By Brazzil Magazine

I am very concerned for the safety, health, education, civil rights, housing, and
nutrition of street children in Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. I would like
more current information about them and how we all can help. The economic crisis in Brazil
may place children in further peril. I am a member of Amnesty International and a
contributor to Covenant House. Please send me information on the Brazil Project of the
International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) in Berkeley, CA. Apathy and feelings of
hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of human suffering and persecution are truly
deadly forces in this world. I am also very concerned for gay street children.

Richard E. Shannahan, Jr.
Lutherville, Maryland

Travel Stop

I am a Carioca da gema, who has lived longer in Florida. However my heart is
still in Rio. I’ve enjoyed second-hand issues of your magazine and in spite of a certain
amount of what I consider bordering on porno, I would like to subscribe for a year ’cause
I dearly love the essays on travel in various Brazilian cities, especially those written
by the couple who also advertise their B.B. in Ipanema. More pictures (scenery) would be
most welcome for all of us who don’t have the opportunity to return to see for ourselves
the Brazil of 1999.

G. B. Alberti
Daytona Beach, Florida

Sounding Good
in Bangkok

I discovered your magazine while visiting L.A. earlier this year and subscribed to it
immediately. I now have it sent to my local (L.A.) address and then shipped to Bangkok.
Being a musician, I find the music articles priceless especially the lyrics. I am the only
musician performing Brazilian music exclusively in Bangkok and probably in the country (I
am based in Thailand) and am always in need of Portuguese lyrics. The issue celebrating
the 40 years of bossa nova was simply excellent.

I’d really like to know more about your magazine, e.g., when it got started and how
many issues have I missed (I’ve been subscribing since the beginning of 1999). I
understand you do not have back issues but…is it possible for you to photocopy the
music articles especially the lyrics? I will pay for the cost to photocopy, mail, etc. I
really need it for my work! This magazine means a lot to me!

Sirabhorn It Muntarbhorn
Bangkok, Thailand

Work Harder,
Stop Whining

I’ll like to know why I subscribed to your magazine a while ago and so far I only got
the August magazine. I appreciate your reply, telling me your personal problems and that
the explanation is on page 5 of the magazine, but I’m also a mother, and I also work full
time and that never affects my job.

Sonia Pagotto
Via Internet

Romancing Brazil

I meant to write long ago and say how much I admire all the work you obviously put into
your interesting magazine. I skim thru every issue you send me and only wish I had time to
read it all more thoroughly, but I’m always unbelievably pressed for time. I returned from
three months in Europe recently to find three boxes stacked with mail and unread
publications. I even quoted Brazzil once in a column for Art Kunkin’s revived Los
Angeles Free Press.

I have been to Brazil only twice: once to write chapters for my Occult Guide to
South America in 1970 and then again a few years ago when I went on a press trip,
which is how presumably the tourist board came to have my address. But I loved the country
and especially the music. Sometimes I consult your listings and think that I really must
attend one of the musical events but somehow never get around to it. I’m off to Mexico
(book on the Mayans) next week.

John Wilcock
Western Editor  – Insight Guides
Topanga, California

On the Ball

Thank you so much for providing me with your insightful and timely bridge to a culture
and economy I find so fascinating.

Chris M. Collins
San Francisco, California

In Praise of Ayahuasca

I write to express my surprise that you would give forum to such an incendiary and
damaging article about Santo Daime ("Tea Party"). At the same time, the article
seeks to praise União do Vegetal, another organization that uses ayahuasca. It appears
that the author would like the reader to believe that Santo Daime is an outrageous
practice, while União do Vegetal is the correct path to use ayahuasca.

This article can only harm those who use ayahuasca and other entheogens, within these
traditions and in other traditions. If the author had an understanding of shamanic
tradition before União do Vegetal and Santo Daime, he might understand that it extends
back thousands of years and includes many plants including marijuana and peyote.

For people who are careful and respectful of these plants, they offer great spiritual
teachings and solace. Furthermore, as an American participant in Santo Daime, and a recent
visitor to Céu do Mapia in Brazil, I can assure you that I feel in no way exploited nor
brainwashed. I stayed at Céu do Mapia in a villager’s house free of charge, and paid only
for my airfare (to an airline, not to the community) and a small contribution ($100.00)
for services that I might use in the three months I lived there.

