Brazilian 7-year-old Girl Will Be Carnaval Queen After All

Júlia LiraAfter all the international furor the news stirred Brazilian 7-year-old Júlia Lira will be the Carnaval Queen. A Rio judge has decided that the little girl can parade and that she doesn’t see anything wrong or erotic about Júlia’s participation.

Lira will be drums section’s Queen of the Viradouro Escola de Samba (Samba Club) and should parade this coming Sunday at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. The girl is the daughter of Marcos Lira, who is the president of Viradouro.

The decision to allow the young girl to serve as Carnaval Queen was taken by judge Ivone Caetano from the Childhood, Youth and Elderly Court in Rio de Janeiro.

The State Council for the Defense of Children and Adolescents had questioned the presence of the girl claiming that she would be in a role strongly charged with “sex appeal.”

A spokesman for the Viradouro Escola de Samba, Joice Hurtado, said the group was informed about the judge’s decision this Wednesday and they were ecstatic.

The case has become an international cause célèbre since the role of Carnaval Queen is traditionally played by Brazilian sex symbols like actresses and models.

The father of Julia had argued in favor of her presence saying that it  would bring freshness and innocent energy to the Carnaval parade.

Judge Caetano in her decision ruled that being queen of the drums sections doesn’t necessarily mean erotization. And she gave an example: “Dona Dodô, 84, was Portela’s drums sections Queen in 2003.”


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  • Patriot Dave

    being an America critic is lame!
    This is what makes me feel ashamed of been an American, when citizens criticized other countries about their culture or lifestyle…..who cares…come on… Brasil is not in war with us…. Brasil is a pacifist….Read some history about Brasil. Go Go Brasil keep your Carnaval Art inspiring nature, peace and love. Come on people let’s work in America to be again number ONE and stop criticizing others. Let’s create a better America for our children. If you think Samba is something bad well…don’t teach to your kid….. If you think Samba is only ‘Art’ well teach your kids. However, we are free to choose what is good in our life.

  • Andrade

    [quote]I bet these loud mouth USA feminists don’t even know who was Jobim [/quote]

    I am shocked. These fat overfed American feminists don’t know our world famous Dr.Nelson Jobim? Disgusting.

  • gabriela

    So easy to talk bad about Brazil when Americans think their shit doesn’t stink.
    Oh yeah… you can’t drink untill you are 21 years old, but America’s rate of alcoholism is double than the Brazilian…
    I heard somebody saying that the dance little Julia would do was too sexy for her age… C’mom… that’s samba… It’s our culture, we dance since we were able to walk… Like middle easternn do belly dance, and they don’t think it is sexy for a 7 year old to dance… it’s cute…
    Pervertion is on the mind of each of you guys… because if you find sexy that little girl dancing you should look for a doctor…
    and yeah i think this a good move for the parade, maybe the other samba schools wil take the idea and have more kids than naked women… Therefore, changing this idea people have that carnaval is soft porn… but for me is just a great show, with creative floats, customes and melody.

  • CiCi

    What is the big deal?
    The USA is totally nuts over such topics.
    Brasil is a healthy country so why listen to those nations that are diseased? In the innocence of this child the perverts of USA and England and so on see something dirty. In USA they BLUR on the tv shows on the documentaries a baby’s bare bottom! They equate a woman’s bare breasts with something EVIL I’m telling you that they do this.
    Brasil is what it is, I make no excuses but somethings we get [i]right[/i].

