Brazil and Argentina Warn US Cuba Can’t Be Excluded from Americas Summit Anymore

America's Summit Brazil and Argentina have decided: the upcoming April Summit of the Americas in Colombia must be the very last that Cuba does not participate in, declared Hector Timerman, the Argentine Foreign Minister, following a meeting in São Paulo with Antonio Patriota, the Brazilian Foreign Minister.

“Cuba needs to be a part of the Summit of the Americas simply because it is supposed to be a Summit of the Americas,” added Timerman.

Patriota went on to say that the exclusion of Cuba has just gone on longer than a reasonable length of time.

“It must be recalled that president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said the same thing at the last summit he attended: “This should be the last summit that Cuba does not attend.” However, Cuba will not be in Colombia, continues to be excluded from Summits of the Americas and we are not happy about it.”

The first summit of the Americas took place in Miami in 1994 with the attendance of the 34 active members from the Organization of American States from which Cuba was suspended in 1962. The suspension was lifted in 2009, but the Cuban government has not initiated the reincorporation process and has said it has no intentions of doing so.

The US government has openly expressed its refusal to accept Cuba at Cartagena de Indias, where the summit is taking place next April, since Havana does not comply with the 2001 democratic principles of the charter approved that year.

Besides the summit and Cuba, Patriota and Timerman also discussed the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands. Argentina recently accused England of sending nuclear weapons to the islands and using them as a military base to control the South Atlantic.

“We – and the region as a whole – reaffirm our firm and unequivocal support for Argentine sovereignty over the islands,” declared Patriota.

 The issue will be discussed at the next meeting of the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone in Montevideo. At that meeting it is expected that Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay will be joined by African nations in the South Atlantic region. “We are certain that all the countries in the Peace Zone will support Argentina’s position,” declared Timerman.

The two ministers also discussed a visit by Argentine technicians to the rocket launch base of Alcântara, in the state of Maranhão, this week (on March 15), as part of a bilateral effort to reactivate exchange programs between the two nation-neighbors.



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  • student in US college

    The only reason we have Guantanamo Bay is because of the above history, we have an indefinite lease on that land and it will only be voided if we choose to leave… that will never happen.

  • student in US college

    anyone read American History Textbooks at all??
    Cuba fought for freedom from the Spaniards, however the US had several interests (money tied up in investments in Cuba) so these affluent US citizens complained (lobby) to US congress/president and we helped the cubans in their fight for freedom, this included the “rough riders” (rich people who wanted to kill people) and some military elements of the USA. To make a long story short, we did not want to hand over the country to the Cubans same goes for Phillipines/Puerto Rico/Guam/Hawaii/American Samoa… all this happened around the same era… it breaded “imperialism” and the Cuban people fought this to the end as did the Filipinos, and these 2 eventually became countries and weren’t annexed as a USA state. Anyway, Cubans are proud of that I’m sure. I just think it’s time for the US to take the high road and grow up on that matter, it seems childish to keep punishing that country.

  • Breckenfeld

    Re: Lawlessness of a dictatorship
    Mr Viva Fidel.

    If Cuba is the dream land you brag about, there’s no need to blame Uncle Sam for their failures. I guess the Cubans do not have worry about anything execpt for their young ladies selling their bodies in exchange for hard currency, that is US dollars. No place is 100% bad, and no place is 100% bad. But do not tell me would rather live under a dictarship. Cuba is the pariah of the Americas. It is a dictatorship no matter what. It must be condemned. Why is it fair to condemn the US when it deserves and not Cuba when it also deserves ? It is double standard attitude.

  • capnamerca

    If Fidel had not colluded with the USSR in a plan to nuke the US, doctors in Cuba would not be illegally trading their services for chickens, because their $30/month salary isn’t enough to support themselves. You call that flourishing?

  • viva Fidel

    Lawlessness of a dictatorship.

    In Cuba , kids do not bring automatic weapons to school to massacre their teachers and classmates. Parents do not have to worry about their children being kidnapped, trafficked or being recruited into street-gangs. You will never see entire families sleeping on the street. You would be extremely hard pressed to find an illiterate child or adult, no matter how poor they are . You will find an educated and physically healthy population of poor people in a poor country that are able to walk with their heads up high. Despite 50 years of aggression from the worlds most powerful country Cuba , because of Fidel, has been able to flourish in that most Central American and South American countries supported by the US have not.

  • 100vergonha

    [b]Since 1989 Trying to Bash Brasil[/b]

  • karoly

    cuba libre
    West just do it what done it with East Europe!
    do not make blockade because it is illegal by International law.
    make love not war:-)

  • Breckenfeld

    It is really ignominious that the Brazilian government has wasted time in defending the dictatorship in Cuba, especially when the president of Brazil knows for sure what it means to be the victim of the unlawlessness of a dictatorship. Unfortunately the so-called Brazilian left has suffered from an ideological romantism that does not belong nowadays. Every tyrant, despot or dictator must be condememned. A country with such a behavior is in no position to claim or demand a place for itself in real world matters. After nobody misses a dictatorship.

  • luigi vercotti

    Can’t Play in the Big Leagues
    Brasil and Argentina who?……

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