Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

By Brazzil Magazine

Velório à Brasileira (Wake Brazilian Style)—Comedy—After
winning the big prize in the lottery three friends decide do enjoy their lives. Written by
Aziz Bajur, directed by Golb Carvalho, with the Grupo Teatral Batráquios Imperiais.

Deu a Louca em Cinderela – Um Conto ao Avesso (Cinderella Went Crazy _ A
Short Story in the Wrong Side)—Comedy—An erotic satire to the famous fairy tale.
Written by Zoraya Andrade, directed by Jorge Paes, with Luciana Sena and Diego Caputto.

Amigo Oculto (Secret Friend)—Comedy. A family gathering to celebrate
Christmas becomes a big mess. Written by Augusto Boal, directed by Marília Pêra, with
Fafy Siqueira and Françoise Forton. Teatro do Sesi.

Louca Turbulência (Crazy Turbulence)—After being fired from the
radio station she worked for, a radio hostess decides to air some dirty linen about the
people she worked with. Teatro Dulcina

Tuti—Drama—An examination of the role of black in Brazilian
society. Written Ubirajara Fidalgo, directed by Cyrano Rosalém, with Dalny Dias Cesar and
Déo Garcez. Teatro de Arena Elza Osborne

Alice Através do Espelho (Alice Through the Looking Glass)—Based on
Lewis Carroll story, the staging uses tricks like a moving ceiling that forces people to
lower the head, so the spectator can feel a little like Alice must have felt. Directed by
Paulo de Moraes with Cia. Armazém de Teatro. Fundição Progresso.


Um Padre à Italiana (A Priest, Italian Style)—Comedy—An
ambitious young priest whose goal is to become pope gets involved in strange and
threatening happenings while waiting for the bishop’s visit. Written by Pedro Mário
Herrero, directed by Camila Raffanti, with Guilherme Uzeda and Camila Raffanti,

Tanto Faz (It Doesn’t Matter)—Drama—Adapted from Reinaldo
Moraes’s book of same name. Ricardo gets a scholarship to study in Paris, but instead of
studying he dedicates himself to drugs, women and loafing.

Socorro, Mamãe Foi Embora! (Help, Mom’s Gone Away!)—Comedy. Typical
Jewish mother abandons the house for one week and comes back announcing she wants to
become an actress. Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, directed by José Wilker, with John
Herbert, Marilene Barbosa, and Dalton Mello. Teatro Imprensa.

Ventriloquist—An amusing and critical take on modern society and the
difficulty of being original. Internet, futurology, fashion, and drugs are some of the
target of writer and director Gerald Thomas. Movie director Cacá Diegues participates
with his voice in off. Teatro São Pedro.

Mais Perto (Closer)—Comedy. Four people getting together, falling in
love, having sex, and betraying each other. Written by Patrick Marber, directed by Hector
Babenco, with Renata Sorrah, José Mayer, Marco Ricca and Guta Stresser.

Beckettiana # 3—Two texts by Irish playwright Samuel Becket. In the
first, different voices talk about the life of an old man. In the second, an old man talks
about his anxieties and loneliness. Interpreted by Becket expert Linneu Dias and directed
by Rubens Rusche, another Becket expert. Centro Cultural São Paulo.

Fragmentos Troianos (Trojan Fragments)—A comparison between the old
Greek wars and World War II and the Holocaust. Written and directed by Antunes Filho, with
the young actors of Antunes’s Centro de Pesquisas Teatrais.


Just-released American movies:The Big Kahuna (A Chave do Sucesso), Road Trip
(Caindo na Estrada), Coyote Ugly (Show Bar), Oxygen (24 Horas para Morrer), Gone in 60
Seconds (60 Segundos), Shangai Noon (Bater ou Correr), Dinossaur (Dinossauro), The Perfect
Storm (Mar em Fúria), Just the Ticket (Meu Adorável Sonhador), The Road to El Dorado (O
Caminho para El Dorado), The Five Senses (Os Cinco Sentidos), Pokemon 2 – The Movie 2000
(Pokémon – O Filme 2000), Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (Professor Aloprado 2: A
Família Klump), Rules of Engagement (Regras do Jogo), What Lies Beneath (Revelação),
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (South Park: Maior, Melhor & Sem Cortes), Up at
the Villa (Uma Paixão em Florença), X-Men (X-Men)

Quase Nada (Almost Nothing)—Brazil/2000—Drama. The stories of
three country men who despite living without the amenities of modern life have to deal
with similar existential problems as those faced by people who live in big cities.
Directed by Sérgio Rezende, with José Augusto Pompeu, Camilo Bevilacqua, Jurandir de
Oliveira, Genézio de Barros.

