Bar Association Wants 10 Brasília’s Assemblymen Ousted

Prudente back as Legislative Assembly's presidentThis past December 16, the Federal District Legislative Assembly, which like other legislative bodies around the world is not known for speedy action, suddenly approved a series of measures releasing funds to contractors and then voted to go into recess immediately until January 11.

Many of the contractors who received this generous yuletide funding are accused of being part of a corruption scheme in which they made paybacks to the government, which then distributed the money as bribes to politicians.

By voting itself into immediate recess the legislature sidestepped an uncomfortable task: providing advice and consent on the impeachment of the governor who is accused of running the whole corruption scheme, which paid bribes that greased the palms of about half the members of the legislature.

The Brasília Bar Association (OAB-DF), was furious about this and filed a suit at the Federal District Court of Justice (TJDF).  The OAB-DF demanded that the legislature return to work immediately and examine the impeachment of the governor.

The OAB-DF is also calling for the expulsion of the following assemblymen: Roney Nemer (PMDB), Berinaldo Pontes (PP), Benício Tavares (PMDB), Benedito Domingos (PP), Leonardo Prudente (DEM), Eurides Brito (PMDB), Júnior Brunelli (PSC), Pedro do Ovo (PRP), Aylton Gomes (PMN) and Rogério Ulysses (PSB).

Note: Prudente has since resigned from the DEM and Ulysses has been expelled from the PSB.

The TJDF dismissed the OAB-DF demand that the legislature return immediately to work. The legislature will return to work on Monday, January 11.




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