influence with his Uncle Fidel to send some Cuban experts to fix my leaking roof and send the bill to the U.S. government? Uncle Fidel can always cash the checks your government is paying for the Gitmo base and use the proceeds to help me out.

  • asp

    rimming ? defacation ? your obcesion with this indicates you got it ass backwards , cata
    wow, so that is what you are into , huh, cata, rimming and defacation ? and getting personal….that is really it , isnt it, cata, creeps like you think you have the right to critizise and tell other people how they should behave…that is the crux of the bullshit ideologies you subscribe to, the state tells everyone how they have to behave and what they have to do , and what is wrong and what is right…they got their finger up the peoples asses, mmmm rimming , defication, seems like its right up your alley,

    you really like that shit , dont you ? fingers up peoples asses…you must want your finger up someones ass, but,it aint going to be mine….and you got shit all ass backwards

    i just told you valid truths about communism and south america, shit you didnt even know about…i stated facts. what i said is that idots like you have bought into a really flawed philosophy out of the soviet union that failed miserably and yet, people like you and some other idiots are trying to grasp on to arcaic threads of propaganda from a fallen communist dictatorship to aply to present day dynamic , that really ends up looking bafoonish and pathetic…..

    and you got power hungry idiots like chavez and correa and morales and others subscribing to neo marxism and hugging and taking playbooks from old fidel…

    i dont even want the usa to go after chavez, or for anyone to assasinate him, im not afraid or obcessed with communists or marxism, i just want to point out the absolute hypacracy and lies and utter bullshit that surrounds people like you and them in reguards to the ridiculas way the usa is mischaractorised in south america and other international political hot spots , in their casem,for power, in your case…..for defacation and rimming.

    comon man, please, pakistan is so complex and twisted, before 9/11 they were almost considered a rougue nation….man, your arguments are so weak and tunnel visioned, im getting back to my cabana action and the drinks and fornefication…i highly reccomend you indulge in something like that, your uptight obsecion with rimming and defication reveals a troubled individual who tranfers their angst into handling fecal matter….

  • Lloyd Cata

    Here… Your Latest ANALysis From Western Media
    Now you can argue with the street, because it will rise up and swallow you;

    Gladly I will agree that the only “superpower” in the world must do its best to fight the small rebel force of the FARC which your stupid puppet Uribe cannot defeat. Sorry, but the FACTS now around the world disagree with your fictions of communist aggression. Simple question…does a foreign-owned company have the right to water over the people?

    Seems your fornication is not going well. How many putas does it take to get your little pistol to fire these days? You don’t even recognize that your fornication is a symptom of your defecation. Enjoy your rim job, until you realize the rim is around your fat capitalist neck! Now That was personal and I hope it works as well as your viagra…

  • asp

    cata , your hack version of history and the present belongs with moan chumpsky
    …you guys are a peice of bs

    just amazing you wont ackowledge that chavez has been aiding and abetting farc…

    you kind of people always say “they have been fighting farc for decades and it doesnt make any differance…” with the aid and abetting of farc by chavez and correa, that is how you can survive….

    correa ? i mean for gods sake, they had summer camp for farc and really dumb students from various places wanting to take a feild trip to the farc camp, right in equador to be next to your exiting freedom fighters…does this mean anything to you ? do you have the ability to comprehend that uribe and colombia and the majority of the people have neighbors who are aiding and abbetting a horrible sleazy arms and coke dealing , kidnapping, thuggy punks who hide under the marxist banner, who talk the same gobbly gook that you do and that moan chumksi call freedom fighters…while of course going into much more detail about the american military complex…

    which is worse…..fuck that, farcs direct dealings of arms and drugs with the largest and feircest gangs in sao paulo, rio de janeiro and the northeast (recently proved by a massive bust of a huge dealer controling the north east and was receiving the coke from venezuela by farc ) is devastating the quality of life for huge amounts of citezens in these areas.

    and you wonder why colombia gladly has made a deal for american military to come use their bases ? get real, angst ridden people like you and others, who think in your really narrow skewed version of history and the present , based on false bafoonish ideologicaly shaped perceptions of what is going on in this world , are so far off base you need to come back to earth and have a drink in a cabana and fornicate with somebody…anybody…just not me…..

