Iran Wants Brazil to Mediate Nuclear Agreement with UN

Presidents Lula and Ahmadinejad Iran’s ambassador in Brazil, Mohsen Shaterzadeh, refutes the idea that the relationship between Brazil and Iran is based only on the friendship between presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ambassador declared that no matter who succeeds Lula the tendency is for Brazil-Iran ties to increase.

In Shaterzadeh’s opinion Brazil and Iran have complementary economies and for that reason there is no reason not get closer. “Our view is that the relationship is not based only on friendship. It goes far beyond that,” said the diplomat.

“Of course, the charismatic personality of president Lula helps a lot. But certainly the new government will not reject Iran.” Brazil has presidential elections in October.

The ambassador went on to say that the distinct characteristics of the economies in Brazil and Iran opened the door to trade opportunities, even with United Nations Security Council sanctions in effect. “It is not just that Brazil is important to Iran. Iran is also important to Brazil,” he declared.

Shaterzadeh affirmed that “Together our two countries can reach agreements in various areas, such as technology and energy. In our view, the existing partnership tends to expand no matter who wins the election in Brazil.”

According to the Iranian Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Brazilian imports of Iranian goods increased 28.2% in 2009, going from US$ 15 million to US$ 19 million. Iran exports 0.01% of Brazilian imports.

At the moment, total bilateral Brazil-Iran trade is over US$ 1.2 billion annually. Brazil sells beef and whole chicken, along with corn, soy, sorghum, sugar and soy oil to Iran.

Ambassador Shaterzadeh points out that in the first half of this year bilateral trade has expanded 58%, and quickly adds “in spite of the restrictions on Iran.”

In 2009, Iran had a spike in inflation, when it rose to 18%. There are also problems with unemployment as many workers can only find jobs in the huge informal market.

The Iranian government has a large subsidy program for food and fuel, which results in the average Iranian having the impression that living standards are high, according to specialists.

Brazil as Mediator

In two weeks the Vienna Group – which consists of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United States, France and Russia – is scheduled to begin new negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear program.

Shaterzadeh, announced that the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like Brazil to act as a mediator in the efforts to resolve the impasse. The ambassador declared that Iran will insist that a uranium swap deal – such a deal was signed in Tehran in May –  must be the basis for any agreement.

Shaterzadeh said that the role of president Lula reinforced the relevance of developing nations on the international stage. “The presence of Brazil raised hopes in the developing world that there was support for them,” said the ambassador.

However, he did not mention suspicions in the international community that Iran is secretly working on the production of atomic weapons. Iran denies this.

The ambassador went on to say that renewed negotiations with the Vienna Group must be based on the Declaration of Tehran, the official name of the document signed by Ahmadinejad, Erdogan (the Turkish president) and Lula on May 17, proposing a uranium swap.

The proposal was immediately rebuffed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council who voted unanimously for more sanctions against Iran three weeks later.

Shaterzadeh declared that the Declaration of Tehran is an important document in world history. And added that the declaration ended the controversy surrounding the Iranian nuclear program. He said that by adjusting a few details in the document the whole problem can be resolved easily.



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  • dnb

    “Laranja Theory”??? EXACTLY.. This is SO STAGED it’s pathetic. Americans will be stupefied and humiliated psychologically yet again.
    Iran’s position is just to polarize opinion on the “war against terrorism” which has naturally and prophetically a catalyst to the war against “religion”
    Look at all the focus,, which is becoming more political by the day over a “mosque” being built near Ground Zero in New York. That should have NEVER become an issue ,, let alone a hot topic. Because it’s plain ignorance in a country that claims to support freedom of religion to concern itself with where a religious building is constructed. WHAT REAL DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE theorectically?
    But an “issue” is being made because this IS the issue. FOMENTING hate against religion.
    It’s only a building where people intend to worship. And last I checked Ground Zero is where people DIED.. They are DEAD!! BUT,, does that make that ground HOLY???????
    If so. That’s like giving one belief preferential treatment over another..

    See the madness they are stirring up???;-):sad:

    This is psychological warfare and the public is eating it up. This shouldn’t even be an issue… BUT IT IS.
    This whole Iran deal is a staged event designed to have consequences to promote the United Nations agenda.

  • ch.c.

    BTW, do you remember the Rosenberg couple?
    Not personally.
    but yesss I do remember !
    This said this is an old story. I am talking about actual or recent stories of people who even were executed after yeaaaaaars in jail…and then…magically found….INNOCENTS !
    And those freed after having spent yeaaaarrrrs in jail…and then found innocents !

    America pretends to be against wars but is the country having started the MOST WARS !
    And they are the country, even today, spending the MOST MONEY ON WARS THEY STARTED !
    And peaceful they swear to God that they are.
    They care…they pretend.
    Yessss they care to start a war to provide “just another” economic stimulus for America.
    But they dont care about the 50 % of the population leaving in housing costing 180’000 dollars OR LESS !


    And my answer to these junkies is quite simple :
    They already print ships loads of money to pay for what you destroy elsewhere.
    They really shoot in their own rear these COW BOYS !

    Reality is this for Iraq and their WMD :
    Just a divertion measure !
    Fact being they filled thousands and thousands of missiles with TOXIC DEBTS ! Every missile with about ONE BILLION DOLLARS of debts.
    But most of these missiles did not reach destination.
    They stayed and imploded….IN AMERICA !
    They destroyed 100 times more in America than they destroyed in Iraq !

