Basic education in Brazil is in chaos. A little more
than 30% of students ever finish elementary school. Teachers’ salaries
are a joke with some receiving as little as $1.30 (that is one dollar and
thirty cents) per 45-minute class. Nobody is happy. There are islands of
excellence in some private schools, and higher education is reasonable.
But that is too little for the eighth largest economy in the world if it
wants to make any difference in the next millennium.
By Brazzil Magazine

Mr. Bosque’s article ("Looking Back at Collor"
– Brazzil Sep. and Oct. ’96) is a very good copy of all the articles
that came out on magazines like Veja and Isto É during
the period of President Collor’s impeachment. I am a student of Latin American
history myself, and therefore I was expecting much more of Mr. Bosque’s
article. I was expecting something new.

President Collor was never convicted of any crime.
He was judged and sentenced guilty by the Congress. It was a political
trial. I would also like to ask Mr. Bosque if he knows where most of President
Collor’s political adversaries are today? Since he is an expert in this
subject, does he know where Ibsen Pinheiro is? I can give you 1001 reasons
why Mr. Collor was the most important and reformist President Brazil has
ever had.

Arnon de Mello

Via Internet

Collor blind

At times it depresses me to be a Brazilian. The
infamous Collor couple betrayed, looted and raped the people of Brazil.
Yet there are those "compatriots" who go out of their way to
greet them ("The Collor Charm – Brazzil March ’97). Thank God
our Argentinian neighbors seem to be vested with a better sense of indignation.
When we choose to overlook corruption in favor of the "glamour"
of celebrity, we not only sell our souls, but we end up with a country
that has no choice but to continue declining.

Yara Morton


Via Internet

Data Tracking

In your February, 1997, issue you refer to a poll
done by the "Gallup Institute" which compared 46 countries and
found that Brazilians had the highest optimism rating. I have been trying
to track down the original source of this clipping. I contacted Maura Strousberg,
the Research Librarian, at The Gallup Organization, but she says she does
not know of any such poll, she knows only of a twenty nation poll which
did not include Brazil.

Is it possible that it was some source other than
the Gallup Institute? Or is the Gallup Institute different from The Gallup
Organization? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I
would be particularly interested to find this figure for past years, if
these polls have been done periodically.

Ted Goertzel, Prof. of Sociology

Rutgers University

Camden, New Jersey

A Little Help

I would like to thank Brazzil. I enjoy
the magazine very much and it was an invaluable source for me to pass my
very difficult English exam at the University. I think I was able to pass
only because Brazzil allowed me to combine the pleasure of reading
news on Brazil with the obligation of learning English!

Congratulations to all the volunteers who make
the magazine possible and I would like to assure you that even in the heart
of the Tuscan region, in Italy, there are people rooting for you.

Cristiana Martins

Lucca, Italy



I am representing my freshmen world geography
class at the Marlboro academy, and we would greatly appreciate it if you
could send us some recent information about Brazil, such as the current
head of state, what kids our age (14-15) enjoy doing there and what they
are like, as well as maybe the popular sports and activities in the country.

Do they listen to the same music we do? Do they
like the same things? How is Brazil different from the United States? What
is Brazilians’ daily life like? Our school is not very rich and we have
very little information that is up to date. I would greatly appreciate
it if you could send me this information as soon as possible. Thank you
for your time.

Aziz Ansari

Via Internet


Worth Every


I started receiving your magazine several months
ago. It’s the best $3 I’ve spent in a while. I really liked your series
on visiting Rio. Someday I may be able to make the trip. Keep up the good

F. M. Bennett

Clifton Park, New York

Via Internet

Bridging the Gap

Since my Brazzil subscription expired,
I found myself even more distanced from Brazil. Then I realized that the
magazine really brings part of Brazil to the reader. Therefore, thank you
for shortening the distance that geography places between my beautiful
country (Brasil) and myself. Muito obrigada mesmo.

Karin Heines

Salinas, California

From the Heart

and Mind

Bruce Gilman’s two recent articles on Paulinho
da Viola and Martinho da Vila were outstanding. His writing reflects both
an enthusiasm and love for Brazilian popular music and a scholarly understanding
of the elements of the music.

Paulinho da Viola is a favorite of mine and I’m
anxious to get Bebadosamba. Where is it available? I last saw him
perform in 1987 in Recife. Also, where can I get Martinho’s CD? I look
forward to Bruce’s next article.

Fred Dobb, Ph.D.

California Dept. of Education

Sacramento, California

Britain Calling

I have been living in England for nine months
as a student. Since I will be marrying this year, I believe I will stay
here for a long time and that’s why I need information from my country.
A friend at school gave me your address and I am very interested in subscribing
to your publication.

Miss M. M. A. Carmo

Sutton/Surrey, England

I Want Back

Somehow I lost my link and subscription in a recent
move and I would like to re-subscribe. I’ve really missed reading the magazine
and will be sending my payment ASAP. Please start my subscription at your
earliest convenience. Thanks and I won’t let it lapse again. PS: Where
can I get some farinha and dendê oil? I have all these
great recipes from friends, but I can’t make them.

David J. Swiderski

Shorewood, Wisconsin

Via Internet

Thank God

It’s English

Please enter my name on your subscription list.
I like your publication because it’s printed in English. I lived in Brazil
for five years so I can appreciate the information you print. I speak Portuguese
well, but I don’t read or write it very well yet. Good luck!

Stephen Mucia

Jupiter, Florida

My Turn

I totally disagree with those readers who have
been criticizing your magazine for the daring material you publish. This
is a product of the American puritanism. Those people should at least be
aware of the freedom of the press that exists in other countries.

J. Henry Phillips

Austin, Texas

Via Internet

A Decade More

Please renew my subscription for ten years. I
keep forgetting to renew on time. If you can think of any resources on
the Internet about business opportunities in Brazil or about relocating
to that country please let me know.

Deering Kendrick II

Washington, DC

And what do you think?

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