70,000 Policemen and Firefighters Go on Strike in Rio, One Week Before Carnaval

Rio's police meeting that decided for strike In Rio, the military police together with the civilian police and firefighters, a total of about 70,000 men, decided to go on strike starting Friday, February 10, one week before the beginning of the Carnaval festivities, which bring tourists from all over Brazil and the world. 

Among the main demands are the creation of a base salary of 3500 reais (US$ 2,040) a month  and the release of Corporal firefighter Benevenuto Dalciolo, arrested Wednesday night, after returning from Salvador, where he was helping the striking policemen of Bahia.

The meeting that led to the decision to go on strike lasted sis hours. The concentration in Cinelândia, in front of the City Council, started around 5 pm and the decision to strike was taken at 11,21 pm, when about 1,500 participants, according to organizers, voted in favor of a strike, by acclamation.

The leaders recommended that everyone should go back to their police station or place of work and refuse to leave to the streets.

The Secretary for Civil Defense and Fire Brigade commander, Colonel Sérgio Simões, announced in the afternoon that the Army had made available 14,000 troops to patrol the state. There should an extra 300 men from the National Security Force to work in the services provided by the firefighters.

With the proximity of the Carnaval, which starts on Friday of next week, the concern is to ensure safety to the thousands of tourists who come to Rio for the big party.

According to the firefighters commander the Carnaval celebration will go on with the federal security forces and those policemen not participating in the strike.

In Bahia

Hundreds of striking police officers ended their 10-day occupation of a state assembly house in Salvador, Brazil’s third-biggest city, easing tensions in a walkout that unleashed a bloody crime wave and threatened upcoming Carnaval celebrations.
It was unclear, however, whether the decision by 245 striking police and family members to leave the assembly building would lead to an end to the strike itself. Strikers were expected to meet to decide whether their work stoppage would continue.

In addition to disrupting preparations and scaring off visitors ahead of next week’s Carnaval festivities, the job action has raised doubts about security in Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

About 20% of the 31.00 police officers in Bahia, the northeastern state of which Salvador is the capital, walked off their jobs on January 31. The stoppage led to a crime spree that included at least 150 murders, twice the regular homicide rate, and widespread assaults, looting and vandalism.

Some of the offences allegedly were committed by police officers themselves, complicating negotiations with state officials who have refused the strikers’ demands that officers be pardoned for any crimes during the walkout.

President Dilma Rousseff, who late last week dispatched 3.000 federal troops to Bahia to restore order, backed state officials’ unwillingness to consider an amnesty.

“There can be no amnesty for illegal acts, crimes against property, crimes against people, crimes against public order,” Rousseff said on Thursday during a visit to Bahia’s neighboring state of Pernambuco. Such an amnesty, she added, would create “a country without rules.”

The end of the statehouse occupation provided some relief to a city stricken by fear at a time when Salvador normally would be gearing up for its popular annual Carnaval celebrations.

Salvador and Rio are among the 12 cities chosen as venues for soccer’s World Cup, just two years away, which is expected to attract as many as 600.000 foreign visitors.

Having already faced criticisms by FIFA, soccer’s governing body, over the country’s preparations for the event; Brazilian officials are scrambling to ensure that security woes don’t complicate matters further.

Meanwhile State security leaders in Rio have also said they can ensure adequate protection in the city even if police there would decide to strike.

The state’s assembly voted Thursday afternoon to increase police wages in Rio by 13%, with an additional hike next year. This was not enough, however, to prevent a walkout.



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  • Kailey

    This is ridiculous
    The police officers work very hard for their money and are entitled to have an opinion to how much money they make but they should not go on strike. If they want a pay raise they should go to whoever gives them the money and ask for a raise. They are police officers and they should not commit crimes to prove a point they should be grateful for what they have and accept it.:sad:

