Brazil Wants the US and NATO to Keep Their Distance from South America’s Shores

NATO's forces The Brazilian government says that it rejects any interference of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, in the South Atlantic or any idea of a similar organization at South Atlantic level, reports Brazilian O Estado de S. Paulo. 

Defense minister Nelson Jobim who has been meeting with US officials made the issue “most clear” to his US counterparts, particularly any interference in the South Atlantic.

“The South Atlantic has security questions which are very different from those in the North Atlantic,” Jobim is alleged to have argued.

The newspaper also reports that Jobim expressed fears that an expanded area of action for NATO, speared by the undisputed power of the United States could lead to “multilateral war actions without the support from the UN Security Council.”

In few words the message from Brazil to US officials was that “NATO can’t substitute the United Nations.”

Jobim had already anticipated those fears last September during a conference at Portugal’s National Defense Institute, with the participation of representatives from Europe, Latin America and the United States.

At the time Jobim argued that a literal interpretation of NATO’s role as an “Atlantic organization” could open the doors for intervention in any part of the world, under different pretexts.

The Brazilian minister visited Washington where he met with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano “to reaffirm the shared commitment of the United States and Brazil to strengthening the global aviation system,” according to an official US report.

The US and Brazil signed a Joint Statement of Intent on aviation security between DHS, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Empresa Brasileira de Infra-Estrutura Aeroportuária (INFRAERO), a state-owned company which operates under the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

“Together, the international community is forging a 21st century international aviation security framework that will make air travel safer and more secure than ever before,” said Secretary Napolitano. “I look forward to working closely my Brazilian counterparts to continue our unprecedented collaboration to better protect the international aviation system.”

Secretary Napolitano also applauded Brazil’s support for the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) recent adoption of a historic Declaration on Aviation Security – forging a new foundation for aviation security that will better protect the entire global aviation system from evolving terrorist threats.



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  • Mark

    more arrogance to the comedy
    It’s almost embarrassing to read comments that flex the military muscle of the US… knowing some of the real history of money and power and the reasons we go to war. You only need big guns and air craft carriers when you make a mess and kill in other countries back yards, definitely not because they hate us for our freedoms… but it is the mindset we are to believe growing up in the most influential country in the world. This is apparent in the thinking that the world needs US to protect everyone, we are the greatest country ever. Maybe there was a time when were but that time has been gone for decades. Perhaps the greatness wore off after the Kennedy boys and MLK were gunned down. The more I travel the more I see, the more I know, the more I think for myself.. One great thing is the core of the American spirit is alive South America and Brasil specifically. They are making alot of the right decisions moving forward. Though, I will point out the murder of the Xingu River will happen soon along with the 25,000 indigenous that live along its shores, in the name of what? progress? But that’s another blog… The only thing we all need protection from is ourselves… Tchau for now!

  • Rafael

    “The USA has shared a lot of technology with Brasil and there is no desire to hold the country down.”

    Completely untrue. The US has applied a decades-old weapons, air and space technology embargo against Brazil – an embargo that took place beginning in 1967, when the dictator Costa e Silva took office, but that has not ceased being applied after the country finally transitioned into democracy. Everybody knows how much the US is worried about intellectual property protection (something it tried to enforce in LatAm countries when negotiating the FTAA). Just see how the US behaves when developing countries – specially South Africa, Brazil and India – push for greater access to, for example, STD drugs technology.

    We do not need you. Whatever merits and faults we have, they’re of our sole responsibility. Stop being condescendent and thinking we should be greatful to you. The US has played no role in Brazil’s development. As a matter of fact, whenever the US tries to forge an agreement, it likes to throw its weight so as to make it fit its own interests. There’s nothing uncommon in that. That’s how hegemons have behaved throughout history.

  • Renatto

    Will US bomb Brazil?
    When uncle Bush told me “there is nukes in Iraq” I (and millions of Brazilians) just believed on him.
    Afterall, we are alies…
    This is so true we fought world war I and II (almost in Korea and Vietnam). Brazil was the only Latin American country that participated effectively in the First and Second World Wars.
    Hell! We Brazilians are always believing in US.
    “In US we respect Civil rights, (so lets torture people in other places like Guantanamo or Iraq”.
    “Iraq can walk alone without US help!” Let’s this arabs kill each other in a nasty civil war…
    Tell me: How many war US was involved in the last century? There is a full decade of peace?
    Brazil do not hate America or Americans, we are not Mexicans…
    Another important question:
    Nukes are a 60 year old secret. How long US believe in keeping suspetc countries away from nukes? Will US bomb all countries with nukes capabilities?
    Yeah, we must find other options…

  • Rafael

    “Americans have nothing bad to say about Brasilians, nor is there any government policy to take over the Amazon forest or other nonsense that is talked about in Brasil”

    That’s not what one gathers from reading the comments from this disgraceful website. What I see is that, whenever Brazil asserts independent stances on world matters – which fortunately is not a rare thing -, the Americans get nasty and try to pose as superior by pointing to – often true, but also exaggerated – Brazil’s shortcomings. You, for example, in a paper about NATO, unnecessarily prattles about bureaucracy and import tariffs (which, btw, are an important element in guarateeing Brazilian industry will not lose ground in the domestic market due to expensive currency. Btw, did you know the US applies high tariff imports against Brazilian agricultural products such as cotton, and also ethanol? Yeah, the talk about free market is only imposed by the US when it comes to sectors of its economy in which it is competitive.) Other vindicative Americans on the comments sections seem to be already forecasting Brazil’s downfall even though the one country that is clearly rotting away is the US. No, it doesn’t seem like Brazil has a chip on the shoulder. It seems it is Americans who can’t stand when a country, and a Latin American one no less, stands on its own without paying homage to the US.