Amélia—Brazil/2000—Drama. Inspired by French actress Sarah
Bernhardt’s passage through Brazil in 1905. Directed by Ana Carolina, with Marília Pêra,
Béatrice Agenin and Míriam Muniz.

O Auto da Compadecida (The Compassionate Lady
Play)—Brazil/1999—Comedy. Two men from the Brazilian Northeast, João Grillo and
Chicó have a hard to survive and to through some hilarious situations. Directed by Guel
Arraes, with Matheus Nachtergaele, Selton Mello, Marco Nanini, Fernanda Montenegro,
Maurício Gonçalves and Lima Duarte.

Eu, Tu, Eles (I, You, They)—Brazil/2000—Drama. Based on
the real story of Darlene, a northeastern woman who lives in the same house with her
husband and two lovers. Directed by Andrucha Waddington, with Regina Casé, Lima Duarte
and Stênio Garcia.

Estorvo (Hurdle)—Brazil/1999—Drama. Running away to nowhere a
man meets threatening characters in an unknown world. Adapted from the book by Chico
Buarque de Holanda. Directed by Ruy Guerra, with Jorge Perugorría, Bianca Byington,
Leonor Arocha, Tonico Oliveira, Xando Graça and Susana Ribeiro.

Cronicamente Inviável (Chronically Unfeasible)—In a São Paulo
restaurant five characters bare their own souls, clash and reconcile. By Sérgio Bianchi,
with Cecil Thiré, Betty Gofman, Daniel Dantas, Dan Stulbach, Dira Paes, and Umberto

Hunter’s Moon (O Dia da Caça)—Brazil/1999—Nando finds
out he has been betrayed after being forced to return to drug trafficking, something he
had abandoned. Directed by Alberto Graça, with Marcelo Antony, Barbara Schulz, Jonas
Bloch, and Felipe Camargo.

A Terceira Morte de Joaquim Bolívar (The Third Death of Joaquim
Bolívar)—Brazil/1998—Centered in the 1964 military coup in Brazil, the story is
told in three distinct phases. Directed by Flávio Cândido, with Sérgio Silviero, Othon
Bastos, and Jonas Bloch.


1 Os cem melhores contos do século, Org. Ítalo Moriconi. Objetiva. R$ 49

2 Cesar, Allan Massie. Ediouro, R$ 26,90

3 Ofensas pessoais, Scott Turow. Record, R$ 30

4 Outros hábitos, Anna França. Garamond, R$ 16

5 O conselheiro come, João Ubaldo Ribeiro. Nova Fronteira, R$ 19

6 Fim de caso, Graham Greene. Record, R$ 20

7 Portões de fogo, Steven Pressfield. Objetiva, R$ 35,90

8 Pedra da luz, vol 2: A mulher sábia, Christian Jacq. Bertrand, R$ 38

9 Os vermes, José Roberto Torero. Objetiva, R$ 21,90

10 Conte-me seus sonhos, Sidney Sheldon. Record, R$ 28


1 Morcegos negros, Lucas Figueiredo. Record, R$ 28

2 A arte da felicidade, Dalai Lama. Martins Fontes, R$ 32,50

3 Mar sem fim, Amyr Klink. Companhia das Letras, R$ 26,50

4 As 48 leis do poder, Greene/Elffers. Rocco, R$ 48

5 O papa de Hitler, John Cornwell. Imago, R$ 40

6 Enquanto o amor não vem, Iyanla Vanzant. Sextante, R$ 24

7 O livro de ouro da mitologia, Thomaz Bulfinch. Ediouro, R$ 29

8 Uma ética para o próximo milênio, Dalai Lama. Sextante, R$ 24

9 A águia e a galinha, Leonardo Boff. Vozes, R$ 18

10 O português que nos pariu, Angela Menezes. Relume, R$ 18


1 Harry Potter e a câmara secreta, J.K. Rowling. Rocco, R$ 22

2 Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal, J.K. Rowling. Rocco, R$ 22

3 Salim, o mágico. Malba Tahan. Record, R$ 40

4 O pequeno príncipe, Saint-Exupéry. Agir, R$ 13

5 O tesouro das virtudes para crianças vol. 2, Ana Maria Machado. Nova
Fronteira, R$ 23

6 A volta ao mundo em 53 histórias, Philip Neil. Companhia das Letrinhas, R$

7 O sítio no descobrimento, Luciana Sandroni. Globo, R$ 19,50

8 A pequena polegar. Eko, R$ 3,90

9 O tesouro das virtudes para crianças, Ana Maria Machado. Nova Fronteira, R$

10 O homem que calculava, Malba Tahan. Record, R$ 19

According to Jornal do Brasil,

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