  • asp

    im in the cabana now with lines of women waiting for capatilist dollars and drinks!!
    …right in front of the othon hotel and sobre das ondas !!!!

  • Lloyd Cata

    Just S.A.D.(Just STUPID AND DRUNK)
    people like you just dont get the reality of the cold war in south america

    Don’t your capitalist, imperialist masters just enjoy the fact that you’ve extended the ‘cold war’ to South America? Don’t they just love it because it is, in FACT, their only reason now for military buildups and massive arms purchases. Only the biggest arms merchants on the planet could love your propaganda more. After the fall of the soviets, you invent a “war on drugs” to continue your capitalist scheme to have everyone armed to the teeth. Now that your drug war has been such a miserable failure, “the Russians are coming”, again! You can’t stand the truth that Castro has been better than the Duvaliers who were such shining partners and examples of capitalist benevolence. You can’t stand the truth that your ass was whupped peacefully in Nicaragua by the people. You can’t stand the fact that your puppet Uribe walks in the shadow of Pinochet and cannot stand on his own. You applaud the fact that you can destroy entire societies in the name of ‘fighting communists’. You can destroy entire societies in the name of fighting ‘your drug problem’. You can destroy entire societies in order to protect ‘your interests’. Now the capitalist want to kill so their factories have the first rights to WATER! My God man! You send you own children half-way around the world to die for oil when all you had to do was get off your ass, like Brazil in the ’70’s, and solve your energy problem. Once again, The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! Yeah, and as part of BRIC, which really sucks for the capitalists, because now that everyone sees the emperor has no clothes, even your capitalist mantra is fiction. Now the West prints money as fast as Zimbabwe. Where is the prosperity they will bring to Latin America when they cannot support themselves? The only hope for the Western Empire now is the continued subjugation of the Southern Hemispheres. So now the Empire ramps up his bases in Columbia, and now institutes a Africa Command to [i]??? turn back the commies ???[/i] Will that work again? Will people who will fight with bows and spears stand for that?

    — telling someone like me what is wrong with where i drink and who i fornecate with —

    Too bad your still upset by what you thought was directed at you, but don’t flatter(flagellate) yourself. The truth will never puncture your cold-a$$ heart. SO JUST GO HOME YOU CAPITALIST PIG MORON. THE WORLD IS WISE TO YOU NOW. YOUR DOLLARS DO NOT BUY WHAT THEY USED TO GET!

  • asp

    cata, what a hack job on history…that is why you are a creep
    sorry, but you cant just do a hack job on history to fit your tunel vision of the world…

    i didnt say you were a die hard marxist, dough brain, i said, in your twisted hate of the usa and your phrases of the “empire” etc, you are reading off the stale flawed soviet union propaganda page with castros snot all over it….and dont even know it…which makes you an idiot…and hilarious and pathetic

    my god, castro, you hold this son of a bitch up as an example, that is the most hilarious peice of work by the tainted minds who beleive in this shit…”oh man, castro has outlasted xx numbers of usa presidents…”…of course, he is a fucking totalitarian dictator…he fucking shot way way more people than pinochet did…ah, but creeps like you fall over him with love and kisses, its pathetic, get a hold of your self ,please, its emabarrasing…

    people like you just dont get the reality of the cold war in south america.yeah , horrible things were done, elected presidents were overthrown, people killed , tortured and exiled….but , it was to stem the tide of imperialistic (look up the word to see the definition) efforts of the soviet union by way of castro to turn south america into more soviet/cuban satelites…imposing their marxist flawed philosophies into these south american countries…flawed philosophies that eliminated 20 million in the soviet union and more than 20 million dead in chinas implementation of marxist flawed “volta no campo” methods , that failed in cuba and are tried by mst in brazil…the same philosophies that they were trying to infiltrate into south america…the same flawed philosophies that failed miserably as the soviets fell…only to leave thier stale propaganda page that is picked up by stupid idiots who cant think for themselves , and spew it out like it is some kind of truth when in fact it is pure grade d bullshit

