US Considers Letting Brazilians Enter the US Without a Visa

US visa The Obama administration is currently looking at the possibility of extending the visa waiver program to include citizens of Brazil, Argentina and Chile, Rodger Dow, President of the U.S. travel association, announced recently.

The Visa Waiver Program allows entry into the U.S. by foreign tourists from selected countries, for up to 90 days without having to obtain a tourist visa.

“We are looking at the possibility of extending the Visa Waiver program for Argentina, Brazil and Chile,” said Dow during the 42nd International Pow Wow, an international business conference taking place this week in Orlando, Florida.

In this annual travel conference, over 1,000 U.S. travel organizations meet with over 1,500 international buyers in order to create future business negotiations which, in turn, generates billions of dollars in future U.S. travel and tourism.

According to Dow, this extension could happen in the next 26 months, “Although there are still a lot of steps to be taken.”

Recently, the Obama administration announced the extension to include the country and citizens of Greece.

The Visa Waiver program now includes the majority of Western Europe, along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore.

The program used to include Argentina and Uruguay, but both were excluded in 2002 and 2003 due to the economic crisis that happened in both countries in 2001.

Stephanie Iris Schendel writes for the  Santiago Times


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  • Luigi Vercotti

    Nicholas, it would take a pure jackass like you seem to be to assume that because I use the name Luigi Vercotti, that I am an Italian. It’s a Monty Python character you stupid git. I am a dual US (born here) and Brasilian citizen. I’ve lived (thank God) mostly in the US, but just back from living three years in your fantasyland (Brasil). Keep telling yourself it’s great there. And keep watching your back….

    I’ll stick to the ailing US economy. Created my own company in three days (try that in Brasil) and am generating 6-figure income (try that in Brasil). I’ll pop down to Brasil a few times a year to see family, drink a cold chopp, and bang some girlies. About all the place is good for.


  • edu

    Brasil – USA
    Comparing the two country is apple to oranges.I have lived in Brasil for six years and they are are oceans apart,yes Brasil has come a long way since i moved here.
    Take the infrastructure sewarge,water,roads they are deplorable,police corruption unheard of,just to get a drive licnese will take you a month were as in the states you can get it in a day.And don’t ask me about puplic schools and education,i have two daughers in school they go five days a week thats if the teacher shows up
    When Lula is finished the country will slide back to it’s normal postion

  • ch.c.

    Brazil became price competitive….after a 75 % currency devaluation between 1998 and 2002.
    That’s all.
    Is this what idiots call a Strong Currency ?

    But Brazilian junkies are 10000000 % CERTAIN that they haVE A STRONG CURRENCY.

    Ohhhhh and nice I am, because earlier, from 1937 to 1994 the Brazilian “strong” currency ERASED 4 times THREE ZEROES.

    That is why their nickname became BRAZ-ZEROES !!!!! Ahhhh…..ahhhhh !

    Lets face it, after a 75 % currency devaluation….a country is FINALLY…. PRICE COMPETTIVE…..FOR A WHILE ! But for a while only.
    Because it means that the other country currency went up by 4 TIMES ! Yessss a quadrupling….by definition !


    Just ask yourself….who is the best….the one paying a low borrowing cost or a high borrowing cost….after inflation ??

    When junkies BRAZ-ZEROES will realize that the best is the one paying the LOWEST RATE……they will end up LESS IDIOTS !

    Fact is that even these days, Brazil government continues to borrow US$, EUROS, JAPANESE YEN OR SWISS FRANCS ! But none of the other countries governments mentioned borrow IN FOREIGN CURRENCIES….UNLESS PROVEN OTHERWISE !

    Conclusion….the borrowers are always at the mercy of the LENDERS…..and not the other way as Brazilians junkies pretend or suggest !
    And as long as long you pay a VERY HIGH RATE…….speculators will profit of that opportunity by making….A CARRY CURRENCY TRADE !
    NAMELY GOING LONG…the Brazilian real and short (meaning borrowing) a strong currency charging a LOW INTEREST RATE !

    SIMPLE AS THAT !!!!!!

