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Brazilian Army Trying to Wrestle Back Rio Favela Lost to Drug Dealers

Brazilian Army at Rio's Complexo do Alemão favela While Brazil was celebrating this September 7 its 1822 independence from Portugal – a national holiday – Brazilian Armed Forces were engaged in trying to regain control from the drug dealers of one of Brazil’s largest favelas.

The Alemão Complex in Rio de Janeiro, a shantytown pacified only a few weeks ago as part of the efforts to secure the city for the 2016 Olympic Games, apparently has again been lost to criminal gangs.

Dozens of drug traffickers opened fire Tuesday on soldiers who were patrolling the favela in an attempt to regain control of the slum, officials stated.

Hundreds of soldiers were sent into the community of around 100,000 people to prevent a gang from a neighboring shantytown to take over the community police units set up in several points across the favela.

The community reports a 15-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet and at least 16 people were reported wounded during the heavy shooting which broke out Tuesday evening.

Local media also reported that over 50 drug heavily armed traffickers from a close by favela raided police units and shot at street lamps, leaving many streets in the dark. This Thursday, police disarmed five homemade bombs placed on the community entrances. No new clashes were reported.

The Alemão Complex, one of Brazil’s largest slums, is the second of many shantytown that were retaken by Rio police following weeks of widespread violence caused by gangs who had gone on the rampage, setting fire to around 100 cars and buses in the city.

Occupying the Alemão shantytown was the biggest challenge yet for security forces that have been engaged in pushing drug gangs out of slums and installing permanent community police to pacify the crime-ridden favelas.

Brazilian authorities are struggling to pacify Rio before it hosts the finals of the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games of 2016.



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  • Simpleton

    The article starts out saying Alemao was pacified several weeks ago as part of the effort for 2016 Olympics. (But then again maybe it’s not.) It ends indicating a bit of a struggle to pacify Rio for the Copa finals in 2014 (and the 2016 Olympics). So which is it? 2014? 2016? Have they really even started to make a dent in Rocinha? Good nab of some chefes back in April based on intel but do they really think 2014 is do-able? Even 2016? Try maybe just to wall it off entirely for a few years and airdrop humanitarian supplies from high altitude?

  • us observer

    us observer
    here,s a suggestion for brazil which is fighting the drug dealers in rio,s favela,s …the united states has the world,s finest soldiers in the world and have proven time and time again that they know how to crush insurgencies ,flush out terrorists,and have demonstrated that they are the worlds finest in house to house combat ..all you have to do is kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will fall down!!!…may brazil,s soldiers prevail in their fight for the favela,s ..

  • capnamerca

    us observer
    Most of the illegal Brazilians in the U.S. have gone home. Not true for most of the illegal Americans in Brazil. Brazil doesn’t like illegal American immigrants anymore than Americans like illegal Brazilians.

  • us observer

    illegal brazilians in the usa are not welcome and really need to go back to brazil or face certain arrest and deportation
    no sane american would even think of going to rio or sao paulo or anywhere in brazil ….in fact americans allready are experiencing brazilian nationals in the usa as criminal illegal aliens who flaunt their goofy looking cartoon like national flag while eluding us law enforcement and us immigration authorities as fugitives in violation of us laws on illegal presence .illegal brazilians in the usa are on a par with illegal mexicans and anyother illegal aliens in the usa ,,,they are not wanted by americans and americans want them deported as undesirables who commit fraud ,lie ,steal and cheat ,not to mention their penchant for counterfeit fake documents ….

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