After 21 Deaths, 4,000 Policemen Take Over Rio’s Streets

Police raids favela in Rio Four thousand military policemen have taken to the streets of Rio and Greater Rio this Monday following a bloody weekend when at least 21 people were killed during a battle between the police and two drug-trafficking gangs fighting for drug-selling spots in the Morro dos Macacos (Monkeys Hill) favela (shantytown).

All Rio's Military Police battalions are in alert an at the ready. On Saturday, a police helicopter was shot down by drug traffickers killing three military policemen. Also eight buses were set afire in the Jacarezinho and Mangueira neighborhoods, apparently to distract the authorities.

The police were back to Morro dos Macacos this morning after receiving tips that some gang members who had invaded the favela were still hiding there. The information was given by colonel Fernando Principe, commander of the 6th Military Police Battalion from Tijuca.

The police, using dogs and heavy weapons, are active in several Rio communities. According to major Oderlei Santos, the PM's press secretary, the operation's goal is to hunt and arrest gang members who directly or indirectly took part in the violence of early Saturday morning when gunmen from Morro São João tried to take over drug-selling locations at Morro dos Macacos in the Vila Isabel neighborhood, in the northern side of Rio.

Military policemen from the Bope (Special Operation Battalion) exchanged fire with drug traffickers from Manguinhos complex. Officer searched for weapons and ammunition in the favelas of Nova Holanda, Parque União and Madela. The traffic of vehicles was interrupted in the area for close to three hours and bus lines were using different routes.

In Chatuba's slum, in Mesquita, in the Baixada Fluminense, the police found two .30mm anti-aircraft machine guns, two caliber 12 carbines, an URU machine gun, more than 3,000 bullets, 500 cocaine baggies and 500 bundles of marijuana as well as a samurai sword.

They also found three bulletproof vests, two gas cylinders and eight uniforms similar to those worn by the Bope, plus and ax and a grenade. Nobody was arrested. Apparently, all this material was brought Sunday to Chatuba by the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) gang in order to hide it from the police. There was no arrest.

According to the police, the leaders of this logistics operation are the drug traffickers known as PL, Juninho Cagão (Little Shitter June) and Pará, being Cagão the responsible for the guns transfer from Jacarezinho to Chatuba.

Students from the Don Hélder Municipal School were released earlier for fear that a confrontation between police and drug traffickers would put the students' and teachers' life at risk.

The third policeman who was inside the helicopter knocked down Saturday died today. Izo Gomes Patrí­cio was a corporal and had been admitted to the Air Force hospital with severe burns, in serious condition. The helicopter was hit several times and tried to land in a soccer field nearby, but it exploded right after hitting the ground.

The aircraft was giving support to an operation by 120 military policemen who were trying to put and end to the confrontation between drug traffickers.

Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva vowed to contribute with 100 million reais (US$ 59 million) to outfit Rio de Janeiro's police after the weekend battle, informed Rio de Janeiro state's governor Sérgio Cabral.

Cabral told reporters that he had received a call from president Lula. Part of the money, the governor said, will be used to buy an armored helicopter. The chopper downed during the weekend had armor-plating only in the lower fuselage.

"I got a call from president Lula offering support and confirming the release of resources for this helicopter. These are resources amounting to more than 100 million reais in the next six months."

Lula has now promised to fight drug traffickers after a bloody war in Rio's favelas just two weeks after the city won the right to host the 2016 Olympic games.

Said the president: "We'll do anything it takes and make all the necessary sacrifices in order to clean up the mess that these people are inflicting on Brazil."


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  • ch.c.

    Jay Glenn…the new brazzeramericano !
    What about the previous brazilian Senate Chief…the one communist ? Please tell us !
    What about Sarney…with his BUNKER ? Please tell us !
    What about the 2005 vote buying scandal in Brazil, that ended with the pardon of tens and tens of guilty politicians ? Please tell us.
    What about the brazilians politicians who had slaves alike workers in their very large farms ? Please tell us.
    What about the SP and Rio Carnagesssss 2 or 3 years ago ? Please tell us.
    Where ended the Ambulances scam, involving politicians ? Please tell us….. the verdict !
    What about the MANY MANY DEATHS SQUADS in Brazil….KILLING of innocents children…guilty of petty thefts ? Please tell us !

    Yessssss Pleasssse tell us…..the New Brazzeramericano !

    Ohhh and about drugs….you are somewhat right ! EXCEPT that some countries have far more problems than others !

    Ohhhhh and your “Had a national election bought and paid for by his father”
    “Who could believe that Senior paid hundreds of millions dollars to have Junior elected ?
    Sorry….sorry….but….but….but…..He never ever ever was that wealthy… my knowledge !
    And national elections in the White Teeth President country do cost many hundreds millions of dollars.

    Outside of this I also agree with you : what is the only apparent democracy on earth that has only 2 political parties ?
    And what is the “developed” country and with the “World Best Justice” (as per their own statement) to still have deaths penalty still executed in this new millenium and century ?
    And it is not going better and better. This World Best Country (only second as per Robbing Hook) has 1/8th of his prisoners jailed….FOR LIFE ! true stats by the way !