    Ohhhhh….and if you Loooooove paying 42 % rates (average borrowing rate in Brazil) just ask your government and banks to CHARGE YOU 50-60-OR 70 % ! Ahhhhh….ahhhhh !

    The Brazilian motto is…..BUY ONE…. BUT PAY TWO OR THREE !!!!!

    Finally….no doubt that brazilians love to caress their navel with their 230-240 billion dollars of foreign currencies reserves….reading the idiot Ricardo Amaral !
    Welll that makes about 1000.- dollars…PER CAPITA !

    While my midget country, Switzerland, population 7,8 millions, has 161 billions in foreign currencies reserves….NOT INCLUDING ITS GOLD !
    Or US$ 20’600.- per capita in foreigtn currencies….not including gold !

    But reading brazilians comments….they are sure TO BE THE WORLD BEST !!!!! AHHHHH….AHHHHH !

    Same for your “superiority” in exports. Brazil is about 1000.- US$ dollars per capita and mostly in NO or Very Little Value added goods !!!!!!
    My country exports as much as the PRETENTIOUS BRAZIL, despite our population is 25 times smaller ! Ahhhh….ahhhhhh !!!!!
    And none of our exports are with NOOOOOO or Very Little Value Added !

    One final word : You are all too young and too idiots, but it remains that most of the time, at every new DECADE, there is a NEW INVESTMENT THEME !
    Thus forget the 2000 decade investment theme on GLOBALIZATION that your country benefited like many others.
    ITS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT for the 2010-2020 decade !!

    But dont worry….you will survive ! Not poorer…but still poorer comparatively ! And this despite you may have a higher GDP growth rate than developed nations. It will be your currencies that will go down over the decade !

    In short….you are cornered and chessmate ! And it will take time that you will realize it !

    Ahhhh….ahhhhhh ! On the other hand….when your stocks markets will go down a lot more than in developed markets, there will always be the opportunity to play a nice tradable rally lor even a bull market !
    The velocity of your stocks markets has always been a lot higher than those in developed nations.
    So opportunities will always exist for foreigners….TO MAKE MONEY IN BRAZIL ! While that is generally not the case for brazilians….BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE MONEY ON AVERAGE !!
    aND leveraging somewhat your investments for those who have a little money is just impossible due to YOUR CRAZILY HIGH INTERESTS RATES !!!!

    Ahhhh…..ahhhhh !

  • Simpleton

    More on empregada
    Considering a full days decent work of the type you are providing only gains US$45 it’s almost understandable that many women prefer to just hang out on the streets or in the p_tarias for long periods mostly every night hoping to score an estrangeiro. At the current going rate it pays a little over three times that, gets them some free drinks and possibly something to eat as well as a chance to enjoy having their brains f_cked out – business with pleasure [a dois].

  • Simpleton

    I know few well off Brasileiros.
    I stay only in Copacabana or nearby barrios or with friends in favelas or outside the city in the smallest beach communities to be found.
    I walk pretty much all streets in Copacabana any time of day or night without such fear – but most certainly wary / aware of where not to be and choosy about my path and make changes to it for coming back from where ever it is I went as well as being constantly attentive to the situ both ahead and behind me.
    The one time in the emergency room went just fine for me. How much does the health insurance cost – does it pay 100% of the costs or does it have limits?
    Nice apartment, any nearby for sale? How much?
    If your maid is only working for you one or perhaps two days a week and doing pretty much everything including parts of the grocery shopping and the laundry and preparing a meal such days you are generous (but only slightly) – certainly reliability and trust must factor in for you.
    Again, no problem with the have nots, their homes and families for me (although I do stick out a bit too much and show I am out of my place always wanting to go up on the roof or out in the street to tan a bit if I’m there during the day time.)
    Rio is an expensive city in Brasil!!
    Expecting the truth (i.e. the real, 100% and all revealing type) out of Brasileiros is unheard of but you can get to the solution of what you want or need with a little bit of dancing around things – think they call that jeitinho Brasileiro.

