In Bankruptcy, Japan Airlines Cancels Flights to Brazil

Japan Airlines Weighed down with debts of over US$ 25 billion, Asia’s biggest carrier Japan Airlines (JAL) has filed for bankruptcy. A consequence will be a reduction in flight frequencies to and from Brazil.

At the moment, JAL flies from São Paulo to Tokyo with a stopover in New York three times a week. And from Tokyo to São Paulo with a stopover in New York also three times a week.

The airline has announced it will cancel two of those flights – one São Paulo to Tokyo and one Tokyo to São Paulo.

According to the Brazilian civil aviation regulatory body, ANAC, JAL will have to honor all tickets already purchased, probably by transferring passengers to another flight.

World Cup

Emirates Airline has started selling tourist packages specially tailored to Brazilians to the Soccer World Cup, due this year in South Africa.

“Emirates’ package includes airline tickets, lodging, transport and tickets to the games, with custom-made services for the Brazilian public and the Emirates’ standard quality,” said the company’s director general in Brazil, Ralf Aasmann, according to a press release issued by Emirates.

The packages start at US$ 4,750.00. One of them, named “Siga seu time” (Follow your team), includes tickets to all games of the customer’s team of choice. In case the team does not make it to the finals, Emirates informs that it will return the ticket money for the matches that do not occur.

For Brazilian clients, flights to the African country will be made via Dubai. The tourism operator in charge of selling the packages in Brazil is Ambiental Expedições. Emirates is an official sponsor of the competition.


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