World Bank Might Use Brazil’s Zero Hunger in Other Countries

International organizations recognize Brazilian government efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals related to the combat of poverty. The statement was made by the Minister of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, Patrus Ananias.

Ananias said that in an interview to Brazil’s National Radio AM (Rádio Nacional AM). He participated  April 18, in Washington, on a World Bank forum.

“The World Bank has supported our programs, especially the Bolsa Famí­lia. In 2004, this program surpassed its goal of benefiting 6.50 million families, and reached 6.57 million families,” said the Minister.

Patrus Ananias was invited by the World Bank to make a presentation about the Bolsa Famí­lia, a federal government money-transferring program, and its role in accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals.

The meeting gathered members of the main political committees of the International Monetary Fund (FMI) and of the World Bank itself.

According to the Minister, institution’s representatives are discussing the possibility of applying similar programs in countries such as Egypt, Haiti, and Palestine.

In 2004, the World Bank approved a US$ 572 million loan for the program. Resources will be used to reimburse government’s investment on the program, as well as for the improvement of program control mechanisms, and technical support actions. The loan awaits Senate’s approval.

Until the end of the year, Brazilian government expects to benefit 8.7 million families with investments of US$ 2.5 billion (6.5 billion reais) and, until the end of 2006, reach all families living in poverty level.

Agência Brasil



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