Brazil Panned for Not Listening to Neighbors

The president of the Commission of Permanent Representatives of the Mercosur, Eduardo Duhalde, said, yesterday, that the South American continent was weakened by its “lack of coordination” in the election taking place in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Duhalde insisted on the importance of the member countries of the South American Community of Nations choosing a mutual candidate in future contests in international bodies.

According to the former president of Argentina, for it to be successful, the choice must be made “well” in advance.

With the withdrawal of the candidacy of the Brazilian Ambassador, Luiz Felipe Seixas Corrêa – he was launched by Brazil when South America already had a candidate – the remaining names vying for the top post in the WTO are the Uruguayan diplomat, Carlos Pérez del Castillo, the ex-Commissioner of the European Union, Pascal Lamy, and the Minister of Foreign Relations and Trade of Mauritius, Jaya Krishna Cuttaree.

When asked by the press about Brazil’s claim to a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, Duhalde also referred to the need for the countries of South America to discuss the matter, in order to start forming a consensus right away.

Duhalde expressed concern, too, over the political crisis in Ecuador, where President Lucio Gutiérrez disbanded the Supreme Court. Duhalde announced that he will go to Ecuador in 15 days in an attempt to negotiate and arrange international assistance.

Agência Brasil



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