Your exaggerated claim that José Rosa, the much loved teacher, now deceased, who
helped bring Santo Daime to many grateful followers in the USA, was overcharging people is
very hard to believe. He was a man famous for his charity. It is most unfortunate that
what tries to be a pro União do Vegetal article only makes that organization look bad in
the light of uncharitable and false witness. Irineu was never called a second Christ, we
call him Master because of his understanding of our doctrine.

It is the policy of Santo Daime to not invite followers (not even Sting). The article
is rife with errors. I suggest anyone interested in a more balanced account of Santo Daime
look to Alex Polari de Alverga’s book Forest of Visions, available at amazon.com among
other places. The reason Santo Daime is exported is so that those of us who live in other
countries can practice this beautiful doctrine in our own communities.

There is some cost involved in creating the holy Daime and shipping it, but it is a
small price and we pay it gladly because we receive so much in return. In fact, there are
also people practicing União do Vegetal in the USA, who also must import ayahuasca. The
author only endangers their practice when he slanders Santo Daime. These traditions need
to work together to keep these practices, which stem from ancient traditions from being
crushed by governmental interference and ignorance.

Currently there is a worldwide "crackdown" on ayahuasca and it is being
confiscated from both Santo Daime and União do Vegetal groups in the USA. The author
should understand that the sacred use of entheogens is always controversial to those who
are unfamiliar with it, and to try to paint your own use as acceptable while damning

Clancy Cavnar
San Francisco, California

Address, Please

I’ll be visiting Brasília in the summer of next year and I am interested in visiting a
Santo Daime service. Could you please send me some info on how I could go about doing

Israel Baker

Lost in the Internet

The other day I was able to go to your Website and do a search on references to the
Internet in the back issues of the magazine. I seem to be having problems doing so now. My
connection was lost while searching. The results of my search brought me to 124 references
that would be very useful. I had gotten through 80 of the 124 when my computer shut down.
I remember it being a list of 124 references to the Internet and they were extremely
helpful. I was wondering if you could guide me back to that list. Your help would be
greatly appreciated. If you were not able to lead me back I would appreciate if you could
tell me anywhere else I could go to obtain the information.

Cecilia Rubiera
Via Internet

Touched and Aware

I’ve read your article on Brazilian blacks ("Up and Coming") and it really
moved me. I’m from the USA and we here as you know have the same problems. I’ve been to
Brazil many times, actually every month I’m there. I guess that being on the outside
looking in I didn’t realize Brazil had a problem with color. I say this because as a black
American I didn’t get the feeling of being black as I do in the US. But I’ve have notice
as of lately that blacks in Brazil—some, not all—think that white is the beauty
of choice there. I must say to the writer of this article: black is beautiful, please keep
writing articles like this to keep people informed on what’s going on in Brazil and around
the world with black people.

Samuel Barnes
Via Internet

Black Heritage

As an African-American, who travels frequently to Campinas, I must agree with Eugene
Robinson ("Up and Coming", Brazzil, August 1999). I have never felt that the
blacks that I meet or see here have any kind of feeling of kinship as people of African
ancestry. Blacks all over the world need to acknowledge our shared history and ancestry
for in numbers there is the strength to improve life for all of us.

Greg Calloway
Via Internet

Black History

I am interested in any biographical information of Zumbi’s grandmother Aqualtune for a
book I am writing on women of African descent around the world. Any help will be
appreciated. Please advise of any cost.

Annette Madden
Berkeley, California

Economic Interests

I am a student at University of Southern Indiana located in Evansville, Indiana. I am
currently doing a paper about Brazil and its economy. I really need to find out what kind
of economic interaction that Brazil has with the tri-state area of Illinois, Indiana, and
Kentucky. If you would be willing to provide some information, I would really appreciate

Tracy Berberich
Mt. Carmel, Illinois

Interested We Are

I have just come across your magazine on the Internet and would love to write some
articles for you. I am currently living in Tokyo, but will be moving to the northeast of
Brazil in a week’s time. I would especially be interested in writing some travel bits for
you. I have published quite a few similar things in Japan. I understand that there is no
money involved but it would be fun to write some stuff anyway. Let me know if you are

Tokyo, Japan

In Vino Veritas

I am from the United States and I really enjoyed the article entitled "Life’s a
beach" by John Miller from your August 1999 edition. I am contemplating doing some
traveling early next year and his article on the lighter points of Brazilian life was
amusing and informative. Brazil will be on my list of places to go. I would love to know
how to contact him or his company for the purpose of buying some wine. It is the least I
could do to repay him for his wit. Maybe Brazzil could send me along some information?
Thank you.