    This reminds me when the “elite marines corps” wanted to free the Americans hostages in Iran during the Carter administration !
    Their helicopters crashed in the desert of Iran where they wanted to land….discreetly !

    They should have named CHUCK NORRIS !
    He never ever fails.


  • João da Silva

    [quote]I have Noooo Idea ! [/quote]

    This is one of those rare occasions when you are absolutely clueless and I love it. ;-):D

    [quote]What is the relation with a nuclear plant ? [/quote]

    It does have some connection. The international press is more concerned about the “human rights violation” of a “supposed” murderer (or not) than the Shorty Ahmadenijad (he reminds me so much of your buddy Sarko) building Nuclear plants.

    [quote]Better yet America is also the only developed nation on earth that has still the death penalty and applies it. [/quote]

    You are right there again. They have “varieties of ways” to execute a convicted murderer and they have no morals to give lectures about how the Iranian woman has to be killed.

    BTW, do you remember the Rosenberg couple?

  • ch.c.

    Did that Iranian woman really kill her husband or is being convicted on trumped up charges?
    I have Noooo Idea !
    What is the relation with a nuclear plant ?

    In the USA many convicted killers are found finally innocents after 15-20-25 years in jail !
    Better yet America is also the only developed nation on earth that has still the death penalty and applies it.
    And then they are obviously very critical when emerging nations have THE SAME LAWS !
    That is America !

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Iranian nuclear plant ? YOU GET IT ALL WRONG ![/quote]

    Sorry, DnB and I didn’t get anything wrong. We read Tehran Times once in a while! And we still stick to the “Laranja Theory”.

    But..but… a question to you: Did that Iranian woman really kill her husband or is being convicted on trumped up charges?

  • ch.c.

    Iranian nuclear plant ? YOU GET IT ALL WRONG !
    This nuclear plant EXISTS in Bouchehr and construction ended in February 2009.
    And Russians are going to officially launch it NEXT WEEK !


    And this is regardless if America and Europeans like it or not.

    “La Russie va procéder le 21 août au lancement technique de la première centrale nucléaire iranienne. Cette installation fait grincer des dents dans les pays occidentaux qui accusent Téhéran de chercher à se doter de l’arme atomique.

    L’Iran a confirmé l’annonce de la mise en route prochainement de la centrale de Bouchehr, dans le sud. L’agence nucléaire russe Rosatom a précisé que le combustible nucléaire serait alors chargé dans le réacteur de la centrale, première étape vers sa mise en service effective.

    “A partir de ce moment, Bouchehr sera considérée comme une installation nucléaire”, a expliqué le porte-parole de Rosatom Sergueï Novikov. Le chargement des “cassettes avec du combustible” va durer un mois, a précisé un autre porte-parole de Rosatom, Vladislav Botchkov.

    “Après trois à quatre mois, le bloc énergétique sera à sa puissance minimale de 1%”, a-t-il ajouté. L’agence russe du nucléaire n’a pas précisé quand la centrale serait réellement mise en service et produirait de l’électricité.

    La construction de Bouchehr avait été officiellement achevée en février 2009 et la Russie avait ensuite livré le combustible nucléaire nécessaire à son fonctionnement.

    L’Iran est sous le coup de sanctions renforcées de l’ONU, la communauté internationale soupçonnant Téhéran de chercher à se doter de l’arme atomique sous couvert d’un programme nucléaire civil.

    Les pays occidentaux, Etats-Unis en tête, ont manifesté leur préoccupation quant à la mise en service de la centrale. Elle montre que Téhéran “n’a pas besoin de disposer d’une capacité d’enrichissement” et pose une nouvelle fois la question de sa sincérité, selon la Maison Blanche.”

  • Fredo

    Iran, due to its current leader, is a dangerous nation, not to be trusted. Lula is being played by the evil Ahmadinejad, no doubt. Many in Iran want reform. The USA remains a much better friend to Brazil and the world, but it is true that getting honest news in the USA is a problem because of the biased news sources which bow to Obama. It looks like the world has a big problem because of a lack of honest leaders with a desire to to the right thing for citizens.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Ahmadinejad is an elite sellout or just as much a “creation” as Obama.[/quote]

    In other words, our advice is to read “Laranja Theory”, right? 😉

  • dnb

    I just laugh..
    Iran is definetly NOT the enemy that the U.S. media makes it out to be. To which the American public at large is completely oblivious. I predict the Middle East will be “polarized” dramatically with Iran being FED literally by Brazil. The nuclear “agreement” WILL go through with the U.S deliberately made to look stupid, blindsided and thrown a curve again.
    Regional chaos will ensue.. Resulting in an international cry for a “crackdown” with internal HUGE Iranian support.

    In short,, someone has to FEED the promoters of the schism.
    When you know the end of the story ,it’s easy to follow the context.
    Brazil is being pimped out by the New World Order elite to breast feed a big player in their war against Islam. Ahmadinejad is an elite sellout or just as much a “creation” as Obama. I wish I had more juicy details of his history and relations if any to the ruling cleric. All so INTRIGUING. How did his “character” get maneuvered through the prevailing system. There’s got to be HUGE money and unknown sellouts within the ruling cleric from my simple observation. He’s Iran’s Hitler.tsk tsk

    In short, I have found that if you want real news, the U.S is no place to be or get it from. I learn more here about what’s REALLY happening. And the only TELLING thing as of late out of the U.S is that the Billionaires are giving half their fortunes away to charity.
    Now it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess why.

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