French No More. Boeing F-18 Now Seems to Be Favorite for Brazilian Air Force Update

Boeing's F-18 Super Hornet Brazil will not review multibillion-dollar bids for a fighter jet deal until the start of 2012, Brazilian Defense minister Nelson Jobim told reporters in France. 

“We will examine it in the beginning of next year. At the moment, we are only focused on the domestic agenda,” Jobim said on the sidelines of a business forum in southern France.

Brazil, which wants to rebuild and expand its dilapidated fleet of air force jets, has been considering offers from France’s Dassault Aviation, Boeing and Sweden’s Saab.

The Brazilian contract will likely be worth much more than the initial bids, which have been reported by Brazilian media at about 4 to 6 billion US dollars. Maintenance contracts will be lucrative, and Brazil could eventually buy more than 100 aircraft.

Aside from the price and tactical considerations of Dassault’s Rafale, Boeing’s F-18 and Saab’s Griffon, Brazil demands a technology transfer to help create jobs by manufacturing modern fighters at home and potentially exporting them to neighbors in Latin America.

“The principal necessity is on technology transfer,” said Jobim, who declined to say which of the three offers Brazil was leaning towards.

Dassault’s Rafale had appeared close to clinching its first foreign deal with ex Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who had said he preferred the French plane over its rivals.

But Lula’s successor, Dilma Rousseff, appears to be leaning towards Boeing’s F-18 Super Hornet after saying she wanted to rethink all the finalists’ bids. Since taking office in January, Rousseff has pursued stronger political ties with the United States.



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  • us observer

    just a little reminder
    south americas military showed its ridiculous humiliating capabilities during the falklands dispute where the argentinians after much posturing and bluffing got its arse kicked in a matter of a mere minutos by the far superior british navy …. as usual south america bangs its tin pots and blows it chest up like a pigeoun or baboon and then spits and farts when reality sets in ..the southern continent is light years behind the western military of the usa,britain france and germany…in case you haven,t noticed…

  • João da Silva

    [quote] If Brasil can’t renovate and invigorate their aging Mirages[/quote]

    This project is already underway, in case you are not reading the newspapers, these days. The cost is estimated to be just $670 Millions as against $3.6 B to buy the toy fighter planes from Sarko. Good decision by our C-in-C, if I might be permitted to add.;-)

  • Forrest A Brown

    unless you stick most of them in the amazon.
    FA18 are a grate plane but brazil does not have the ability to maintain them much less build them.
    Brasil needs to guard its back war fare from the sea has only a few major players in the world. Any one of them is watched by the others Brasil would know it was coming.
    But from some border country well that is a different matter.
    with all your friends having major roads into your country I would say a Jump Jet or rotor wing air craft that can hide in the jungle or land on any cleared path would be the best thing first.
    then start building on fast fighters for their back up F16 are a very good plane same with the FA18 bunch of used ones out there in fact a 2 for one sale may be had from countries that are having money woas

  • Ederson

    I better qualify that
    Before someone jumps on me for suggesting Brasil buys used, let me point out that Brasil wants to develop an industrial base that can maintain a modern fleet of military aircraft. Surely, Brasil’s lackluster ability with its current air fleet suggests Brasil has a lot to learn. Might that learning curve be less expensive on an airframe that costs billions less than a new fighter? Any suggestion that the simpler and far cheaper F-16 can’t be rejuvenated flies in the face of Israeli experience, the perfect partner for Brasil.
    So what if the F-16 airframes, used, will require considerable renovation. What is the ultimate goal Brasil seeks anyway? So what if Brasil has to develop, with its outside partner, new technologies to address airframe and avionic issues to suit Brasil’s unique situation? Isn’t that what Brasil wants anyway? I suggest Brasil shop around. I believe there are many excellent deals out there on the used market that when coupled with a technological leader such as Israel or Sweden will give Brasil the combat fleet it needs. I just can’t see throwing money away at a threat that doesn’t exist.
    If Brasil truly was interested in defending its borders and natural resources, it should start at the ballot, not in the Atlantic.