    you do know the soviets had spies in brazil in the 30’s ? and they tried to overthrow the brazilian government back then and the communists were tortured , something the red flaggers seem to think only the usa imported to south america in the cold war…this marxist crap was plaguing south america long before the usa combined with military dictators to stamp it out

    you do know castro was being extremly imperialistic also to be exporting his failed commie shit to africa like the failed punk bitch che guevara attemt to change the congo…even the commies in the congo regected che punk bitch because he was so full of shit, destined to be shot down like the pig he was in bolivia

    your warped veiw of history really cancels any validity to your arguments…and only a fool like you , wrapped up in your own personal angst and uptight guilt, tranlates that into telling someone like me what is wrong with where i drink and who i fornecate with…

    fuck that, im going out now to the cabana and have a drink and fornecate my ass off today …just in honor of thumbing my nose at jerks who think they can judge what other peolple do to fit into their uptight vision of the world

  • Lloyd Cata

    — loyld cata, you just dont have a clue , do you? how can you think chavez or castro are sacrificing for the cause? —[/b]

    Certainly you would like to paint me with the Communist brand, but you are not only mistaken, but simply a product of your limited education. That I prefer Castro to any of the US presidents is without question. Many times I have explained that he has done more for Cuban independence and African independence than any western leader in my lifetime. You can dispute this because you look at the poverty of Cuba in comparison to the Empire, but the children of the Empire are indebted before they are even born! Do you contest that an American child, upon birth, is owed the government more than $50,000? Do you contest that more than 90% of the wealth is concentrated in less than 3% of the population in the US? Many times you bring up Mr. Castro, Mr. Chaves, Che, Simon Bolivar, and others, but do you support the friends of my own government; Mr. Pol Pot, Mr. Marcos, PapaDoc/BabyDoc, Idi Amin, the Arab Sheiks, Saddam Hussein, the South African racists, the Zionist racists(distinguishing Zionism from Jewish faith), and now the Honduran coup-mongers, Noriega-before he turned on them, Pinochet, and the Brazilian military junta? Where do you draw the line? Only an ignorant ass could pretend to find these US “allies” preferable to the proponents of the Bolivarian Revolution. I only ask that you wipe after expressing yourself because remember your in a public forum.

    — Uncle Fidel and his clan charge a “small” percentage on all the businesses the foreigners want to set up there. Their lifestyle may not be ostensible, but…but….your “first Uncle” probably has his money stashed away in some off-shore bank. —[/b]

    You may be correct that Uncle Fidel has a stash somewhere. I don’t know, you don’t know, and if the Empire and all its media cohorts don’t know, then its probably the smallest stash of any leader (after 50 years) in the world. Remember that the US issues a check every year to Cuba for Guantanemo, but the check has never been cashed! That’s how poor people operate with dignity. I’m sure the Cuban people could use that money for many essentials. I am sure the free people in southern Africa appreciate the Cubans who fought and died to throw off the racist oppressors supported by the Empire. I am sure the people of Venezuela and other countries who have never had access to teachers or doctors under their Western benefactors appreciate the Cuban doctors and teachers throughout the hemisphere. Where are the Brazilian doctors and teachers? Trying to get to US probably, no? How much of your new oil largesse will go to free third-world nations from the grip of dependence on the US/IMF/WorldBank and their Arab allies? Before you condemn Mr. Chavez consider what the Venezuelan people are sacrificing so that many others do not have to beg for basic energy. You may say it is only for Mr. Chavez self-image that he gives so much, but see that the empire does not have to worry about its image as it plunders and wrecks the lives of the poor. And I am still awaiting your learned analysis of the Empires treatment of the Haitian people over the last 50 years. Perhaps you think Mr. Aristides situation has nothing to do with Mr. Zelayas, but if you cannot see the similarity then I suggest you get a cane and a dog. See how the US congress travels to Honduras to see that their investments are safe from people who are ready to reclaim their freedom and dignity. Tell me how it is the Communists that are subjecting the people to violence, torture, and the suppression of civil rights.

