Brazil Wants Immediate Cease Fire in Gaza and Accuses Israel of Using Excessive Force

Looking from Israel The Brazilian government talking on behalf of Mercosur condemned the “disproportionate use of force” in Gaza and called on Israel and Palestinians for an immediate cease fire of the conflict that has already left al least dozens of people killed, mostly civilians.

In the release Mercosur leaders expressed their “strongest condemnation of the violence unleashed between Israel and Palestine” and “deeply regret the loss of lives and expresses its concern with the disproportionate use of force” said the text.

They call on both sides “for an immediate end to violence and to the UN Security Council to fully assume its responsibilities. The path for overcoming the current crisis is through diplomacy and dialogue,” continues the text.

Mercosur members, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay (suspended) recognized the State of Palestine and last December signed a free trade agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Mercosur signed a similar agreement with Israel in 2007.

The South American block also expressed “its support to the request from the State of Palestine to obtain status of UN Observer member”.

The intense air bombardments by Israel on Gaza on Saturday killed at least ten people and destroyed the headquarters of the Hamas government.

Since the launching by Israel last Wednesday of the military operation “Defense Pillar” 73 people have been killed (70 Palestinians and 3 Israelis) and another 700, mostly Palestinians have been injured.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be visiting the region in coming days to try and convince Israelis and Palestinians to agree on a cease fire and truce.

Meantime the US and EU called for de-escalation of hostilities and have said to understand Israel’s reaction and blame Hamas for the current conflict.

President Barack Obama personally urged leaders in Turkey and Egypt to engage with Hamas over a “de-escalation” of hostilities in Gaza, while continuing to support Israeli strikes despite mounting Palestinian civilian casualties.

Speaking on board Air Force One en route to Asia, White House national security adviser Ben Rhodes blamed Hamas for the current round of violence, stating that the “precipitating factor” for Israeli air strikes was rockets fired into civilian territories from Gaza.

Meanwhile from Brussels it was announced that EU ministers of foreign affairs will discuss the situation and the escalating tension in the Middle East.

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton had previously condemned the latest violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza that has led to civilian deaths on both sides, and pinned the blame for the crisis on Hamas.

Ms Catherine Ashton said she was “deeply concerned at the escalating violence” and deplored the loss of civilian life.

“The rocket attacks by Hamas and other factions in Gaza which began this current crisis are totally unacceptable for any government and must stop,” Ashton said in a statement.

“Israel has the right to protect its population from these kinds of attacks.” But she urged Israel to be “proportionate” in its response.



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  • João Emiliano Martins Neto

    I Support Israel
    I’m brazilian and I support Israel!


  • antinicholas

    I call on the government of Brazil to shut the fuck up, keeps its nose out of the Israeli/Palestinian problem and start worrying about policemen in Sao Paulo and its own citizens. Seriously 1000 murders in SP alone in 2012?

  • capnamerca

    Nicholas . . . .
    Does the truth hurt that bad that you must respond with denial, hatred and ignorance? Tell me then, why is it Brazil’s affluent care nothing about the poor? They throw them pennies and go their way pretending they’re kind and benevolent. I find it disgusting.

  • custom research paper

    custom research paper
    Good article!!!

  • James from Philly

    Nigger Please
    Excessive Force? You’re kidding, right? Every nation has the right to defense itself.. I cannot understand why Brazil has supports the muslim sand niggers. I guess because the arab world is a major buyer of Brasilian goods. Brasil should clean up their own house before damming other nations of excessive force.

    Hamas is a terror group dedicated to wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Until they recognize Israel’s right to exist, there will be no peace.. Keep firing those missiles, sand niggers..

  • to-dumb-avenger

    If what you write made sense
    American gov. should stop everything they’re doing – such as giving money, guns an ammo to Israel – since at least 16k people are murdered in the US, and you poor little americans don’t even have something so basic in other societies like a universal healthcare, and half a million people die every year to heart diseases, just because the average american is fat and don’t exercise. Isn’t it a tragedy?

    If what you write makes any sense, so do yourself a favor and shut up.

  • antinicholas

    Nicholas do your Ad Homenim attacks support your positiion? No they do not.
    Latin America and Brazil in particular has shown a low regard for human life. Just look at how many murders have occurred over the past month in Sao Paulo alone. The corrupt always support the corrupt.

    Please stop crying like a 5 year old school girl and post something intelligent instead of a tear filled tired against someone who has a reasonable point.

  • Nicholas usa_male

    Mr Captain America, what is your excuse for being an imbecile?

    A high fructose corn syrup and aspertame in the drinks
    B fluoride water
    C A and B and born an imbecile
    D none above because I’m a troll with a low self esteem
    E All above plus I get brainwashed by watching CNN, FOX, ABC, CBSA and MSNBC

  • capnamerca

    And how many . . .
    Children died from abuse, homelessness, and violence in South America in the last month? If Latin America would show they care about innocent lives in their own countries, maybe the world would listen to their demands and requests concerning the rest of the world. They’re always eager to protect murderers and terrorists from around the world, yet continue to ignore the plight of their own children.

    The Arabs and Israelis hate each other. They always have and they always will. It’s like the crow and the eagle. They will never have peace. But what’s the excuse for leaving your own children to suffer and die?

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