  • Lucinda

    Brazil is Great … really?
    I would be considered a well off Brazilian.
    I live in a gated community because street crime is rampant.
    I cannot walk any street in Rio without fear of being mugged (day or night).
    I buy private health insurance because public hospitals are a disgrace.
    I live in a 700 sq foot apartment and this is larger than most!
    I pay a maid 45 USD for a full days work and she earns more than most.
    Corruption is everywhere especially in our Government.
    No black or brown person owns property in my neighborhood – they cannot afford it – they mostly live in shanty towns.
    Rio is a rich city in Brazil!!
    Why don’t we Brazilians tell the truth – only then can solutions be found??

  • Simpleton

    Opening horizons
    Sam, just in case you think the (future) land of opportunity is wholely undesireable to all, some of us have been struggling for years hoping things will change so we can get in legally without having to wait out our lives here and go the retirement route (and operate on the sly strictly in the informal economy) or get an investor visa and thus have to risk turning over power of attorney to someone there. Don’t think dropping the tourist visa requirement is going to help at all.

    Nicolhaes, obiously you haven’t been there for a while – they issue five year visas now so you don’t have to pay every gd time. They even dropped the date of first entry window requirement (but not until I activated mine) so you can get the visa and take up to your five years before even going.

  • Nicholas usa_male

    “Hey Sam, if you’re not in Brasil, get there fast and be the first to take advantage of that land of opportunity!”

    Matter of fact, plenty of Brazilians are leaving the US, back home. I wonder why, oh wait..they can a job there. More info for you Luigi, soon your beloved Italy will end up like Greece, deeper in debt and in the hands of the IMF. Than I bet you will change your silly tone and language here.

  • Nicholas usa_male

    Compare DOW v. Bovespa; real v. dollar, gdp,

    are you sure you really want to do that?

    the Bovespa in matter fact “performed” better than the Dow, in percentage.
    real vs the dollar, the real is so far the best performed currency in the world. The Dollar is still a safe heaven investment, because the mess in Europe, but when investors see the true financial mess here in the US, we americans have a problem..thought will be a solution in the long term to get rid of all of the bogus FED.
    GDP? Of course the US GDP is higher, but so is their debt and even higher if you include the trillions of debt of fanny may, fredy mac (what the US government doesn’t include with the debt you see in wiki or where ever) and you have to include the unfunded liabilities like social security, medicare and’s comes close to a 90 trillion dollar debt..something that Brazil doesn’t have. So luigi mr italian, we don’t even have to mention the problems of Italy what is even worse.
    So do yourself a favor..educate yourself before you blabber nonsense here.

  • Nicholas usa_male

    luigi, stop talking shit, because you don’t make sense at all..and by the way..nurses here in the US don’t earn that well either (adjusted of inflation)..something you don’t understand. Because jobs prospects here in the US aren’t good at all. Spare me your nonsense and talk for your own EU nation (Italy) that soon will beg for a bailout. Back to the topic, if the US does what it thinks, will be good for me too when I like to visit Brazil without asking and paying for a visa. Good news.

  • Luigi

    Sam Paris – I’m not laughing
    Dude, I don’t know where you’re writing from, but doubt it’s the US. I spent the last three years living in Brazil and despite people like you and Lula saying otherwise, I saw no vibrant economy. I came back to the US a few months ago and see plenty of jobs, good salaries, nowhere near the Brasilian level of crime and garbage. Do your homework before writing BS like this: Compare DOW v. Bovespa; real v. dollar, gdp, etc.

    When are dopes like you going to realize that Brazil will always be the country of the future.

    My daughter here is a nurse and she makes more than most doctors in Brasil, and the worst hospital in the US is better than those in most Brasilian cities.

    Hey Sam, if you’re not in Brasil, get there fast and be the first to take advantage of that land of opportunity!

  • Sam Paris

    He who laughs last laughs louder.
    Considering the state of US economy versus the future prospects for the Brazilian economy, soon our north American cousins will be the ones begging at the Brazilian borders, desperate to get in and take a shot chance at the chance to move in to the New Land of Opportunity they now know as BRAZIL.

  • jonny corleone

    And in the backgrounds…
    Yeah, right. Meanwhile the scrutiny process upon arrivals will take longer, a tougher “interview”, all that crap.

  • Luigi

    Same Old Song
    Heard it last year, and every year.

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