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Everyone had warned me about Rio. That’s why I had to go there. The
last time I felt so vulnerable and afraid for my physical safety was in Hawaii. Before I
had come to Brazil, people had warned me about the Brazilians: they were violent and ate
lots of chicken. Someone ‘in the know’ had also told me that the Brazilians’ favourite
national pastime was bonking. I was understandably miffed to learn that this wasn’t
necessarily the case.
By Brazzil Magazine

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Tem Que Rebolar (You Have to Toil)—A portrait of old Rio with its
scoundrels and bohemian sambistas. Directed by André Paes Leme, with Flávia
Bauraqui and Roberto Dória. Arte & Cia Casa de Cultura at Universidade Estácio de

Oh! Calcutá—Traditional cult British musical on all sorts of sex
deviations. Directed by Gugu Olimecha, with Jaqueline Brandão and Silvana Bulgarelli.
Teatro Tereza Rachel.

O Silicone (Silicone)—Comedy. A marriage in the brink of collapse.
Written by Agildo Ribeiro and Gugu Olimecha. Directed by Agildo Ribeiro. With Agildo
Ribeiro and Helena Werneck. Teatro dos Grandes Atores.

Toda Nudez Será Castigada (All Nudity Will Be Punished)—Nélson
Rodrigues classical and polemic play about a prostitute who becomes a housewife. Directed
by Moacyr Góes. Marília Pêra plays Geni, the main character, a role written for
Fernanda Montenegro. Teatro Carlos Gomes

Amor de Poeta (Poet’s Love)—The story of the burning passion between
romantic poet Castro Alves and actress Eugênia de Castro. Written by Tiago Santiago,
directed by André Mauro, with Maria Cláudia and Tiago Santiago. Teatro Gláucio Gil.


Porca Miséria (Goddamn)—Willing to go back to their homeland an
Italian family concocts a sting. Written by Jandira Martini and Marcos Caruso. Directed by
Gianni Ratto, with Marcos Caruso, Jandira Martini, Miguel Magno, and Noemi Gerbelli.
Teatro Sérgio Cardoso.—William Shakespeare revisited with several of his
plays getting new versions. By Jess Borgeson, Adam Long, and Daniel Singer. Translated by
Bárbara Heliodora. Directed by Emílio Di Biasi. With ensemble Parlapatões, Patifes
& Paspalhões: Alexandre Roit, Hugo Possolo and Raul Barretto. Teatro Faap.

Antes do Fim (Before the End)—The story of a murder for love.
Written and directed by Samir Yazbek, with Rodrigo Penna, Cláudia Cavalheiro, and Adriano
Costa. Teatro Mars.

As Mãos de Eurídice (Eurídice’s Hands)—Monologue. Praised and
reviled Pedro Bloch’s story of a man who leaves his wife. Directed and interpreted by
Carlos Lopes. Teatro das Nações.

Quem Roubou meu Anabela? (Who Stole My Anabela?)—An adulterous
living together with their daemons. By Ivo Bender. Directed by Jairo Maciel, with Cia. Luz
& Palco. Teatro Macunaíma.

Caixa 2 (Under the Table)—A man becomes a millionaire due to a
mistake by a bank teller. By Juca de Oliveira, directed by Fauzi Arap, with Juca de
Oliveira, Fúlvio Stefanini, Suzy Rêgo, and Petrônio Gontijo. Teatro Jardel Filho.


American films just released: The Apostle (O Apóstolo), The Assignment (Caça ao
Terrorista), Blues Brothers (Os Irmãos Cara-de-pau: Ano 2000), Boogie Nights (Boogie
Nights: Prazer Sem Limite), City of Angels (Cidade dos Anaw6kx), The Daytrippers (Um Dia em
Nova Iorque), Deep Impact (Impacto Profundo), Desperate Measures (Medidas Desesperadas),
The End of Violence (O Fim da Violência), Gattaca (Gattaca: A Experiência Genética),
Great expectations (Grandes Esperanças), The Horse Whisperer (O Encantador de Cavalos),
Mr. Magoo (Mr. Magoo), Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (Mortal Kombat: A Aniquilação), Mrs.
Dalloway (Senhora Dalloway), Primary colors (Segredos do Poder), The Replacement Killers
(Assassinos Substitutos), Seven Years in Tibet (Sete Anos no Tibet),

La Tregua (A Trégua)—Italy/1997— By Francesco Rosi. With
John Turturro, Massimo Ghini and Rade Serbedzija. Together with Polish and German
prisoners, a group of liberated Italian prisoners of war start their march back home.

