The Brazilian Real was hit by speculators who were betting that
Brazil would be the next developing economy to go down the tubes victim of the Asian
malaise. Brazil is no Russia however. Being one of the ten biggest economies in the world,
a debt default in Brazil would bring down all South and Central American economies,
pulling into recession the U.S. economy.
By Brazzil Magazine

Regarding your cover story on Brazilian teens (October 1998) why no discussion of all
the youth that could never dream to afford any of the stuff needed to enter into one of
these tribes? Or the youth whose only life is the favela (shantytown) and
illiteracy? These are perhaps the majority of Brazil’s youth. What about them?

This article was fantastic in describing middle and upper class youth, very true to my
experience in Brazil, but what about the rest, the vast masses of the forgotten and
unseen? Or some discussion of how these tribes of privileged youth think about (or even if
they see) their age peers who live lives of desperation only meters from them? That would
be an even more interesting article I think.

I am constantly curious about how young Brazilians perceive the incredible social
chasms in their society that are so overwhelming to the foreigner but are often completely
ignored by Brazilians themselves. I would love to read some thoughts on this in your
magazine. Keep up the good work.

Via Internet

How About

Upon reading Mr. John Miller’s article "How to Become a Carioca," in
your November issue, I can only conclude that Mr. Miller is very frustrated and
dissatisfied with Brazil and the Brazilian people. That’s very surprising to me since, in
the United States (where I am studying), never before had I heard from an Australian
tourist such displeasure about Brazil.

Just to validate my point, Mr. Miller, you can take a look at several issues of Brazzil
magazine, in the Letters to the Editor section, and you will find samples of what I just
wrote. Notwithstanding, my point here is to let you know, Mr. Miller, that if you are
living in a country, but you’re not satisfied with it, or if you dislike its people or
culture, pack your stuff and leave. Go back to Australia, where you came from, or find
another place that will like your cheap wines. But please don’t live and do business in
Brazil at the same time you say bad things about us; that’s simply impolite, to say the
least. I’m just wondering why you are not living in Australia!

Fernando Oliveira
San Diego, California

Insult and

Wondering about what John Miller was expecting from a third-world city like Rio de
Janeiro, I keep asking myself what "such people" go to do there. "How to
Become a Carioca", Miller’s article, more than an insult toward the Brazilian
people is a clear example of bad journalism. Sexual Tourism, "crazy drivers,"
shantytowns, theft, deficient telecommunication, corruption (Brazilian/Latino way),
transvestitism, Aids, among others, are his article’s main subjects in relation to Rio de

What a waste of time! Destructive criticism is far way from being what Rio and other
Third-World cities need to solve their obvious problems, Mr. Miller. Perhaps, your NOT
trying to become a Carioca, would contribute in some way to Rio’ s general welfare
in some way. Taking back to Melbourne your wines, arrogance, body, and criticism, would be
positive to Rio de Janeiro as well.

By the way, twice was I endangered in the "Sidney calm traffic." In one of
them, I went to the hospital with a little fracture in my right leg! How many times did
you get hit by a car in "Rio crazy traffic?"

Venceslau DeSouza
Political Science & History Teacher
Los Angeles – California

Flic on

I read your cover story on Tropicália last year. I am a filmmaker in San Francisco and
am crazy about Tropicália (admittedly, I’ve been particularly charmed by Os Mutantes) and
want to do a documentary on the movement, something for an English-language audience.
Being a non-Portuguese speaker leaves me a bit disadvantaged, but just as much as that, I
am not sure where to begin or whom I can talk to. (I can’t even worry about the money
yet). Maybe you have some advice: Books in English available, scholars and/or fanatics or
even those directly involved. Know of anyone else who might be interested in a similar

Christian Bruno
San Francisco, California

One Choro
a Day

I just stumbled upon Bruce Gilman’s great interview with Mike Marshall on the Choro
Festival and was so pleased to see such a good piece on this most neglected treasure. Choro
for me is like Bach—you can’t go a day without hearing, playing or writing one.

Not sure if either Mike or Jovino may have mentioned my name in passing at some point,
but they’re both dear friends and musical partners in different dimensions. The common
ground with Mike is our initial meeting/working together at the Nat’l Guitar Workshop in
’90. This led to my writing several extended choro chamber works for the Quartet
(which unfortunately have yet to be recorded given his departure shortly after the
commissions were completed). Sujeito a Guincho (clarinet quintet in S.P.) and other
chamber groups are interested in me transcribing these pieces for them, so I’m busy
preparing the Finale scores for readings and then hopefully concerts and recordings when I
return to Brazil in 1999.

Jovino and I are connected originally through Hermeto’s music, much of which I have
transcribed (individual parts down to the last microbe) and used for my Hermeto ensemble
at the New School Jazz Pgm where I teach in NY. We have since worked together in a concert
I produced here in November and have some exciting plans in the works. He remains an
extraordinary beacon of light for all who come into contact with him.

Thankfully I was invited by the Ministério Cultural to be guest artist/prof at Campos
do Jordão this past summer (winter) and it was just tremendous, summing up more than 20
years of my dedication to this music. Aside from the artistic/educ/producer side I’m also
a journalist/researcher and write for some magazines on Braz music—so there’s a lot
of common ground which I hope Bruce and I we’ll have a chance to explore at some point.

Through Jovino and David Heymann/KKUP I’ve contacted Thalia about possibly doing some
things in the Bay Area at some point, hopefully with Mike, Jovino and other great players.
I’ll keep you posted if you like—but it would be great to swap basic info for
starters. Would like to send you some recordings, articles etc to give you an idea what
I’ve been up to here on the East Coast.