Brent Curry
Bay Village Ohio

Time for a Lift

I just realized my subscription to Brazzil ran out last month! I have enjoyed
your magazine for the past few years and do not want to miss a single issue. One
suggestion: Brazzil is worth much more than $3 a year. I would be a bargain at
double the price. So, why not raise the price to $6 a year and give yourself a little more
capital to work with? I don’t think you would hear even one complaint.

Clifford Smith
Big Chief Enterprises
Bristow, Okalahoma

Soul Searching

I would like to see your magazine, because my father is from Brazil and he died when I
was just a baby, and I never got to know him, so now I would like to know more about my
culture and the way life is in Brazil, so I can get an idea of how my father was brought
up and stuff. My mom is white and my father was light skinned, but still I came out sort
of very light but have a great tan, so my friends tell me. Please send me a magazine or
anything you have that will get me more information about my father’s life growing up in
Brazil. Thank you very much. By the way, I’m 13 and my mom said it was OK for me to do

Amanda Violette
Fairfield, Iowa

Music to her Eyes

Keep up the great work! The music interviews with Bruce Gilman are always a delight.

Michelle Lorenzo
San Diego, California

Got a Break?

Thanks for the free magazine. I’m wondering if you have any job openings. I have been
to Brazil and loved it, now I want to live there. Do you need any English-speaking people?
I’m 20, male and from Indiana. Obrigado.

Brooks Benefiel
Linton, Indiana

Got a Break? II

This is perhaps a long shot, but I think it’s worth it. If you have any ideas on
possible resources for short-term work in Brazil (2 months or less), please send them
along by mail or e-mail. Thanks. I look forward to reading the magazine.

Joan Marc
Brooklyn, New York

Globo Tapes

Estou procurando a nova companhia que esta’ encarregada pela Rede Globo de distribuir
as suas fitas semanais do Fantástico e de novelas. Olhava nas páginas da
última edição da sua revista e não encontrei o endereço. Os senhores podem me dizer
quem as está distribuindo agora?

Kenneth Stackhouse
Richmond, Virginia

Getting in
the Mood

My first Carnaval is next year. I have never been to Carnaval in Brazil, but I am going
now!!! WooooHoooo!!!

David Lowe
Dallas, Texas

Info Is
Not Enough

Fui almoçar essa semana no restaurante Ipanema e peguei uma de suas publicações.
Achei muito legal saber que a cultura brasileira está sendo bem representada e bem
divulgada no mundo, principalmente aqui em LA. Sou uma Designer Gráfico do Brasil e vim
para Los Angeles para fazer uns cursos na minha área.

Trabalhei esses dois últimos anos em uma rádio em São Paulo (89 AM Radio Rock) e em
algumas agências de publicidade, como designer gráfico. Na minha opinião a revista Brazzil
é rica em informações, mas acho que faltam alguns elementos visuais. Principalmente
ícones e fotos do Brasil. Eu tenho uma certa experiência em Computação Gráfica e
Produção Gráfica e gostaria de participar com algumas idéias na editoração gráfica
da revista. Obrigada e mais uma vez parabéns pela edição.

Marina Yoshie
Los Angeles, California

Brazil’s Microsoft

Sou aluno da ESPM-Rio e venho a vocês com uma dúvida que espero vocês possam me
responder. Fazendo pesquisas de conteúdo pela Internet achei algo sobre o monopólio da
Rede Globo no Brasil mas parece ainda estar incompleto, Se possível, vocês poderiam
anexar algo ou alguma página na qual eu possa encontrar um bom conteúdo de notícias
sobre o assunto "Rede Globo e o monopólio no Brasil? Obrigado pela sua atenção e

Douglas Enry

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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