  • Ederson

    FA-18 is wrong
    The FA-18 is a great airplane, but the wrong airplane for Brasil. If Brasil can’t renovate and invigorate their aging Mirages, even with the excellent capabilities of the Israelis only a phone call away, seriously, how will they handle something as complex as the FA-18? Brasil’s interest in airplanes is led by the “WOW” factor, not that which is mission and cost oriented. If it were, those in the know would be looking at used F-16’s, Mig-29’s, or Grippens.
    Brasil’s enemy is not the Yanks. I’m so sick of hearing that trash. Wake up. Any Western power who needs Brasil will never make a gesture of arms; they will only contact the bank of a willing and corrupt politician.
    Brasil needs to economize and make its purchasing decisions based on who the threat is as well as economics. I don’t think Brasil can have a first-rate military and invest in the infrastructure it needs.
    20 submarines won’t protect Brasil from any NATO threat. It will only amount to a weekend’s work of ASW. Brasil needs a dose of reality.
    Brasil needs a strong military and an up-to-date air force, but there are other, more efficient ways to obtain one than begging either the French or the Yanks. Give me a break.

  • us observer

    hmmm shall we see to the sea
    hmmmmm lets see,, well of course the american F-18,s are the far superior jet thats a fact …and nato in the south atlantic and a american fleet off the coast of venezuela well lets say of course absolutely and a large land based military presence in colombia yes this too…so we should also have an american super ultra modern nuclear fleet off the coast of brazil as well when you consider the usa lent $3 billion us to brasil for deep water drilling …so we shall see we shall sea ..the united states of america the worlds only super power and militarily unmatched the world over has a responsibilitiy to its people to keep an eye on these little backwaters of minerals and gems and heavy crude .why we have big markets for refined petroleum,and fine gem stones gold silver emeralds and rubys you know make sure the wrong people don,t start mucking up and making bad deals with the bad guys like castro,morales,chavez,and a dead marxist with a bad haircut and n need of a shave we can only imagine how an underdtaker had to work around a short portly guy who hadn,t had a bath in years..legend has it a spark ignited che,s pants as he shit himself staring down the barrell of an american machine gun and the ensuing fart gaseous from a 2 week non-bowell movement created a major stink bomb with the cracking and boom of a 155 howitzer the end there was no trace but a putrid shit smell wafting and rising up to the sky and one dead south american marxist reduced to a puff of cloud shit. F18,s in the morning really make you feel allright especially when there are american pilots in them…

  • jan z. volens

    Brazil will build 20+ submarines in the coming years.
    No, Brazil is not building an aircraft carrier. However Brasil is buying one French-made submarine, and with French assistance will build 20+ submarines, some nuclear, in Brasil. Brasil is determined to defend its 4.2 million sqkm “Blue Amazon” exclusive maritime economic zone in the South Atlantic. Brazil has rejected the expansion of NATO into the South Atlantic. The U.S. launched the idea as “cut the Atlantic-divide”. But a Brazilian diplomat made it clear to former U.S. National Security Advisor, Gen. J. Jones, that “Brazil has reservations against NATO expansion into the South Atlantic!” Nevertheless, former NATO commander, the German General Klaus Naumann presented the case for NATO expansion at the annual conference at German “Fundacao Adenauer” (CDU Party) in Rio: “The U.S. needs Europeans as partners for its role in the world”. Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim replied: “We are not partners of the U.S. for its role in the world. Only South Americans are responsible for the defense of our subcontinent, and we need a ‘dissuasive’ capacity (read submarines!) against threat from outside our region!” (Nov.6.2010). At the LAAD Defense Exhibit in Rio, April 12. 2011, Jobim told other South American military leaders: “Our region will be threated during the next 50 years over our resources, we need a ‘dissuasive” capacity against threats from outside our region. We are the one who take care of the Amazon and the welfare of its people and for manking: Do not come here to interfere!” (Reuter news agency added: “We did not mention an address for the warning.”). Brazil’s military has been watching the newly activated U.S. 4th Fleet, now permantly off the coast of Venezuela, as a potential problem, because the U.S. is the only major nation that did not sign the 1982 UN Convention “Law of the Sea” which protects the right of a nation to a 200 mile “exclusive maritime economic zone”. There is also suspicion about the new U.S. bases on the border in Colombian , on Brazil’s northwest border. The U.S. and NATO also want to get involved with Angola, on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Brazil and Angola have special relations, including military, due to their history as colonies of Portugal.

  • capnamerca

    Consideration . . .
    Does anyone know if Brazil is building a new aircraft carrier?

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