Policarpo Quaresma, Herói do Brasil (Policarpo Quaresma, Hero of
Brazil)—Brazil/1997— By Paulo Thiago based on Lima Barreto’s work. With Paulo
José, Giulia Gam, Aracy Balabanian, and José Lewgoy. The comic adventures of a

Profundo Carmesi (Vermelho Sangue)—Mexico/France/Spain/1996—By
Arturo Ripstein. With Regina Orozzo, Daniel Giménez, and Marisa Paredes. A magazine
personal is the starting point for this drama about a nurse and her dreams of love.

Cinzas do Paraíso (Ashes of Paradise)—Argentina/1997—
By Marcelo Piñeyro, with Héctor Alterio, Cecilia Roth, and Leonardo Sbaraglia. A woman
judge goes looking for the truth after the death of a colleague.

Post-Coitum (Post-Coitum: Animal Triste)—France/1997—By
Brigitte RoYan. With Patrick Chesnais, Boris Terral, and Nils Tavernier. Pleasure and hell
for a middle-age woman who star a romance with a solitary young man.

For All, O Trampolim da Vitória (For All, Victory’s Springboard)—Brazil/1997—By
Luiz Carlos Lacerda and Buza Ferraz. Comedy with Betty Faria, José Wilker, and Caio
Junqueira. Living with an American military base during the Second World War in Natal,
state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Boleiros: Era uma Vez o Futebol (Old Ball Players: Once Upon a Time
Soccer)—Brazil/1998— By Ugo Giorgetti. With Adriano Stuart, Flávio
Migliaccio, and Lima Duarte. Retired soccer players reminisce about their old times.

Central do Brasil (Central Station)—Brazil/1998—By
Walter Salles. Drama with Fernanda Montenegro, Vinícius de Oliveira and Marília Pêra.
Unscrupulous Dora changes her life when she decides to go looking for the father of a boy
who loses his mother.


1 Através do espelho, Jostein Gaarder. Companhia das Letras, 144p

2 O mundo de Sofia, Jostein Gaarder. Companhia das Letras, 555 p.

3 A águia e a galinha, Leonardo Boff. Vozes, 206 p. R$16.

4 O plano perfeito, Sidney Sheldon. Record, 300 p. R$25.

5 Despertar da águia, Leonardo Boff. Vozes, 174 p. R$12.

6 O pequeno príncipe, Antoine Saint-Exupéry. Agir, 92 p. R$13.

7 Honra silenciosa, Danielle Steel. Record, 364 p. R$20.

8 A senhora de Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Rocco, 504 p. R$28.

9 O advogado do diabo, Andrei Neiderman. Record, 304 p. R$25.

10 O magnata, Harold Robbins. Record, 480 p. R$28.


1 Câncer tem cura, Frei Romano Zago. Vozes, 208 p. R$10.

2 Chic Homem, manual de moda e estilo, Glória Kalil. Senac, 237p. R$45.

3 Violetas na janela, Vera Lúcia M. de Carvalho. Petit, 139 p. R$9,50.

4 Feliz 1958, o ano que não devia terminar, Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos.
Record, 192 p. R$20.

5 Conversando com os espíritos, James Van Praagh. Salamandra, 224p

6 O livro das virtudes para crianças, William J. Bennett. Nova
Fronteira, 112 p. R$19.

7 Leonardo Dicaprioo Romeu moderno, Grace Catalano.
Manole, 120 p. R$8.

8 As melhores piadas do planeta e da Casseta, Casseta e Planeta.
Objetiva, 128 p. R$10.

9 No ar rarefeito, Jon Krakauer. Companhia das Letras, 280 p. R$23.

10 As sete leis espirituais do sucesso, Deepak Chopra. Best Seller, 104
p. R$13,50.


1 O sucesso é ser feliz, Roberto Shinyashi. Gente, 198 p. R$20.

2 A fonte da juventude, Peter Kelder. Best Seller, 78 p. R$10,50.

3 Feng Shui, a arte milenar chinesa, Richard Craze. Campus, 136p.

4 Minutos de sabedoria, Torres Pastorino. Vozes, 280 p. R$4,29.

5 Almas gêmeas, Mônica Buonfiglio. Oficina Cultural Esotérica, 161 p.

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