    “The foreign policy is also troubling. Cozying up to dictators is not something a grown-up, mature democracy should be doing.”

    IS THAT RIGHT? Then WTF the US is doing in the Middle East? Why in hell the US is so friendly to “democracies” such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait – countries whose treatment of women, homosexuals, atheists and other such groups are no less brutal than Iran’s? Do you really think a country establishes international relations on the basis of moral considerations, for instance, on the basis of which potential partners are democracies or not? If you do, then you’re probably brainwashed by the vulgar propaganda of the low minded American media – the same one that sold you Iraq War. Countries establish their partnerships on the basis of selfish interests. As such, whether a potential partner is a democracy or not, is of no importance. Isn’t the US friendly to Saudi Arabia? Isn’t the US a major trade partner of China? Hasn’t the Obama administration considered forging a G2 with that country? You solve your issues with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China before you try lecturing us about Iran or Cuba. “Why do You notice the splinter in Your brother’s eye, but Do Not Notice the Wooden Beam in Your own eye? How can You say to Your brother, ‘Let me remove that splinter from Your eye,’ while the Wooden Beam is in Your eye? You HYPOCRITE, remove the Wooden Beam from Your eye first; then You will see clearly to remove the splinter from Your brother’s eye.” Hypocrite.

    And that – the fact that nations establish their partnerships on the basis of selfishness – brings me to my next point. There’s NO SUCH THING as “natural ally.” No country has natural allies. Countries only have INTERESTS. You don’t know if the US has aggressive intentions toward other countries. Your country has major responsibility in government oustings and military coups d’état in the world abroad, and specially in Latin American countries. US ambassador Lincoln Gordon was an element of importance in the 64 coup in Brazil – and such rogueris the US government and intelligence agencies have practiced in face of complete ignorance of the deluded and alienated American civilian population. You can’t know what your country’s agenda really is.

  • Michael

    Brasil has a long ways to go to be a grown-up country
    As an American that owns property in Brazil, I have seen and experienced a lot in the country. There is a lot of corruption and inefficiency in government. The police and the politicians are apathetic. It’s a very frustrating bureaucracy. And the way they punish their own citizens with the high import taxes is a travesty. There are very few things, particularly complicated electronic things, that are made in Brasil that are of good quality. The average citizen doesn’t know how cheap things are in other developed countries because they don’t travel. I saw a basic plastic covered container box at Wal-mart in Rio a couple of months ago that would have cost $5 in the USA. It was listed on the shelf for $R99. I couldn’t believe it. That was like $60. There are so many examples of that.

    But more importantly, they have stop acting like they have a chip on their shoulder, or have inferiority complex, when it comes to the USA. About 7 years ago when the US implemented their finger printing program from certain visa countries, Brasil reciprocated without any regard for the unique security concerns within the USA. It was just tit for tat, and that is petty and childish.

    Also, the way courts blocked the guy from getting his son back for 6 years even though Brasil had signed the intl treaty was disgraceful.

    The foreign policy is also troubling. Cozying up to dictators is not something a grown-up, mature democracy should be doing.

    For the Brasilians reading this comment, understand that Brasil is a natural ally for the USA. Americans have nothing bad to say about Brasilians, nor is there any government policy to take over the Amazon forest or other nonsense that is talked about in Brasil. The USA has shared a lot of technology with Brasil and there is no desire to hold the country down. A responsible Brasil will be a big help to the USA, and that is the way our government see it.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]not to far off as what the US is going through now soon the voters of brazil will see the government has been back stabing them for years and turn on them and then they will ask for help. [/quote]

    Only the time will tell.;-)

  • forrest allen brown

    no bombs nessary in brazil case
    it is self imploading on its own self .
    not to far off as what the US is going through now soon the voters of brazil will see the government has been back stabing them for years and turn on them and then they will ask for help.
    only one mimn chaves attic on brazil and then help even from the columbians as we know the US and columbia have a deal we can use 7 bases in their country not un like how they US built most the run way durning ww2 in the north of brasil while helping the germans in the south money from booth sides

  • Linderman

    Luigi here
    [quote] They think the have the right to tell the US what to do. [/quote]

    We don’t think we have the right to tell the US what to do, we are actually afraid of the US bombing us for no particular reason like they do elsewhere in the world..

    So, I’d rather leave the US to its shit… and live in peace

  • peace

    The smart Jobim
    I think about Jobim as a very smart person. He just gave the massage: Stay far from us.

  • luigi vercotti

    More Comedy
    It is such a comedy watching the Brazilian government pretend the world takes them seriously. They think the have the right to tell the US what to do. A joke. Like the rest of the world, if the shit hit the fan Brazil would be on the Bat-phone to DC asking for help. Maybe Jobim should devote some effort to getting the one Brazilian aircraft carrier out of drydock…

  • Leslie Morgan

    Brazil+Iran = Losers
    Falklands and French Guinea belong to NATO members.
    So, Brazil fuck off!

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