  • Adriano

    contin..II The ridiculous proposal of “Memorial of Democracy” Lula begins to be debated in the House in Sao Paulo or better to the American people know a little about democracy in Brazil with the gove
    18: The wife of the terrorist – the Memorial of Democracy Has the courage to display a table at the entrance, an expanded reproduction of the letter that the then Minister Rousseff requests the transfer of women to Brasilia terrorist Oliverio Medina? The Sovereign now, then chief of staff, put it in the Ministry of Fisheries.
    19: The e-mail Terrorist – Next to the letter, the exhibition will e-mail in which the terrorist Medina, in his own hand, relates to one of the bosses of the organization to help the PT government to protect you and your woman?
    20: antics of Lulinha – The Museum of Democracy, the agreement will Fábio Luiz da Silva, “Ronaldinho business” of Lula, then celebrated with Telemar, which injected $ 10 mihões of Gamecorp? Former monitor Zoo, made famous entrepreneur, will go on record at the memorial this miracle of social and professional development?
    21: First the business, then the law – we will see the memorial that historic moment, when Lula, in defiance of the Telecommunications Act, puts the BNDES to finance the purchase of Brazil Telecom for Hi (formerly Telemar, one of the company Lulinha … )? The law was changed only after the conclusion of the agreement. The event brought this blog to summarize well the operation: “In democracies, to make business in accordance with the laws; in petismo, laws are made in accordance with the business.”
    22: The terrorist is ours – will bring the Democracy Memorial, which will be signed by Lula and Kassab, the government’s decision to keep the PT in Brazil, the Italian murderer Cesare Battisti in contravention of the Extradition Treaty, the decision of the Supreme Court and National Council for Refugees? We will see that beautiful moment when Genro Italian democracy is like a dictatorship, claiming that Battisti, the murderer, would be at risk in Italy? Yes, Tarsus was not even thought about the risk they would run Cuban boxers in Cuba.
    23: Love by FARC – We will see, after all, this memorial of the sympathy PT reiterated by FARC terrorists? Deserve highlighting the speech of Marcus Aurelius Top Top Garcia, who, in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro said that Brazil was “neutral” in the debate about whether or not the FARC were terrorist?
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    25: Democracy too much – deserved due emphasis in the Democracy Memorial Lula’s phrase, made famous, according to which Chavez in Venezuela “there is too much democracy”?
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    27: Strikes in the police – Lula will meet in their memorial to the support he gave to the strikes of the PM in Bahia in 1991 and 2001, alongside fellow like Jaques Wagner? The file will bring recordings and video clips of Wagner encourages the mess in Bahia, and Ideli Salvatti, in Santa Catarina? The PT will be proud of the support he gave to a blatant move to a minority in the Civil Police of Sao Paulo in 2008, who tried to make a protest at the Bandeirantes Palace in Sao Paulo, gun in hand? An officer came to the PM to take a shot.

  • Adriano

    contin…The ridiculous proposal of “Memorial of Democracy” Lula begins to be debated in the House in Sao Paulo or better to the American people know a little about democracy in Brazil with the govern
    11: Dossier of the Civil House – This magnificent memorial of Democracy will bring the documents on the dossier prepared by the Civil Cabinet indignities against FHC and against, gasp!, Ruth Cardoso, when the incumbent minister was none other than Rousseff, and its lieutenant, none other than Erenice War?
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  • Adriano

    The ridiculous proposal of “Memorial of Democracy” Lula begins to be debated in the House in Sao Paulo or better to the American people know a little about democracy in Brazil with the government’s cu
    The Institute Lula wants to build in downtown São Paulo, which is called “Memorial of Democracy” which will, with special emphasis, a collection of documents and objects of the eight-year term of Lula. Says Party (PT) who want to pay attention also to other important moments in history as the struggle against slavery, the proclamation of the Republic etc.. To do so, asked the mayor of Sao Paulo the transfer of such land. Lula, a popular former president, the mayor asks for a field; this, which is in a phase of rapprochement with the PT, thinks the idea good and sends the message to the House, which has a majority. The escracho already begins in the name of the enterprise. The inspiration for the “Institute Lula” – who wants to privatize an area of ​​over 4000 meters square, which belongs to all residents of Sao Paulo – decided, as we see, also privatizing democracy. It is believed the role of who can be the inspiration of a “memorial”. It is a grotesque joke, typical conceited asses, exploiters of public good faith. We are facing a historical pantomime, a fraud.
    I have some questions for Lula, Kassab and councilors who are dying to get on his knees.
    1: The Constitution – The refusal of the PT session to participate in the homologation of the 1988 Constitution, one of the most unworthy actions taken today by the party, will be part of the “Memorial of Democracy”, or this section will be drawn from history, more or less as the Minister of Women says that aspired uteri in Colombia?
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  • Gringo Dingo

    “With the proximity of the Carnaval, which starts on Friday of next week, the concern is to ensure safety to the thousands of tourists who come to Rio for the big party.”

    This line is interesting in that it connotes the sinister mentality of Brazilian officials… they are only worried about tourists, regular Brazilians have never been a concern.

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