Investors have been pulling their money out of the Brazilian market
at a frantic pace. In one single day in September, the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange
(BVRJ) Index dropped 15.98%, while the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) Index plunged
By Brazzil Magazine

First let me say, ‘Thank you!’ Your magazine is the one magazine that I subscribe to
that I can’t wait to get my hands on every month. And I subscribe to a wide variety of
magazines. I love Brazil. I can’t get enough. After my first journey to Rio, a friend of
mine gave me Brazzil [then called News from Brazil] as a gift. I have been
loyal ever since. I feel like the letter in the August 1998 issue from V. Hunt accusing
you of ‘abusing your readers’ was a foolish opinion. Just because she is entitled to her
opinion does not mean that it is not foolish. Of course, that is my opinion. The reason I
like your magazine is because you are not tight in a certain part of your anatomy with
your mind set.

I believe this magazine should be as close to what happens in Brazil. I believe people
read it so they can feel a closeness to Brazil. You have included articles as well that
weren’t always ‘pretty and touristy’ about Brazil. I respect those articles too.

Please, please, please do not conform your magazine to the "adolescent high-school
tee-hee shhh… don’t talk about that… it’s only for the bedroom" attitudes of so
many Americans like Ms. Hunt. She mentioned that she is not frustrated and is ‘single by
choice’. Yeah, whatever!

Remember, America is a country that only in the past few years has been able to show
ads on TV about bras with real people in them. I mean come on. I will support your
magazine always. If you ever need someone to write occasionally about the sexy side of
Rio from a man’s perspective, uncensored, let me know. I will be heading back to Rio in
October and for the last Carnaval of this century in February 1999. Keep up the good work!

Raymond Barton
Baltimore, Maryland

A Fair Mirror

We just returned from two months in Brazil when we received your August issue. We were
very impressed with the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting. We enjoy all of the
magazine—including Rapidinhas for its open and honest reporting of social and sexual
topics. Your articles are an accurate reflection of life in Brazil. We love Brazil and
spend our summer months there, learning to speak Portuguese, making new friends, and
volunteering our time helping governmental agencies with water pollution and environmental
management problems.

Some of your articles are more honest than the Brazilian press. Your discussion of the
continuing deforestation in the northern Amazon region revealed how the Brazilian
government suppressed and manipulated satellite data to conceal the extent of the burning
before last December’s environmental conference in Tokyo. Last month, president Fernando
Henrique Cardoso signed a decree (Medida Provisória 1.170 Aug. 7) giving a 10-year
amnesty to violators of Brazil’s new strong environmental laws. There was suspicion in the
Brazilian press that the eco-criminals would become large contributors to FHC’s campaign
fund. Brazil is a keystone country in managing the world’s environmental degradation. Keep
up the excellent reporting of Brazilian issues!

James & Grace Rickard
Borrego Springs, California

London Bridge

I have recently come across a few of the articles in Brazzil magazine about
popular Brazilian culture. I have enjoyed them and found them very informative. I think
entertainment like novelas can help strangers like myself to begin to understand a
country’s character.

I work for an independent think tank based in London. We are interested in how trends
move between countries and how global culture is formed from this constant movement. Our
particular focus is emerging trends. Obviously a major part of this involves understanding
different cultures. We are a small company (currently three people) and we work by talking
to various experts in different cultures. These could range from car designers to clothes
stylists to club promoters to journalists.

Nick B.
London, England

Brazzil Cupid

Five years ago I traveled for the first time to Brazil. I went to Manaus, and spent
four weeks exploring the surrounding jungle. My journey to the Amazon opened my eyes to a
world so different than any other place I’d yet experienced. I’d traveled quite
extensively through Europe and North America. But now wanted only to return to Brazil. I
have returned twice making three trips to this intoxicating country.

My last trip brought me through São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Santa Catarina,
Salvador, Fortaleza, and of course always back to Rio. The majestic beauty of the
mountains, lush and green rolling down to the hottest beach on the planet makes Rio the
alluring city it has always been famous for.

I won’t ramble on about all that’s right and wrong with Brazil. This I will leave to
your great magazine to which I’ve subscribed for five years. I will simply state one of
the most obvious things a man should notice in Brazil. Something impossible in fact to
miss, and that is of course the women. They are amazing. I’ve been blessed with this
knowledge first hand. Nowhere else in the world have I discovered such warmth and intense
beauty wrapped into such a passionately desirable combination.

Through my travels in Brazil and the integration I’ve made forming lifelong
friendships, I have of course had more than average exposure to the culture. The amazing
epilogue to this story is that through your magazine I met (about 4½ months ago) the Carioca
of my dreams. She ran an ad in your Open Market section, I answered it (both of us had
never done this before) along with about 100 other guys. I was the lucky guy who won her
heart! We are now planning our future together, and are deeply in love. So miracles do
happen! Thanks again to your magazine for assisting with our destinies.