    Soon, my friends, I will publish my concepts concerning government and the people. where you will have ample consideration to comment and disagree, but until then I will independently choose who to associate with, and I can tell you that I have rejected the credo of corporate capitalism and its ‘selected’ leadership many times. Always in the hope that true representative government would prevail, but always mindful that my ancestors died to prevent the success of those with empirical ambitions.

  • Liliane

    KRÀƒ‰DO! 😛

  • asp

    well, i just wonder how the rest of the world would fare on some of these questions ?
    i would say that no country in the world would have better percentages at questions like illegle down loading of music, or ,if they had done some illegle action. . of course they would be lying if their percentages showed up with better stats …

    the highest percentage of illegle drugs goes to the usa and europe, right there would be big percentages of illegle actions…throw in income tax figures violations, trafic violations, cheating on spouses, drinking and driving, gambling,vice, and any other number of things that would be illegal actions…the numbers would be the same in those catagories…

    vote buying ? you have been talking about that, ch c…and in a country where people are in poverty, that is something that can be exploited by the politions…and, you are damn right about that tax bullshit for having a american passport…

    but cmon man, some of your other complaints about ameircans and brazilians are on the same plane as the swiss bankers receiving gold teeth from the nazi’s. i wonder if the blood was still on it…those bankers must have been like macbeths wife , and couldnt wipe out that damn spot “out damned spot, all the perfumes in arabia cant wash out this damn spot…”

    you hit it right some times and sometimes you miss it…i dont mind you taking your swings at the usa, every one else is, but, sometimes it comes off stiff and scripted

    obama and lula are politions, damn good ones. they have to play the game on a certain leval , they have to always be playing to the next election, its part of the game, its like complaining about people who make money off stock investments as being like african buzzards…its part of the game for them to be like that…but, obama is a breath of fresh air compared to bush…he was handed such a huge peice of bullshit from bush and his political cronies and econimic unregulated greed rules policies ,that nothing may save it…but we can only wait and see…like i tell ricardo amoral…

    cat ,you have been laying into lula but if he doesnt make a mistake in the last months of his candicy, he is going down in history as a great president, no matter what ch c has said….and some of what you said being right on…

    loyld cata, you just dont have a clue , do you? how can you think chavez or castro are sacrificing for the cause? really , bra, you are suckered by the soviet union propaganda page. i saw their propaganda very well represented down here in brazil, a 15 minute spot down here in brazil, the brazilian communist party …partido comunista …the pc…the hammer and cycle , really bad russion work songs in the back ground, the whole bit…

    and they were just mouthing the same shit you do, its incredible, you guys are all reading off a script , chiseled together by the top soviet propaganda minds that came from a flawed ideology that severly crumbled from within….it wasnt afghanistan, it wasnt ronald reagon, it was internal destruction from the weight of a very flawed philosophy that didnt work , and the weight of 20 million eliminated to give the flawed ideology its leaders with absolute power…and you are reading off their flawed page, it really is the same as the old pc down here…and the jerks who sound like you on the miami herald (besides the other right wing jerks who are just as bad)…you all just dont get it…

    but what do you expect from a guy who actualy think they have a right to say some stupid thing about what is wrong with where i decide to take a drink or with which concenting female adult i decide to fornicate with….that gives me as much of the creeps as the concervative republican right wing rush limbaugh root for obama to fail usa tankers….or the fundimentalist islamic crud who think its ok to set off bombs in public markets of their own people like in pakistan…man, you all are creepy…

  • Tomás Rosa Bueno

    Crawling things
    And an 6% of Brazilians have an unbeatable mongrel-dog complex. Of those, 99% write groveling articles in whatever space at their disposal.

