Brazzil Joins Pearl Travel Guides to Bring You a Brazil You Haven’t Seen Before

Brazzil TravelBrazzil Travel is a new publication from the Brazzil group of sites. It has been developed in association with Pearl Travel Guides, “guides for responsible independent travelers who want to discover the real Brazil and enjoy authentic experiences.”

The site will feature a growing number of mini-guides to Brazilian destinations. Each will then be linked to a dedicated site like Recife Guide (

These sites, developed and maintained by a growing number of local correspondents, will contain rich and deep information to help the tourist get the most out of their visit. Correspondents will also understand the needs and wishes of independent travelers.

Pearl Travel Guides will also contain details of themed tourist routes, tours and itineraries that are researched and developed by the publisher. Each will be delivered by tri-lingual guides who have been trained and accredited.

These guides will be employed by carefully selected local operators who are licensed by Pearl Travel Guides. The aim is to raise the standards of tours and ensure good quality experiences are delivered.

Each tour is also being developed according to sustainable tourism
guidelines that will ensure the benefits of tourism are retained by local people, and that local people, their culture and their traditions are all respected. The publisher also plans to try and revive interest and pride in local skills and traditions where interest may be fading.

The founder of Pearl Travel Guides, Paul Barnett, is a 43 year old British guy with strong Brazilian connections for many years. He has a background in marketing and sees massive potential for growth in the Brazilian tourism industry.

At the same time he is aware then tourism can bring good and bad changes. By creating the guides and tours he hopes to show, by example, that well managed tourism can, and should, produce lasting benefits to local people, especially those in the poorest areas.

He also aims to show that there is far more to Brazil than beaches and Carnaval, extending tourism to rural areas that are rich in culture and heritage.

These ideas, and this vision, are in-keeping with those of the founders of the Brazzil publications which also explore the real, authentic and alternative images of Brazil, rather than just the clichés and stereotypes that ignore the diversity and complexity of the nation that is Brazil.

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