A Loud Protest Against Too Many Taxes in Brazil

Over 100 institutions representing industry, commerce, services, agriculture, and transportation have launched a campaign erlier this month at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of Pernambuco (Fiepe) to protest the country’s tax burden.

The initiative included announcements in the media throughout the state about the amount of taxes charged for various products.

According to the president of the Pernambuco chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-PE) , Júlio Oliveira, the idea is to show the population the productive sector’s dissatisfaction with tax hikes and the consequences of these hikes for the prices of products.

He pointed out that Brazil’s tax burden corresponds to 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP – the sum of what is produced in the country), and the consequence is an increase of up to 70% in the counter price of some products.

The organizations also scheduled a march through the heart of the Northeast region’s most important capital, Recife, for March 22, with the participation of representatives of all segments of civil society.

Signatures will be gathered on the occasion to oppose Provisional Measure (MP) 232, which raises taxes on providers of services.

The document will be sent to the bloc of Federal Deputies from Pernambuco and to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Severino Cavalcanti.

Translation: David Silberstein
Agência Brasil



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