Evan B Campbell
Redondo Beach, California

Brazil Prep

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that my subscription expired with the May issue. I am
enclosing my check for another year. Your magazine is excellent by any standard, and all
the more so in its forthright boldness. I intend to finally get to Brazil for the first
time in the coming year, and Brazzil is superb preparation.

Don Devine
Beaverton, Oregon


Enclosed is my check for my subscription to Brazzil, which I have already
ordered by e-mail. I don’t need to wait for a sample copy. I’ve already seen the magazine.
It’s a bargain in any language! I lived in Rio from 1968 to 1970, teaching conversational
English (Instituto Yázigi, in Avenida Central). I’d like to share some of my experiences
and observations from that time with the readers of Brazzil. I think they will be
interesting to Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike, especially those who remember Brazil
from that era.

For now, I’ll just tell you this: I did not simply decide overnight to leave the States
and live in Brazil. I gave it a lot of thought. But the catalyst—the thing that
finally pushed me over the edge—was João Gilberto singing "Samba de uma Nota
Só." João and Tom: the Pied Pipers!

Bernie Borok
Burlingame, California

Hard to
Catch Up

I am renewing my subscription, but I wish you people could mail Brazzil a lot sooner,
like the first week of every month. I used to drive all the way to the Bossa Nova
Restaurant in West Hollywood to pick up a free copy. I thought having a subscription would
be more convenient, but you send the magazine out so late! I’m sure I’m not the only one
to complain about this. I hope your company will try to improve.

Marcelino Menudiado
Los Angeles, California

Back Issues
Only on
the Net

I have just recently become very intrigued with Brazilian culture and I wish to know
more, first by obtaining earlier issues of your publication and subscribing to it. I’d
like to personally meet Brazilians but I am not sure of where to begin, so I’d like to
have a personal ad published.

Bill Campbell
Rosewood, California

Sizzling Newzz

Brazzil Magazine offers a cornucopia of information about a wide range of topics on
Brazil and its people. I find the format of this magazine, exciting, informative and
entertaining. Please process my request for a subscription.

Donald Slazinski
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Heart of
the Matter

Enclosed is a money order for $3. I would like to start receiving your magazine as soon
as possible. I really enjoy having news from Brazil, and I appreciate the straightforward
and honest way that you present the stories featured in your magazine.

William D. McCain
El Cajon, California

How Could
We Forget

When listing Brazilian TV’s top actors and actresses on your July cover story you
forgot to mention Glória Pires who, for her age, time in the profession and an exemplary
professionalism and versatility is maybe the top of the top, don’t you think so?
Congratulations for the magazine.

Túlio Lemos
Via Internet


I’m a Brazilian expatriate living in Israel since 1968 and I’m a history buff. I’m very
interested in knowing something about the immigration of Southern families to the then
Empire of Brazil, after the Civil War. I know they went to São Paulo (Americana and Santa
Bárbara do Oeste) and to the Amazon area. Could you help me to find something about the
subject? Or indicate someone or some University in Brazil or in the USA to guide me in
this search?

I saw your Web pages in the Internet—by the way very well done, especially about
the suggestions to an American newcomer.

Carlos Lefevre
Kibbutz Lahav, Israel

If Only We
Had One

Congratulations for your magazine and Web site. I wish Spain—my own
country—would have a source of information like this open to everyone in the Net.

Alberto Lopez-Gonzalez
Dickinson College
Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Guess what! I was going to see Roberto Carlos, the "King," in person. I was
very happy thinking that finally I was going to hear some Brazilian music… Well, how
disappointed I was. My idol only sang and spoke in Spanish! Not that I have anything
against the Spanish language, but I was dying to hear some Brazilian music. What a pity!

Ilma Heaven
New York, NY 

China High

Maybe you can help me, I’m trying to set up a restaurant in Beijing (China) with 400
seats. As I know cachaça (sugar-cane liquor) very well from Belo Horizonte, I
would like to get cachaça as well in the new restaurant. I tried to get it via the
Brazilian Embassy in Beijing, but I did not get any response. It cannot be possible that
we cannot get cachaça into China. Maybe you can help me with some addresses or
some importers to get cachaça here.

Alvaro Rautenberg
Beijing, China


It is a pleasure to know that a Brazilian magazine exists in the USA. I am a
photographer and would like to know your magazine better since I might have some pictures
you would be interested in. Thanks a lot and keep going with your beautiful work.

Mauro Goulart
Atlanta, Georgia

Still $3 Cheap

I would like to re-subscribe to this wonderful and unique magazine. Please send me a
form. I remember it used to be extremely cheap to subscribe. I was thinking about
subscribing for a few friends as well.

Jackeline Alves Sharoni
San Ramon, California

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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