  • splot

    sexual exploitation of children … completely evil… this sexualized culture needs prayer and penance

  • lejos del usa 6el macho

    Brasil vs USA feminists
    Brazil women are sensual-feminine– respect men & always perpare a fresh meal for the family– contrast this with the typical USA feminist– who does not know how to cook– not even a hot dog– who wears mens clothes–gets drunk in bars or in the streets & is obese [obesity is a national disgrace in USA women] USA feminists like Gloria Allreds– Diane Feinstein– Diane feinsten– Hillary Clinton etc make up false propaganda aobut Brazil & Venezuela saying children are “exploited” in these nations– yet– in USA women teachers now seduce boys of age 12 & 13 in USA schools– its a huge USA scandal–you see how that disgraceful USA “”student” Amanda Knox– was proven to be a drunken murderer in Italy??– USA women are a disgrace– they are jealous because USA men now prefer women from South America over USA women so USA women make false feminist propaganda against Brazil & Carnaval–These jealous USA feminists need to shut up– stop being lazy & fat & stop making fun of a nice young girl who just wants to dance Samba– the national dance of Brazil– I bet these loud mouth USA feminists don’t even know who was Jobim NO fat USa feminist can do a Samba– Best advice– keep USA colomialst feminsts out of South America– don’t forget that USA feminist snt to peru=– to destroy the nation– her name is LOri Berenson– google her & read her disgrace=- as for me I say arrrrrrrriba las garotas de Brasil me gusta— desde Venezuela– suerte adios

  • cage rattler

    Is that you Thaddeus? Another Cybil moment I see!

  • fired chc

    What’s the fuss all about? Since when is Brasil a puritan know-it-all nation such as the big ego USofA?

    America, Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave,


  • cage rattler

    Samba Schools in Rio are corrupt cesspools of filth and vermin, Viradouro Escola de Samba is no different. I have no issue with the school buying off the judges, or the father showboating and scheming to bolster ticket sales, that’s just par for course in Brazil. I do have an issue with the sexual objectivation of this child Brazil’s most renowned global “soft porn” show. But, if that is what ROME wishes for ROME, who am I, a mere foreigner, to object? HOWEVER, don’t come whining and sniveling later when Brazil’s stereotypical image of a sexual fantasy land is further promulgated around the world. You have only yourselves to blame.

    I knew a Brazilian woman who’d literally sleep with anyone in her home, yet she complained about being called a whore in her neighborhood.

  • Lloyd Cata

    When There Are No Standards Any Reality Will Do!
    Many comments point to Brazilian history, tradition, and culture. That is certainly a valid method of analysis of the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ of this phony controversy.
    The school, the parents, and the state could have resolved this privately once it entered ‘the fathers’ thoughts to have this girl perform. He could have, as Samba school leader, gone to the appropriate authorities to press the case for his daughter. THIS IS NOT HIS FIRST TIME TO THE RODEO!!! This case is not only about his daughter, or necessarily that she is a talented 7yr old, but the ‘precedent’ that this has never been done before. As an experience carnivale presenter, he understood this. So the media circus should not be about the little girl, culture, sexuality, or Brazil. This man, completely familiar with the rules or lack thereof, found a loophole in which to use his daughter, and exploit her talent. She may turn into the “Michael Jackson” of Brazil, but it began with her fathers understanding of how to ‘game’ the system and the media. Perhaps if some Samba school should use a homosexual boy we would get the point….heaven knows if its just about ‘dance’ we could be surprised.

  • dnb

    Brazils “Beyonce”
    [quote]The guy is just trying to launch his little girl’s career as an international sex symbol. $$$$$
    Anything for money.

    [quote]Judge Caetano in her decision ruled that being queen of the drums sections doesn’t necessarily mean erotization. And she gave an example: “Dona Dodô, 84, was Portela’s drums sections Queen in 2003.”[/quote]

    Key word,,, necessarily.This is the kind of lack of oversight that makes standards continue to plummet. Carnavel reeks sex and Brazil has the “reputation” for child exploitation. Kind of crazy they’d go for thiis. But not surprising. :’ No nation really becomes powerful lowering its standards. Perception is reality many times. Life reflects art and vice versa. Somehow Brazil is missing the point. 🙁

  • Capnamerca

    The guy is just trying to launch his little girl’s career as an international sex symbol. $$$$$

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