    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


    Jay Glenn has never heard of Collor de Melo
    jAY GLENN had the audacity to claim…[quote]Brazil has never had a president resign, Impeached USA had two.[/quote]
    Obviously he never heard of Collor de Mello, who was forced to resign when he was about to be impeached!!!

    Yet, I agree with criticism enhanced by CH-C REGARDING the limitations of the American political system. [quote] what is the only apparent democracy on earth that has only 2 political parties ? [/quote].
    This is a VALID issue, for NO OTHER COUNTRY has this ridiculous limitation of having only 2 major parties which are scarcely with the sole exception of one’s emphasis upon the ridiculous moralist religious fanatics while the other acknoledges civil liberty to its citizens. Indeed, the 2-party system to which the USA seems to be eternally condemned hardly offer any REAL choice to its voters.

  • Jay Glenn

    AMBIEN À¢€œSleeping GiantÀ¢€Â Dream À¢€œWhite ChristmasÀ¢€Â Santa Claus in Rio!
    Oh I forgot the Kent State killings also.
    National Guard I believe.
    The victims were not drug dealers.
    Oh yes, Brazil better get itˢ۪s house in order!!


  • Jay Glenn

    AMBIEN À¢€œSleeping GiantÀ¢€Â Dream À¢€œWhite ChristmasÀ¢€Â Santa Claus in Rio! ???????????????????????
    AMBIEN À¢€œSleeping GiantÀ¢€Â Dream À¢€œWhite ChristmasÀ¢€Â Santa Claus in Rio!
    Talk about drugs, what you are on. LSD your dream may be an acid flash back.
    Lull LUL all over the world?
    Man you are all over the Universe.
    Did you read the same article as me?
    Brazil like any country has problems.
    Brazil has never had a president resign, Impeached USA had two.
    A married governor use state funds to travel to his mistress country.
    And on top of it see no problem with it, showing no remorse.
    Have a national election in question (hanging chads in Florida).
    Had a national election bought and paid for by his father.
    West Virginia JFK by old papa Joe (the rum runner).
    Donˢ۪t forget the Atlanta Olympic Booming.
    How the FBI ACCUSED the WRONG MAN.
    Ruined his name, his fiancÀƒ©s and professional standing.
    Yes talk all you like about Brazil, but take stock in our own Country, before you shake the Ignorant stick at others.


    Hoping the “Sleeping Giant” will wake up could be equated with a Dream for a À¢€œWhite ChristmasÀ¢€Â with Santa Claus in Rio!
    (same comment just entered in
    Perhaps Brazil which has been a lazy giant ever since the proclamation of the Republic in 1889, has taken several dozes of AMBIEN (a popular sleeping pill in the United States), as it seems unlikely that it will ever wake up. Under which circumstances I consider it exceedingly unlikely that our beloved Big Boy will ever be able to escape its eternal DEEP SLEEP, thereby rendering me rather skeptical that it will be in a position to start awakening by 2016, let alone be up and ready to efficiently and safely host the World Athletes in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games & Festivities!

    Surely not with successive Socialist administrations sitting in Brasilia (rather, with a ridiculous chief of state who is hardly ever Brasilia, as he appears to be in a never ending À¢€œTour of the WorldÀ¢€Â in a shameful effort to become popular); a hypocritical administration which keeps on condoning the shameful presence of FARC (the Venezuelan-Cuban-Ecuadorian financed Colombian guerillas) which has been undoubtedly plaguing most of the Rio slums (favela) and have been continuously contributing for the deterioration of the Security conditions for the abused Rio ResidentsÀ¢€¦ Indeed, these poor, victimized CARIOCAS (Citizens of Rio) have been condemned by the irresponsible Federal Government (dominated by Socialists from the PT) to deal with an endless flow of stray bullets, Bus robberies, car-jacking cases not to mention the unfortunate slum dwellers who must also, in addition, survive under the daily intimidation of these FARC dominated Favelas (Financed by their dictator friend sitting in Caracas).

    Furthermore, without the deliberate intention of deviating the subject matter, one must never lose sight of the deteriorating condition of the nationˢ۪s infrastructure, the appalling condition of the Educational system, and the never ending shameful corruption riddled politicians not only in the various state capitals (particularly those in the North/Northeast of the nation) but especially in Brasilia! If only there could be a slight decrease in the shameful corrupt behavior of our Senators, we might have a shiver of hope (Yet, such endeavor would be so enormous that might be equated with the ability of securing a gift from Santa Claus during Christmas),

    Perhaps if these shameful socialists from PT were not compelled to keep their secret pact with the Neo-Leninist Venezuelan dictator (the monster Hugo Chavez) than perhaps Brazil could attempt to recover control over its major metropolitan areas, primarily Rio de Janeiro, in order to be poised to secure better living conditions for its metropolitan citizens, thereby enabling Brazilians to welcome the world in 2016 and to prevent a SHAMEFUL PERFORMANCE, riddled by corrupted deals and rampant crime!

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