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Corruption Case Against Brasília’s Governor Reaches More People

José Roberto Arruda The government of the Federal District (GDF), following an order by a federal appellate court (Superior Tribunal de Justiça – STF),  is to hand over documents on its contracts with companies that provided informatics and computer services.

The order was for documents and spreadsheets for the period from 2007 to 2009. But as part of an ongoing political struggle the present GDF, led by governor José Roberto Arruda, says it will provide the court with documents and spreadsheets from 1999 to 2009.

Including this longer period means they will also have the numbers for the administration of Joaquim Roriz who governed until 2006 when he resigned to run for the Senate and was substituted by his vice governor, Maria de Lourdes Abadia.

Arruda began his political career as an aide to Roriz; but that was long ago and today they are enemies.

The STJ is investigating irregular financial transactions revealed in an investigation by the Federal Police called Operation Pandora’s Box which found strong evidence of illegal payments by the GDF to its allies in the legislature.

According to the Federal Police, the money came from contractors who provided informatics and computer services for the GDF. Arruda has been accused of receiving a total of 3 million reais (US$ 1,719) in bribes from those contractors.

Meanwhile, there are reports in the press about how relatives of the governor have acquired real estate in Brasília but registered the purchases at amounts far below their market value.

Arruda met behind closed doors with most of his cabinet to discuss an action plan for 2010. Spokesmen for the governor said that the alleged real estate deals by the governor’s relatives were not mentioned.



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  • João da Silva

    DU 48
    [quote]Rooting out the arrudas[/quote]

    Thanks for the links. The second one is more alarming though. I have been keeping track of the news on both issues and the timing of announcement of PNDH-3 is typical of the government. X-mas, New Year & summer vacation and it probably thought the people would miss it.Unfortunately, the press was alert. What surprised me was the reaction of the various segments of the society. I personally was never impressed by Vannuchi and I do not understand what exactly he is trying to accomplish. The only way Lula can save his face now is to fire Vannuchi and let the congress kill the bill. But there again, Lula is counting on his popularity rating to get away with what he wants, but I am afraid he is underestimating the Brasilian voters.

    As I keep on saying, the year 2010 is going to be a very interesting one as well as a turning point for Brasil. Stay tuned.

  • du 48

    Rooting out the arrudas
    too right,I’m afraid, J da S.

    you can smell the coffee – 100% arabica, below.



  • João da Silva

    DU 48
    [quote]Second time around for the ‘herb of grace’-aka arruda- ‘the common rue'[/quote]

    You seem to be on a war footing, lately!!!!!

  • du 48

    Second time around for the ‘herb of grace’-aka arruda- ‘the common rue’
    This ‘herb of grace’ has managed to escape justice before- Remember the electronic panel voting scandal?After denying involvement the ‘rue’ admitted his guilt, shed a few tears,thus avoiding political expulsion and convinced his impoverished voters-by greasing their hands-to vote him for Governor! The electronic voting scandal case has yet to come before the courts.
    Now this medicinal herb and condiment is doing the same again! A few more false tears, asking for forgiveness!If it worked once, why not try it again!
    SOS Brasil…

    Footnote:Arruda-Medicinal use eg,-brushing against it with cuts can result in burn like bubbles.
    Culinary use- Rue does have a culinary use if used sparingly, however it is incredibly bitter ans SEVERE GASTRIC DISCOMFORT may be experinced by some individuals.Most cats dislike the smell of it….

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