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US$ 8,000 Monthly Salaries Draw Brazilians to Security Guard Jobs Abroad

Brazil’s Labor Defense Ministry (MPT) is acting to make it more difficult to hire Brazilian citizens to work as armed security guards abroad, following complaints that the Body Guard company was hiring private security guards to work in Iraq.

The move is also aimed at ensuring Brazilians’ safety. As a result, the Body Guard company and labor recruiter, Frank Guenter Salewski, appeared yesterday, February 22, before the Regional Labor Solicitor’s Office in São Paulo to sign two additional adjustment provisos concerning the hiring of Brazilians to work as security guards in Iraq.

Because there is no law preventing Brazilians from accepting foreign job offers, the contract repeats the labor guarantees stipulated in Brazilian law. These guarantees include security measures ensuring the protection of life, as well as life insurance.

Salewski, a German, declared that he will comply with these requirements. According to the MPT’s press office, spokesmen for the Body Guard company assured that they are specialists in security training.

A similar proviso was signed last week in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, with the TEES Brasil company.

According to denunciations published in the press, since the second half of 2004 over 500 Brazilians have already applied for these positions. Monthly salaries range from US$ 6.5 thousand (R$ 17 thousand) to US$ 8 thousand (R$ 20.9 thousand).

Translation: David Silberstein
Agência Brasil


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    [quote]Always sticking their Brazilians noses where they don’t belong, just for money![/quote]

    Are you talking about the Brazilian employees in Iraq or about the Brazilian government?
    The same could be said for either.

  • Guest

    Well, a good international chef gets paid more than that in Baghdad so who cares if the Brazilian body guards get paid less.They are just sellling their talents for I guess less than the market value. What has it got to do with the Brazilian goverment? Or are they going to be taxed on their income?? Dirty bastards!! Always sticking their Brazilians noses where they don’t belong, just for money!!

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