I assume you know Rick Warm/Malandro and Jack O’Neil at Blue Jackel. Both are in my
loop of ongoing synergy and great guys doing great work. From his work with Romero
(another dear friend) I’ve been trying to contact Weber Drummond (now Iago) about a
possible future project. Bassist Roggerio Botter-Maio when he was last in town had given
me an email address for Weber and it didn’t work, and I misplaced the paper which had his
phone and address in Carmel. Any help on this end of things would be appreciated.

Thanks to Bruce for being such an important part of the mission in bringing greater
awareness to the music on the west coast and in the states. It certainly has been my main
goal to do so and perhaps we can all coordinate some good things down the road.

Richard Boukas
Assoc. Prof. Mannes Jazz & Contemporary Music Pgm/New School
Kew Gardens Hills NY

Choro Down

I have recently read Bruce Gilman’s article "Choro, chorinho, chorão"
and his interview with Mike Marshall and was thrilled to find information about this
music. I play cavaquinho in Sydney’s only choro group. Happy New Year.

Adam May
Sydney, Australia

Is Out

Just finished reading Kirsten Weinoldt’s article about Ilê Aiyê in Brazzil (November
1998). It was very informative. The message needs to get out and she did a great job.
Despite more than 20 years of positive cultural creativity, Ilê Aiyê still faces a
struggle… I met Vovô a few times in my six trips to Bahia. I went to his house and met
his mom. They did a show in Los Angeles at the African Market Place in 1993.

Like Ms Weinoldt, Black Orpheus changed my life. I saw it for the first time in 1978.
It is now part of my video collection. I have seen it over 100 times. This is a fact that
few people know… Eurydice (Marpessa Dawn) is not Brazilian. She is an Afro-Filipino from
Harlem. If you notice, they never show her feet when she is dancing samba. Regardless it
was an extraordinary performance. Even though the film won the Oscar for best foreign
film" and at Cannes was voted the best film, there was no place for her in Hollywood.
She became an expatriate and moved to France… What a loss.

I have been a member of Olodum for 10 years having marched with them during five
Carnavals and bringing them to California in 1993 and 1997 for shows…

Steve Spencer
San Diego, California

All in

Finally, a good magazine. I have just read you magazine and I am happy to have found a
publication that tells what’s happening in Brazil and touches upon themes as varied as
politics, literature, sports, culture, etc… I would like to get more info on how to
advertise my services in your magazine. I am an architect in Denver.

Valter E. Pinto
Denver, Colorado
D & J May


Great web site! I traveled to Mato Grosso for a month back in May and loved it,
Pantanal, Chapada, and all the wonderful people. Great country!

Chris Cook
Sparks, Nevada

Bad Deals

Everybody including mainly herself, talks about how fantastic TV hostess XUXA is, but
how about the millions of people she lured into buying Papa Tudo bonds, which do not pay
any prizes, nor gives back 50% of the value plus interest as advertised? After all, she
put her image to the service of that Artur Falk.

C W Dierkes
Via Internet


This is a belated thank you to Brazzil. It was such a treat to see the song
"A Felicidade" by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes in your October issue! I was
beside myself with joy. Obrigada. Your magazine continues to be a source of real
pleasure and information.

Dawn Tyler
San Francisco, California


I just finished Kirsten Weinoldt’s article on Ilê Aiyê and must say is the most
complete I ever read about the Afro-Brazilian bloco group. Simply, great, great

Eliseo Cardona
Miami Herald
Miami, Florida

I Want In

I have just read some articles in your magazine and I really liked them. It’s very
important to have a publication that gives real information to people. Congratulations! If
you need any help with anything happening in Brazil, please contact me, because I would
love to participate! I study journalism and I’m writing some reports on Brazil.



Sou estudante de jornalismo na University of Kansas. Estou lhes escrevendo por dois
motivos. O primeiro é dar meus parabéns pelo incrível trabalho que vocês fazem na Brazzil.
Acompanho a revista há três anos, especialmente pela Web e ela é sempre um ponto de
parada para um brasileiro longe de casa como eu.

Meu segundo motivo é me informar sobre as oportunidades no seu staff
jornalístico. Me formo em jornalismo/news editorial ano que vem, e estou
olhando à minha volta, procurando oportunidades em áreas que me interessam. Imaginei que
eu e Brazzil seríamos um par perfeito, já que posso ler e escrever com fluência
em Inglês e Português (comecei a universidade no Brasil antes de mudar pra cá), e tenho
experiência em jornalismo e em computadores (trabalho numa Web page). Isso além
da minha experiência vivendo em duas culturas—a americana e a brasileira.

Então, me perguntei se vocês teriam openings no seu staff ou quais
seriam os requirements pra eu poder aplicar para uma posição na revista. O que
preciso é, basicamente, informação. Agradeço antecipadamente a sua atenção e aguardo
sua resposta. Keep up the good work.

Marcelo Vilela
University of Kansas

Keep the

Falo muito pouco inglês, por isso estou enviando este e-mail em português. Eu gosto
muito da revista de vocês e a cada reportagem eu vou me interessando mais. Uma coisa que
eu queria dizer a todos os brasileiros no USA é que tenham sempre consigo a cultura de
seu país e sua maneira de viver!

João Finoqueto F.
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


I represent Xenon Entertainment, which is the largest U.S. distributor of pre-recorded
videos aimed at a black audience. We are looking to distribute in Brazil and are currently
learning more about the shopping and entertainment habits of our market. Your magazine has
been extremely helpful in this regard. I was wondering if there was anyone on your staff
who could give us some information on the types of stores and products available in the favelas,
as that would be the first area to begin in our distribution. Any other advice or
information would be also be appreciated. Thanks again.

Susan Self

Can’t you find Brazzil
at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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