  • João da Silva

    Llyod Cata
    [quote]Agreed!!! Truth Overcomes All [/quote]

    This is the first time I have seen you agreeing with Comrade. ch.c, Dr.Cata 😀

    However, I must contest the following statement of yours:

    [quote]BTW, other than media insinuations, there are no such institutional problems in Havana or Caracas. Maybe because the average Brazilian senator lives above the lifestyle of Mr. Castro or Mr. Chavez.[/quote]

    Some of my friends who have gone to your favorite “Workers Paradise” were shocked to learn that Uncle Fidel and his clan charge a “small” percentage on all the businesses the foreigners want to set up there. Their lifestyle may not be ostensible, but…but….your “first Uncle” probably has his money stashed away in some off-shore bank. 😉

    As for your “first cousin” Col.Chavez, he is deeply involved in “Nepotism” as well as other “nefarious” activities. His father “Governor”, his brother “Mayor”, etc;, etc; Needless to mention that the good Col.Chavez is no different from ch.c À‚´s great friend Col.Khaddafi. 😀 😉

    As for our Comrade ch.c À‚´s comments, let me assure him as well as you, that I belong to the very small minority. I sleep well with clear conscience. 8)

    I may be a “babacÀƒ£o”, but…but…, so what? 🙂

  • Lloyd Cata

    Agreed!!! Truth Overcomes All
    Having tried to expose state-sponsored corruption and its effect on the entire society these stats are not surprising, and probably should be revised upward. However there are the majority who are struggling just to survive without even the opportunity for corruption. I do not judge ALL by the ‘standard’ set by the government.
    CORRUPTION IS NOT CULTURAL AND IT IS WRONG TO CASTIGATE THE ENTIRE SOCIETY THAT SUFFERS FROM THE PARASITES OF OFFICIAL GANGSTERISM. The bureaucracy is no less guilty than the drug lords. They simply have the recognition of state-sponsored criminality. (Perhaps it will take a return of the generals before any progress, but first the situation will be recognized world-wide as a stench worse than anything produced by the asses in Brasilia.)
    BTW, other than media insinuations, there are no such institutional problems in Havana or Caracas. Maybe because the average Brazilian senator lives above the lifestyle of Mr. Castro or Mr. Chavez.

  • ch.c.

    Joao…..Joao & TO ALL !!!!!! Where are you ???????
    Hopefully you can have estimates…of how much I have been right in may so many critics against Brazilians !

    1) Altough those who “confessed” to sell their vote is 13 %, the percentage is in fact much higher as you could imagine.
    3) This explain why corrupted to the roots mayors, senators, governors are elected, re-elected time and again by Your People who then say “its all corruption anyway”. Sure….they are corrupted too these electors. They too eat pizzas all day long !

    As to 36 % PAYING some bribes….normal since it is a type of CORRUPTION !

    As to 68 % buying piracy….wellll….. more than normal for natural cheaters.

    And as I said above these are confessed people. They dont include those who did not admit anything “wrong” !
    Meaning you can add a lot of percentage to the confessed stats.
    Somewhat like during your vote buying scandal many politicians guilty pretended to be INNOCENTS despite your investigators proved them guilty !
    And finally those were PARDONED by senators just as guilty as the ones they pardoned…of course !
    And pardoned in a private vote, so that no one knew who pardoned…obviously !
    So disgusting that most investiagtors RESIGNED….but no doubt they found better jobs, better paid elsewhere so that they will keep their mouth shut !

    Dont forget my motto :
    Cheaters always cheat, liars always lie, hiders always lie !

    Proven just once more in view of the above stats, not done by me.
    No one can say I am ANTI Brazilians.
    I am just anti cheaters, liars, hiders and trickers !

    Finally dont even hope for a much better infrastructure in a fast way.
    If of all the collected money, A) too much is kept for the well being of your mega army of bureaucrats B) and on top these same people also suck/pump even more money through corruptions…..then MUCH LESS is left for the infrastructure of the society !


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