Lula on Honduras: Brazil Acted Right and Truth Prevailed

US Shannon and Zelaya Just before leaving Venezuela to fly back to Brazil, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva commented on the proposed agreement to put an end to the political crisis in Honduras. Lula pointed out that Brazil did the right thing when it decided to shelter ousted president Manuel Zelaya in its embassy, in Tegucigalpa.

"I said that he was our guest, that he was in our house and nobody would to take him from there. Brazil did the right thing in taking this position and at the end the truth prevailed. Brazil acted in a way that any other country in the world would have acted," said Lula when leaving the El Tigre's area, 450 kilometers (280 miles) from Caracas, where, with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez he took part in the first soy harvest ever in Venezuelan territory.

The Brazilian president stated also that the lesson that this episode teaches us is that "nobody accepts another military coup d'état." Lula added that he hopes now the accord will be accepted and implemented by both parties.

"There was an agreement and I hope that it will be kept. Micheletti (Roberto Micheletti, head of the de-facto government) discovered that it is not possible to govern against the will of the majority. When you have the majority it's already hard, when all it's against you is much harder," he said.

According to Lula, Brazil's  Foreign Relations minister, Celso Amorim, talked Thursday, October 29, to Honduras's deposed president Manuel Zelaya and he expressed his satisfaction with the accord.

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, also commented on the agreement and said he was hoping that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, would put pressure so that the parts comply with the agreement.

Chavez revealed that Zelaya had talked to the Venezuelan vice-chancellor Francisco Arias to whom he confided that he was hopeful everything would be solved in 48 hours or less.




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